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17 Jun 2019 13:15:57
Lustig looks set for a move to Gent. I wish him all the best. A good servant and somebody who clearly took the club to his heart.

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17 Jun 2019 16:12:57
I think he'll leave with everyones best wishes, great servant and a very likable guy. Thanks for the memories pc lustig. 🍀.

17 Jun 2019 17:10:54
Great servant good luck old bhoy.

16 Jun 2019 17:12:24
Journalist based in the North East of England saying the turnbull deal will be done this week.

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16 Jun 2019 21:03:20
AHow would he know? A pure guess.

16 Jun 2019 22:06:23
Equally Chris, how would you know it's just a guess?

16 Jun 2019 22:25:04
Kev I don't think anyone really knows anything about this deal outside of the club, the player and his agent. Everything else is just speculation. HH.

16 Jun 2019 22:56:38
Again, that's just a guess. I'm not saying that the journalist definitely knows what's going on but equally we have zero evidence that he doesn't.

16 Jun 2019 23:12:37
Am only saying what av heard.

17 Jun 2019 00:05:14
So we're guessing that they're guessing about guessing. I love transfer window season. I'm guessing eds currently on a total mind body soul retreat readying himself for when we go full tonto and then it's penny time! what a time to be alive.

17 Jun 2019 08:28:41
Phliphlop 😂😂. I hope one way or another the Turnbull transfer gets sorted this week. I'd hate our window to be defined as us battling it out with Barnsley and Sheff Wed for him.

17 Jun 2019 08:50:06
If Turnbull signs then good if not we move on as has been stated. The offer made to the player was a good one and for a 19 year old is a very good wage.

17 Jun 2019 12:51:59
Or maybe the week after depending how he's feeling 🙄🙄.

17 Jun 2019 17:57:33
I think Turnbull will sign.

16 Jun 2019 11:37:32
Please tell me we ain't in for Adam Matthews or Gary hooper or giving lustig another 2 years.
We wouldn't just be standing still with these signings but taking a massive backward step.
I know the window has just opened but why we are starting pre season without a new signing is criminal.
Players could and should have been lined up.
Someone has to be signed this week and give the place a lift.

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16 Jun 2019 14:21:51
Yes give the place a lift, would make a nice change from lifting trophies.

16 Jun 2019 16:56:43
Id give lustig another 2 years as the number 2 RB.

16 Jun 2019 17:25:35
On his current salary Kev83 as that's apparently the reason he's leaving?
Father times definetly caught up with him and I think Celtic are correct in reducing his salary in the offer to extend his contract.

16 Jun 2019 18:10:01
Would definitely keep lustig as a back up RB which would mean reduced salary. Definitely need a new RB with experience and definitely not Adam Mathews.

16 Jun 2019 18:12:33
I'd back board with that one tae pod.
If he's playing a reduced role then reduced wage but if he can get more else where then good luck to him.
I do think he played very well after Lennon arrived and he didn't need to bomb forward as much.

16 Jun 2019 18:48:06
Carl jenkinson is also been linked what's yer take on him guys.

17 Jun 2019 12:39:24
Lustig has been a great servant of Club but in my opinion his time is over. I don’t see point in keeping him as a number 2 RB as he’d be rusty coming in at his age and stage of his career. We’re 2 away from 10IAR and we can’t afford to be sentimental when it comes to players etc. I have a few mates on the Dark Side and they say same about their attempt at 10. They were too loyal to players who were passed their best.

16 Jun 2019 07:23:55
Sheffield wed apparently in for turnbull now.

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16 Jun 2019 10:09:15
And we are apparently looking at bringing Matthews back - hope this is nothing but paper talk he wasn’t good enough first time never mind now.

16 Jun 2019 10:26:56
@Mally would the fans now accept Turnbull if he did now sign they would be on his back any bad game. also I worried about other targets named, apparently the West Brom player is undecided, when he was up earlier looking at stadium that was the time to sign him then announce it when window opens. Also the Toulouse player also looks like going elsewhere, this is typical Lawwell delay, delay and then say "sorry but I tried"
@Kev T Mathews would be a decent squad player so bring him in as cover.

