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28 Jan 2020 19:51:27
Straight away lads down Lennon's throat. Can't hide your feeling now.
Why can't you stop blaming everything on Lennon what he want and what he gets is two different things. Has he wants more in that's positive so what if he speaks out in interview the media spin it anyway
gd on him maybe trying to nudge the board
what's your problems just throw money at it really. Are we in a terrible place just now no we are not. Reading the comments from Celtic fans you would think we where getting relegated. You want more players but won't wait to see how gd the ones we have bought are. 😣😣.

28 Jan 2020 18:48:27
I just spent a lovely evening at Stuart Street and all of today in the Sheriff Court. It's as tedious and bogging as I remember but it is a laugh at times too. I'm enjoying my freedom to check up on the hoops. Feel sorry for me or wag the finger, whatever you like. Hail Hail.

24 Jan 2020 00:38:52
Why is our club not coming out to support LG and chastise that 4rse for his misinformed and ludicrous "stats". Number one we have for a number of years played one up front and to be No2 to Moussa and Eddy is no shame. In addition the available games he quoted was bollocks, LG was injured for many then unavailable due to illness. Club should release a statement to support our player AND to slate the ill informed and wholly inaccurate rants of an ex (and forever ) sevconion. HH.

24 Jan 2020 09:48:03
Celtic have made an official complaint to Sky.

24 Jan 2020 20:06:20
Boyds statement basically says "I'm right yous are all wrong"

25 Jan 2020 23:33:27
FKB is an absolute embarassment. As someone who has indeed had mental health issues it sickens me that he could come out with such ill informed rubbish. His defence has been that he was talking about LG's work ethic in training. Eh, do you not think that might have been affected by his illness. Boyd is a total bigot and part of the reason why I will never pay for SKY. White, Walker, Nicholas etc are no better. This has made me really angry. I signed the petition.

21 Jan 2020 16:39:44
Having a good mate of mine seeing no other way out and bring his life to an end, and hearing of this more and more could you allow it’s good to talk, I’m sure most of us have experienced this tragic loss, and guys if you find yourself feeling down, there’s is always a solution and even just talking, I’m sure on here there is always someone to listen and understand, don’t try and keep things bottled up, we are all human and go through periods of feeling down but it’s good to talk 🍀🍀.

21 Jan 2020 20:47:14
very well said Da1888.

26 Jan 2020 16:34:27
Good post Da1888.

17 Jan 2020 23:39:15
Our club was all over the national media in December for abusing and assaulting their player. Putting the record straight now with meaningless little statement is just pathetic.

14 Jan 2020 15:12:55
so i see 👀 hopefully the experienced players will come soon as well.

13 Jan 2020 21:29:21
How long does it take us to get a deal over the line.

08 Jan 2020 09:47:51
We've won 17 out of 20 league games so far this season. Topped our Europa league group and in doing so beat Lazio home and away. We lose one game to that lot and the Lennon bashers are out in force. People are criticising his style of play. Well let me tell you the style of play we are playing at the moment is a vast improvement on the last 18 months of the bland style of the previous manager.

08 Jan 2020 12:07:27
The last few games we have not been great. However, I think it is because the players are physically and mentally drained and some of them will likely be carrying niggly injuries as well.

However, on the most part we have played well this season and Lennon and the management team have being instrumental in that.

10 Jan 2020 23:54:44
Obviously can't critcise Brenda's work but is it just me or can you see Leicester playing like we did under him? I'm not stupid he has his way of play. Play from back, keep possession if it's to congested start again. It worked everytime until we played against a team with more quality than ourselves however it worked vs man City that time. What I'm asking is how if I can see the same traits and tactics we had and now Leicester do has nobody been able to analyse and break the system? I hate the man with a passion, I hung of his every word during interviews W L or D it's a system he has regurgetated from us and bar Liverpools immense form he has out smarted 18 other coaches in the PL, I just don't see how he's got away with it. Bast@rd.

11 Jan 2020 09:46:37
Celtic need to recapture our early season form because we have struggled recently.
Before the season started I thought 30 league wins would guarantee the title but that might not be enough, time will tell. I still think we need a left back because that's our weakest link and if we are going to improve, that would be a good place to start.

11 Jan 2020 10:05:38
Injured players playing with injuries no cover for eddy Mikey Johnstone not strong enough players played in the wrong positions Forrest looking tired Christie targeted nitcham not used Julien not strong enough missing 14 shots on goal no defender on the post basic errors beat by sevco things must get better and we won the cup and still top of the league well we ain't doing too bad so we keep winning we will be ok the celtic will come back strong and win 9 that's the strength we have that winning mentality.


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