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14 Nov 2020 18:51:23
Ed, can you ask Ed002 if he heard that a deal for Atsu is now done and he is coming in Jan?


{Ed002's Note - I am not aware of any agreement but he will be available.}

1.) 15 Nov 2020 08:25:46
Thanks Ed. I think he would suit us just fine right now, even if it’s only to the end of the season, he’s a free agent after that I think, his pace would do wonders for us now, and with James Forest having a knock, it might be sensible.

2.) 15 Nov 2020 13:34:58
He's mince tho so not for me.

3.) 15 Nov 2020 17:18:17
Never watched it - didn't even know it was today. Did he play the Celtic players again (and Jack) ?



15 Sep 2020 19:34:25
I heard that the deal for Christian Atsu is nearly done,50/ 50 on the wages and he has just one or two things on his bonus scheme to finalize with Newcastle, and 4.5 million fee at end of season loan.
Lenny is the man pushing this one.


1.) 15 Sep 2020 19:40:48
Interesting malika . we shall see .

Are you happy with this one?

2.) 15 Sep 2020 19:50:03
Not very excited about this but hope he proves me wrong?

3.) 15 Sep 2020 20:14:02
@Lubo, I liked the idea 4/ 5 seasons ago when he was a Chelsea wonderkid, and he nearly came on loan, Lenny I think, must still rate him highly as he’s enquired about him for the last 2 seasons and must think he can do a job. Lenny like all managers make mistakes on signings, but given the fact that he is generally not involved much in the signing process and is from what I hear pushing this one, he also pushed Duffy and Yetti so I will say that his decision making has been decent so far.

4.) 15 Sep 2020 20:19:47
Surely we would be hearing more in the media if Astu deal was close can't see it happening.

5.) 15 Sep 2020 20:26:19
agreed malika also turnbull.

6.) 15 Sep 2020 20:36:38
to be fair malika said about duffy way before anybody got wind of it.

7.) 15 Sep 2020 22:26:14
Malika / Bhoys, do you think we'll see LG play in the Hoops again? Rumours suggesting he'll be off before this window closes.

8.) 16 Sep 2020 00:04:50
I just can't see this Atsu deal happening, he will end up at a bottom of the league EPL team.

9.) 16 Sep 2020 07:19:50
I really hope LG gets his act together, he is for me a great asset, Goals. goals. and more goals, and a Skelper. I just hope Lenny hasn’t had enough of him.

10.) 16 Sep 2020 08:36:49
Totally agree Malika, a mentally and physically fit LG is a real asset to the team. HH.

11.) 16 Sep 2020 09:38:53
guys love the wee man but HE can't be trusted anymore. get rid.

12.) 16 Sep 2020 10:48:54
nonsense robroy this is a important season and when LG is fit its goals goals goals ye get from him. if he is back to fitness then he messes up again wile fit then i think end of the season club will let him go.

13.) 16 Sep 2020 10:56:46
you can't score goals goals goals when your not on the pitch and griffiths will be OFF the pitch more than he is on it.

14.) 16 Sep 2020 11:05:53
we need to plan with what players we have and stop chopping and changing to fit in a player who should thank god every day for his privilege. as i said earlier i loved and have backed the wee man but this is a very important year and HE can't understand that then he must not upset the team momentum again.

15.) 16 Sep 2020 11:51:39
Nonsense from you United Ireland!
Who do you think should be dropped to accommodate LG?
Ajeti isn't near fit yet still shows a poachers instinct and looks likely to be key player for the team and obviously French Eddy is going to be involved wherever possible. We also have Klimala who is also trying to up his fitness level and has yet to be given a real shot so to me these players are ALL ahead of Griffiths.

16.) 16 Sep 2020 11:57:05
As long as Griff gets his hunger back to be the best and first choice pick. If he has list that then it's time for him to move on. we will know in the next few weeks how bad he wants it.

17.) 16 Sep 2020 12:01:54
how can he get fit if he is not getting game time to get fit you need on the field he is in training so he needs games now and he will shut everybody up again.

