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24 Mar 2020 14:49:04
I have came up with a plan to finish off this season and how to also fit in season 20/ 21.
I have took into account the 14 dates from European midweek fixtures ( qualifiers and group stage games) up until Christmas and one cup competition which will take place from January.
Scottish cup 19/ 20 semi final August 8th
Hibs v Hearts ( murrayfield )
Sevco v St. Johnstone league game.
Scottish cup 19/ 20 semi final August 9th
Celtic v Aberdeen ( Hampden )
Scottish cup final 19/ 20 August 15th.
Below are a list of games to finish off 19/ 20
Game 31 August 22nd
Game 32 August 29th
Game 33 September 5th
Game 34 September 9th
Game 35 September 12th
Game 36 September 19th
Game 37 September 23rd
Game 38 September weekend 26th
One week to sort out fixture list for 20/ 21
Season 20/ 21 would be all 12 teams play each other home and away which would be 22 games. Then the top and bottom 6 play each other home and away and that would make a 32 game league campaign.
Season would start on October 3rd and the season will end on Sunday May 9th (32 weeks later )
There would still be plenty of room to fit in a cup competition and even a small winter break.
If there was no winter break we would only have 4 midweek league fixtures to play. Due to the weekend cup games and the season would finish off with the national cup final on May 15th.
It is only a guideline and dates can be changed to fit in Scotland's games. The point I was trying to make is there is plenty of room if we start playing in August and even if we started playing again in October we could still fit it all in.
With the plan above there would be only 4 midweek games in 7 months so I believe we could easily finish off this season and play next season.

25 Mar 2020 11:26:26
The hardest part was fitting in the outstanding Sevco game because of their upcoming European commitments. That is why I have put it on the same day as the Edinburgh semi final. The Semi final would take place at Murrayfield with an early kick off with 17,000 more fans than Hampden and then Sevco v St. Johnstone would take place at 3pm.

25 Mar 2020 11:43:07
I'm with you Buzzbomb, the SFA should employ you.
All for 32 game league season as you suggest and keep it like that going forward. The split is much fairer than current one.
For next season only maybe the SPL teams in European competition (us, sevvies, the sheep and M'well? ) Could come into the cup competition at the last 16 stage, leaving the rest to fight for the other 12 spots?
The main thing however is to be rid of this dreadful virus first.
Hope you all, along with your families stay safe.

25 Mar 2020 21:55:15
That will never work as it's far to good a scenario! E. mail it too the SPFL and SFA as it makes sense compared to anything suggested so far.

19 Mar 2020 17:28:47
I don't understand why the playing games behind closed door option is not happening. I just read that the Australian Football League season got underway last night. In a game which would hnormally been played in front of a crowd between 75000-80000 went ahead in front of a crowd of 27 people (25 of that crowd were police) .

It would be great to see everything get back to normal, but there must be a way ahead for every club and not just potentially pandering to one club!

{Ed001's Note - that is not why it can't happen. It is nothing to do with one club.}

19 Mar 2020 08:03:05
How to complete the season?
The obvious thing to do is to award the title to Celtic due to the number of games already played and the massive points (and goals) difference. But this is the SFA/ SPFL aka Sevco admiration society.
Euro places? - awarded as positions stand right now.

Promotion/ relegation? -
1. Cancel them.
2. No relegation, promote top two teams and increase the SPFL (do away with that stupid split and play one home/ away)

Problems if season is extended and games have to be completed? -
Players contracts have to be extended similarly so NO transfers in or out until season is completed? (see how that works? )
Teams must complete the season with the players they had registered when the season was suspended. If players are allowed to leave/ move they remain registered with the selling clubs until the season ends.

Salaries? - With little or no income clubs are already struggling so what happens if, during this period clubs go to the wall? They obviously may be unable to complete the season so what happens then? If some go into admin will they get the points deduction etc.?
This is uncharted waters and now is the time for our authorities to stand up and do what is right by everyone NOT just sevco.
(for such a new member they have a lot to say! )

17 Mar 2020 20:26:22
The Spanish FA have came up with 4 possible options if their own league can’t be finished. In the Spanish case they could take it back to halfway when each team had played each other once. The last option got the Sevco fans excited. If the Spfl took it back to halfway in Scotland when each club had played each other twice, Celtic would be 5 points clear but Sevco would still have that St. Johnstone game in hand.
No matter which way Sevco look at it trying every possible way to benefit their tribute club, Celtic always come out on top and that’s because we are not bottlers and we have proved we are the best team in the country this season and that is why the fairest option is to award Celtic the league title.

17 Mar 2020 20:45:33
BB, the best option is to play the games and make the Sevs suffer without having any excuses. HH.

17 Mar 2020 23:49:50
Sevco coach Michael Beale has now came out and wants the league to be finalised at the halfway stage. The s#n is running the story and both have their numbers all wrong. The s#n is stating Celtic after 22 games have got 58 points which is correct but they state Sevco after 21 games ( St. Johnstone game in hand) have 56 points.
This figure is wrong because Sevco lost to Hearts to make up the halfway stage and only had 53 points.
If Michael Beale and Sevco want the season to be finalised at the halfway stage that will suit Celtic because we are 5 points clear. What will they come up with next?

16 Mar 2020 15:16:58
Does anyone know what is happening this a chaos someone do something it's clear to me that Muppets run our league and jokers run our country no schools shops bus stations train stations roads or works are closed hospitals are on full alert and the whole country is taking measures to contain this problem how stoping football what are they doing stop bt and sky show the games on terristal tv and everybody can watch it safety in there own home the football players ain't got it the ref and linesman not got camera crew not got and you can't catch it off the tv so why is this becoming into a farce.

12 Mar 2020 21:53:54
Aw bless the wee English pundits are gutted their current top dogs are out ( I personally like Liverpool and thinks it’s great they are going to finally win the league again) but I just love seeing the English teams pumped I’m Europe 😂.

12 Mar 2020 18:47:52
If as Nicola sturgeon says all events holding over 500 people will be cancelled, from Monday! My kids school holds 1200 pupils but they’re not shutting schools, I get the fact people’s life’s are under threat, do you think football matches will be played behind closed doors? will season ticket money be refunded? Hopefully everyone comes through this, I fail to see how if this is so serious there’s 2 games getting played both holding 50,000 why Monday and not just now? hopefully there’s a sensible outcome regarding this awful situ.

12 Mar 2020 16:38:28
Sorry for the rant Ed I just can't believe that anyone let alone a head of state would say on Thursday that from Monday they are banning gathering of more than 500 people. Why wait until Monday why not now or Friday? I can only think of one reason why not now or Friday I really hope I am wrong.

{Ed007's Note - Because it's not as bad as the scaremongers are making it out to be.}

12 Mar 2020 21:59:52
You are just being paranoid, it has been scientifically proven that the virus won't start multiplying until five days after a full moon, which was last night, so we will be alright untill Monday, when the ban comes in.

12 Mar 2020 22:00:19
It's going to as bad as it can be, we should have closed all sporting events two weeks ago, and stopped all fights from northern Italy, but they didn't and they haven't, it could have been handled completely differently and it would have been manageable but money talks, we will be lucky if we don't end up as bad as Italy, but I hope we don't.


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