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13 Mar 2019 12:26:00
The new rumour today


1.) 13 Mar 2019 13:12:33
As the new stadium bouncer to eject coin thrrowers?

2.) 13 Mar 2019 13:58:19
We wouldn't pay the £30m they think he is worth.

3.) 13 Mar 2019 14:56:50
We could swap him with De Vries as he has scored the same number of goals against them as the diving diva has against us (That would be zero Bob) . 😂😂😂. I know he's a goalie but at least he knows how to dive.

4.) 13 Mar 2019 17:22:04
Stalybridge Celtic? Lol.

5.) 14 Mar 2019 03:36:18
I honestly wouldn't want him at 2 Mill. He isn't crap but he too inconsistent and has no finesse. The 20 mill price tag is pure hysteria. In every game that counts he is missing and his poor discipline costs them in no shows.

6.) 14 Mar 2019 10:58:38
He would score goals for fun for celtic. He has to make all his own for them a team that make chances would be great for him.

7.) 14 Mar 2019 20:34:57
He can play LB in the changing rooms.

8.) 14 Mar 2019 23:34:32
If Morelos were to come to us I would support him (hope Idon't have to eat those words) but I don't believe it would ever happen. Over there he is a big fish in a wee pond whilst here he would rarely get into the starting eleven. I agree with everyone with regards to his temperament and diving ability and that he hasn't scored in big games. These are facts that can't be disputed. I may differ with my interpretation of the facts. I think he is a good old fashioned poacher and if you get the ball to him in the bo he will score (not always, as shown against us) . I think the fact that he doesn't score in big games is not so much that he bottle it but that because the quality of the defenders etc he rarely gets the opportunuty to score as the ball doesn't get to him.

I think if the sevconians were to analyse the Alfredo Morelos situation they would probably drive him away from Ibrox rather than look for 20 m that they will never get because he has costthem the league. How many points have they dropped because he has failed to score against etter opposition and how many points have they dropped because he was suspended and couldn't play. If it wasnt for his disciplinary record etc WE WOULD PROBABLY BE CHASING sEVCO. I hope he stays at Rangers as his playing for Rangers does as much as anything to guarantee us the TEN and Beyond. ALFREDO WE LUV U hahaha.

9.) 17 Mar 2019 02:43:23
It is a non story as it will never happen and nor would I want it to happen.

10.) 18 Mar 2019 07:47:49
He is a poacher, of eggs. For a team to funnel everthing they have through him then his goals add up. Same way that dud tavenier has his goals per season record as chief penalty taker. Watch his hilights. Watch his behaviour.

The man himself is so deep in the philosophy that he is in fact a dead man for many many clubs. "Tallent" aside. He is a busy, nasty little boy. That doesn't make a player. Top points for trying devils advocate but in your heart.
I've made mistakes before and I'll apologise in advance but that was the best click bait response I've seen intentional or not.

Best rangers boy I know laughs at the money being talked about. He told me have a look at his highlights. I did and I had a good laugh at it. The guy is a fluffer. I wouldn't even say he is a poacher. Kirk B handles eggs better.

11.) 18 Mar 2019 07:48:14
To further a point made. Eddy is pretty much toe to toe with him as far as mins played goals and assists. Eddy has been injury prone playing with or coming back from injury all season. There isn't much between them and we play a system where goals come from many outlets. There isn't a celtic fan on earth that has said Eddie has been at it this season he hasn't been able to have a run. Please don't give credit to that little naff (if you can help it)



27 Feb 2019 08:09:59
So Leicester were willing to wait till summer but Rodgers pushed it through for now.
Also hearing he wanted Kennedy and woods to go with him but they told him no.
So he was willing to leave us with NO first team coaches for today's game.
The man is dead to me.


1.) 27 Feb 2019 08:47:58
Something stinks big time here. If that's the case we are fully entitled to hear from PL to explain exactly what has happened here. Surely we as fans merit that. The more I'm reading, the more BR is p. ssing me off. We need to know the truth. He says he wasn't in a hurry to leave, they say they were will I g to wait. As I say, it reeks.

2.) 27 Feb 2019 09:15:03
Where did you read that Kev?

3.) 27 Feb 2019 09:16:41
Could just be, if you're not hanging around go now. Imagine if the husband said to the wife i'm leaving you 4 months but in the meantime i'm going to stay until after the anniversary because i want the feast and the presents, i wonder what the wife would say?

4.) 27 Feb 2019 09:35:20
It wasn't Celtic it was RODGERS. He pushed to leave and because Leicester matched his clause Celtic couldn't refuse.

5.) 27 Feb 2019 09:42:38
Hearing Rodgers sent someone up to the training ground to wish the players all the best and KT told him to bolt, not interested!

