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09 Sep 2020 19:53:01
Anybody heard anything on a possibility of lewis Ferguson and celtic being linked with him.

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09 Sep 2020 21:20:22
To many midfielders.

09 Sep 2020 23:01:00
It's been all over MSM and - like the Hickey rumours - I think it is pure speculation and possible mischief making, trying to trigger a bid from Sevco (especially if Kent or A N Other leaves) .

10 Sep 2020 11:18:19
The hickey rumours were not exactly speculation. The boy even spoke about celtic offering him a contract.

10 Sep 2020 12:04:50
Still didn't materialize though, so it remains rumour and speculation.

10 Sep 2020 13:41:24
May not be popular opinion but think Ferguson would be a great signing. Gives us an extra bit of dig in midfield and imo would be ideal replacement for Brown.

10 Sep 2020 14:43:38
He will end up at rangers i think.

10 Sep 2020 15:53:11
I agree with Tomco. Easy to say we have to many midfielders, but Brown is just about finished and there has been speculation Christie isn't happy, Nchamp wants away and a couple of clubs are sniffing about Macgregor. The landscape could change really quickly. I think Fergusons value will rocket by the end of the season and he will be in demand like Mcginn was. He is the top young player in scotland outwith celtic and it would be remiss of us not to be looking seriously at him. i really don't want him at rangers, he could be their Broonie.

10 Sep 2020 20:06:56
Ferguson would be a great signing. Like Turnbull, he's going to be a flippin great player. HH.

10 Sep 2020 21:30:01
Well Hickey says that Celtic made him an offer, so does that not make it a fact, rather than rumour and speculation? .

09 Sep 2020 12:25:43
Scott Robertson to Gillingham on loan.

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09 Sep 2020 14:37:25
That's a decent team to be going to - Steve Evans will look after him.

09 Sep 2020 18:02:50
I have no confidence that any manager will look after a loan player even as much as he will look after his own . This is especially true if the manager doesn’t think that he will be signing player after the loan period is up .
I much prefer if we are going to loan a player out we do so to a club near Glasgow, so that our coaching staff can keep a good eye on him at all times .

09 Sep 2020 18:33:05
Old man Chris, in general terms you are probably correct, but it happened with CalMac and Notts County and to a lesser extent with Jack Aitchison. Both players had the attitude that they were going to come back better players and they did. Aitchison cited the benefit CalMac had going on loan and followed suit. With Aitchison there just so happened to be better players when he came back. He's going to be a benefit to whoever signs him - by the looks of things at the moment, Barnsley.

It doesn't matter what player gets loaned out - if the loan player shows he's a benefit to the club then he'll be played. When you see the number of loanees sitting on the bench, or not included in the squad, it probably tells you something more of the player.

09 Sep 2020 19:40:06
Done ajer and Christie the world of good also.

09 Sep 2020 21:32:15
If he is better than what they have he will be looked after. If not he will find his level at Ross County or something. Always a hit or a miss but no point sitting about not getting competitive games. Good luck to him.

10 Sep 2020 11:34:10
Players need games and getting loaned out shows us if they have what it takes. If they have the ability they will make it. It's not the loan that scuppers them, it's a lack of the standard we should always be striving for. Players move on and those young guys who are loaned out have games to show the manager they coukd do the job. Sitting in the stand or sitting on the bench doesn't.

10 Sep 2020 15:26:04
For every two or three who go out on loan and come back to have a career with us, we have at least forty who come back a lot worse . This isn’t unique to Celtic . Take a look at Chelsea and Man City for example . Players who don’t go out on loan have a better chance of making in it with these clubs, than the hundreds who are loaned out . If a player can’t fight his way towards some playing time in some games at Celtic, going on loan won’t improve him.

10 Sep 2020 17:35:14
Agree with you on that point OmC. I used to go to Parkhead in the 80s and 90s to watch both the youths and reserves. There were players who played exceptional football for their age group and I was always of the view they would go on and do well in the first team. They didn't, because they couldn't get any better than the level they were playing at.

Scott Robertson is going to a club where the manager is a Celtic supporter and the level Gillingham plays at should be the level he could sustain and get better. There is development potential with Robertson, as there was with Aitchison and Calmac, and he will come back a far better player. That, I have no doubt.

12 Sep 2020 14:27:05
Ajer went to Kilmarnock when McCullough was Manager, Ajer still hasn’t managed to control his elbows and I know fans who are afraid to watch Ajer, as let’s his elbows lead the way as old Elbows Mc Cullough patiented.

08 Sep 2020 08:09:31
It's being reported that Jack Aitchison could be on his way with a permanent transfer, with Barnsley the club being mooted.

Aitchison was the youngest ever player at the club to score when he came off the bench 15.05.2016 when he was 16 years and 71 days old and scored against Motherwell at Celtic Park.

Good luck to him if the transfer plays out.

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08 Sep 2020 10:02:51
There are so many good strikers at the club he could learn from; but he can't wait around forever, hoping for a game here and there.
Shame he never seemed to get a sniff after that goal. Burchill and Watt are another two that never quite managed to claim the number 9 jersey and we usually buy more prominent and accomplished strikers. Whatever happens, I hope he has a successful career.

08 Sep 2020 12:56:26
Agreed. Thing is he's still only 20 and has a bit of dig and good attitude about him - someone's going to benefit from having him. But just watch wee Harper go - this guy's electric.