16 Jun 2019 10:48:33
If Turnbull accepted our offer then our fans would accept him no problem. It's his agent who is the problem. As for Matthews, I liked him when he was here but if he can't get a game for Sunderland then he's not good enough for Celtic.

16 Jun 2019 11:16:43
I believe our club needs to resolve the Turnbull saga asap. Either agree a deal and get it done or move on and sign someone else. HH.

16 Jun 2019 15:35:30
I am not that bothered that much if we get him or not the games I have seen him playing in only 2 I admit I couldn't say he stood out and don't think he is as good as what we have in that position.

16 Jun 2019 16:17:26
He scored more than our midfield this year and in a poor team.

16 Jun 2019 16:57:41
2 of our midfield scored more than turnbull.

16 Jun 2019 18:16:03
Work colleagues a huge sunderland fan. Reckons Matthews was injured more as not. Glad to see back of him.

16 Jun 2019 21:06:06
Rumour about Matthews is a bit of lazy and biased SMSM journalism . Pity some of our fans repeated it.

17 Jun 2019 01:37:45
Matthews is finished. We got best years out him. Far too injury prone, played about 52 games in 4 seasons. No thank you.

14 Jun 2019 23:17:29
The Scotsman is saying Turnbull was offered more no ey than big VVD and wanyama were when they arrived.

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15 Jun 2019 05:38:52
Reportedly offered to increase his earnings tenfold. Whether it's down to money or game time, him or his agents, he signs or we move on.

15 Jun 2019 08:16:24
I think it’s really simple to be honest, we pull the plug immediately and move on! There’s no chance we can proceed with a deal after going public that he or his agents snubbed the offer! End this embarrassment right now by simply withdrawing our offer and telling him to beat it! Let him go down south and sink without trace at a Barnsley or some other club on that level! I’m being genuinely honest here when i say it doesn’t bother me in the slightest if we get this kid! He’s a prospect and nothing else! The club have went above and beyond trying to seal this deal, actually further than I thought or wanted them to go! move on and let’s try and sort our defence out!

15 Jun 2019 08:45:57
Game time? I don't know how any player can demand game time. If they turn up n play pure Sh**e do they still expect to be playing every week!

15 Jun 2019 12:08:45
I agree Lh86. Would have had him - its good to keep respawning a Scottish/ British/ Irish core. But I wouldn't lose any sleep over not signing him. I had the bar set higher in my head anyway. If he was a CM, we already have better, if he was to play CAM, I would want much better.

15 Jun 2019 12:58:32
LH86.Spot on, mate!

15 Jun 2019 13:02:02
It’s simple move on let him disappear down south and sign somebody who understands it’s a privilege to play for Celtic and not be a wee greedy bar steward who hasn’t even kicked a ball!

15 Jun 2019 13:51:53
It should all have been done and dusted by now JimTim, I say we move on from this, there are other players out there with more experience than this lad, Celtic scouts let's find these players.

15 Jun 2019 16:04:36
I for one are glad Celtic came out and told us the situation. Had Celtic kept quiet the board and lawwell would be getting absolute pelters from all angles over this when it all actually comes down to a player/ agent and greed. No way does turnbull after 1 pro season deserve anywhere near £20 grand. Celtic should now withdraw completely as there has to be a cut off point.

16 Jun 2019 00:57:29
A guy at work who's a Motherwell fan told me today the rumours at their end is we have told him that's the deal you have till Monday afternoon to sing it or its off the table if that's true then we'll done Mr lawell no point dragging these things out move onwards and upwards.

16 Jun 2019 09:03:17
To be honest jaw1888, he should not get that long to make a decision. The offer, if true of around £10 grand per week for a young 19 year old with 1 good season under his belt is a very good deal. I’m positive if he comes in works his socks off a progresses then his contract / wages will be renegotiated as with all good players. He has to be able to handle working at a club the size of Celtic. Come prove himself then he can ask for more. If the offer was turned down on Friday he should’ve been given till T time Saturday to decide, if by then it’s still no then the deals off the table. We as a club don’t come second choice to anyone.

