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04 Jul 2024 10:05:49
We seem to be quite close with the idah deal. Idah wants the move and apparantly only few minor details between the clubs to sort out. What ever we end up playing i think it will prove to be a steal.
Also we have approached burnley about oshea but they seem reluctant to sell and value him at 10m+. One to watch but don't expect anything imminently.

If we managed to get them 2 in plus ndidi it would definitely signal a change in direction in transfer policy
Ed have you any info on ndidi and weather or not we have approached him. Or anyone else for that matter?




02 Jul 2024 00:11:40
We have apparantly approached burnley about dara oshea.
Good defender, good age, scores from corners and was clocked as the 6th fastest player in the PL last season.
Probably burnleys best player last season.
Ill be happy if true.


1.) 02 Jul 2024 07:28:23
He'd be a great signing but Burnley don't want to lose him. could turn into another saga.

2.) 02 Jul 2024 09:25:28
Good player but when the Press print it gives me the fear as they usually don't have a clue about our signings, hopefully got this 1 right.

3.) 02 Jul 2024 09:35:11
We won’t entertain his wages so why bother? Will this be another, we really tried but they wouldn't accept £5k a week?

4.) 02 Jul 2024 10:18:54
I believe he is on approx 25k per week, His wage wouldn't be as high as you may think.
I do agree with you though that we would probably offer him 5k a week lol.

5.) 02 Jul 2024 12:33:22
Burnley signed him for 7 million last season and he was one of their best players, I can’t see them taking a loss on him in regards to the fee. Be a good signing if it could happen though.

6.) 02 Jul 2024 14:34:50
I'm sure Burnley have a very strict wage cap in place (less than ours) so we should be more than capable of bettering is current wage, however if he has a sniff that epl or championship teams are in for him then his own demands may increase to more than our cap.

7.) 03 Jul 2024 07:28:47
According to Salary Sport,
Dara O’Shea is currently on £37K a week which is the same as our top earner Calmac.
It also mentions that only 2 years ago his wage was £4,400 a week with WBA.

8.) 12 Jul 2024 00:19:10
Don’t forget that the only source for our alleged interest in Dara O’Shea is the SMSM . It’s very likely we have very little interest if any in Dara
As is normal we don’t have a notion on what wage he is currently on, as it isn’t something that his club, his agent or himself are going to make public for the craic of it.



22 Jun 2024 13:23:20
The latest Gk to be linked is 25year old Mark Travers from Bournmouth. Has played 77 games for them incl 19 in the PL.
Has acted mainly as bournmouths backup keeper last season.
Has also been capped a few times for ireland.
Hes a pretty decent keeper but with bournmouth reportedly wanting 10m i can't see this move happening.




16 Jun 2024 13:21:47
We have apparently bid E8m for Livakovic of fenerbahce. We were in for him 12 months ago but ended up in turkey.




13 Jun 2024 16:24:18
Latest talk is Oh could be off to genk for 3.5m.
If we get that even in installments would be great business. Oh has potential and needs game time. Too much pressure at celtic to give him enough game time. His gpm played is actually very good.

Haksabanovic linked with parma for around 3m also. If we could get that again great business.

Lagerbielke also linked with move to italy with lecce albiet on loan.

Legia are interested in re signing nawrocki. Most likely on loan.

Mikey J has an asking price of 6m which i think is a bit over the top. Although 6m is nothing to english clubs even in the championship. Id bite your hand off for 3m never mind 6.
If all the dead wood is moved on we could get 20-30m back which is incredible really considering the dross we will be trying to flog.

On incomings it still seems quite quiet.
All i have come across is vindahl jensen from sparta prague.
Adamo Nagalo from midjaelland
And Flavius Daniliuc. An austrian CB
I don't know anything about any of them.


1.) 13 Jun 2024 18:04:13
Also 8 million for Abada.
About 7 million if Frimpong gets a move. Plenty cash to get in the quality that BR wants not projects!

2.) 13 Jun 2024 18:26:47
4m for oh stick another couple of mill on that and get idah.

3.) 13 Jun 2024 18:55:49
DerryTim. Oh has potential? I musta missed that game.

4.) 13 Jun 2024 19:42:59
Oh is an unusual one. He has never really had a chance or a run of games but in spite of this he has scored a goal every 109 minutes on average. Considering he has only started 7 games it’s not the worst reading. I hope he goes on to have an excellent career.

