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22 Feb 2024 22:41:03
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22 Feb 2024 21:09:26
Well done to joe hart on calling it a day at the end of the season. A great professional and role model and im sure will be fondly remembered by most fans.
Im sure he could have done what most would do and run to saudi for a final payoff but isnt
The fact he looks like a possibility for our player of the season at this stage sums up how bad things have been.


22 Feb 2024 22:32:28
Glasgow world has a 13 goalkeeper list for who could replace Hart. its a good wee read.


22 Feb 2024 17:04:10
Hi all hope you are well.

Been thinking about the state of things behind the scenes. In my eyes I think there is a power struggle going on.

It's clear from what we know, that the board had an idea of the kind of manger they wanted. Perhaps a younger more impressionable manager who would settle for 3-5m signings and develop a squad. Much as what we did with Lennon (first time) and Ronnie.
It's also clear that the board had their ideas, but Desmond wanted brendan, and because he is the majority share holder he got what he wanted. The board clearly didn't like this as Brendan means more expenditure and outlay.
I think the board have doubled down on their procedures and limits, in only allowing Mark Lawwal a certain range of age and cost for a player, which makes it harder for him to bring the quality that Brendan wants/ needs.
Brendan knowing what the board is like, has assurances that he can say no to a player, to prevent a Shved repeat. That's why we were quiet in January, mark lawwal had little by way of quality to give Brendan and he said no. I'm glad we said no and didn't sign for the sake of it
As a result we have a second string backline trying to make a system work that they technically and ability wiae can't fulfill.
I think we need answers on the power struggle as that is where the main issue is.
We can't fault desmond for wanting a better manager, nor Brendan for wanting a better player, not us for wanting better results. I'm not sure how this gets resolved.


22 Feb 2024 19:03:20
Make no mistake, if the board were not doing what Desmond wanted he would get them told and if they defied him, they would be gone.

Yes there will be times when the board disagree with him and they may advise him against a particular action but he strikes me as a man who gets his own way.


22 Feb 2024 19:27:57
Good Post Doc 👍.


22 Feb 2024 19:54:23
D D is like The Wizard of Oz behind a big curtain pulling levers and strings, while detached from the real (Celtic) world.
Bringing back BR based on past glories with the players he had then has been an error of judgement and gamble with a 'marked' deck.
His previous tenure, taking over from RD could only really go in one direction - and he succeeded with many trophies and the Invincible season that will always be a part of our history. Following AP on the back of another treble won mostly with flair and style, has been a step too far, for the manager, players and supporters and whoever scouted, suggested and signed most of our new arrivals has made a difficult task, much harder, with reasons well covered on here by fellow posters for the last 6 months. Mathematically, we can win the league and still have a chance to retain the Cup, but what's the odds of everything snapping into place immediately, and winning well nigh, every game?


22 Feb 2024 20:03:14
We've got to also realise that we've actually spent around £25m, probably only getting drip fed the Jota money over a set period, with benfica getting a slice! Winning the league would obviously give huge champions league benefits but a club has to operative within its means, spending too much can be a wasteful risk, look what's happened to other clubs over the years least that isn't us. The manger outlay is probably quite expensive as well!

We don't have to spend a fortune on players, I would spend more on the right recruitment team, there's players all over Europe who would improve our team, at reasonable fees, just need the right scouting network.

Some of the players getting it in the neck have been bit part players, our policy needs to be loan unproven players to an spl club to climatise to the league for a season then get them back in season after ready and hungry. So my point there is its unfair when you don't get the regular match time to make an impact. They all have something it just requires the right coaches and managers to get it out of them.

Things have to improve coz let's face it the football can't be any worse to watch, its a results based game but the most important thing is it needs to be appealing to watch otherwise why watch it, the manager needs to realise this because soon as he gets the team attacking he'd then have the crowd behind him!

It's not over till its over, let's take it one game at a time and blow the opposition away!


22 Feb 2024 20:54:41
We have 30 million pounds to spend that did not get spend. So it was possible to spend big without going beyond our means.


22 Feb 2024 16:58:24
I read injury stats to our players since playing under Ronnie until the present day.

Our injury record peaked in Brendan's last season in charge ( 2018-19 ) when Celtic were missing on average 6.63 players per match due to injury.

Celtic were missing on average 3 players per match in Ronnie's 2 years.

It continued to rise under Brendan, to over 6 players per match.

Lenny gradually brought it down to 4 players per match.