14 Jun 2019 23:05:24
Celtic have been known for as long as I can remember as having a strict policy of doing business behind closed doors.

Clubs negotiating with us will be well aware of that, so why did Motherwell go public?

I think Turnbull agents (same ones Stuart Armstrong has and look what happened there) have advised Motherwell to go public to induce an English team to come in with a higher bid and bigger salary for Turnbull which leads to bigger commission for Agents.

As much as I think Turnbull is a good player, I would rather see club pull the plug and not deal with these Agents again no matter who player is.

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15 Jun 2019 08:21:31
To be fair agents have to do what's right for their players, however I would honestly prefer the club move on and cut ties with the deal. If the player was demanding more game time or if it was money, I couldn’t care less. As far as I’m concerned the player has earned his move, he was offered a substantial wage rise, now if he wants more game time and more money, he has to earn that, once he's in the door. If not, he's not the kind of player I want to be at Celtic park. To be honest I liked Armstrong on the pitch but all the carry on with his contract meant he was purely at our club for the money, there was a coldness there, not criticising him, just stating how I felt. I want players who are here for the honour of playing for such a prestigious club and to be part of the family. Each to their own and good luck to the boy, just not for us.

15 Jun 2019 08:20:11
I don't remember anything untoward happening with Armstrong.

15 Jun 2019 09:25:51
Am with u on that one phil.

15 Jun 2019 11:34:36
Kevbhoy his agent messed about hawking him all over England. When they couldn't find a club he'd only extend his contract for a season.

15 Jun 2019 12:43:56
That's right enough Kev. I forgot about that.

15 Jun 2019 21:28:29
Whilst I said agents have to do what's right for their clients, I don’t believe Mr Gillis is, I think he’s enjoying the heights of the job, acting like Billy big baws, something he couldn’t achieve as a player. He done better than me as a player right enough, but I’m still grounded and am proud to earned everything I have. Something that appears to be lost here! Seen a pic of Ross McCormack sleeping off a hangover the other day, maybe young Turnbell fancies that sort of career, chasing the £’s rather than the medals. As I said earlier, move on, I don’t want to see loads of youngersters getting his name on their new strips, if that’s the way he is. Would certainly avoid Prolegal in the future!

14 Jun 2019 18:45:21
Re the Turnbull debacle
First it is not all Lawwell's fault, rumour I heard agents were waiting to find out Celtic offer then asked English clubs to better it.
I also heard Lawwell went into talks not 100% on board as he felt the boy from West Brom Reheem Harper was equally as talented and would cost club less in transfer fees.
The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle of all this.

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14 Jun 2019 19:06:06
It's looking like we will end up with Rekeem Harper. If we do I think he will do just as well.

14 Jun 2019 19:31:13
I had heard and read that we were backing off Harper as Lennon preferred Turnbull and lawwell was backing him.

14 Jun 2019 19:49:32
Just hope we get one of them in the door and happy to be here ASAP.
I trust the club to do the right thing for all concerned.

14 Jun 2019 20:05:00
Does anyone think turnbell is better than Christie Arzani Shved Rogic Brown wee denbele or cal mac.

14 Jun 2019 20:05:39
Tbh and it's only my opinion but I feel we need a Harper type before a Turnbull type player.
But I would be happy to get both.

14 Jun 2019 20:12:12
Think a midfielder is some way behind our actual transfer priorities! We start back on Monday and have no RB missing 2 first pick centre halfs, cover for KT and another striker!

14 Jun 2019 20:48:19
I for one am glad this turnbull deal is going south as I thi k we can get much better for the money we are offering let's get back to Croatia or the Ukraine and get players.

