Celtic Voting Polls

2019-08-18 14:13:22
Vote on Would you as a Celtic supporter be in favour of boycotting games to force Lawwell and Lennon out? Vote Here


2019-06-07 10:55:03
Vote on Do the posters on here have faith in Lawwell and the Board giving our new manager sufficient funds to STRENGTHEN our squad with First team ready players, and not loans or cheap alternatives? Vote Here


2019-05-23 21:59:27
Vote on Who would you rather see as Celtic FC Manager next season? Vote Here


2019-04-24 13:43:55
Vote on Who would you rather see as manager/coach next season? Vote Here


2019-04-05 10:20:56
Vote on Should pyrotechnic displays only be organised by the clubs and no one else? Vote Here


2019-03-21 12:42:27
Vote on Who would you like to see taking over as full time manager? Vote Here


2019-01-31 12:44:58
Vote on Would you prefer the Transfer Window to be....... Vote Here


2019-01-17 21:33:38
Vote on Should Celtic sell Ntcham to Porto for the reported £14 million this month? Vote Here


2018-02-18 13:24:27
Vote on Who has been your favourite Celtic captain in recent times? Vote Here


2018-01-04 23:21:06
Vote on given the choice between either James McLean or Paddy Roberts (permanent signings) who would everyone prefer? Vote Here