18.) 16 Sep 2020 13:16:20
Yeh no worries UN. Time will tell but even if he doesn't make it at Celtic he'll have a move to another massive club with him being so good eh?
If I'm proven wrong and Griff turns out to be a massive help to us winning 10 then I'll be the first to come on and admit I'm wrong but I can't see it.
As I sad, time will tell.

19.) 16 Sep 2020 13:36:43
pod 1 and ui if the wee man comes back to his greatest I will be first on here to admit i got it wrong and i hope i am wrong. the only thing with that is that the team might be disrupted to see if he is reaady.

20.) 16 Sep 2020 17:58:28
The amount of goals we have in us all over the park is ridiculous. Looking forward to a skelping in October hopefully wee Griff can come on and rub salt into the wounds and we give their defence a showing up. It'll put the doubts back in their heads as they've had it too easy up until now.

21.) 17 Sep 2020 11:34:35
Griff is miles ahead of Ajeti and the sooner he gets back the better. Last night showed we need him. A piss poor performance and changing it once again worked against us. We need to give Turnbull, Soro and I would out Luca in at LB as Taylor just isn't good enough.



04 Sep 2020 10:41:56
Think the Christian Atsu thing is picking up speed. I heard from a decent source that he might be in Town on Monday. We want loan with 4million buy clause at end, they want 6 million and a sale right away, but a compromise is on the horizon. Celtic don't want it to drag on like Shane Duffy.


1.) 04 Sep 2020 12:12:59
Don't really rate this guy as he flatters to deceive any time I've seen him. Maybe he will do better in the SPL and get his confidence? Or maybe we should just have went back for Roberts instead ha ha.

2.) 04 Sep 2020 12:31:35
Joking aside I'd prefer Roberts C_M.

3.) 04 Sep 2020 12:45:48
I've never really seen him play but at a glance his stats are pretty abysmal. Transfermarkt, while not always totally accurate, has him down for 22 club goals and 27 club assists in his entire career.

4.) 04 Sep 2020 14:15:05
Not that much different to paddy roberts then Kev, who they have down for 25 goal and 37 assists.

5.) 04 Sep 2020 14:22:13
Though paddy has played a lot less games.

6.) 04 Sep 2020 16:06:54
Honestly don't want roberts anywhere near celtic park, I don't get what the big fuss is about him.
Like many others he was brilliant in his first full season when opposition teams didn't know his capabilities but was found out the 2nd season and didn't really do that much, wouldn't fit into the team anyway with a consistent Forrest and christie.

He's been at girona, norwich and middlesbrough and hasn't exactly set the world alight so think we should put his name to bed.

7.) 04 Sep 2020 17:02:46
Disagree with every bit of that. Woukd 5ake him back 8n a heartbeat. He was and probably still is better than Forrest.

8.) 04 Sep 2020 17:08:54
Paddy's also a good few years younger Kev. Although you could argue that the majority of his goals and assists came when he played for us so maybe he'd improve coming back up. Is there interest in Roberts again?

9.) 04 Sep 2020 17:09:07
MarkM88 agree with you regarding Roberts.

10.) 04 Sep 2020 17:16:19
To say paddy is better than forrest is just nonsense.

11.) 04 Sep 2020 18:37:05
Paddy Robert's better than Forrest is a bizarre statement.

12.) 04 Sep 2020 19:31:07
Magicpole, is that why roberts couldn't get a game ahead of Forrest and was on the bench the majority of the time?

Granted Forrest can be hot and cold at times but in the past 4 seasons he's consistently hit 15 goals a season plus with many assists to his name, something roberts failed to really do was stay consistent.

By all means I'm not saying he's a bad player, I just think he's overrated from the majority of celtic fans and isn't as good as made out to be, like I said he got found out in his second loan season up here, yet Forrest continuously produces over the course of a season, Forrest ahead of roberts all day long for me. stats don't lie.