14 Jun 2019 21:15:16
Turnbull does not make celtic any better. simple. walk away from deal now PL.

14 Jun 2019 22:10:45
I don't think this is like the McGinn deal, where if Celtic had offered the 4 million that Hibs wanted, McGinn would have come to us, instead it became an auction, this time Celtic have offered what Motherwell wanted, but Turnbull is only bothered about what club can offer him the best money, and the mad money available in England means he can join a championship club for more money that he can get up here, and put a clause in his contract that if any premier club comes in for him after the first season, he will have to be sold.

14 Jun 2019 22:54:42
Reports suggest he was only offered £12k per week. If he had been signed from abroad or even English Championship for a £3m transfer fee you would imagine £20k would be standard minimum wages but as it’s Motherwell we are trying to offer way less.

Regardless if we think it’s a big fee for a squad player, that there’s better options for the money or that other positions are more important to fill, the facts are Celtic have offered a contract to Izaguire, Lustig and now Turnbull recently and all for different reasons have been rejected and these are only squad players.
We better get finger out and get Lennys targets nailed sooner rather than later!

15 Jun 2019 00:29:06
I agree with the board on this one! We should not be held to ransom especially from him. We move on and get those who want to be part of a ten in a row history making team.

15 Jun 2019 01:25:42
Although he's had a great first season and has great potential, if we are being used to get him more money for another club down south rip up the offer and move on. Agree with Marco there are much better players out there for that money. Disagree though about the Harper/ Turnbull debate as we never replaced Armstrong with a goalscoring box to box midfielder. So if we pull the plug on Turnbull hopefully we go for another like for like player as you can't have enough goalscorers in your team.

15 Jun 2019 08:35:26
Who the hells even seen Harper it's down to money again we will regret this one as well.

15 Jun 2019 09:53:17
Harper’s actually a decent player, I’ve seen him quite a bit as I’m a baggie supporter as well as a Bhoy, lightning fast who runs at you can take on a player and score goals, I would take him.

15 Jun 2019 11:11:52
Only 12 grand a week GGGG, poor wee soul! Callum McGregor has probably played more games this season than this boy has ever in professional football and I would bet McGregor isn’t it to far away from 12 grand a week! This is a kid who’s played well for half a season for a bottom 6 SPL club! 3 million transfer fee and 12 grand a week is sensational money for him! And way more than I think he’s worth! I’m the first one to slate lawell and the board for penny pinching and dragging the hole out of things but not this time! They’ve went above and beyond here and should pull the plug immediately to concentrate on other targets!

15 Jun 2019 12:02:48
Have to agree with u LH86 100%. I can't believe some people are saying it only 12k a week is being offered. The lads was on around 1k a week If reports are right at Motherwell. Yes he is a decent player but he has proven nothing yet at a higher level. It's very easy be a big fish in a small pond but if he came to us he would be the total opposite. Surely he should realise if he does produce the goods that in 18 mths or 2 years he could be in line to get a new contract and get to this figure or near it that appears to be mentioned at the min. Someone needs to pull him aside and give him a dose of reality.

15 Jun 2019 19:45:32
Buying players at Turnbull's level of development, I think £10- £12 k a week would be high for us . It would also be high for middle lower Championship sides .

14 Jun 2019 17:32:37
Celtic fc was pleased to agree a record-breaking fee with Motherwell FC for David Turnbull and we have quickly followed this up with a fantastic offer to the player through his agent.
Currently, we have been unable to come to an agreement with the player’s agent.

CelticFC is content that it has made a magnificent offer and it is now up to the agent and player to decide if the player wants to join Celtic.

If not, we move on.

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14 Jun 2019 17:51:30
Agreed kev, he's good but he's not worth breaking the wage structure for.

14 Jun 2019 18:05:11
Steph that's the statement from Celtic.
Good to see them coming out fighting.

14 Jun 2019 18:06:14
Surely he didn’t seriously think he’d walk in here and immediately become one of our top earners? If that’s his attitude then we are better off without him.

14 Jun 2019 18:19:08
I think I sounds like it's his agent LM67, statement seems like it's aimed at letting the player know what's going on to me.