6.) 27 Feb 2019 09:44:26
Wasn't the board's fault, Brendan left because he wanted to, and he was feckin backed. Stats prove that. man's a total rat, and people give Kennedy a hard time, he's more a Celtic man than Rodgers will ever be. He can have his leister fans with there wee plastic Clapper's.

7.) 27 Feb 2019 12:59:44
Markie i doubt he would be welcome in Lennoxtown, it was a back door exit with no integrity or class. If the stories are correct, I'm glad a fake celtic man is away, lawells statement about lenny said it all, he has the commitment and fight for the challenges ahead. maybe BR didn't have the stomach for it, again the man will not be remembered for the double treble, he will purely be remembered as the guy that jumped ship midway through a season. He will never be remembered as a Celtic great, that's reserved for proper celtic men, and what a cheek the try take Woods and JK! I will laugh when he gets the bullet and he will, give it time. i say by Christmas and he'll have his p45.



02 Feb 2019 21:46:46
MLS have put a stop to gutmans loan.


1.) 03 Feb 2019 14:47:48
Apparently the gentleman that sanctions the loan deals in MLS has a cousin that is a season ticket holder at Ibrox sitting beside Andrew Dallas's uncle!



31 Jan 2019 22:52:02
Jeremy Toljan in
Mulumbu out.
Miller out.


1.) 31 Jan 2019 23:05:41
Do you know if there is an option to buy Kev?

2.) 31 Jan 2019 23:11:05
Don't no bud. But here's the thing even if there is no option to buy it doesn't mean we can't bid for them if We want to.

3.) 31 Jan 2019 23:26:59
Let’s see what he’s like first before we start throwing money at him.



31 Jan 2019 20:11:25
Both Americans have signed but both being loaned to American teams.


1.) 31 Jan 2019 21:52:27
Do you know What teams?

2.) 31 Jan 2019 23:35:36
Read the American blogs it's all there, it's not a big deal, what's the problem with loaning people out for experience? Look at Ajer and Christie. stop being such bloody snobs.




Kev83's banter posts with other poster's replies to Kev83's banter posts


18 Mar 2019 19:36:52
Did some clown on Clyde really say that our goal shouldn't have stood because eddy was offside?


1.) 18 Mar 2019 19:47:23
I think he said jamesy was off side? What a pie that guy was? Fair cheered me up so it did 😂.

2.) 18 Mar 2019 20:06:05
Aye hahahahaha makes me so happy how much they are hurting . He didn't see the game but someone on Twitter said it was offside.

3.) 18 Mar 2019 20:32:21
Time to go to Specsavers Forrest was on side and cut the ball back weah was on his arse behind the keeper but wasn't interfering . they really are deluded.

4.) 18 Mar 2019 21:06:54
Weah was pulled down on the line would have been interesting to see if we got that penalty.

5.) 19 Mar 2019 08:28:48
I can tell you we wouldn't have.



10 Mar 2019 20:35:06
As Celtic fans we like to think we are the best fans in the world but the last few seasons the abuse some of our players have had for our ranks is incredible.
Guys being written off, abused and told to get out of our club after a few bad games time and time again

Our captain our top, goal scorer and several players that have came through our youth system and as fans like to put it
"One of our own"
Today I read one fan say Henderson is no good in midfield. After about 4 games and some good displays?
I can't get my head around it.

I am not against criticising players who are having a bad game but our fans just seem to be going way over the top these days.


1.) 10 Mar 2019 21:47:55
Kev, we often disagree but you’re 100% spot on. The criticism of our players is starting to reek of ‘we are the people’ entitlement. I’ve watched Celtic for over 50 years and have NEVER booed a Celtic player. We were born of famine and oppression and have the right to win nothing. And ‘fans’ if that is what the cretans call themselves that throw Buckie bottles and coins at opposition players consider themselves to be the best in the world I’m seriously missing something.

{Ed007's Note - These days if a player misplaces a pass he should be sold.}

2.) 10 Mar 2019 22:34:31
And do you know what's worse guys. That it's not all young people that didn't live through our bad times. It's just as much people our age and the more success we have the worse they get.

3.) 10 Mar 2019 22:53:00
It's not just in football tho. It's society in general, if couples are going through a bad patch it's divorce half the time. No-one seems to have patience for anything these days, so it's not surprising me the knee jerk reactions to players having a bad spell.

4.) 11 Mar 2019 00:32:23
Agree totally with the post as I feel at times some people think that we can buy the 10iar. which made melook at our team that stopped the rangers from reaching ten.
Jonathan Gould 50,000 from Bradford
Marc Rieper Frr from West Ham
Tom Boyd 1,13 million from Chelsea
Enrico Annoni undisclosed from AS Roma
Alan Stubbs 4,7 million from Bolton
Jackie Mc Namara 900,000 from Dunfermline
Craig Burley undisclosed from Chelsea
Paul Lambert 2,9 million from Dortmund
Phil O'Donnell 2,65 million from Motherwell
Henrik Larrson 650,000 from Feyenoors
Simon Donnelly Free from Cosmos Canberra
I wonder how many of them would be considered good enough to play for Celtic today by our fans and yet they made history.

