Celtic Voting Polls

2022-03-24 23:22:22
Vote on Do you enjoy watching International Football? Vote Here


2021-08-26 11:34:35
Vote on Do you want Fraser as we have Hart now? Vote Here


2021-06-12 23:13:12
Vote on Will you be renewing your Celtic Season Ticket Book? Vote Here


2021-05-17 11:32:53
Vote on Do you want the name of the "Rangers" section on here changed to something else like Other Scottish Football or SPFL Posts? Vote Here


2021-04-01 16:38:31
Vote on Lennon At Work is curious to find out who everyone would like as our new manager? Vote Here


2021-01-30 16:26:26
Vote on Would you be in favour of renaming the stadium if it potentially brought in more funds? Vote Here


2020-12-08 11:41:57
Vote on Who would you like to see replace Neil Lennon? Vote Here


2020-10-18 16:22:01
Vote on Do you think Lenny will get it right and turn things around and win the league? Vote Here


2020-08-31 10:34:21
Vote on Marco1888 wants to know if you would like: Vote Here


2020-01-31 12:09:13
Vote on Who will be brought it before the deadline tonight? Vote Here