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05 Apr 2021 19:17:13
Irish phil saying howe been shown round the training ground and stadium and reckons tindall could join him.

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05 Apr 2021 19:31:02
Fingers crossed it gets done asap.

05 Apr 2021 19:52:40
Mallythetally67 sounds too good to be true especially with C.V. restrictions in place but i do hope so a very big hype with all this i hope it comes true now.

05 Apr 2021 20:54:10
All eyes on the LSE tomorrow morning for any announcement

It Opens at 8am.

{Ed007's Note - My eyes won't be on it at that time.}

05 Apr 2021 22:08:14
Seems unlikely as pics would be out, unless he was driven in under cover!

06 Apr 2021 01:54:03
If this falls through I am going to be totally crushed!

06 Apr 2021 06:55:41
Irish Phil is a moonhowler.

04 Apr 2021 23:31:40
The new CEO reported to be starting early this week possibly.

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05 Apr 2021 09:22:06
Could be a good sign Rich 👍, keep the faith.

05 Apr 2021 15:11:07
I noticed some Sevconian on the Daily Ranger, using the acronym COO to refer to our new CEO guy. They are utter barstewards. Used it twice. Any way they can have a go at us they take it.

05 Apr 2021 16:51:32
Not sure if that’s sarcasm magicpole, but COO means chief operating officer. That’s McKay’s current role at SRU, I’m sure he is coming in as CEO here. 👍.

05 Apr 2021 17:20:40
Ignore them, they know not what they say. HH.

05 Apr 2021 17:57:19
In the immortal words of the great Mr. T, 'pity the fools' 👍.

05 Apr 2021 18:00:25
they know all about "coo, s" they have them following them on their marching days. hundreds of them.

05 Apr 2021 20:06:44
I checked the notification to the LSE and can confirm that Dominic McKay will be our new CEO.

How do the editor and poor excuse for journalists manage to stay in a job when they are incapable of fact checking something before publishing it.

06 Apr 2021 09:57:29
I know his last job was Chief Operating Officer, but, they were taking the piss. He isn't our COO. Anyway, like the line from Airplane, that's not important right now. Where's Howe's announcement on the SE? That's my main worry about today.

04 Apr 2021 18:14:43
Eddie howe will not be celtic manager next season after failing to agree wages. Board is a joke.

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04 Apr 2021 18:23:25
Where are u hearing that Wulie10?

{Ed007's Note - Twitter, from an account that's only posted 5 tweets and has a massive 52 followers - calm down, Ricardo.}

04 Apr 2021 18:29:11

04 Apr 2021 18:36:49
Am hearing an announcement might come this week by Rodger Hannah sun spirts reporter could he be right ED007?

{Ed007's Note - He could well be, then again he could be also wrong. These guys are giving opinions Rich and you're asking me if someone else could be right when he says something "might" happen. He's not exactly went out on a limb saying that has he?}

04 Apr 2021 18:49:15
Oh well i wouldn't think for something that big and the reporters rep being tarnished that would be a bold thing to say that's all fingers crossed he's right.

{Ed007's Note - Is there any MSM sports reporter in Scotland that's reputation isn't tarnished? Maybe Jim Spence but after that you're struggling to find one that hasn't been a total joke since 2012.}

04 Apr 2021 19:15:05
If your talking about the fake hoops man account then no it's not edd. It's coming from respected reporters in london.

{Ed007's Note - Send in a link or who they are on Twitter.}

04 Apr 2021 20:05:55
Aye right enough Ed; Jim Spence - the only honest sports journalist in ALL Scotland, who was sacked for his honesty. The rest are too delusional/ corrupt, with a handful that are too scared to speak-out.

{Ed007's Note - They're scumbags mate, to a man they are all scumbags.}

04 Apr 2021 20:30:26
ED 007 did wulie 10 send u a link i checked out some English articles from today nothing other that expecting to be rather than no cause of wages.

{Ed007's Note - Search on Twitter "eddie howe crystal palace" and see what comes up. Have you joined the Discord yet, Richy Rich? Get it done HERE. 😁

04 Apr 2021 22:07:38
Read there someone saying Eddie is going to Palace announcement on Tuesday is it true do u think no one else reporting it.

{Ed007's Note - Is that the account that has 39 tweets and 12 followers? What do you think?
I’m trying to free your mind, Richy. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it........