{Ed007's Note - He'll end up a £20m player in 2 years - I hope Daddy Lawell has included a sell-on clause ??

5.) 13 Jun 2024 20:39:26
lol I think that was another post praising Lawwel for the deal!

{Ed007's Note - Well if he's still running the show he's doing a great job just now, even better than he done when he was CEO. It's still a worry how Pedro will get into the SPFL board meetings to tell Nicholson what to say/do but I'm sure the Controller Emeritus of the Unseen Fenian Hand will have a cunning plan.}

6.) 13 Jun 2024 22:14:49
Am actually upset that Oh is leaving on a permanent tbh.
I have been a fan of his since he arrived. For the amount of game time he's had his goal rate is good. I really believe there is a player there and we will be kicking ourselves in a few years time.

7.) 14 Jun 2024 00:44:02
I really like Oh and personally I think he has the potential to be a better striker/ No.9 than Kyogo, I think once he calms down a bit he will do the business. I wish him all the best when he goes as he give his all in a hoops shirt.

8.) 14 Jun 2024 15:41:35
Oh has been here a year and a half and hasn’t been good enough or he would have started more games . I think we have done well if we get 4m for him as he is nowhere near good enough.




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18 Jul 2024 06:28:54
I think at least another 5 needs to be brought in and that's after KS idah and bernardo

AT LEAST 1 CB is a must
LB is a must
DM is a must
WINGER is a must
AM is a must
A 3rd CF is a probability (didnt rogers say vata would have been 3rd before he left which would mean he would need replaced)

I honestly think we will bring in a total of about 10 players. Its shaping up well

I also can see another 8or so players move on at least

Lagerbielke or nawrocki
Possibly kyogo
Oriley (unfortunatley)
Yang and holm on loan
Bernabei when his loan is up.


1.) 18 Jul 2024 07:18:06
Deffo a cb a lb a winger and another midfielder on top of bernardo and possibly a 3rd striker.

2.) 18 Jul 2024 07:29:57
I am not convinced Idah will come in. His Manager may be saying all the right things about keeping him, it could be to ensure they get the right price but will we pay that price, I am not sure.

We cannot let Kygo go, he is the best natural striker we have and we would need to replace him, even if we get Idah.

Thete has been no mention of any other CB other than O'Dara from Burnley and that has went cold.

Same with midfield, no mention of anyone.

I know the club like to keep things tight but even the media guessers are not suggesting we are after anyone other than Idah and the Belguim winger.

I think Bernardo will be the only midfielder we buy, even if MOR leaves, hopefully that doesn't happen. I think he may be seen as his successor.

BR said at the outset of the window, there will only be a few coming in and at this point I think that may be the case.

We still have a lot on the books that need to go and getting rid of them, sold or on loan is a lot of time and effort. We have a bloated squad and a clear out needs to happen before others can come in.

3.) 18 Jul 2024 07:50:07
Would not be surprised in the least if Norwich open up offers for Idah. He's their player and could do whatever they want. It would be great getting him but who knows.

4.) 18 Jul 2024 09:02:26
I wouldn’t get to despondent simply because there are no rumours out there. surely it’s better to keep everything under wraps until the deals done. that's what happened with both keepers. it’s easier for us to do this as we won’t be in the market for many players who are the finished article. Brendan commented recently that there is a togetherness at the club which indicates an agreed plan and purpose. regarding Idah I would purchase at no more than 5 million and if agreement can’t be reach move on to the next option. Does Brendan strike you as the type who has put all his eggs in the idah basket.

5.) 18 Jul 2024 08:11:48
According to Bhoys88,
Fans don’t know what clubs want especially supporters on our page.

Any fan with a decent knowledge of football, will know what can strengthen their team.
But fans with limited football knowledge, won’t have a clue what they’re looking for.

6.) 18 Jul 2024 09:50:04
He obviously wants to come so from Norwich point of view why keep an unhappy player. If we're willing to match their fee they've got to sell.

7.) 18 Jul 2024 09:53:50
If Idah wants to come he will be a celtic player. Its not like he's being hunted by EPL teams. he's made it clear to Norwich that he wants the move so its only a matter of clubs agreeing a fee. Norwich reportedly want £8m, we have reportedly offered £4m so its easy to figure £6m will be settled on. Rogers wants him and won't allow a couple of mil to stand in the way.