13.) 04 Sep 2020 20:17:45
Forrest is a fraud last week summed him up pathetic in the high pressure multi million pound champions league qualifier cowardly performance . he hid just like he does when we play them from across the city and any time we’re up against it. then turns up against bottom of the league a few days later. then we’re told about his stats yawn yawn banging then in against st Johnstone’s and Ross counties . blah blah blah.

14.) 04 Sep 2020 23:23:04
Completely disagree. Home to bayern munich in champions league forrest was exceptional. Also that goal away to Rosenberg plus the late winner in the CL playoff not to forget his hat trick for scotland when we needed him. Agree he hasn't done it against them enough but this is a guy who scores in cup finals/ semi finals. Also scores a great equaliser in Rome. The forrest haters need to get a grip. He is a one club man who has been brilliant for us. Ryan Giggs didn't turn up every week. Was he rubbish as well? Roberts would be a good alternative option. Different players.

15.) 05 Sep 2020 00:33:40
The competition from Roberts made Forrest up his game. Roberts was in his shadow 2nd loan stint here though.

16.) 05 Sep 2020 10:27:30
I think Paddy is better, more consistent and his final ball is better too. That doesn't mean Forrest is bad, just for me Paddy is better. James has always been inconsistent, that situation improved only after Robert's made a competition for the Jersey. There is no competition now and so far this year he has been poor.

17.) 05 Sep 2020 13:43:04
Vin1 and magicpole, what a load of bollocks. To say Forrest isn't consistent after continuously producing year after year is just ridiculous.

How can you say roberts is more consistent? His stats were terrible most of the time and couldn't get a game ahead of Forrest because he was playing that well, say what you want about forrest but he's done it in big games over the years and been one of our best players.

{Ed007's Note - Done it in big games you say?


18.) 05 Sep 2020 22:36:40
Need to correct you there, doing it in big games doesn't necessarily mean goals and assists, it's his overall performance that should be looked at.

How many big games has brown been amazing in? Doubt there were many goals and assists in there but his performance during those games were brilliant, same could be said for the likes of Lennon in his day.

It annoys me when players constantly get judged on stats instead of taking performances into account, to say he's been hiding in big games just because he didn't score or assist is just bull, if that was the case then even the best of footballers haven't turned up in big games either, stats are important to compare, but performance is what counts.

19.) 06 Sep 2020 09:49:36
Deary me where do u start with that reply! your whole argument was how good his stats were and poor Roberts were?
now after seeing them stats from Ed and seeing how poor they are in big games people using stats annoy you?
And your counter argument is that defensive midfielders brown and Lennon never scored many goals?
Tell me again who’s talking bollocks?

{Ed007's Note - Not just any bollocks either, that was M & S luxury total bollocks.}

20.) 06 Sep 2020 11:05:24
How much money did we make from the rosenburg goal? Hh.

21.) 06 Sep 2020 11:08:03
Browns position isn't about goals and assists it's about preventing them and setting players like Forrest ect off on attack. It's no secret that Forrest is continuously an empty Jersey against the Rangers I just didn't realise it was that bad lol.

22.) 06 Sep 2020 13:33:14
Total bollocks if stats are going to be used to determine how good a player really is, performances should just be taken right out of the equation then.

Roberts and Forrest were compared, not only by myself, but the point i made was that roberts performances weren't consistent enough for him to be named as good as Forrest was.

If I need to back up my point of mentioning Lennon and brown as examples instead of it being named as " m and s total bollocks" then fair enough. The point I made is regardless of what position a player is, is that stats alone shouldn't be the only factor to determine how good a player is, I'm pretty sure there's plenty of wingers/ attacking midfielders who have been great players but don't have the greatest of stats, I'm not a know it all but the comments on here seems to be there is some who think they are.

To go back to the original debate of roberts v Forrest, it's down to preference and opinions, but stats and performances don't lie and there's only one winner and that's Forrest.

