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07 Mar 2021 23:29:38
that was nice to see on the news where the police gave an escort to all those supporters marching from Ibrox to Georges Square.
Then, wee nikla has congratulated sevco on winning the SPFL.
Did I miss the news where the lockdown restrictions have been lifted and public gatherings are now ok and actually encouraged by the authorities?
Wonder how many spot fines were dished out?
Not sour grapes as they won the title fair (ish) and square but I was under the impression there was still people dying, restrictions are in place, and the Police are arresting or punishing rule breaking.

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07 Mar 2021 22:26:01
Wouldnt be surprised if riots start at George square know what they are like got previous.

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07 Mar 2021 19:41:20
It’s sadly the end of an era for Celtic today.
The glory years were good while they lasted and hopefully they will return again in the near future.
To cheer myself up, I went over to the dark side and read their Archives pages from 2012.
HMRC announced on June 12th 2012 that they would be rejecting the Rangers CVA proposal on the 14th June.
Which meant Rangers Football Club would be guaranteed to be entering a Liquidation process.
These are only a few of their fans comments from June 12th 2012 :-

HMRC reject CVA, so never mind Rapid Vienna, It’s good night Vienna.

Rangers 1872-2012 YOU WERE MY LIFE.

HMRC say no to CVA
140 years and now no more,
the tears are running down my cheeks.

Now Sevco have came back from the dead and it’s title number 55. 😂

A setback from Celtic is only temporary.

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07 Mar 2021 20:42:07
Dave King also said no to CVA lol.

07 Mar 2021 21:35:57
Dave King should look straight ahead.

07 Mar 2021 22:06:06
With eyes like his I don't think that is possible Phil.

07 Mar 2021 18:48:10
Surely the way these sevco players behaving celebrating with very little social distancing and bubbles. There has to be doubts over them travelling to prague on Thursday? If not it feels a bit like double standards?

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07 Mar 2021 19:03:24
Wearing scarfs that were thrown to them. A young Sevconian hanging in cell 4s window. Slippy car sharing. The orc bubbles fine though 🤔.

07 Mar 2021 19:09:31
Surely it's got to be looked into? They are travelling abroad this week!

07 Mar 2021 20:42:42
Nothing to see here Timmy, avert your gaze.

07 Mar 2021 21:27:19
Seen one guy from the dark side saying he'd traveled up from Corby to be at Greyskull.

07 Mar 2021 15:51:21
Alex ferguson once said its better to be lucky than good.
Now before anyone says they have won it with luck im not saying that, they won it on the pitch as they were better than us.
But and there is always a but, luck has played a big part.
Here is the luck part, the C.V. has helped them enormously.
Let me explain.
1 Celtic being handed the league. Now if your on the other side even tho your technically 10 points behind u still believe its retrievable cos your a pro. So the seige mentallity can kick in and there is a sense of injustice.
Add to that the way the form was going it looked increasingly likely Celtic would extend that lead which could have put Gerrard on the shoogly peg and even may have lost his job.
2 European football. Now im led to believe (buzz this is your department) they wudnt have been allowed to do a share issue under FFP so wudnt have qualified for europe. Due to C.V. the FFP rules were extended due to this.
So no share issue would have meant without doubt they would have had to sell their big players. Not only that they cudnt have bought their big players.
So possibly they would easily be without Roofe Itten Hagi Morelos Tav Barasic Kamara Kent and maybe more.
Thats most of their goals and assits right there.
3 No fans. Now i know this is conjecture but we have seen the response from their fans before when things don't go right.
Ive no doubt without those players and havin to downsize seriously they would have been in bother.
It just shows u how things can easily change no matter how far ahead you are and that luck can sometimes play a big part.

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07 Mar 2021 19:03:04
They better hope they qualify for the Group stages next year or the downsizing will still be on the way.

07 Mar 2021 19:24:05
UEFA suspended their FFP rules for a season.
My understanding was a club could only transfer 30 million Euros Maximum,
of club debt over to the company, over a 3 year period.
Sevco have exceeded that amount but I don’t think any warnings have been issued by UEFA.
It’s possible it would’ve happened, if it wasn’t for the FFP suspension.
Clubs have previously been banned but they received warnings and deadlines first, to sort out their finances.

07 Mar 2021 15:25:39
Lawell Bankier and Co should give the currents a guard of honour next week.

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07 Mar 2021 15:56:21
Along with the playerall season who have underachieved how many chances have we missed this season and don't get me started on defence.

07 Mar 2021 18:05:21
If they appoint John Kennedy then they should commit Harakiri.

07 Mar 2021 14:39:36
a sevie on the phone in. a was in hi school when we were Relegated hahaha.

we have been poor we have lost the league i can accept that but its the lies like that that gets to you.

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07 Mar 2021 15:31:09
It’s funny how they were in high school when Rangers won their last ever trophy.
Now Sevco have finally won their first ever trophy and they can only celebrate in the house. 😂.

07 Mar 2021 18:05:43
They do like revisionism.

07 Mar 2021 11:06:46
Just go out today and do the business let sevco earn it. It might be delaying the inevitable but so be it . Once it's won watch the pens and red cards miraculously appearing against them. although no argument they have been the best team but with a little help from their friends.

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07 Mar 2021 14:27:23
Well that's it; The Fat Sally is singing; this title wasn't lost today, but over over the previous six months, with a mix of self-destruct, interference, conspiring and hampering from various 'bodies' and under-performing/ uncommitted players poorly managed.
Congratulations TRIFC on your very first major trophy.
I'm hoping that DD has made the proper arrangements to ensure it's a one-off and normal service will be resumed very soon.

07 Mar 2021 14:38:51
Congratulations to Sevco on winning your first ever major trophy.
Even if it was a behind closed doors title.


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