04 Apr 2021 22:31:04
Thanks ED007!it was a guy called Sam brady if i remember says that Eddie not happy with wages and that he's going to palace Roy retiring at the end of the season and that Celtic will be after Maresca instead.

{Ed007's Note - I honestly think you should stay of social media or try looking up bendy water, lizard people or something at least worthwhile, Celtic stuff on there is 99% made up BS, at least bendy water and lizard people are believable.}

04 Apr 2021 22:35:44
No it was 98 following and 12 followers sam Bradley.

{Ed007's Note - Richy, I couldn't give a flying f**k if it's Sam Brady, Sam Bradley or Brad Bobley from Soccer AM, see if you want to believe it all then batter in but as I've said for years I'm not here to tell people what's true or not on social media, see if you want to know if it's true ask the people that said it.
Do you ask people on Twitter if what you've read on here is true?}

05 Apr 2021 00:33:56
Hahaha Rich, do yourself a favour and stay off the internet for a few days.

McKay will be joining Celtic soon, maybe that’s why Howe hasn’t been announced yet. McKay may want his first communication to be Howe as the new boss followed by the dof position being confirmed.

05 Apr 2021 01:53:43
Lizard people are true!

04 Apr 2021 23:00:22
Come on Rich T it’s time to give it rest.

04 Apr 2021 23:17:46
Edd, show us a link that makes me believe in bendy water and lizard people.

{Ed007's Note - There's plenty of people on Twitter that will try and prove them to you, why shouldn't you believe them but you'll believe any wee fud sitting in his bedroom kidding on he is an ITK Celtic account?
There's more people on there believe in bendy water and lizard people than believe Celtic ITK accounts - oh and as for bendy water just look at a globe and ask yourself how water clings to a ball...... 👀 But be careful, if you track back you'll find that LG's problems all started when he was asked about outside Celtic Park.}

05 Apr 2021 12:01:01
The world is flat 😁.

05 Apr 2021 12:47:10
Ed: what would you add to powdered water?

{Ed007's Note - Benzocaine?}

05 Apr 2021 13:01:25
Edd you actually serious.?

{Ed007's Note - About asking you for the names of or a link to the "respected reporters in London" who were reporting that "Eddie howe will not be celtic manager next season after failing to agree wages."?
Yes, I was actually serious..... I wouldn't have asked otherwise.}

05 Apr 2021 15:18:35
I never believe any IKN tweets or sources who claim stuff. I was concerned that wee Strachan made his comments about Howe as I know he is close to Lawell and may have been told it's not a done deal. That wasn't a welcome comment and I thought, why is he saying this now? I suppose it's the bitter experience of our boards ability to eff everything up that had me thinking, oh F, what's happened. This time tomorrow hopefully we will know.

06 Apr 2021 12:07:36
Eddie howe will not be the new manager I guarantee you that. That's the last I will say on it, go and have a look at when I post on here see if I'm wrong.

06 Apr 2021 14:20:57
Eddie Howe is a lizard man capable of bending water, he’s far to busy to focus on Celtic.

04 Apr 2021 08:03:32
If Eddie Howe is appointed the talk is he'll be looking to sign the Captain of Bournemouth, CB, Steve Cook on a free.

I'd be very happy if he also went for their GK, Begovic.

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04 Apr 2021 11:21:41
Cook is 29 and we need a cb.

{Ed007's Note - He's 30 in two weeks time.}

04 Apr 2021 17:58:25
Could be his likely choice as captain too if signed. Might make McGregor consider his future if a club comes calling.

04 Apr 2021 17:53:34
If he’s free Ed I don’t see an issue with that, realistically we only get 3-4 years max out of these guys anyway. No resale value isn’t a problem if they’re free.

{Ed007's Note - I didn't really mean anything by it, Steph I was just pointing it out. Isn't there some debate about whether his contract expires in the summer now?}

04 Apr 2021 21:25:21
Cook has confirmed tonight he signed a contract extension in 2019 with Bournemouth and he isn’t out of contract at the end of the season.
The keeper Begovic has apparently also signed a contract extension behind the scenes.

04 Apr 2021 23:24:34
Just looking at Howe’s transfers over the years, almost every player he has signed me current value is much less than when he signed them.
Understand if it’s guys he bought in their late 20’s and now in the twilight of their careers would be worth next to nothing but this list is alarming.

