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11 Jun 2024 18:29:01
Oh linked with Genk in Belgium. Loan or permanent I'm not sure. If he goes surely another CF lined up 👀.

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12 Jun 2024 19:10:09
Oh I don’t think is in BR’s reckoning and him leaving wouldn’t affect our playing strength.

11 Jun 2024 15:06:37
Is Patrick Roberrs not available on a free transfer?

{Ed007's Note - Thankfully not, he has another year on his Sunderland contract and a years option next summer.}

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11 Jun 2024 18:31:45
Please no, I think a poor Sunderland team is his limit. That ship sailed many years ago.

12 Jun 2024 08:29:33
He would still be the best winger at the club. Yang, Palma and Khun are p ish. Khun will need to push on because the other two are not good enough.

11 Jun 2024 10:25:24
Dubravska from Newcastle linked now. he'd be a good signing but again prob mince.

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11 Jun 2024 11:50:03
Read that too. He looks better than Jensen who looks like a disaster waiting to happen. His best clips gave me the fear. If that’s his best then no thanks.

11 Jun 2024 15:21:15
I wouldn't be keen on Dubravka due to his age, albeit a very good keeper. I'd like to see us planning longer term where this seems like it would just be another Joe Hart and we'd lose him in a couple of years for no fee.

11 Jun 2024 19:08:11
SMSM are guessing. They are flapping. They have no clue. They are desperate for info but unlike the walking dead we are giving nothing away. Don't believe ANYTHING you read. It'll happen when it happens.

12 Jun 2024 19:12:26
SmkmeAkipper. You have hit the nail on the head.

10 Jun 2024 20:56:08
Never thought I could get giddy reading a transfer rumour, just read that Celtic have quoted 6m to West Brom for Mikey 😳.

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10 Jun 2024 21:38:31
And pigs fly 😁.

11 Jun 2024 05:56:47
He could be a good makeweight for Idah.

11 Jun 2024 07:59:21
A lot of cackle about Amarty signing. Hope it’s just rumours.

11 Jun 2024 12:27:09
Ask for £6m settle for £4.5m . To be honest I never thought we would make a million, so, good news if it’s true. I read yesterday WBA need to get players out. I wouidnt be surprised if they ask for another loan with an obligation to buy.

11 Jun 2024 13:14:08
Another oh no. Rogers brought in Philips, the worst of all last seasons signings. He talks quality then goes for players who aren’t. This guy for me isn’t anywhere near what we need. Rogers signings for me at least, are always a worry. If this is true then buckle up.

11 Jun 2024 17:32:23

He done well with Idha.

12 Jun 2024 08:37:25
One swallow does not a summer bring. With us it’s like a lucky dip too often. Bought a van load last summer and not a single one held down a place. That’s utterly woeful. Not a single player.

The go cheap and hope is a disastrous strategy. Over the last 20 years under we wasted nearly £60m on utter duds, missed out on about five CL qualifications playing Bitton at CB. I hope lessons have been learned. But, I need convincing.

12 Jun 2024 19:24:27
It’s a bit harsh to blame BR for the players recruited last summer . BR only became Manager after window had opened and not only had he to assess players already at club, but also check the players recruitment had listed as possibilities and if he wasn’t satisfied by the standard of the players on recruitment list, then a new list was required. It may not have been BR fault that recruitment last summer wasn’t great .
Magicpole u pour scorn on BR signing Idah, but u don’t miss blaming him for Phillips. , it could be said that maybe a bit of double standards.

13 Jun 2024 10:50:05

Take our Dembelle and Eddy, as both were lined up to sign. Rogers record of buying duds is there to see. Now that may have been down to Lawell’s buy cheap and hope it doesn’t affect my bonus, philosophy. But, it’s still an array of utter failure.

09 Jun 2024 20:58:51
Any credible rumours 🤣🤣.

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09 Jun 2024 21:33:18
A lot of the rumours are of explayers coming back. Let's hope they are all just rumours.
As it stands with the right investment and the right recruitment we have the chance to put the foundations down for another decade and dominance and chip away at making some sort of progression in Europe.
However I haven't really got confidence that that will happen. Hopefully the club will prove me wrong.

10 Jun 2024 09:31:14
The slavia Prague keeper gathering pace but who knows.

10 Jun 2024 10:46:12
I’m bored stupid with all the ex-player links. I hope it’s just lazy journalism.

10 Jun 2024 12:41:26
Wab1 . I, am also bored stiff by this nonsense, transfer window after transfer window . We are fed the same baseless rumours time and time again. Is it to try and make Celtic fans think we are interested in a better class of footballer than before . I would rather watch a new player who I may have seen glimpses of playing elsewhere, playing in the hoops than those who had the chance and thought £30k - £40k per week was beneath him and couldn’t wait until he got away to another “wonderful “ club of his child- hood dreams only to rot away on bench.

10 Jun 2024 12:45:43
That's exactly what it is Wab. It's never that we're in talks or have agreed a fee. It's just that we 'could' go for somebody or a misleading headline then it turns out it's somebody like Frank McAvennie after a few shandies saying we should go for an ex-player.

10 Jun 2024 22:29:37
Mally, if the slavia Prague keeper you are talking about is Jensen. I can't see it happening as he only signed a permanent contract with them in March.

