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22 Jun 2021 10:26:02
the sevies are doing words with our managers name in it. i have one for them the creditors were short chANGEd.

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22 Jun 2021 12:22:10
United Ireland 🇮🇪
A couple of times recently, the Sevco fans have showed they still carry the ANGEr that their old club Rangers Football Club, are still going through a Liquidation process.

22 Jun 2021 15:50:44
A very apt anagram for a person associated with Rangers considering their financial woes and hand outs from all and sundry.


22 Jun 2021 16:31:48

23 Jun 2021 13:19:37
Big Skippy will skelp wee Slippy.

15 Jun 2021 10:52:06
So, Sevco have about a £15 million pound debt.
They have still to pay the taxman.
They have still to pay Mike Ashley
They have still to pay DK
They have bought more players

YET - Scottish Government (aka snp) gave them a £3.2 million pound load INTEREST FREE!

I have submitted a copy of their own published accounts.

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15 Jun 2021 11:25:24
The Scottish Government released an interest free loan of £20 million to be SHARED among the 12 Premiership clubs.
That would be Approx £1.6 million each to be paid back over a 20 year period.
It looks like one club has declined the offer of the interest free loan.
But who made the decision to give Sevco Scotland their full share?
The £20 million should’ve been SHARED among the 11 clubs instead of Sevco getting ONE/ SIXTH of the overall interest free loan.

15 Jun 2021 14:24:12
Isn't one of their board members on the board of Hamilton Accies? I don't know if accies were even eligible for the loan but if they were it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest!

15 Jun 2021 15:14:29
That could be a decent shout Atlanta Bhoy.
I don’t think Hamilton Accies would want to be tied down to a 20 year loan at nearly £7,000 a month.
It’s possible Douglas Park has used his links to Hamilton Accies to get his grubby hands on their full share.
It should’ve been shared among the other 11 clubs.
But who’s Authorised for One club to take 2 slices of the pie?

15 Jun 2021 15:22:35
Financial Fair Play must be brought into Scottish Football. Im guessing that a certain club/ company would fail every year so we don't have it.

15 Jun 2021 16:02:46
It’s another sign of preferential treatment within Scottish football.
Rules and regulations are put in place to make it fair for all clubs.
But the Scottish Football Authorities continue to bend the rules for a club playing out of Ibrox.
Once again the SFA failed to implement their own rules by passing Dave King a fit and proper person. Why?
He was banned from being a director for 5 years but yet the SFA allowed him back into Scottish Football after only 3 years.
The SPFL and the SFA would be better throwing their rule books in the bin.

15 Jun 2021 17:51:23
The sfa have a rulebook? that's wild.

15 Jun 2021 18:22:09
Shock, Horror the SFA have a rule book but it becomes Corrupt when they blatantly refuse to implement their own rules.
The SFA also like to make their own rules up.
They gave Sevco a conditional licence to play Brechin which wasn’t in the rule book.
That’s quite Wild.

15 Jun 2021 22:21:40
It was supposed to be a new era for the SFA with the appointment of Maxwell more transparent and forward thinking. there is more chance of seeing Lord Lucan than Maxwell nothing changes.

20 Jun 2021 14:52:10
They are going to make a 20 million loss which will take them to over 120 million in losses since their personisation birth in 2012.120 million to win 1 trophy😂😂😂.

14 Jun 2021 07:51:39
Sevco have a pre season training camp in Portugal planned, mumm watch with interest after the abuse we got for dubai.

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14 Jun 2021 10:44:41
It was only a couple of years ago they were mixing it with Celtic fans on their training camp package holiday in Tenerife.

14 Jun 2021 17:20:59
Only reason they never went to Dubai as well, was in case a repeat of their last trip reoccurred.

Just like the old clubs shady ebt dealings being exposed years down the line, the new clubs c. v cover ups will come back to haunt them in future.

15 Jun 2021 11:18:53
If there’s news of a coverup in the future, nothing will happen.
Rangers broke the SPL registration rules for 10 years and the Scottish Football Authorities have refused to implement their own rules and they have allowed the old club to keep the honours.
Both clubs who’ve played out of Ibrox in the last decade are bullet proof.

12 Jun 2021 14:13:40
Typical Orc Media with the poor Patterson. No mention of his second breech at Tavaneirs house party that was hushed up by orc fc and a compliant msm who rushed to delete posts about him and others. 7 games and he's in the squad no doubt to appease the Klan.

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12 Jun 2021 16:16:02
id have Patterson over O'Donnell any day the boys a talent and wee need our best squad on the field.

12 Jun 2021 17:25:43
I was impressed with Patterson against us but he isn’t ready for a major finals.
He showed his inexperience in our cup game, when one misplaced pass, should’ve got us back into the game but Elyounoussi missed a sitter.
Patterson wasn’t a regular for the Scotland U21s and has only 4 caps and none of them were 90 minutes. He was an unused sub in his last call up for the U21s.
He will become a regular for Scotland after he gains more experience at club level.

14 Jun 2021 16:57:09
United Ireland i agree we need our best players on pitch, but Patterson should not be anywhere near that Scotland squad as he repeatedly broke c. v rules.

Its not fair on other players and a slap in the face to anyone who has lost a loved one during c. v.