5.) 11 Mar 2019 06:58:06
Cracks me up the criticism of players there’s a guy by me spends more time criticising than watching (gets told every week to wrap it but never stops)
Donjom I’d say half today’s team would struggle to get in the one you’ve named.

6.) 11 Mar 2019 11:56:03
Half the team? Most of the players that stopped the 10 would walk in our 1st team.
Plenty players fae that squad not mentioned there.
Only about 5 of our squad would get in the stop the 10 squad.
Brown Tierney sinky Bain Forrest and I don't think any of them would be guaranteed a start.

7.) 11 Mar 2019 13:56:26
I’d say only Bain would be a 1st choice out of those but that only on current form. Loved rieper some player.

8.) 11 Mar 2019 15:46:59
Don't know about Bain because gould was fantastic that season.
Reiper was one of the best CBs I've ever seen at parkhead. So unlucky with injury.
Oneil would have loved him.

9.) 11 Mar 2019 16:48:33
Agree with both of you that it was some team and would probably beat the present team even though they didn't have invincible year or trble trebles etc but also to point that it didn't cost megabuccks to assemle (I don't even want to try and imagine what those players would be worth in todays market) . The rangers team thaat season wason paper I believe better than us and certainly cost a lot more as after winning 9 in a row thay spent another 14.5 million to secure the ten. Even with Laudrup, Gattuso, Amoruso, Moore etc they couldn't do it. I don't think either us or them will get this close again and we don't need to spend megabucks but we need a united team willing to give everything to achieve it and than means players and fans united and not fans constantly blasting the players.

10.) 11 Mar 2019 18:48:24
Anyone who thinks that success can be bought by spending money should check Everton's "success" from the money spent in the last two summer transfer windows and study their lack of improvement .

The cold wind inside Celtic Park was blamed on some of the players as some of the freezing crowd tried to keep themselves warm by hurling abuse at players.

11.) 11 Mar 2019 20:24:34
Kev I thought young Henderson was the pick of our midfielders and was a bit confused as to why he was taken off at halftime.

12.) 11 Mar 2019 20:25:37
We wouldn't be able to buy most of that team these days a guy like Stubbs would go for 20 million plus.
Larsson wouldn't come to Celtic if it was now and neither would Lambert, straight from winning the champions league.

13.) 11 Mar 2019 20:07:23
Old man Chris if you think success can't buy success maybe you should study Manchester city and Chelsea.

14.) 12 Mar 2019 19:54:31
How many European Cups have Manchester City won?
How well have Chelsea done this past few seasons?
What about the Everton I mentioned?
Many of our fans would wet themselves with excitement if we matched Everton's spending . Many would be expecting European success, we have won double back to back trebles with spending very little and so Everton type spending would have to bring European success or it would be wasted money.

Stepbhoy2 it's hardly fans of the couple shouting abuse at them that causes couple to divorce 😊😇.



04 Mar 2019 10:43:09
So today is the last real comment I am having on the Rodgers situation.

Now that I have calmed down a bit I am going to say this.
Our 2 and half years under him have brought some fantastic highs and a few lows.
Our domestic record has been amazing and I wouldn't swap it for anything in the world.
In Europe we have had some good results Manchester city ect ect and some proper doings PSG ect ect but European football after Xmas the last 2 years is a good thing.

The way he left has soured his legacy and that is a shame because we have had good times under him.

He built on a lot of the work Ronny tried to do while here and the next man with hopefully built on what Rodgers did.

I thank him for his work while here but I won't wish him the best because of the way he treated us.


1.) 04 Mar 2019 11:50:40
Kev my anger is subsiding and I’m grateful for what he did for us but the manner of his departure was such that he’ll never be remembered fondly or welcomed back which is a shame. Unless he made a public apology when he recognises and acknowledges the mistake he’s made an the underhand way he’s gone about things. I wish the man no ill will and all the best. I have nothing but sympathy for him when I hear his take on events that we’re hurt and will welcome him back one day. Naw we’re raging at being taken in and flanneled with the Celtic man living the dream nonsense and no we won’t. We move on and personally I’m not interested in what he does or doesn’t do here on in. He will live to regret the decision and that’s really sad.

2.) 04 Mar 2019 15:50:37
I feel the same as everyone but I was thinking the other day, when would there have been a good time for him to leave? If he’d done it at the end of the season it wouldn’t give the new manager a lot of time to see what we have ( after the players loans finish, or are out of contract) until the qualifiers start. If he agreed with Leicester last week to stay with us til the end of the season some players could “down tools “ knowing he’s not going to be there. Maybe the sharp exit was best for everyone, although it was in a critical week for the club . Which fortunately we have came through.

