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18 Aug 2019 16:29:35
So DD has been slaughtered.
PL and the board have been slaughtered.
NL has been slaughtered.
2 weeks of the window to go.
Will there be a positive reaction and how many do we need.
For me it's more than I first thought.
don't think we will get 5 there must be some reaction to all the criticism.

17 Aug 2019 00:39:36
I always thought what made us different from all the rest was we backed our team our manager our club through thick and thin no matter what, and that’s why been a hoop was so special. We are not like rest we are CELTIC . Hail hail.

17 Aug 2019 18:42:58
That's true where you around under the Kelly's when mediocre was what we were getting week in week out. They also nearly ran our club into the ground by not moving with the times and reinvesting in the team. But this board is getting as bad they are constantly lying to us telling us all sorts of crap and we fall for it year after year. We'll this fan has had enough and would love the manager and board to come out publicly apologise to the fans. But no they all go into hiding even the social media team hid. We'll that was till they came out to sell tickets for today's game. Just totally sick of being treated like a mug by celtic.

18 Aug 2019 18:51:51
Regarding the Kelly's and the Celtic Board, it was rumoured that 4 Villas in Spain, were paid for from the gate receipts of the Celtic - Leeds game at Hampden, in 1970. Perhaps nothing changes.

16 Aug 2019 11:55:37
Where is the money, show me the money Peter lawell you sell for top dollar give me some money so I can stop buy turnips and bring quality instead of bargain basement.

16 Aug 2019 11:52:20
£35 for next week's European game. Celtic plc have over 35000 on HCTS, happy days for the suits.

16 Aug 2019 19:51:53
Is it not £22.

17 Aug 2019 13:24:23
Yep, come on to complain about prices with the wrong facts 😂😂😂.

17 Aug 2019 23:37:12
still won't be paying for a ticket.

16 Aug 2019 08:48:11
We would've went through if Tierney had stayed. just saying.

16 Aug 2019 13:18:55
No we wouldn't. KT is injured and wouldn't have been playing even if he was still here. HH.

16 Aug 2019 13:25:47
Why? He was injured and wouldn't have played. Or do you think he would have told Lennon not to play Calmac at left back? .

16 Aug 2019 19:52:31
Hahahaha please explain gbhoy.

16 Aug 2019 07:21:03
Well it was a horrendous result. Still can't quite get over it. Disappointed with Lennon comments after the game as well as he defends his decision regarding McGregor which is quite frankly embarrassing a manager should be brave enough to admit when he's wrong but he can't even do that. Got to say have been very disappointed with brown this season so far think he should have went to Australia.

Would drop bain also has never been and will never be good enough to be our numbers 1. Think we can kiss goodbye to any minimal chance we ever had of signing the likes of meling or gumny. Interesting few weeks ahead think we will still win the league this season but that's because they have a donkey in charge too. Lennon needs to take a look at himself as he is proving a lot of people right who didn't want him to get the job (me included) .

16 Aug 2019 11:54:35
Shame he's exactly what we need on the left wing very powerfull.

16 Aug 2019 11:19:38
No new players in since Tuesdays disaster. Not even an exciting rumour or anything. knew the quietness was similar to last season. Oh well, only thing we can ever expect at Celtic park. A few signings that don't even get a game. Nothing exciting nothing to get you off your seat. And those who say we will win the league this year, quit dreaming. We won't win the league this year and AIK will put us out of Europe with that team and Lenny. Mark my words. I'll be back end of season for my "Sorry, you were right's".

16 Aug 2019 01:27:17
Unless we've all forgotten. We don't care if we win, LOSE, or draw darn the heir do we care, for we only know that there's going to be a show and the Glasgow Celtic will be there. Or if you're preference is, when you walk through a storm. Reality check time bhoys, who are we and where did we come from. The TEAM needs supporting, NOW more than ever.

16 Aug 2019 09:29:17
Your bang on but how can we if it's a shambles the team need supported from top to bottom and if the machine breaks you fix it the fans are unhappy which they should be they keep getting stabbed in the back promises that fall short old managers helping sevco this board ad management reflects there results and proforma nice of duty to the people that keep them in a job and sorry to say greed is overwhelming upstairs and unrest is caused by there hand we should be strong team not at sea this is there doing again facts speak louder than words rember the words of Fergus mccann I will build celtic a team for Europe finance will be there omg where has it has gone faith eh we out of Europe again why greed 25 million for a player and he is looking at bargain basement again loan players again why is this he needs to address this quickly.

15 Aug 2019 21:22:17
Surprised the board haven't said they are after neymar or sanchez to appease the fans. any body but a left back that's the plan. Better playing Tom boyd or Danny mcgrain, they could still do a job.


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