11 Jun 2024 14:54:05
I don’t know if you have all heard but rangers are signing players that could play for real Madrid and have just signed one of the best centre backs in Milan potentially better than baresi . 🙈.

09 Jun 2024 18:27:56
arsenal want 10m for KT if he could stay fit that would be class signing.

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09 Jun 2024 20:12:59
If he could have stayed fit I honestly believe he'd be in the top 5 LBs in Europe at this point. It's a real shame how things have worked out with injuries. I'd be reluctant tbh. I know we all want the club to be ambitious with fees and wages but I wouldn't blame them if they felt this one was too risky.

09 Jun 2024 20:56:43
I am the same. We simply can't afford to spend £10m on a player to sit in the stand for a good part of the season, no matter who he is, or how good he is. Having said that, if any assurances can be given in a loan to buy deal I'd be all for it.

09 Jun 2024 22:22:48
If Kt wanted to come back he’s back to finish his career here can’t see it right now tbh as much as I’d love to sign him. He can play a few positions and is a class act wherever he plays Injury's apart he’d be a phenomenal signing and a real statement of intent by us.

10 Jun 2024 10:45:44
only way id take tierney back would be on loan but with his contract up next season arsenal won't want a loan. I wouldn't pay more than 5 mil. Maybe add some addons like 1m per 50apps or something of the like.

10 Jun 2024 12:46:36
Kieran Tierney snubbed us leaving whilst our minds were on European Qualifier
Some people say that if he could stay fit he would be worth the £10m someone has decided Arsenal wants . If he could say fit is the crux of everything to do with KT, it is as relevant as saying that if he had no balls, he could slot right into our Ladies team at left back.

08 Jun 2024 14:00:00

One of the lads on the Discord group has set up a Fantasy Football League for Euros 2024, if you're interested in taking part just click HERE to get started picking your players.

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08 Jun 2024 20:03:18
Not played fantasy football the last few years should be fun.

{Ed007's Note - I'm well out my comfort zone this summer, fantasy football and watching an international tournament 😂😂 Spread the word about the league to mates etc, try and get as many folk involved as possible.

08 Jun 2024 23:38:58
Just joined, I just used my user name for the team name.

{Ed007's Note - 👍👍

09 Jun 2024 12:54:03
Ed is it CFC-OK?

{Ed007's Note - Yes mate 👍🏻

09 Jun 2024 13:16:13
Cheers. Im Buckfast Rovers.

06 Jun 2024 21:18:59
Supposedly we're in talks with the sparta Prague keeper.

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09 Jun 2024 13:02:21
I've got a feeling that this could be the best transfer window that we have had in a long time.
I'm not looking for 9 or 10 players but I honestly think we will bring in 5 or 6 quality signings.

09 Jun 2024 18:56:26
I would love for you to be right Jonbhoy 71 but I cannot see anything to make me particularly confident that we will be signing anyone who is definitely better than in most previous windows . If Board get favourable support behind it we will be buying prospects expected to improve as season goes on . On the other hand these players could be seen as project players who may stumble instead of improving .
Because of the finances involved we have to buy players with the hope there is further improvement in them and that they contribute well as season progresses.

06 Jun 2024 12:22:35
Some Portuguese gentleman stated we have signed barnardo for 4 million euros about 3.5 million pounds suppose to be a done deal.

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06 Jun 2024 13:39:12
I can confirm that I’ve heard that rumour too😂.

06 Jun 2024 09:51:29
Crazy season has well and truly started, Peter grant now floating de gea to us, jota being linked with a return along with edouard, and the transfer window hasn't even opened yet. Celtic being Celtic though I wouldn't be surprised if we go and sign a couple of freebies like Scott McKenna.

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06 Jun 2024 10:32:10
Nothing wrong with a freebie if they're a quality player, Mick. With FFP I reckon Bosman deals will become much more common even for top players, like M'Bappe to Madrid. I also think we could do a lot worse than McKenna.

06 Jun 2024 15:54:47
I think a quality CB to partner CCV next season eith McKenna on the bench onside Scales would work.

Signing McKenna would mean we could punt Welsh and it doesn't hurt the homegrown player number.

We've still got Lagerbielke, Kobayashi and possibly Nawrocki to move on.

☘️ 🍀 ☘️.

06 Jun 2024 20:51:35
I’m not against a freebie to be fair as long as it’s someone who can impact the team, I just always get the impression the board would rather settle for a lower quality player on free transfers instead of showing some ambition.

If we want to progress further I think we need a quality goalkeeper, centre half to partner CCV and a solid left back. I would keep Nawrocki, I think there’s more to come from him, but welsh, Kobayashi, and lagerbielke I just don’t think Rodgers rates any of them.

07 Jun 2024 00:40:37
Pedro there's 2 criteria for the homegrown rule. 4 players that came through the youth system and an additional 4 trained in Scotland. I expect both Welsh and MJ to be around because of it.

08 Jun 2024 20:30:33

so if we had;- CalMac, Forrest, Ralston and Kelly (possibly Montgomery) from the youth system.

With;- Taylor, Bain, McKenna and AN Other - we could sell the useless pair that are Welsh and Magic Mikey?

☘️ 🍀 ☘️.


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