3.) 04 Mar 2019 18:04:58
Quinn1888, I think it was tricky but could have been handled behind the scenes. He agrees to take over in summer but no announcement until we have secured the league - 6-8games maybe . Then a proper farewell whilst lifting the Scottish Cup. It happens all the time that way. It he drove it through asap. Why?

4.) 07 Mar 2019 13:11:28
I think myself and others have to apologise to some of the Ed's for not believing what they said about Brendan's behaviour at Liverpool. I know I personally thought that the Ed's were exaggerating and we're quoting the nonsense that is often said when a manager leaves . Looking back on Rodgers time at Celtic there was an awful lot of "I" and very little team in his discussions and press conferences .

To me Brendan over-all behaved worse at Celtic than we were warned about by Eds . I am only sorry I went to his book launch and bought his book . I think taking half of his backroom staff, shows this was quite a long drawn out plan by him and taking Tuoro was plainly trying to block an avenue to low priced but well skilled Young Africans . Rodgers just didn't want to go to Leicester he wanted to weaken us.



28 Feb 2019 11:58:00
Must say this guys. I thought the ref had a very good game last night.


1.) 28 Feb 2019 13:49:21
Kev 83 . I thought the referee could have been a lot tougher on the thuggish behaviour of many of the Hearts players Levien had them set up to injure or hurt or make as many Celtic players as sore as possible . I will admit that surprisingly enough MacLean booked some Hearts players in first half, which is something refs don't often do.

2.) 28 Feb 2019 14:29:35
He got every major decision right and every card right. Including the bookings for our players.

3.) 28 Feb 2019 15:22:55
There was one ridiculous decision giving them a foul for a push on our player but overall he was ok.

4.) 28 Feb 2019 16:24:29
He was better than most we have had all season, but he wasn't perfect and anyone who says he got every major decision right must have been watching game on the radio.



28 Feb 2019 07:20:52
Ed am I right in saying that we only need 5 wins and a draw to retain the league?


{Ed007's Note - I think if we win the remaining 5 games before the split that will put us 11 points clear with 15 to play for - so we could win the league at Ibrox.}

1.) 28 Feb 2019 11:22:25
Is the game at ibrox the 1st after the split?
Think there is 30 points left to play for so 16 will give us the league?

{Ed007's Note - It usually is to get it out the way, Kev but I'm not sure if would they do it if it was a league clincher.}

2.) 28 Feb 2019 11:57:12
No chance ed. Not with all the trouble that's went on this season. The atmosphere would be poisonous.

{Ed007's Note - They still need to win all the rest of their games too so there's a lot of football still to be played, we could already be Champions by the split.}

3.) 28 Feb 2019 12:25:36
Think the spfl will be praying that game is a dead rubber.

4.) 28 Feb 2019 13:36:09
That’s providing Sevco best Hibs and Kilmarnock before we give them a doing at Paradise Ed. We could win the league before the split 😉.

{Ed007's Note - 👍




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17 Mar 2019 13:05:26
Griffiths ablitiy was never in doubt, it was his mentality and there is still major question marks over it.




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16 Mar 2019 14:53:15
Ed i got ripped to pieces on here and on a few other Celtic sites on Facebook because I said he wasn't good enough.
Liam Henderson was a million times better than Allen and we sent him to hibs on loan then lost him altogether.
Celtic fans were blinded because we got one over the mob.
Was just an expensive up your 🖕 basically.


{Ed007's Note - That's the only reason I can think of too, Kev. It certainly couldn't have been a footballing one imo.}



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16 Mar 2019 10:13:57
Seemed like he was talking about after the league was wrapped up to me Rich T.




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12 Mar 2019 12:15:57
Sinclair ain't going anywhere and I'd be happy to have Hayes as Tierneys back up.




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10 Mar 2019 11:21:56
Ed007 is months ahead of the press with this rumour.
He broke it before the last transfer window opened.





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22 Mar 2019 14:35:17
Him or Wright fae st johnshone should get Scotland job.




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22 Mar 2019 07:09:36
Seen the video. It's on you tube.




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21 Mar 2019 16:18:52
He could be a ringer for Lilly savage for all I care. His record is fanastic.




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19 Mar 2019 20:00:02
If it's just they 2 it's got to be Lennon. Clarke has done nothing in the game.




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19 Mar 2019 16:00:38
God I hope they're not approaching Clarke.


{Ed007's Note - Me too, Kev but the same person who told me Rodgers was getting the job said that as things stand it'll either Clarke or Lennon. Hopefully that'll change in the coming weeks and considering Clarke has publicly stated he won't manage any other Scottish team than Kilmarnock then it's a very short-sighted approach by the board imo. It would be interesting to find out who has applied or who has got their agent to sound things out.}