{Ed007's Note - You've completely lost me now but you obviously know nothing about scouting and coaching if you think the statistics don't matter. You don't need to be a know it all to know that btw, just follow football and pay a bit of attention.}

23.) 06 Sep 2020 20:32:10
Ed, at what point did I say that statistics don't matter? If course they matter, all I said was that stats alone shouldn't be used to determine a players credibility and importance.

Like I said I'm not a know at all and haven't claimed either to know about scouting or coaching, far from it, I just think a players performance shouldn't be judged by stats alone regardless of what position they play.

{Ed007's Note - If they've put in a good performance the stats for the game will back that up. If Forrest isn't scoring or assisting in the bigger games what's he doing that makes a good performance when a winger's job is to create chances and score the odd goal?
And remember it's you that said "he's done it in big games over the years" even though I've shown he clearly hasn't.}

24.) 07 Sep 2020 16:06:26
Be better just to put an end to this debate as don't think I'm getting my point across.

Yes I did say that Forrest has done it in big games over the years, but I also said stats alone shouldn't be the only factor used.

Example: celtic 1 bayern 2, forrest didn't score that game, I think he did assist mcgregors goal though, but take that assist away he was phenomenal the full game, was always beating his man and being an out ball.

There's been plenty of big games he's played well even though he hasn't scored, assisted or created a chance, plenty of times he's beat his man and made good crosses, it's honestly ridiculous if a footballer is always to be judged on stats alone.

My point isn't being understood though so I'll call a day on this post and move on 👍🏻.

{Ed007's Note - It's probably for the best because you're not making any sense.}



01 Sep 2020 15:21:16
Christian Atsu being touted around again.
We have scouted him for 4/5 seasons.
Ronny definitely wanted to sign him, Mr Rodgers had a long look and he was nearly with us.

Lenny having a look now? Maybe his day has come, lol I could say it in another language but might get accused of being racist 😂
A sharp midfielder btw, plenty of pub league experience and can also go left or right wing.


1.) 02 Sep 2020 13:07:12
He only has pace with no end product.



09 Aug 2020 22:09:36
Shane Duffy is coming on a season loan. If you are a gambler get on now. This is the best info the site will have this year. The deal is done and Medical will be at the end of this week.


1.) 09 Aug 2020 23:15:04
Really how good is your source?

2.) 09 Aug 2020 23:35:12
Going to West Brom.

3.) 10 Aug 2020 06:27:58
Not going anywhere near west brom.
Deal is done. Scource is very decent.

4.) 10 Aug 2020 06:29:12
Be good if it were true, he’s certainly not afraid to put himself about . I couldn’t imagine him getting bullied by the likes of dykes and kembemba.

5.) 10 Aug 2020 07:42:39
Hope your correct mate. We definitely need a no nonsense CH.

6.) 10 Aug 2020 08:12:24
His club are talking to west brom.

7.) 10 Aug 2020 08:29:47
Be surprised but id take him in a heart beat.

8.) 10 Aug 2020 08:40:51
I don't know who is is but if an English club are after him we can forget it unless he wants medals over money.

9.) 10 Aug 2020 08:44:56
Is your source HITC they have something about it but it's from March 2019. So I think this is old news he said he would like to play for celtic one day.

10.) 10 Aug 2020 08:57:24
I hope he is going to West Brom because he is a total bombscare 😉🔫.

11.) 10 Aug 2020 10:21:48
Unlike our 2 cbs Duffy is a very good defender any time I've seen him he has been good and yet to see a mistake that led to a goal. and he's tough as teak.

12.) 10 Aug 2020 10:38:59
Massive improvement on what we have.

13.) 10 Aug 2020 11:12:32
Will someone phone the carpet fitters to see if it’s true 🤭.

14.) 10 Aug 2020 11:33:55
Dont know much about him but the Irish guys I know says he's murder. Total bombscare.

15.) 10 Aug 2020 12:05:20
From what I have seen of him he's murder.