10 Jun 2021 11:09:27
I hope Ange realises quickly that at Celtic there is a high expectancy to win every week.

Which brings me to my next point. Ange is known for wanting his teams to play high pressing and attacking football. Now to do that you need players who are really fit or they just run out of gas and the performance nosedives.

Therefore, I hope Ange is pragmatic enough to realise that he may not be able to play that style right away and that he needs to get the players fit enough before adopting that style.

So first and foremost, get the team winning, and then change the philosophy when the players are ready.

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10 Jun 2021 11:52:18
@LennonAtWork I hope he brings over 10 big burly Aussie Rules footballers and two fitness coaches who will run the players all day until they are super fit lol.

07 Jun 2021 19:23:49
Sevco had a chance to future proof😂😂their club for shares of £500 upwards to 100grand to keep the lights on. It seems it's not going well as now you can put a Tenner or more in. 🤣🤣🤣.

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07 Jun 2021 20:42:23
Also if they only want to put a tenner in,
It will cost them an extra fiver to register. 😂.

08 Jun 2021 01:43:59

08 Jun 2021 11:02:52
am sure their club deck patrons had a lifetime seat lol. we all seen what happened there. they are getting really desperate now. ran out of loans, share diluted down to zero and now they will sell useless shares to the deluded. ohh happy days.

06 Jun 2021 10:08:57
Used feel sorry for sevco for the amount of bull they got fed from their leaders, but at least the bull was something. Our lot are an arrogant, ignorant, belligerent shower of rubbish who show an unbelievable level of contempt for their paying customers. Instead of consolidating their customer base, they seem intent on driving it away. WTF IS GOING ON?

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06 Jun 2021 11:05:32
The only way change will happen is they get hurt where they feel it most, their pocket. I know we all love our club but the more we put up with this crap the longer it'll continue. Stop paying for season tickets and merc till it's resolved. Short term pain long term gain.

06 Jun 2021 12:19:28
I hate to say I agree partybadge as I am not a great believer in boycotts etc.

However, the lack of communication and information coming form Celtic Park is an insult to the fans.

Bring back the bunnet he'll put a rocket up a few backsides.

06 Jun 2021 16:18:06
The bunnet used to use Jock Brown as a deflector if my old memory serves me correctly.

07 Jun 2021 05:16:47
LennonAtWork I forgot about Jock until you posted lol. Was a very strange appointment. Was he not the reason Wim Jansen left?

On that note regarding that season we stopped them getting 10iar, that was my first season along with my dad being a season ticket holder. I was 15 and it was genuinely one of best days of my life with my Dad. Its scary to think my Dad was at age 35 younger than me now lol.

Will never forget the euphoric atmosphere, fans running onto pitch and looking across at West Side goal post. My friend from school who liked his grub, swinging from cross bar and bar deciding to call it a day lol.

LennonAtWork apologies for drunken long winded memory, but thank you for bringing back one of the best days of my life.

07 Jun 2021 05:36:44
Your memory is fine LAW.

05 Jun 2021 14:36:11
I don't know much about big business or high finance, but are all these share issues that The rangers are making, a bit like quantative easing? .

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05 Jun 2021 21:09:32
Perhaps they’re printing their own blue pound money.
Maybe we should counteract with Monopoly Money.

06 Jun 2021 02:10:09
Must admit, made me think. How many share issues have they had recently Every one diluting each individual's share. We all know this has been out of necessity. Loans have been converted to shares. Now, I'm just putting it out there, say we wanted to raise £20m. Could we not do the same? I know that our shares are freely available on the LSE, but if everyone knew that it would go to the team I think you might be surprised at the take up. Anyways, our leaders, DD, PL, IB et al will NOT want to dilute their share so it will be a no goer. HH.

06 Jun 2021 10:06:45
Think they are doing it because they are gambling on getting the big champions League money, just like the old Rangers did, but the old Rangers failed and the end result was liquidation and the facepainter and the rest of the small debtors lost their money, this time, they are financing it by getting the money of their supporters, so if they fail this time, they will need to have another share issue, and another one, don't think we should go anywhere near that kind of business model, would rather have a few years in the wilderness, building up a youth system, bringing through our own young players, than trying to buy success, by signing so called quality players and paying them obscene wages.

06 Jun 2021 10:20:43
Rangers are a limited company and are not even on AIM stock exchange, never mind the LSE.

The fact they are not on a stock exchange, means they are not governed by the legislations.

Not read about their share issue, so unsure if they will need to join a stock exchange if they do an ISO.

Celtic are able to do share offers but i believe it needs voted through by the board and as mentioned it dillutes the value of existing shares.

06 Jun 2021 15:35:35
Wrong they are not a limited company, they are a PLC listed on Jenkins European Stock Exchange.

06 Jun 2021 16:37:37
@dnn38 - It would appear there are 2 entities in existence. However, I take your point and stand corrected as I was not aware of the PLC. I just recall Dave King taking them off AIM a few years ago, which would suggest they were a Ltd at that time.


Company number SC425159



Company number SC437060.

06 Jun 2021 22:47:40
LAW if I'm right i think the limited entity is set up to hold the shares that likes of King etc own in the PLC company.

Its confusing to be honest lol.


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