8.) 18 Jul 2024 13:09:42
Mccarthy will earn a new 5 year contract more likely such is the board's indifference to getting new players in well in advance of the new season.

9.) 18 Jul 2024 13:15:51
I would be very reluctant to let Kyogo go . He has shown us in the past. that he can score goals, maybe BR wasn’t able to get the best out of him season just past but, that doesn’t mean he won’t be a regular scorer this season . We would need to be signing a couple of strikers both of whom would need to be better than we ever signed in the one window, before we get rid of Kyogo.

10.) 18 Jul 2024 14:28:48
You missed out rb we definitely need an improvement from Johnston.

11.) 18 Jul 2024 14:36:00
I’ll be Very surprised if we get anywhere near that amount of signings this window let alone before the season starts. We are historically slow at getting players in especially on permanent deals. I’m not sure how others feel about this but any signings I think will be offset by the sale of Mor unfortunately . I’m really confused as to why our board is so fixated on net spend being really low and not spending a larger amount to be as good as we possibly could be, especially when we are cash rich at the minute . If we can’t spend another 15-20 million on top of what we bring in now we never will with circa 100 million in the bank.

12.) 18 Jul 2024 14:37:48
We could do with an improvement in every position Jamie but RB is probably our least priority. Id love an improvement over mcgregor but that's me being greedy and unrealistic.



15 Jul 2024 14:11:29
Do you see us making a move for the young lad miller from Motherwell or if we have ever approached them?
Looks a great prospect and i think it's imperative we keep on top of the best young local talent for homegrown rules if nothing else.
He definitely seems top of the list in terms of potential.


1.) 15 Jul 2024 14:27:14
I would like to sign him as well.

2.) 15 Jul 2024 14:31:01
A project player? How dare you!

3.) 15 Jul 2024 15:09:19
We should be all over Lennon Miller Derrytim.

4.) 15 Jul 2024 16:41:33
On board with this defo. The flip side is suppose the club via our scouting has identified an overseas prospect who may have potential. Do we turn up our noses at another project given our recent recruitment record? Any signing has risk. Without thinking too long, Derek Riordon a few years back springs to mind. Lewis Morgan, dare I say David Turnbull as well? I'm going round the houses as usual (succinctness isn't my strong point) . My point is for every project success whether from home or abroad, we're going to have one or 2 who don't cut it.

5.) 15 Jul 2024 17:12:36
Lennon Miller is unlikely to sign for Celtic unless he is pretty sure BR is going to play him regularly .
People with a close interest in Scottish football know how difficult it is for a young Scottish player to break into Celtic ‘s first team . Even Celtic fans discuss the lack of clear route to regular first team football.
Young Miller’s advisers will weigh up pros and cons very carefully.

6.) 15 Jul 2024 17:54:31
Sign him and loan him back to Motherwell, then buy someone better than Taylor.



14 Jul 2024 12:17:21
Anyone else miss playing with 2 CFs.
Seems to be a dying tactic in football with teams opting for 1 up top with 2 out wide.
433 and 451 are everywhere. can't remember the last time i saw a 442.

Worked well in the past and some strikers thrive with a partner.
Larsson with sutton/ hartson. Yorke/ cole was another of the top of my head.
I honestly think we would maul teams in scotland with 2 up top. Would allow us to be more direct instead of sideways passing all the time.
It won't happen i know but idah miovski and kyogo rotating could be interesting
My thoughts anyway.


1.) 14 Jul 2024 14:03:46
That would work under the Ange lateral passing game bit I think under the Brendan side to side ball protecting system it would struggle.

2.) 14 Jul 2024 15:18:08
Every game of every season we don't play it.

3.) 15 Jul 2024 07:04:44
We sould try playing Idah and Kyogo if idah signs in time for thr USA tour.

4.) 15 Jul 2024 12:46:47
BR said the last time he was here that he didn’t see how he could play 2 up without weakening team elsewhere .

He could maybe play either Idah or Kyogo as an advanced midfielder, not exactly 2 up but at least gave the 1 quick and constant support.



13 Jul 2024 09:12:36
I got a bit of stick for saying the KS deal lacked longterm ambition.
I never said he would be a bad signing, all i said it will paper over a crack instead of trying to build a team together up with a defensive unit that grows together.
Its a pet hate of mine and it happers us every season.
KS will do well no doubt but then the crack appears again in 12 months and we have to build from the back again. KS might still have quality but there is no way he is at his peak at 38. Ill obviously get behind him, Just think for building a team to its taking a shortcut and will cost us in the long run.