16.) 10 Aug 2020 12:11:03
@Marco18888,I don’t read HITC and neither should you.
Kev, his club might be talking to west brom, He is talking to Celtic.

17.) 10 Aug 2020 12:24:16
I hope your source is good Malika, I would take the bigman in a heart beat. Wealth of experience and anytime I've watched him, he's been good.

18.) 10 Aug 2020 12:29:04
Some high standards on here Duffy would do fine and as av said not seen too many howlers unlike our 2 beckenbaurs.

19.) 10 Aug 2020 13:20:02
anybody who watches football should know who shane duffy is. he certainly won't get beat much in the air and definitely won't be bullied. if anybody would expect him to be great on the ball then that's not his game but going on yesterday let's get a CB in who can defend.

20.) 10 Aug 2020 14:56:56
Malika20 doesn't matter if he is talking to us if his club say naw your not going on loan.

21.) 10 Aug 2020 16:13:55
Works both ways if he says naw im not going to west brom. What are they going to do. Keep a unhappy player.

22.) 11 Aug 2020 01:23:27
He is valued at £8-9m which is our biggest fee in our history, we refused to pay it for Forster and only done it for French Eddy knowing we would be selling Dembele in future to recoup that outlay and some.
I don’t anticipate club spending north of £5m for a CB unless he’s 1st choice and Ajer is being moved on. I know we spent a few quid on Jullien right enough but that was before C.V. affected everyone’s finances.

23.) 11 Aug 2020 10:41:41
I don't read HITC I googled Duffy to celtic and that story. came up. I only read here and an other fans forum that's all I check.




Malika20's banter posts with other poster's replies to Malika20's banter posts


26 Nov 2020 07:49:43
Thanks for yesterday, it ran well, a small profit, keep them coming Tim.


1.) 26 Nov 2020 09:56:35
@Malika yes any decent tips I always put on here despite getting pelters lol hope you had best odds guaranteed with your online bookmaker mine boosted odds from 8/ 1 to 11/ 1 so just over 2/ 1 odds back which boosted my returns.

2.) 26 Nov 2020 21:27:32
Got 11/ 1 cheers Tim alloy more of the same please hh.



25 Nov 2020 17:20:20
I am an Irish Republican Socialist, not that far from the Militant Tendency in some peoples eyes 😂
Broony and Duffy will bring us the 10.
Hope that keeps your Tommy impression going 😆.


{Ed033's Note - Is 'Irish Republican Socialist' Marvel vs DC Comics? Is that the one that can drink 20 pints of Guinness without falling over? :)

1.) 25 Nov 2020 17:59:20
Love it Malika, i just watched Tommy on Celtic state of mind and actually thought i bet that is Malika lol.

2.) 25 Nov 2020 18:49:23
Oooft getting pelters from a flat earther😂😂.



25 Nov 2020 07:21:20
Glad to hear MON speaking out and putting some clarity into the events so far this season.
It’s not over by a long way, we have a manager, who no matter what people think will write himself once again into our history by winning the SFA cup.
Please don’t forget their would be no 10,if he didn’t win the first 3 and that when we win the 10,6 of them will be with him at the helm.
This season so far has been a disaster, who could know that 5 mins after winning the 9 th title in a row, that 4 first team regulars would think that they are a lot better and bigger than the club, begin agitating and pitting a poison in the dressing room. who would think that a goalkeeper who professed his love for the club, agreed a deal and then walked away. Who would think that we would suffer major injuries early in the season, who would think that the establishment would drive everything they have at us to prevent the10.Who would think we wouldn’t be back inside roaring the team to the 10.Who would think that we are one of the most C.V. affected clubs in Europe due to the ineffectiveness of protocols of international federations. Whowould think that a lot of our players don’t give a feck about the 10,they are not like us, football is not a nice business, greed and ego drive most of the people involved.
Who would Think eh?
On to the 10,COYBIG. Come on Lenny make us proud.


1.) 25 Nov 2020 10:14:31
Malika20 my friend Enrico loves your positivity!