It went back up to 5 players per match in Ange's first season.
It's been back down to 4 players per match for the last 2 seasons.

Abada has missed 22 games this season,
Hatate has missed 21 games,
CCV has currently missed 16 games this season.

Surprisingly Kyogo is our only ever present player this season, considering he's been carrying a shoulder injury since last season.


22 Feb 2024 19:06:20
This was another reason I did not want him back.

I liked the fact Ange rotated the players, apart from when he started and he did not have the squad. This meant we did not have many players playing in the red zone.

I also liked Ronnie who made the players do lots of strength training on the areas they were getting I jured.

Both these actions helped prevent injuries. Rodgers could learn a lot from both in this respect.


22 Feb 2024 19:58:30
I remember the injuries the first time around, but I think we had a better squad then to carry us through. There was also talk of certain training methods that were carried on from his Liverpool days, where apparently it was a similar story.


22 Feb 2024 17:00:00

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22 Feb 2024 15:00:11
Celtic have 5 Sunday fixtures in our next 7 games.
The only exceptions are home to Dundee next Wednesday and a Saturday home match against St. Johnstone in March.

Celtic have had loads of "Beautiful Sunday's" in recent years and hopefully that trend continues.


22 Feb 2024 15:17:53
That surprises me because I thought they would have more Sunday matches because of the Europa cup.


22 Feb 2024 16:02:56
Sevco only have 3 Sunday fixtures.

Away to Hibs in the cup after Europe.
Away to Dundee in the league after Europe.
Home to Celtic on April 7th.

Celtic are away to Livingston on Easter Sunday, March 31st.
The clocks go forward that Sunday and we will lose one hour sleep.


22 Feb 2024 19:01:31
There are teams playing Europa games tonight. Why are they not playing?


22 Feb 2024 20:02:08
Sevco won their group and went straight into the last 16 and they will also be seeded, which means they will be at home for the 2nd leg.

The format changed last season when the Conference League was formed.


22 Feb 2024 22:05:31
Cheers Buzz, I knew you would know the answer 👍.


22 Feb 2024 14:31:41
Just seen Big Joe Hart is hanging up his gloves. I know he has had his doubters, however over the last 3 years he has done a good job. Maybe this will scare the board into spending the pennies on a replacement.


22 Feb 2024 15:05:33
He's kept us in this title race by our fingertips this season.


22 Feb 2024 15:22:07
I would suspect it's going to be a total rebuild next season right through the club and team/ squad. However, with our recent record of disorganization, bad decisions and poor planning; it's a thought.


22 Feb 2024 17:06:13
Onceabhoy, do you thing that will include a new manager?


22 Feb 2024 10:59:04
Hypothetical but is it just me or does anyone else think someone is playing games at Celtic AND I am not talking about football. The more I think about it to me it looks like someone is trying to make some other person out to be foolish and no good whether its someone on the board trying to make Rodgers to look bad or Rodgers trying to make someone or some people on the board to look bad but the football side is suffering badly from it. The recruitment from when BR has came in is baffling to say the least why? BR said at a press conference that sometimes the club have to be brave when it comes to recruitment why did he say that? To me it sounded like we could have got X, Y, Z players in by spending a little more I could be wrong But that was my take on it. So if that is the case who is blocking the moves?


22 Feb 2024 12:16:49
Not saying BR is blameless in all this, but there's only one name that always crops up whenever low-balling or penny-pinching has been involved at Celtic in proposed transfer business. No matter his role.


22 Feb 2024 13:00:26
I don't really see it Tony. The reason being, our club love nothing more than raking in money. Next season's CL is the most lucrative ever so would they deliberately put that in jeopardy to spite a manager they don't like? Alternatively, we all know BR has an ego. Is he going to risk looking incompetent (which he will if we don't win this league) ? I don't think the lack of bravery/ spending is specific to BR, it's been par for the course for many years.


22 Feb 2024 13:21:49
Love to be a fly on the wall at these board meetings, just to hear how they are planning to scam us out of more money.
M Nicholson £711.000 a year and goes into hiding when the club and supporters are looking for some leadership.
Probably ask the lawells to hide fir a season or two then come back when things quieting down.


22 Feb 2024 13:41:48
Its been said to death but PL in his role should be nowhere near transfers. on the other hand if he's advising his boy to make low ball offers for players and we're missing out he should be out the door immediately.


