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25 Jan 2024 13:54:03
I’m not a fan of letting MOR go, but from a business perspective it’s a no brainer for me. I’ll likely get stick for saying this, but taking football out the equation, you’ve got a goal of making £40m or whatever by the end of the year. Someone comes in and offers you that money right now for a part of your business that’s potentially replaceable…. Plus you still get to strive for the additional £40m by end of year.

Again, not saying we should let him go. Just trying to see both sides.

Ed, any update on Timalloy?


{Ed007's Note - No mate.}

1.) 25 Jan 2024 15:23:49
A few reports have mentioned £20 Million.

2.) 25 Jan 2024 17:24:11
I think MOR will have plenty options in the summer and if he continues to impress his choices and value will keep increasing.

3.) 25 Jan 2024 17:59:33

It’s all about opinions but that makes absolutely zero business sense to me he will still be worth north of £25 million come the summer transfer window his stock will only rise.

There is a £50M prize for winning the league and gaining access to expanded Champions League which selling MOR would jeopordise albeit I accept we could still ‘strive’ to win the league without him but why take the risk?

Atletico Madrid would need to stump up £75M to buy him now to completely offset the risk to Celtic of not winning the league and that's not happening.

4.) 26 Jan 2024 05:08:22
JFP, if he loses form, falls out of favor, or god forbid gets injured, then that money goes down. Again, not thinking with a football hat. From a purely business perspective you take the money now, eliminate risk, and try to double the profits.

Once again, not saying we should do it, but can’t think of any business that would risk their success on one individual staff member. Footballs a different animal and it looks like BR and MN recognize his value is bigger than just the P&L.

5.) 26 Jan 2024 10:15:17
prob our best player this season and even with him we'll be hard pushed to win the league without him it makes it very doubtful, bernardo is improving an could do a job in his place but he in my opinion has a bit to go to reach the level of mor. we do have hatate to bring back but although playing for japan he is finding his fitness after another fairly long lay of through injury, so makes no sence to let mor go at this time.



29 Nov 2023 15:04:14
Bit of a pointless rant here, but I’m a bit sickened right now. As the European hangover dissipates, I think it’s already time to reflect on the journey.

The fact is we’re not good enough right now. Last year we went toe to toe with Madrid for a bit, and this year we’ve gone toe to toe with pretty much every team only really being beaten by dodgy pens and red cards. That said, this year we’ve seldom looked like getting the full 3 points in any game. So where do we go from here? Surely we strengthen!

If you ask me we need 5 or 6 players. In a dream world how do we get them? In my opinion we spend 4 or 5 million pounds per player and get some real quality. We show ambition and bring in players who can change a game. Maybe we even find some fringe or youth players at top clubs, and bring them in with an option to buy. That model has worked well for us in the past as we can kick out the dross and ensure we’re buying quality.

What’s the problem then? The problem is finding the money. We’re going into a new transfer window and we need money. We’ve just brought in $25m for Jota 6 months ago and still have Scott Bain, Ralston and Mikey Johnstone in the squad. Taylor should’ve fighting for a place, not guaranteed it and that pretty much goes for every position. We’re not going to get 25m this summer, so the window we just had will likely be better than what’s coming up next. How is that even possible?

Unless the board finally back the team (not just the manager) then it’s game over. The fans are divided, frustrated and quite frankly feel cheated. To pay all that money to go to Italy and see Forrest in the starting lineup must have felt like a slap in the face to many supporters. I really feel the club is close to meltdown. 2 more performances like Sunday and there’ll be massive revolt. We don’t deserve to be in this place. We don’t need to be in this place. And tbh for a club as successful as ours and the gap so large in recent years you’d have to try very hard to get to this place. 25m for a single player, record turnovers, automatic CL qualification and this is the squad we have? It’s not a question of where did it go wrong or how did it go wrong… the question is, why have they let it go wrong?


1.) 29 Nov 2023 15:22:52
I reckon it’s because Celtic won’t pay the wages.

If a player today costs at least £5 Million, he will probably demand at least a £35K a week salary and Celtic refuse to pay those wages.

And I believe that’s why Celtic have regressed.

We only need to look at the latest Ibrox club, who are skint and yet they pay their players better wages.

2.) 29 Nov 2023 16:34:53
That's a big part of the problem buzz . here2mcstay. don't think we need 4/ 5 this window as I don't think monkeys are good enough to take league from us . now were out of europe I don't think they need to replce hart until summer, what I'd like this widow is a midfielder with bite energy and mobility and a striker, then do the full rebuild on summer.