Eddie Howe Stats

06 Apr 2021 16:46:51
Ah rite I see Ed. Aye I seen that too. It’s funny season the now.

{Ed007's Note - Aye it's hilarious mate 😉

04 Apr 2021 03:21:53
Hearing its Eddie Howe as manager with Roy Keane as director of football although Keanes role is limited to negotiations. Howe gets to bring in his backroom staff but no imminent departures with Kennedy coaching u21. Keane in as advisor to Howe.

I'm not sure what to make of this. I think Eddie is the right manager but why do we even contemplate sniffing around Keane? " could be good but howe is big enough as is.

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04 Apr 2021 06:36:02
Aye ok then, And exactly who would expect Howe to agree to that.

04 Apr 2021 09:42:12
More chance of Keane as a coach than dof. Imagine hiring Keane just to do negotiations 😂.

04 Apr 2021 10:20:49
No chance both of them be here working together. It wouldn't work.

04 Apr 2021 17:55:55
Vim Jansen organising the travel plans.

04 Apr 2021 18:18:08
Guidi writing today that Howe wants the weekend to see if offers from England come in. I knew Strachan had heard something, no way would he have said what he did without them fearing he wouldn't sign. If he doesn't, which I feel is a cert now, it's the tin hat on the worst season I have ever endured. Gutted if it falls through. Keane back in poll position Tuesday.

04 Apr 2021 18:59:52
This is just nonsense and absolutely no chance of coming true.

03 Apr 2021 23:06:52
if Palace come in at the last minute and offer howe more money he will not come. he didn't last at Burnley and if his family ain't coming to Glasgow, no matter how much he fancies the gig he doesn't seem to be the type of person who would risk his family life for personal job satisfaction. if he does come to us then he won't be here long as the pressure of flying back and forth to Bournemouth during a C.V. will take its toll and he will be away within a year. that's just my take on it.

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03 Apr 2021 23:44:32
But if reports of Howe accepting in principle are right i hope he's a man of his word then.

04 Apr 2021 00:31:14
Wee Strachan saying the Howe deal could fall through and we shouldn't put all our eggs. he knows something. I wouldn't be surprised if Lawell asked him. to put that out there and soften the blow. Although it wouldn't. I got a Mo Johnstone vibe about this. Let's hope it's nothing, but I find it too much if a coincidence thst we hear Palace are in and he comes out with that today? Definitely didn't want to hear that.

04 Apr 2021 02:25:23
Ive got a bad feeling about this Howe deal u would think if the deal you would think that if it was good and all happy it would be announced will need to wait and see would not surprise me if there is something in news over next couple of days to put a dampener on this deal.

04 Apr 2021 06:49:59
If it's true Howe's family aren't coming to live up here. I wouldn't offer him job.

04 Apr 2021 12:22:29
If there is an announcement it can’t happen till Tuesday at the earliest as we need announce it to stock exchange first.

{Ed007's Note - So how did Neil Lennon get the job on a Saturday evening in the Hampden showers?}

04 Apr 2021 13:53:10
There's something not right about the situation. I think we are about to have the rug pulled. Strachan knows something.

04 Apr 2021 14:51:07
Howe 1/ 3 with Skybet to become manager I would have expected much shorter odds if it was a done deal. There’s no doubt he’s a highly rated coach but his transfer record is very poor with only 2 players he purchased in 5 seasons at Bournemouth leaving at a profit.
I expect us to sell Edouard and Ajer at least and that bringing in £30m approx with Christie or Mcgregor potentially leaving giving us another £10-20m we need to make sure we don’t squander the cash we bring in as we will need 2 CBS, GK, striker and CM for starters.

04 Apr 2021 17:57:02
That's the spirit, garryowen. Love your enthusiasm!

04 Apr 2021 19:11:58
Whoever told you that only two players have left for a profit is talking crap.

Eddie Howe, actually has a good track record of developing players and improving them.

Granted the transfers made at Bournemouth have been hit and miss but they have a system were they really study the lower leagues and look at all the player metrics to try and identify targets (Moneyball style) and have had decent success when they have followed that model.

I have some reservations about Howe but this is not one of them, plus it will be a DOF that will be overseeing that side of things.

03 Apr 2021 22:52:06
Davie Proven hopes Keane can have a late run for the celtic job.

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03 Apr 2021 18:15:02

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03 Apr 2021 18:31:38
Could be brown turnbull
Forrest. Rogic. Christie



Turnbull. Christie


Forrest. Griff.


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