22 Feb 2024 13:45:13
I don’t think WE’RE ALL IN,
Will work again for next season.

Celtic had WE NEVER STOP,
For 2 seasons with Ange and our club sold thousands of T-shirts with that slogan.

Maybe “Conned By The Celtic Board” would sell more T-shirts.
Add to the £100 Million already in the Bank.


22 Feb 2024 14:32:56
He’s still the chairman of the board. He could have a hand in potential options and have influence over the other board members. They will listen to him.


22 Feb 2024 16:50:19
Who ever it is or what ever it There does seem to be something rotten going on behind the scenes and if DD doesn't do anything about it he should walk away from the club himself because it does seem to be clear that something is going on and it's nothing good.


22 Feb 2024 18:30:42
Think the ones conned the most were the Board, when they thought they were getting a good manager in Brendan, I wrote a post back in August after the Kilmarnock game, on the discussion pages, it's still there, Brendan has to prove now that he is a good manager, the players are good enough, I believe that, but they have to be managed, and up to now Brendan hasn't been doing that.


22 Feb 2024 09:16:49
I honestly thought last Saturday would be our turning point but we were awful. thus Sunday has got to be anything other than 3 points and it's over for me. there's no excuse the well pitch is one of the better ones and with ccv back it's only hatate that's missing.


22 Feb 2024 10:40:56
I’ve been waiting since our abortive far east tour, where we could all see how utterly c rap Rigers system and philosophy is. It has continued and if anything we have descended further. Watching us has gone from a joy under Ange to the most boring, frustrating and turgid football since his last season.

Times are hard as we all know snd paying £600 for the utter dross Rogers has brought us far too much. A season ticket this year, if it was set by performance LS would be under a tenner.

He does nothing but throw trebke winners under a bus like an absolute coward. He’s supposed to be on £50k a week. He ain’t worth a feckin giro. Even if we do pull this out of the fire I want him out. I had hoped he had left his abjectly boring and innefectual philosophy and moved into the 21st Century. But no. It’s the same horserubbishshow boring garbage. He and our board of utter useless cowards, have sold us down the river. The board need to keep the balance high to trigger bonuses and Rigers has destroyed our team. Get all of the out of our club,

So board, either get rid of Rigers, and yourselves, start investing, or reduce a season book price to a fiver. That’s £4.99 more than it has been worth this season.

And it’s all your fault. You are shameless.


22 Feb 2024 12:24:24
There have been a couple of times when I thought we were going on a run, but between injuries, International and Winter breaks, we have faltered too easily and often to realistically IMO think we will go the rest of the season undefeated. I do think they will drop points, but will get helping hands along the way and we will have to be at our best from now on, but I feel I have said that before.


22 Feb 2024 13:42:45
The winter break came at a bad time we'd just beat sevco and Dundee and had a bit of form.


22 Feb 2024 07:40:59
So that's barrowfield started looks impressive when finished. but it shouldn't be to the detriment of the first team.


22 Feb 2024 10:39:02
I don’t think Barrowfield up grade work will be carried out by any of the first team squad, so I don’t see it as to the detriment of the first team.


22 Feb 2024 11:00:48
Celtic Calling,
You could easily get a job on the Celtic Board.

Then you could join in with patting each other on the back. 🤦‍♂️.


22 Feb 2024 11:35:58
Why the smart comments. a think everyone will have grasped that I was meaning if the finance is going on the training facility as opposed to the playing squad. maybe your not as smart as you think tune in.


21 Feb 2024 21:48:07
If and when Rodgers gets shown the door id like to see us approach kieran mckenna of ipswich town. He is close to back to back promotions with them in the 2 years he's been there and they're very close to automatic promotion to the PL. he's previously been youth coach at spurs and man utd. Only 38.


21 Feb 2024 22:17:45
He’s the 1 a wanted definitely 1 for the future.


21 Feb 2024 23:31:17
There is no chance of getting Kieran McKenna, from my home town, unless he f. cks it up big time with Ipswich Town.


22 Feb 2024 09:12:42
If he gets promoted fair enough but if not I think most championship managers would come to celtic.


22 Feb 2024 10:43:35
Mallythetally, Kieran is very ambitious and if he misses out on promotion this year with Ipswich he will not be one of the many Championship Managers who will come to Celtic . Growing up in Enniskillen he is probably aware of the special circumstances that are allowed to exist In Scottish Football and wouldn’t want the extra pressure in taking on Celtic job.


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