3.) 29 Nov 2023 16:44:14
The problems may well continue until the end of the season because the January window is not the best to do major rebuilding (5-6 players) and as you say we still have too many surplus dross that will not bring in any real cash or even the slightest interest other than loan offers. I'm sure things will pick up when the injured players return - unless of course we suffer further casualties. Another concern for me is the current predictability of our play and the lack of pace and invention to combat the constant bus parkers. Europe has been a step too far once again for the current squad available and I've already posted today about the Boards lack of ambition and investment in the right avenues.
I know we are top of the table and unbeaten, but we have dropped points this season in games we should be winning - especially if Kyogo was used and 'fed' in his customary style.

4.) 29 Nov 2023 19:28:31
By and large Celticpay high wages, and that explains why we have far too many first team players around the club .
There are many myths about the maximum wage Celtic currently pay and that C Mac G as captain gets the most . That could be true, however I think with signing on fees and other payments including possibly re - location packages it can be difficult to know how much is spent enticing players . Judging the difficulty in moving on players who disappoint, Celtic seem to be high payers for average players, why should they be mean over better players . I don’t remember us not agreeing terms and conditions after agreeing transfer price.

5.) 30 Nov 2023 04:57:16
Maybe that’s the case Buzz but surely 25k a week buys you better than some of the garbage like ideguchi and the Korean buoy that’s disappeared etc. that’s pulling on the shirt.

DRB I know you say we’ll still win the league but to be hobest the other mob are irrelevant. The only reason they exist these days is out of hatred towards us. I honestly believe their hatred towards us is bigger than their love of their own club and that’s their business model. They doubled down on the poppies and paratroopers and minutes silence and all that other stuff because the product on the park is poor. They’ve got people infiltrated into their blogs with “board” knowledge, just to pander to the fans. They’ve got puppets and cheerleaders everywhere, and that’s their model until they can compete on the park and somehow fix their finances.

Anyways, back to the point. We need changes and although I still believe BR can get the best out of this team, he does deserve a couple of top players.

I dunno. Yesterday was soul sucking and I go back and forth between whether we’re on the right track or falling off the rails. Drawing at home with a very average Motherwell side followed by an uneventful trip to Italy was just a bit much this week. Hopefully we smash Levein this weekend and all will be rosy again.

6.) 30 Nov 2023 09:10:08
According to Stephen McGowan the journalist,
the most any of our multiple signings get per week is £16K a week.

That’s 10 signings counting Iwata permanent contract.

It’s little wonder that Sevco have a higher wage bill.

There’s no doubt we have downsized which doesn’t make any sense, with the cash Celtic have in the bank.

7.) 30 Nov 2023 17:09:32
Buzz boy . I honestly surprised with you guoting any member of the SMSM, even Stephen McGowan, they are certainly not a group that I would rely on to quote about Celtic . I just don’t believe he or anyone else has access to that information and especially about all or nearly all purchases .
Stephen McGowan has a reputation for having early news about Celtic interested in particular players, but there are many others that he doesn’t seem to know and also that although he has Celtic in strong position to buy, they disappear.



04 Oct 2023 23:40:59
I might be Mr. optimism tonight, although I don’t know how as I’m absolutely gutted, but I’m actually proud of the boys tonight. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really fancy us going into the game, but I thought we dominated a game at the highest level. We’re playing in a pants league that regardless of finances struggles to allow us to attract top talent. Combine that with the fact that we only get to play decent teams a couple of times a year (and no disrespect to the SPFL teams but most of them setup to frustrate us rather than challenge us) … I mean even Man U can’t compete at this level and look at their squad, money and league they play in.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t expect more, and I’m not saying I’m happy with the result. However, I am saying I was very impressed with the way we played today. I thought we dominated the game and deserved to win. If we clear our lines, Hatate incident gets a red, and/ or Palma’s goal goes in, I think there’d be a few different posts on here.
Again, it’s not all bright and rosy, but we didn’t just lose to some Cypriot mob.


1.) 05 Oct 2023 00:37:53
Good Post McStay.

I was also happy with our second half performance.
The marginal decisions went against Celtic tonight but that’s what happens when we’re on such a poor European run.