Let’s go Celtic get this 10th title to complete decade of domination.

2.) 25 Nov 2020 12:07:26
Would Martin O'Neil be saying the same thing if Ronny Deila was still manager? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Neil Lennon has a good enough squad even with injuries. Lennon picks the tactics, selects the team and is responsible for playing brown and Duffy. The sole blame lies with Lennon

Malika your blaming everyone but Lennon. I find it very bizarre that you have overlooked Lennons treatment of Hibs players and do not possibly believe that could be another issue.

Also Forster never agreed a deal, he wanted a permanent deal and did not want to come back on loan. It was Lawwell who messed that up.

In Lennons first spell the only reason there was 3 league titles, was because of demise of the former tenants of Ibrox. His cup tally was poor and had it not been for sion fiasco we would not of qualified for any European football until 3 seasons under his tenure!

3.) 25 Nov 2020 12:27:18
spaletti to be celtic manager.

4.) 25 Nov 2020 12:29:14
@ Phil Tim, I didn’t blame anybody, I just asked the question who could believe? .
I am a supporter of Lenny, that’s true, but I don’t ignore some of the tactical decisions he’s made. I am just saying somethings are really out of his hands.

5.) 25 Nov 2020 13:11:27
brilliant post mate.



04 Nov 2020 18:42:56
Anybody watching IBFK Man utd, Bolongoli MoM first half, unbelievable, commentator said "he's got some pace this boy" " this boy's a footballer " We never saw that here.


1.) 04 Nov 2020 19:45:59
Augurs well then, when we sell next Summer. We might even make a profit.

2.) 04 Nov 2020 19:54:00
8.12 rating atm on BBC must've had some game. Not good for the coefficient Turkey getting a valuable win.



17 Oct 2020 15:53:37
The Milan derby is on premier sports 2 at 5, we can see what's up next.





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28 Nov 2020 09:51:42
The Manager isn’t going anywhere, except to Hampden to collect the FA Cup for us.




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15 Nov 2020 08:25:46
Thanks Ed. I think he would suit us just fine right now, even if it’s only to the end of the season, he’s a free agent after that I think, his pace would do wonders for us now, and with James Forest having a knock, it might be sensible.




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08 Nov 2020 16:08:52
Divcelt, you have your own forum, why don’t you stick to it.




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08 Nov 2020 07:44:49
I am a Lenny supporter and believe that he will turn things around, that’s my opinion.
I wanted to comment on why Eddie Howe will never be Celtic manager.
At Bournemouth he had a Russian chairman/ benefactor, who had agreed to Howe’s demands for total control of the club. He managed everything fro the hiring of the team lady, commercial directors, marketing to signing players, firing players. He demanded this as part of him being there.
That will never happen at Celtic, we are not a small coastal club with 20k attendance, we are a world ranked club with a world ranked organization behind us.
Mr Desmond and Mr Lawell wouldn’t let him within a 100 miles of CP, he would be to troublesome for them and on the playing side his style of on the break football is not Celtic.




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05 Oct 2020 06:50:15
I’m sorry that he isn’t coming, he could run both wings, beat a man, superb pace, and his crossing is 100% better than what we have, thought it was a done deal a long time ago, but then went silent, money again I suppose.





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28 Nov 2020 12:59:29
Thanks Tim.
I already backed orchardstown cross No 14 in the 1-15 Newbury 12/ 1.
I will give the other 2 a go now.
Good Luck.




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27 Nov 2020 07:44:25
Hail Hail Sparky, well said.




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27 Nov 2020 07:43:05
Well said Lubo. COYBIG.




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26 Nov 2020 10:08:58
Well Said JFP, they don’t know what struggle is. All they have had is good times. We always treat our fellow Celts with respect. Neil Lennon is most certainly a fellow Celt.




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25 Nov 2020 13:14:40
Who will this benefit? Certainly not Celtic FC, jokers playing into the hands of media and establishment. Stay home and support your club.