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22 Sep 2021 18:16:54
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22 Sep 2021 17:07:35

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22 Sep 2021 17:21:26
Well played for getting Jackie on tonight it shows the trajectory the channel is on! Will be there as always look forward to it! HH 🍀.

{Ed007's Note - Cheer's Boab. It's John (United Ireland) that sorted it all out so huge thanks to him.}

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22 Sep 2021 15:36:45
I didn't realise Forrest will be out for another month. I was expecting him back this week.
It's a huge blow because Abada is too inconsistent and he needs proper competition.
Tomorrow is still too soon for McGregor but hopefully we will have him available for Sunday.
On a positive note Jullien might be only a few weeks away from joining the training sessions.
And Giorgios won't start tomorrow night but he could make the bench.

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22 Sep 2021 17:02:19
Thats the best part of a year he's been out, but ange said last week he was close, still don't understand how georgi hadn't done a pre season with his club.

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22 Sep 2021 09:43:47
I'm still keeping faith in ange I think he will turn things around once we get a steady team. injuries to key players have hurt us no doubt, I still think we should have got a few ready to play players in.
I no some will say we brought in 12 but it was obvious to everyone a few injuries and we were back to basics again but we are where we are I'm going to give ange a season at least I'm sure he will deliver for us.
Hail hail.

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22 Sep 2021 11:52:52
Me too lot of time for the big fella, but results have to change especially away from home we are 7 points worse off than this time last year and lennon was getting pelters, so he has to sort it out and quick, we can't afford to lose many more games or this league will be gone embarrassingly early,

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22 Sep 2021 12:49:49
Watching the first few games was a real breath of fresh air for the support and the players looked to be really enjoying themselves.
When we have all the players fit we look like we will score for fun. However, the results aren't happening at all away from home and it's obvious this will bring it's own pressure if we don't sort it out.
We have a great chance in the next three home games to get back on track and build confidence and momentum before a trip to Pittodrie on October third and another chance for our first away points?

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22 Sep 2021 13:28:31
Agree with the above.

The task Ange accepted, albeit with his eyes open, was huge given the circumstances around players etc

I've been supporting Celtic for a few decades now and like many on here have witnessed the sublime to the ridiculous at our club, but the point is, it's our Club.

In the words of the song; 'what's won is won, what's done is done and what's lost is lost and gone forever.

As I don't have the gift of seeing into the future, ultimately whether Ange will be a success or not, only time will tell.

What I will do is support him, have faith in him and the players and hope he is the success we all want him to be at Glasgow Celtic.

God Bless Ange.

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22 Sep 2021 14:07:28
Yes agne was given a massive task to try rebuild the team and bring in quality players. To a large extent that has been done and some of the performances and style of play have been a joy to watch. Yes the weekend was a very poor performance and not one we expected but for me the only disappointment is that we don't seem to try change things up. Now l will say again the football ange has us playing at time is so good to watch but l would like to see him have a plan B if we need it like at the weekend and even against betis when we went 2 up. I am not giving out about agne l really like the guy but would just like to see us be able to change the style if we need to or r having an off day like the weekend. Ange will always have my full support that there is no doubt.

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22 Sep 2021 14:19:32
Hi Ter, like you I believe you always need a Plan B.
I think once he has players back fit he should be able to implement a Plan B, the bench on Sunday showed up what we don't have - strength in depth and that takes time.

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22 Sep 2021 14:30:57
Do you think Ange having his own coaches would make a difference?

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22 Sep 2021 14:45:11
100% BuzzBomb.

Every Manager that walks into a new club should have the option of bringing in their own coaches and extended backroom staff.

Whether Ange wanted time to settle in and see how the team developed before doing this, I don't know, but I believe it would have a positive impact if he does.

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22 Sep 2021 15:06:47
I do buzz. If for nothing else he will know the guys who ever they are on a personal level. Plus the coaches coming in would know ange and they way and style of play he wants. Look at most successful sides and you see a team of guy weather that during Martin O'Neil, Rogers or even lennon first spell. Having guy around you that you trust and are close to has to help the manager in my opinion.

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22 Sep 2021 17:25:42
I expected him to have his own back-room familiar with his methods and preparation; however, I thought in the meantime, Kennedy and Strachan would be a big help in the learning and settling-in period and could give advice on opponents - especially away from home.
This somehow has not been the case as yet?

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22 Sep 2021 09:18:57
Been reading that the disco lights that were bought to make European nights a better experience for the fans are now to be used in a domestic cup quarter final, Thursdays game. Celtic better up their game or we'll all be left in the dark as to what's happened to the team since the the early part of the season.

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22 Sep 2021 11:29:09
That's good I like the disco lights only gd on dark night tho.

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22 Sep 2021 08:54:59
The linesman who failed to see a player was offside at Ibrox on Sunday from 2 yards out, has found his level this weekend.
He's been given the game at Montrose on Saturday.

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22 Sep 2021 09:41:19
Gate bolt horse 🥱.

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22 Sep 2021 10:01:59
Mission has already been accomplished Buzz🤥 I still can't get my head round that decision, one of the worst I've seen .

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22 Sep 2021 07:39:03
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 21st September 2021

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21 Sep 2021 20:52:57
Sometimes I am an IDIOT

On Sunday I told a poster to follow Oisin Murphy as he was chasing the Flat Jockeys Title
Tonight I got a tip from another punter pal to "put the house" on a Murphy horse tonight at Newcastle.
Yes, You guessed it, I FORGOT to back it and of course it ROMPED home at 11/ 1 odds GRRRR.

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21 Sep 2021 21:52:44
Yes it won but I wouldn't call winning by a nose ROMPING home.

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21 Sep 2021 22:12:27
I watched a replay of the race Tim
and Murphy was definitely the difference.
If he was the jockey for the other horse, it would’ve won.

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21 Sep 2021 16:17:02
With the accounts announced today, was any bonus mentioned for lawell or does that sort of thing not come up? Be interesting if he gets the big bonus when we underachieved, but he would be due some golden handshake for supposedly retiring . Maybe someone more financially astute would know? Are desmonds and other board members payments ever disclosed or are they lumped into wages for the club inc playing staff .

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21 Sep 2021 17:11:48
The accounts are as detailed as they normally are Quinn. There is a lot of reasons they will be doing that this year. By the looks of it they have just produced the bear minimum to satisfy the statutory requirement where as usually it’s a 40 page detailed presentation.

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