2.) 05 Oct 2023 00:39:45
I feel tonight just like the Lazio fans did four years ago when Nitcham got the winner in Rome in the 95th minute. I watched the game tonight with some friends who support Lazio as I live in Rome. Before I had a chance to say anything they admitted that they had stolen the game as Celtic were by far the better team. The Lazio team we beat home and away just four years ago was far superior to this team. It's true they are not some Cypriot mob but they aren't far of it. Unfortunately in football the better team doesn't always win.

3.) 05 Oct 2023 00:45:42
I couldn't agree more ??????????.

4.) 05 Oct 2023 09:57:07
McStay my friend Enrico agrees very good post.

Very hard to accept to get zero from the game you know. But the thing is like you say some nice football and Enrico can see different style of play starting to come together from last season.

Yang is very young but continue to improve he have some very nice touches last night.

Diazen gives his all everytime guys.



01 Sep 2022 16:08:48
Can anyone confirm if we still need 8 homegrown players for Europe? If so, who are the 8 that we’d register?

1 Calmac
2 Turnbull
3 Ralston
4 Taylor
5 Bain
6 Welsh
7 Forrest

8… MJ/ McCarthy? Does Siegrist qualify as homegrown?


1.) 01 Sep 2022 16:14:18
Forget Siegrist, I just realized they have to be at the club for 3 years while U21.

2.) 01 Sep 2022 16:41:48
I think its 4 homegrown (academy) and 4 association so Calmac, Forrest, Ralston and Welsh cover that and Turnbull, Taylor, McCarthy and Bain fill that out, which I believe works out due to a rule requiring 2 GK in match day squads for Europe.

3.) 01 Sep 2022 16:59:37
Sounds like McCarthy will stay then.

4.) 01 Sep 2022 17:47:46
Scott Robertson is also still here so potentially could be included in the squad.



09 May 2019 05:40:55
Seen a lot of posts from Certain people recently, many of which have reduced my interest in the site. Personally, the Simunovic goal on 67mins, highlights what a magical mystical club we are, and how we should always have faith, hope and appreciate the excitement our club provides. however, reading some of the recent posts I don't think everyone tends to agree.

However, as much as I dislike some of the negativity at times, I think there's the occasional good point. If we're a selling club then we're a selling club, when Izzy won player of the year we should have taken the money for him, and part of me thinks we should do the same with Forrest and invest the money in a better player. There's a few other players that fall in that bracket, and we should constantly strive to improve on what we have.

Regarding his recent "foreign manager" comments, I think we're all missing what fans are saying. We realize that there's not really a reasonable domestic option, and we're hoping the board are looking at other options beyond Lambert, Moyes, Collins, Strachan, Grant, Caldwell, McNamara and even Lennon or Keane. Rodgers took us to another level, whether people like it or not. The possibility of a treble treble among other records prove that. Whether people like it or not, we're a team capable of qualifying for the Champions League, with a massive global fanbase, a valuable young squad, tons of money, an easy league, and our biggest rival at the moment is a rookie manager at a club with a very limited budget. why wouldn't any world class manager use us as a stepping stone to reassure the their career (similar to Rodgers) .

Sorry for the long post, but let's stay positive. We're a very attractive club for managers who want to gain a legendary status of being the man who led a club to 9 consectutive league titles. Let's not sell ourselves short!


1.) 09 May 2019 07:33:02
It's a rumour site designed to spark debate amongst supporters. If you don't like something don't read it, it's straight forward.

2.) 09 May 2019 07:42:56
I wouldn't let other peoples posts stop your enjoyment of using the site. I have a different opinion to most yet i don't see it as me or them correct. I'll disagree with someone today but be the 1st to agree with them tomorrow. Everyone on here is entitled to their opinion whether we agree with it or not, that's what makes the site so good if we all agreed it would become a bore. Next time you see a post you disagree with put your point across. We are all Tims and everyones point of view should be respected whether we agree or not. Imagine how Ed feels having to read every post atleast we can have a day off now and again haha. Keep reading, keep posting and enjoy. HH.

3.) 09 May 2019 09:00:10
You are correct about it being a magical club, the Simunovic goal on 67 minutes was amazing and when we paraded the 4 signings in January their squad numbers added up to 67.Then on Saturday when we clinched our 50th title the 3 goalscorers squad numbers added up to 50.
Although I would have Lenny as our manager for 2 seasons, I am also up for a Brendan high profile type manager but my only fear with this kind of appointment would be getting them to commit for 2 seasons, a good season with Celtic and the english clubs are willing to double their wages, like what happened with Rodgers, then we would be back to square one whilst going for 10 in a row.