14 Jun 2019 18:48:41
I think that the way Celtic have come out and made a statement straight away tells me his agent is being totally unreasonable to deal with. I wouldn’t imagine we would make a statement if we have made a low ball offer.

14 Jun 2019 18:56:51
There’s two sides to every story. The offer on the table from Celtic could have been very poor.

14 Jun 2019 19:05:11
Ice man he's done next to nothing to warrant a big wage, he's a 19 year old with half a season under his belt, aye he shows promise but so do a lot of young players and it comes to nothing.

14 Jun 2019 19:32:45
Ice man it's been in the wage structure as the club have said.
Do you think he's worth breaking the structure for him?

14 Jun 2019 19:42:41
Bhoys I’m just playing devils advocate. What if the lad is on £900 a week at Motherwell and we have offered him £1000. We don’t know the story. But to answer your question Kev no I wouldn’t break the wage structure for the boy. I’d be happy if he signed but not gutted if he didn’t. My priority would be 2x centre half, Rb and a striker. We’ll see what happens.

14 Jun 2019 20:20:38
I'm guessing the " fantastic offer " is about £3000 a week, about 4 times what he was earning at Motherwell. He will get more down South, but who wants to live in Barnsley, never win a medal and never win a cap.

14 Jun 2019 20:50:37
Who is to say what we offered we might have offered 10,000 a week we will never know.

14 Jun 2019 21:05:00
Is say it would be more than 3 grand for a first team squad member. Id think he's been offered similar to morgan.

14 Jun 2019 21:38:56
Great to see Celtic come out with the statement and tell what's happened.

14 Jun 2019 23:01:01
Scott Allan was signed for £275k and earned £10k a week 4 years ago and football finances have soared again even in that short period.
A £3m fee and you would expect upwards of £15k to be offered certainly £10k plus incentivised bonuses.

15 Jun 2019 08:45:48
Morgan seemingly is on around 6 so if think he was close to that.

15 Jun 2019 12:08:15
Surely the lad needs to realise if he produces the goods that 18 months to 2 years down the line he can get a better contract. That s how it work. No guarantee he is going to be first team starter straight away either.

15 Jun 2019 14:16:57
I think we should never have went for him, as we have a great academy system, surely we have lads at the same level or even better.

15 Jun 2019 19:49:00
Ice man . It would be very unusual for us to go in low on wages . Our excess baggage every season would tend to indicate we pay at the higher range.

14 Jun 2019 16:45:18
DR reporting that Turnbull agents have turned down a deal for Turnbull which Celtic have offered and are now touting her m for a move down south.

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14 Jun 2019 16:59:32
Looks like it another riddy.

14 Jun 2019 17:06:34
If this is true. Can we ever trust Lawwell again, looks the "low ball offer in wages" Pedro just GO.

14 Jun 2019 17:12:45
I think he wants to go to england so let him go. Wages won't be the problem . Move onto next target.

14 Jun 2019 17:18:12
If his agent is hawking him round England then Celtic should cancel the deal and move on.

14 Jun 2019 17:20:54
Shouldn’t be a surprise, another fun transfer window on its way.

14 Jun 2019 17:27:47
Don't think it's PL fault on this one we can't be held to ransom for any player.

14 Jun 2019 17:27:49
Fae what I read he was offered a deal that matches our wage structure so can say it's a low ball.
This boy is a good player but he's not someone we should break wage structure for. He's only played about 30 games for Christ sake.
If his agent is playing silly buggers and trying to get over the odds for him then bin it and move on. Let him deal with trying to get the money down south.

14 Jun 2019 17:28:23
If it's true and his agent is doing this then Celtic should simply say this is the offer take or leave.

14 Jun 2019 17:28:35
I'm with lawell on this, here we have what is effectively a wee guy, who we're willing to pay 3mil for.

Seems more like Mr Agent isn't getting as much fee as he would like and has rejected it on his behalf.

Agents man, **** of the earth.

