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17 Mar 2020 13:10:54
Norway FA reporting Euros postponed until 2021, to allow domestic leagues to be completed when safe to do so.

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17 Mar 2020 18:38:03
Best way to do it.

15 Mar 2020 22:06:21
Just hearing all leagues to be confirmed as over, all league leaders celtic, dundee utd, raith rovers, and cove rangers all to be named champions, league cup to be suspended next season, and the Scottish cup will continue come September.

An announcement due tomorrow.

Or so i have heard. COYBIG.

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25 Mar 2020 17:34:27
I don't think that will be true they are talking a out havi g the season finishing I June.

15 Mar 2020 10:24:06
Friend of mine is a pro footballer playing for an SPL team. They are being told that the most likely outcome of this virus is that the football will not start again until August. This season will finish now and champions and relegation will go on the tables as they are now. So Celtic will be champions and hearts relegated out the SPL. European places will also be as they are now. No play offs and the Scottish cup will be scrapped.
This is not definite, but is the most likely.

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14 Mar 2020 10:15:31
I've been told that Celtic are extremely confident Edouard will sign a new and improved contract and that the club are pushing hard to sign Ivan Tony in the summer who they believe we take over the mantle when Eddy eventually moves on.

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14 Mar 2020 13:52:35
Good news but what was the point of Klimala? Seems a big outley for a future squad player?

13 Mar 2020 18:52:51
Surely if Liverpool get the title we will to?

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13 Mar 2020 22:15:47
I think they must simply because if they don't and declare the season null and void what happens to the winner money for the teams that are on top of their prospective leagues? Who will represent the league's in the champions league and Europa cup for next season? So I think either behind closed doors or just a delay in the season it will be decided for this year plus for the teams that are going for promotion they will be wanting something to happen.

14 Mar 2020 08:12:30
Apart from this ending up in some sort of apocalyptic mess, which it shouldn't, there's no reason this league season shouldn't be finished. If it's in one month or six, let's just finish the one we've started.

14 Mar 2020 12:49:17
tonyi2bhoy was just talking about that scenario regarding who will compete in champions league and Europa cup should the season be declared null and void. Interesting times ahead, and conspiracies galore .

14 Mar 2020 22:45:41
Apparently in the SFA rules it states that the league starts from the first game of the season and ends on the last league game played in the same session so therefore no discussion needed if the league finishes now we win FAIRLY and Legally page 23 SFA rules.

25 Mar 2020 17:37:30
I think if the sfa and sfpl null and void the season uefa will take the teams in the position they are now to play CL el.

13 Mar 2020 14:28:42
Do you think that’s the season over and will we be awarded the title or will the whole season be just written off.
Also seeing as all live sport round the world has been postponed indefinitely do you think Sky, BT sport etc will have to refund their paying customers.

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13 Mar 2020 15:40:43
Neither! The league will be finished, there are only 10 games to play, assuming we reach the cup final - -playing 2 games a week all we need is a 5 week window in May/ June.

The Euros are apparently going to be postponed to 2021 at the UEFA meeting on Tuesday which will create this window, all associations across Europe will want to finish their various leagues.

Using England as an example can you imagine the legal challenges if Aston Villa were relegated or Leeds/ west Brom denied promotion! It would be chaos.

13 Mar 2020 16:46:35
Martin that is a good point.

13 Mar 2020 17:40:05
Have they gave a timescale on the postponement or is it just for the foreseeable?

13 Mar 2020 11:44:58
al scottish football suspended.

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13 Mar 2020 12:01:55
Just seen it, going to be interesting.

13 Mar 2020 14:23:13
Look on the bright side they'll be bust in a couple of weeks without match day money.

13 Mar 2020 08:56:58
Fantastic news regarding Adidas can’t wait to see the new strips.

7 million a year is reported amount just staggering!

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13 Mar 2020 12:26:52
Wonder how sevconians feel seeing we'll get 7 mill a year and they're running about selling from pop up shops ha ha 😅.

13 Mar 2020 13:13:36
maybe we could loan them 1 year of sponsorship money and they could pay for that wee rat kent.


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