4.) 09 May 2019 10:17:53
One of the beautiful thing on this site if being able to have debates, arguments and banter with other Celtic fans. I love it.
We are all Celtic fans who want to see the club do well but we have different ideas how to do it.
Ye there are some people who are glass half empty kind of people and I can moan about them sometimes but the site would be boring if we all thought the same thing and agreed on everything.
The mixture of different people and views are great and if someone goes to far the brilliant EDs, especially 007, have a word to rein it in.
Wouldn't change the site one bit.

5.) 09 May 2019 11:35:51
The diversity of opinions and age-range of posters, managed and edited exceptionally, makes this one of the best available.
There are loads of times supporters disagree or have an alternative viewpoint, but most of the time we all have the same objective.
Some fans can be very fickle and spoiled with success and negativity can come from knee-jerk reactions to disappointment or frustration, however, the team is enjoying the most prolonged success since The 9-in-a-row and most of us appreciate this dominant period because a lot of us have been there, through the lean years and the heartaches.

6.) 09 May 2019 11:42:13
Surely to have an opinion if you like or dislike something someone else is saying you really need to read it first? Also think its fine to state your own views without being bullied or chastised into accepting alternative views to your own, just because some people can't accept or simply think their view is the right and only one. Surely we are all adult enough to provide a view that might not fit with some but needn't feel the need to trash someones opinion by making things personal. Its a rumours site not "celticleaks" although with the team sheet reveal it might be that lol. Anyway on my wish list for manager would be Rafa. I know its unlikely but I also wanted the Zlatan to rock up last few seasons as well as our top signing.

7.) 09 May 2019 15:58:49
I don't actually believe Rodgers took us to the next level at all.

He simply played a possession based style which dominated domestic level sides.

His first season was incredible. It went downhill from there.

Last season's PTS tally of 83 tells u that.

8.) 09 May 2019 18:20:28
His points tally was 83 but what was his trophy tally tesla?

9.) 09 May 2019 21:23:18
I am not sure most normal commentators would describe us as a selling club . We have 8/ 9 members of our first team squad who have been with us 4/ 5 years or more Most of the few players sold in the last three years demanded to go .
Nobody would describe Manchester Utd as a selling club, yet they will sell nearly as many players as they can manage.

10.) 09 May 2019 22:03:55
Have to agree Leon. High profile managers will always go back to the pub league and we’re back to square one. I’d much rather have a decent manager who will be willing to stay for 10 years or more.

11.) 10 May 2019 00:07:33
Kev ye just can't bring yourself to admit it wasn't that good

Rodgers isn't that good

He got backed more than most and his PTS tally went down

His European results got worse

Even in England he couldn't get by the Europa last 32

He's a world class coach but as a manager he's so obviously limited

Yet our fans kissed his backside simply cos he managed in England and had a reputation there. Pathetic.




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07 Feb 2024 18:20:27
I think if DD was unhappy at recruitment he’d have made a decision and communicated that before the January window.




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31 Aug 2023 20:36:51
Agreed mate, it’s the main reason I visit the site. It’s about time more people listened to you as well!


{Ed007's Note - Behave yourself ??? But thanks




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31 Aug 2023 19:57:24
All I’m saying is the whole team have been playing below par for quite a while now. And to your point, maybe as a captain you’re the first one to get the finger pointed at you when that happens. I’m just not a fan of the negativity right now. Wee Taylor done us a right turn last year and now people are calling for his head, and you always stood up for Starfelt who was vilified as well… so I agree you’ve got zero influence ?.

Point taken, you can have your say on Calmac!


{Ed007's Note - It's just all about differing opinions ?? although I am always right!}



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31 Aug 2023 14:20:35
I’m not disagreeing that he’s been off form Ed, but then who in our midfield hasn’t? My point is he’s out of position right now which doesn’t help him. I don’t know what BR’s changes are but something doesn’t seem to have clicked yet. During preseason I thought he was trying to limit touches and play quicker through the center of the park and Hatate’s 1 touch pass that got caught out in Japan seemed to show this. Now though it seems slower in the build up.

My main point, Ed, is that I’d hate to see him get singled out right now. The whole team are still trying to find form and you have a big influence on here on how people see things. I’d just hate to see folk start turning against him like they do with some other players. He’s a talented lad and hopefully just needs a kick up the rear.