08 Sep 2020 16:47:22
Stengo do you really think Harper has a chance of breaking through this season. I did read he has bulked up so physically he might be ready. Also he seems to have taken the place of young Dembele on the bench, is there something in the rumours that Dembele wants to leave and the manager is trying to tell him something, or has Harper just moved ahead of him in the queue through sheer hard work (and ability obviously) ? Cheers!

08 Sep 2020 18:01:26
I really do markie. He really needs first team involvement and the one thing I like about him is his attitude. He's a bit small mind you for being an out-and-out striker but he has toughened up to turn defenders of his own age group. Whether he's doing it in training is something NL sees and his comments are encoraging. He's got pace and trickery to get past defenders. He'll be a good understudy for Forrest, but he's not only a winger. I think Lennon's promoting him over Dembele to show only reputation doesn't get you on the bench. I can remember the impact a young Charlie Nicholas made on his debut and initial games and I can see similarities with Harper. Time'll tell.

09 Sep 2020 10:50:04
Thanks Stengo mate I appreciate the info. I'm excited now to see wee Harper. I used to enjoy keeping up with the development squad when we were getting games on celtic TV. Its absolutely farcical that there is no set up in Scotland for development sqauds now. And people wonder why the national team is so poor, and are asking things like why can't Scotland produce a decent striker anymore? The country is so far behind its unreal. Thanks again for the info though buddy, Ed was right, you are the go to man for anything regarding the young squad 👍.

09 Sep 2020 14:54:08
I don't get going to see the development squads as often as I'd like - but I know a couple of folk whose kids play in two of the older squads and they keep me updated along with what I read and see. I like Barry Coffee and Kerr McInroy. Both are chapping on the door. Think wee Harper will get introduced later on in a few games but nowadays youngsters need to be absolutely flying to get ahead of established players. Used to go and watch the BP Youths in the 80's and the 90's. Derek Whyte was in the youths when I went and Stevie Kean (ex-Blackburn Manager) was also a player then. David Elliot was the best youth I've ever seen. Gerry Creaney, Alex Mathie, Dugald McCarrison, Sandy Fraser and Gerry Britton were other decent youngsters. Agree with you about leagues and stuff. Just shows you how far behind the rest of Europe we are.

07 Sep 2020 21:26:33
I see big Duffy in town ahead of official parade.

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07 Sep 2020 15:30:06
Reports are coming out that Barkker fae PSG wants to fight for place in first team move on to next target if true.

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07 Sep 2020 20:09:13
KT has been dropped from the national team for tonight's game. Think we should nip in with a cheeky wee bid as his value would have plummeted.

08 Sep 2020 08:21:21
If that's true we move on.

06 Sep 2020 09:47:56
We are being linked with Alfie Doughty from Charlton.

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06 Sep 2020 14:08:06
Well just had a look at him- at least he can beat a man on the outside and get to the BY LINE .

Is he worth a punt. don't see why not if we can't get Bakka.

06 Sep 2020 15:19:33
guys am scared to put ma boots on and go over the park in case am linked to celtic. i can go past men nae bother. only joking lads i know its all about the rumours.

06 Sep 2020 18:16:57
This must be a development project signing, if we are battling with LUTON to sign a Charlton player who was recently loaned out to kidderminster, this is a worry. not the lads fault but even I would struggle to put a positive spin on that sogjing

It cannot be right.

06 Sep 2020 19:47:25
Aye but Lubo apparently he played subbuteo when he was younger and always chose the green and white stripes, like u said was the case with Ryan Fraser so the boy MUST be a Tim eh 👀😂.

07 Sep 2020 12:39:29
Bowyer advising him to stay.

07 Sep 2020 14:22:31

They dumped the interest in Ryan Fraser for him 😉😉😉.

07 Sep 2020 15:09:50
Bower is a banger anyways.

07 Sep 2020 16:13:03
For the “ older ones “ on here - remember the last time we had an Alfie in our team .
What a Conn that was 😉😉.

07 Sep 2020 17:19:25
@peterBoy I mind when the papers had headlines of us signing Alfie Finnbogasson every window for about 3 years. That was another con.

07 Sep 2020 19:18:25
Would rather have any of the Alfs in the posts above any day of the week than the current Sevco embarrassment.

05 Sep 2020 12:47:50
We have been knocked back loan bid for Bakke fae psg.

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05 Sep 2020 21:33:40
Apparently we're going back in for him Rich. He looks a player!

05 Sep 2020 23:17:30
When we sign anybody’ from PSG Man City u can allways tell there’s quality there just needs nurturing the correct way. These clubs don’t mess around with the help .

06 Sep 2020 18:17:28
This would be an ambitious and eminently sensible addition.

07 Sep 2020 12:11:03
If it was the club that knocked us back, there's always room to negotiate, but if the player's not keen it's Bakke to the drawing board.

04 Sep 2020 19:09:03
Celtic linked to Mark McKenzie, American centre back.

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04 Sep 2020 19:32:19
That's a new one . did you get that via letter with a 4th class stamp on it, with a route via the Congo?

04 Sep 2020 20:12:05
Hey lay off the 4th class stamp.
where can you get from Lands End to JohnOGroats for 72p ?

04 Sep 2020 20:35:30
Via Clydebank Peter.


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