14 Jun 2019 17:33:22
I think the asking price was pretty high for a guy with one good season. If he's knocked back our offer than we should definitely walk away. Hope Motherwell get stuck with him and his value plummets.

14 Jun 2019 17:53:03
How can this be another riddy? We’ve matched the asking fee of £3 million from Motherwell which for a guy in his first full season is all we can ask. If turnbull and his agent want more wages than Celtic are offering then he can jog on. I’m pretty sure for a 19 year old he’ll be getting offered a handsome wage and if he progresses then will more than likely get improved over a period of time. I’m not sure what else people want the board to do? Are we to pay this 19 year old top wack after 1 full top flight season?

14 Jun 2019 17:54:07
Celtic have announced what they are going to do so it’s now in the players and agents hands now how much does a 19 year old want in a weeks wage etc we wait again haehoe.

14 Jun 2019 18:50:15
Timalloy, you're talking bollox. Do you know what the offer was to Turnbull? I suspect not but you still come out and publicly criticise Lawwell. You know nothing of the facts but you feel justified in being an idiot with your narrow minded shyte. HH.

14 Jun 2019 19:14:45
Don't hold back bobcat lol
If Celtic have matched the fee set by murderwell and offered the player a salary within out wage structure (which would be a hella of a lot more then his current wage) only for the agent to start touting him down south, I'd give him an ultimatum, you've 48hr to accept or the offer is withdrawn and we look elsewhere. No way we should be getting held to ransom by a player who's had one decent season.

14 Jun 2019 21:10:13
A definite time scale by Celtic should be put on this. No way should we be dictated to or held to ransom by greedy agents and a player with 1 good season as a pro.

14 Jun 2019 21:46:53
Simple trying to hold the club to ransom. We agree to pay the fee Motherwell wanted and the player going to get an increase in wages and l would imagine by some amount to what he is currently on. What planet is his agent on? He is a fine player and been given a chance to play with a great club and have a chance to win trophies. Maybe he or his agent should stop reading there own press. Well done to Celtic and PL who at time l don't agree with but here l do for taking a strong stance on this. It's simple sign the deal offered or goodbye.

14 Jun 2019 18:15:47
Like I said the other day give it a rest Timalloy, it’s getting as boring as you’re ex bear tales. oldkilly.

14 Jun 2019 23:03:57
Why not offer incentivised wage structure, the more you play the more you will earn year on year if he’s got belief in his ability and wants to succeed it’s win win for us if he doesn’t then end the negotiations now clearly he’s not the type of player we need.

14 Jun 2019 14:30:31
OK guys this rumour is going about and even my Celtic Pools guy who usually rubbishs these rumours wondered if there was a grain of truth in it.
So what is this rumour doing the rounds.
It concerns Tierney, apparently Lawwell is considering selling him IF Celtic get top dollar, the reason goes something like this, the Celtic Board are worried Kieran may not be same player after all his injury problems and are willing to cut their losses if big money offered.
OK guys this rumour is there to be SHOT DOWN, let's here what you all think.

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14 Jun 2019 14:57:33
I believe this to be Jobbies along with the Fact the pools guy is fictional.

14 Jun 2019 15:09:13
And shot down it will be. pile of rubbish!

14 Jun 2019 15:15:03
Ain't buying it Tim he played non stop for 18 months he was always going to pick up injuries.

14 Jun 2019 15:36:04
Keek, tim they'll be considering offers cos lennon won't stand up and fight to keep him. We're back to considering offers for any player.

14 Jun 2019 16:01:50
Can we change the name of the song too : 1 shot Timmy.

14 Jun 2019 16:24:16
Cut our losses? He's a product of the youth system. If we sell KT it will be because we get an offer which blows any other sale out the water.

14 Jun 2019 16:48:39
Is Turnbull deal off.

14 Jun 2019 17:42:44
If we get offered top dollar for KT then of course the board will consider it but the final say will be KTs.

14 Jun 2019 17:49:40
it was only a double hernia op he had players get this done all the time it's hardly patella or cruciate damage.


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