{Ed007's Note - So basically you're saying that I can't criticise McGregor in case other people's attention is drawn to how bad he's been playing?
I think anyone with eyes can see that and don't need me to tell them and as for my influence on people's opinions on players, how's that worked out for players like Greg Taylor or Stephen Welsh who I have backed for years although Welsh never kicked on like I expected or Craig Gordon who I hated being a Celtic player from the moment he signed, I don't think I influenced anyone's opinions on any them.
So it is exactly what I said, we can slag other players, say they aren't playing well or even that they should be dropped except McGregor, why is that?}



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30 Aug 2023 20:01:04
I actually disagree with Calmac needing dropped. I think he’s being asked to play a different role right now. It’s almost like he’s being asked to concentrate on breaking things up rather than getting on the ball and playing out through him like he’s used to (Buzz’s stats also suggest this) . The only game I seen Kwon he was hopeless at this as well and kept trying to get on the ball from our center halves. I think Brendan prefers a Broony type player in here that almost acts as a decoy playing out… in my mind our captain has stepped up and is BRs choice right now until someone else is ready, or we bring someone in.

Just hope the fans don’t turn on Calmac the way they turned on Taylor. Only a few weeks ago Starfelt was useless in the eyes of some fans, now the board are being seen as being at fault for letting him go.


{Ed007's Note - How has CalMac played under so many different managers and he's suddenly "struggling" because of the apparent changes Rodgers has supposedly asked him to make to his game even though he's previously played under him and knows CalMac's - very few - limitations as a player?
Why is the manager's fault that our captain has went missing in every game this season, not shown any leadership qualities apart from in The Huddle and is more content to hide and shout at other players about what they should do?
McGregor never has been and never will be a No.6/CDM and it's became even more obvious since Brown left, what exactly is his best position?
CalMac is head and shoulders above anyone else in Scotland when it comes to technical ability and I've said for years he has is good enough that he could play for nearly any team in the world but for me his best position is in the double pivot with a proper CDM in a 4-2-3-1 formation because that's what he done for years beside Brown when they both played the best football of their career.
This isn't a knee jerk reaction from me btw mate, I've been saying for a long time we haven't being getting/seeing the best from CalMac and last year in the CL he looked like an Accies player had been threw in at that level.}




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08 Feb 2024 15:15:49
I think a big part of this is confidence. The players look like they have none. No confidence to beat a man, little confidence to take chances in our passes/ crosses. The players don’t look like they trust themselves never mind each other.

In my opinion the fans need to back the team more than ever here. If we keep pointing the finger then at the end of the season if we don’t win the league then the board will try to add us to the problem that caused defeat. Right now there definitely seems to be effort from the players (albeit not quality but I don’t see guys chucking it) , I personally believe BR and staff are trying (again maybe not getting the best out of the bhoys right now) , and the only people who seem to not be committed are the board between the lack of signings and disagreement/ banning of the GB.

Let’s take ourselves out of the equation as fans and back the team. Otherwise we’re as guilty as them.




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08 Feb 2024 00:15:30
Buzz, you’re a stats guy and I love your take. I’m not trying to look on the bright side here, but Celtic have won 7 out of their last 8 games and only gave up 3 goals while our best CB and LB have been out.

A lot of stick being given to BR but how can you point the finger at him when the squad is not up to snuff.

I said a while back we were a couple of games away from implosion, now there’s a bit of pressure and some dropped points were now only a game away. So while my post might not be popular so far, I ask every fan on here… at this point how do we solve it? I’m hoping there’s a solution rather than pointing the finger of blame, cos let’s be honest everyone and their brother is getting blamed right now.




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05 Feb 2024 17:35:50
I see Gogic also got good praise from Robinson. Should have signed him as well!




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30 Jan 2024 20:07:10
I’m starting to give up and trying to make peace with it. I’m bewildered what our actual strategy was this window. If Kyogo had been called up for Japan did we actually have another striker lined up? If so, then where is that guy now? Did we basically make him promises then tell him it’s all off… I assume that would have hit the papers. More concerning, did we actually not have a plan? Was it a case of “let’s see what happens first”?




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29 Jan 2024 17:38:32
The other model that seems to be effective is the loan to buy option. CCV, Jota, Edouard and now Bernardo to name a few. The flip side it’s easier to get rid of the players who aren’t good enough.

I’d be quite happy if we get 4 or 5 of those in over the course of the next 48hrs.




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