1.) 13 Jul 2024 10:04:44
Tim don't you think Celtic have tried to sign a longer term option over the summer?

2.) 13 Jul 2024 10:16:26
Its worrying if we did roy and would make you ask who we tried to get and for how much. He will be a solid signing but he will be gone in no time and we will be left trying to place pieces back together again.

3.) 13 Jul 2024 10:25:17
Negative, negative, negative, it is a solid bit of business to cover us until we can get a decent deal done for a younger keeper.

The prices we are quoted for some keepers, when you then add wages, is astronomical and money we may never recoup.

Our club does not have that much money to take such a risk contrary to what some think.

To get someone of KS quality, ability and experience it's 10 million upwards, so good business for 1 or 2 seasons, gives time to identify and get un a replacement.

4.) 13 Jul 2024 10:37:44
Tim I have no idea who or how much but I do think we have tried to get someone younger in and for whatever reason it couldn't be done just now or maybe they didn't want to come at all, So in my opinion Kasper us a sensible solid bit of business and it gives breathing space for that position.

5.) 13 Jul 2024 10:56:05
Negative in what way mate? For wanting a stable squad?
Why should we have to wait to get a decent deal to get a young keeper in? Why not now? We have the money? And does he have to be young? what's wrong with an experienced GK in their late 20s/ early30s.
And you say it allows us up to 2 years to find a suitable replacement. Are we scoping mars and juptiter as well for the right deal? Deary me. Some fans are fickle.

6.) 13 Jul 2024 11:00:45
Maedainparadise Your post is spot on . Our Goalkeeping position was one we couldn’t mess around with, we needed a quality signing and couldn’t wait until other reasonably good goalkeeper’s decided where they could get the best deal . in KS we have secured for ourselves for at least one season, a top current International goalkeeper. We don’t know what happens in the next 50 days and maybe another younger top quality keeper will come available and we may have position filled for years . One or both of our youngsters may improve over the course of season and become first choice keeper for season 2025-26.

7.) 13 Jul 2024 11:47:30
What is a stable squad? Mid-aged players like Hatate and MO'R would move away. The youngsters move away. Having to replace a keeper in one or two seasons isn't that big of an issue.

8.) 13 Jul 2024 11:22:47
DT, not fickle, just a realist. Realistically many young experienced keepers will not cone here if they have offers from more fancied leagues and with bigger wages.

To have a keeper in, with plenty time left in the window to potentially get a decent backup, is great business and if we don't get one in this window, we have a very good, capable keeper in place for the season.

With KS we know exactly what we are getting, you cannot say that with many of the ones that are available and we were apparently interested in, and 2nd or 3rd choice at their current clubs.

9.) 13 Jul 2024 11:28:49
DerryTim. You say we have the money so use it. Thst may well be the case, but we had the money for Barkas and look how that turned out. So we go and spend £8m on a keeper cause we can?

I'm sure keepers were looked at and priced but quoted to high.

Maybe, just maybe we're waiting for the keeper we're after to become avaliable on a Bosman in January.

10.) 13 Jul 2024 11:51:33
Henke and that's why we will never succeed beyond scotland.

11.) 13 Jul 2024 12:02:05
Hold on. See if I get this right. We as fans are saying that the signing of KS is a good deal because it will give us stability at the back and also give us time to look for a younger keeper for the future. Now I've no doubt that KS was a good keeper in his day but like any player no matter how fit they keep themselves, age catches up with them and reflexes, healing after injuries, recovery after games become harder and more noticeable. Also was the time to search for a younger keeper not during Harts time. Just seems an excuse to cover up what we are going for. I'm disappointed if this is the route we are taking but will support KS fully. It's the Celtic way.

12.) 15 Jul 2024 13:07:41
Lawman68, Joe Hart was no spring chicken when we signed him . He was an injury risk because he wasn’t playing at all regularly . If K S hasn’t an injury whilst at Celtic no worse than his predecessor, , injury wise he will be ok.



12 Jul 2024 21:52:43
Looks like the k schmeichel deal is very close. Would be a very good signing as a back up. Very underwhelming if 1st choice. He WAS a very good gk but 38 in november.
A freebie so can't say im surprised.


1.) 12 Jul 2024 22:40:39
He IS a very good keeper.

