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04 Dec 2021 07:39:09
Most of the posts go to the Celtic Banter page.

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You can donate to our annual Christmas collection for Hamilton Foodbank HERE

03 Dec 2021 17:53:29
Ange has confirmed that all 3 players who went off injured last night are extremely doubtful for Tannadice on Sunday.

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03 Dec 2021 18:07:50
That's a blow, but not a surprise at as the injuries looked bad. We saw earlier in the season how stretched we are when injuries strike and I only hope it doesn't get worse before the end of the month? Some of the squad are overdue a performance and it's time to step-up.

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03 Dec 2021 19:01:48
Well personally l think l would play monty on the left. Johnstone offers nothing. Sure we can play either boli or scales. Not sure as good as Bitton has been having him at CB either.

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03 Dec 2021 20:16:13
It’s a worry that Ralston injured his ankle because he had a ligament ankle injury in 2019.

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03 Dec 2021 22:36:33
Get Abada out on the left kyogo middle Forrest right.

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03 Dec 2021 22:42:29
Let's get juranovic his natural position Abada out left and Carter vickers in for Welsh.

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03 Dec 2021 13:37:35
A 24 year old man has been arrested for throwing an object at the game last night and rightly so because that kind of behaviour is unacceptable when following Celtic.
That was extremely quick from the Police, well done.
The investigating officers should give their colleagues tips on how to do their jobs because they're still looking at video evidence from the Broony incident at Ibrox and another incident at Hampden a couple of weeks ago.
The Police will probably suggest that those were more false videos.

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02 Dec 2021 18:30:06

Celtic v Hearts:

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02 Dec 2021 18:58:44
Is CCV suspended or injured?

{Ed007's Note - Suspended according to Paul.}

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02 Dec 2021 19:01:40
Any news on why CCV isn't in the squad?

{Ed007's Note - ☝👆

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02 Dec 2021 19:19:12
Cheers Ed.

{Ed007's Note - 👍

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02 Dec 2021 22:22:41
personal reasons.

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02 Dec 2021 17:27:16
The SPFL have backed down and gave Hibs an extra 2,000 tickets for the Cup Final.
It will now be similar to the 2013 Scottish Cup Final with Celtic getting 30,000 to Hibs 20,000 tickets and that's probably fair.

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03 Dec 2021 09:55:24
Mixed feelings with this one, more even fans makes it more fair interms of helping the teams. But if hibs couldn't fill their allocation for the semi then why should they be given more?

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02 Dec 2021 13:31:34
Utd game to go ahead 👍.

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02 Dec 2021 12:43:38
A couple of reports are suggesting that Real Madrid are looking at Frimpong.
Celtic will probably have a 10% sell on clause installed into his Leverkusen contract.
Frimpong signed a 4 year contract with Leverkusen and I can't see them selling him for less than £30 million.
Celtic could potentially get an extra £3 million or £2 million if it's from a profit only.

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02 Dec 2021 13:04:12
but tav is better buzz.

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01 Dec 2021 19:20:45
Being linked with a French striker plays for ligue 1 side.

{Ed007's Note - Jeremy Le Douaron.}

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01 Dec 2021 20:09:55
Doesnt look much in that one ed?

{Ed007's Note - Not from what I can see mate.}

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30 Nov 2021 13:49:04
Hi Ed, have you heard anything about Celtic trying to sign Hatate ASAP incase travel to/ from Japan is further restricted by C.V.?

One tabloid is reporting we're aiming to get him in place for the Sevco game.

{Ed007's Note - Considering the transfer window doesn't open until the 1st of January, a Saturday and that the 3rd/4th of January is the actual Bank Holiday I can't see any way we could get him registered and sort a work permit out in time for him to play on the 2nd.}

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30 Nov 2021 15:35:24
I was under the impression that the J-League was due to finish this Saturday, 4th December, and if Hatate was out of contract (making him a free agent) could we sign him?

{Ed007's Note - Officially Hatate's contract doesn't end until Jan 31st so technically we can sign him on a pre-contract (which means he couldn't become a Celtic player until the 1st of February), we could pay a nominal fee to his club to release him early or his club could waive any fee which I think is more likely but we still can't register him until January the 1st - we can't register a player outside a transfer window unless he is a free agent and has been since the previous window.}

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30 Nov 2021 16:14:22
Ah, that makes sense Ed - now I get it.

{Ed007's Note - 👍 You're at a bad age mate.}

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30 Nov 2021 16:45:34
Aye and you're not far behind me 😉.

{Ed007's Note - Aye right! 👴

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30 Nov 2021 17:03:42
my thinking is Celtic will get it all agreed and fly him over as soon as the j league finishes so he is here and avoids travel bans.

{Ed007's Note - We still can't register him until the 1st of January and as that's a Saturday I don't see it happening and then the holidays are Monday and Tuesday.
I'm not 100% but I don't think we can apply for a work permit either until the deal is finalised and the players registration paperwork is in order.
The player himself is still under contract and will be due to be paid nearly 2 months salary by the time his contract runs out - plus any bonuses due - so I can't see Celtic flying him in here to sit in a hotel for around a month minimum with no pay - and what happens if he doesn't get a work permit, he doesn't have a singe senior cap.}

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30 Nov 2021 19:20:50
Ed : has there been a case that the SFA are open for transfers on the 1st?

{Ed007's Note - That's one for Buzz I reckon lol but it is a Public Holiday AND it's on a Saturday this year. It's not just the SFA that would be needed to available to sign off paperwork but to be honest I don't know if that can be precompleted(?) and then just needs registered with the relevant authorities - then there's the work permit situation as well.
My flabber would be well and truly gasted if Reo Hatate starts for us on the 2nd.}

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30 Nov 2021 22:32:55
There’s hasn’t been much of a rush in recent seasons because the Scottish Premiership have had winter breaks and most of the Glasgow Derbies have taken place at the end of December.
Last season there was a crazy rumour that Celtic would be trying to bring Fraser Forster back in the January window, in time to play at Ibrox on January 2nd.
We knew it was nonsense because last season the offices were closed on January 1st and new players couldn’t be registered until after the Bank Holidays.

{Ed007's Note - Can you see Hatate or any new signing playing for Celtic in that Derby, Buzz? I certainly don't and tbh don't know if I'd be keen on it, we keep talking about players working hard and learning Ange's system but they still have to get used to their team mates capabilities etc.}

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30 Nov 2021 22:57:40
I wouldn’t think so Ed, especially with the New Year landing on the weekend.
The players from the Japanese league will get 4 weeks rest and then they will be ready for the Celtic winter training camp.
It’s a perfect preparation scenario for the second half of the season.

{Ed007's Note - I agree with that.}

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01 Dec 2021 12:55:27
The way it's looking it could be played without fans at it too!

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