2.) 12 Jul 2024 23:04:39
Looks like the keepers we were after were a bit to pricey. I suspect we will sign Kasper and look to sign a no1 on a Bosman in January 2025.

Hope Kasper works out.

3.) 12 Jul 2024 23:15:54
What a stupid statement Tim. Denmarks No 1 and played all 4 games for Denmark in the Euros. I suppose you would prefer us to pay £8M for Jensen who I’ve personally never heard of and was not good enough for AZ.

4.) 13 Jul 2024 01:00:50
No TamTim i want us to be a forward thinking club and go and sign a GK that is in his peak and that the Defence can be built around. Not a stop gap where we are in the exact same boat again in 12months time. Going forward how can you have a settled back unit when you know you will have to replace again so soon. Im not against the signing and yes we could do worse but its NOT showing much ambition. We signed Hart when he was 34. Schmeichael is almost 38.
Ive never heard or seen jensen so i can't comment on him. There MUST have been better options out there for our N01.
Rinse and Repeat and never have a settled squad, No wonder we flop in europe every season.

5.) 13 Jul 2024 05:19:39
The signing of Schmeichel should once again be an inspired choice by our recruitment team and BR . I have to admit I criticised the signing of Joe Hart and I am not foolish enough to make the same mistake, criticising on account of goalkeepers age .
There is always one, finding fault because We allegedly. didn’t spend enough money on him.

6.) 13 Jul 2024 06:42:41
It obviously looks like there was no chance that we were getting PVJ this off-season considering that he just signed a permanent contract with Sparta in March.
Bringing in KS gives us a year or two to have another too drawer keeper for the CL.

7.) 13 Jul 2024 07:43:30
Some on here wanted Pepe, who is an outfield playwr amd 41 years old and now we have some not happy at getting a quality, experienced international goalkeeper at 37 years old.

A lot wanted JH to stay for anorher year, he is same age and imo KS is an all round better stopper.

He Iis a very good acquisition for us for a year or 2 and hopefully get another ling term keeper in later on.

8.) 13 Jul 2024 09:33:13
Imo, KS is an upgrade on Joe.




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20 Jul 2024 20:42:30
Kevy that's a much weaker midfield than the one we just finished with.
I hope to god that's not our preferred mid3 for the season. Has pistol pete been whispering in your ear. Need upgrades on all of them.




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16 Jul 2024 19:35:35
Great bit of business by the club to bring both in.
Forward thinking for once.
Credit where its due.




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12 Jul 2024 22:22:54
Starfelt was decent but left and we simply need to bring in much better.




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02 Jul 2024 10:18:54
I believe he is on approx 25k per week, His wage wouldn't be as high as you may think.
I do agree with you though that we would probably offer him 5k a week lol.




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26 Jun 2024 10:48:09
If he was available for the reported 7.5m as mentioned in the press then i would imagine half of europe would be in for him. Because the reported price for an international keeper of his calibre is so low makes me sceptical. I think we obviously hold an interest but i doubt very much we have had a bid accepted for 7.5m.
I personally haven't seen much of him other than the world cup but he must be decent to be croatia No1.





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22 Jul 2024 00:13:28
Wyllie, MLS is a much better quality league than Scotland. Some top players playing there now.

Johnstone is a poor mans mcgeady and needs chased out of Celtic at the earliest opportunity. How many chances does someone need. he's dreadful and will end up in some backwater club somewhere in Europe and will end up washing up in the lower SPL in a few years.




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20 Jul 2024 12:15:48
I wouldn't be too dissapointed if the 3 of them moved on but scales and taylor at least can do a job domestically. Welshs time has come to move on, he is a concern. Taylor i think will be moved on this window if there is no movement on his contract. I expect all 3 to be dropped for new signings come the end of this window anyway.




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19 Jul 2024 22:10:24
One to keep an eye on. he's earning positive reviews and coming along well. Only just turned 21.




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18 Jul 2024 14:37:48
We could do with an improvement in every position Jamie but RB is probably our least priority. Id love an improvement over mcgregor but that's me being greedy and unrealistic.




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18 Jul 2024 17:37:24
Norwich are entitled to ask for what they feel is appropriate. They are doing no different than what we are doing with oriley. Atalanta haven't met our valuation so he remains our player.

There isn't much holding up the deal, and to be honest its probably fine details like addons holding it up. He will be a celt soon enough.




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