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20 Feb 2019 20:37:49
Just saw the foul by Worrel Definitely a penalty. The red card has to be seen to believe it. Steve Clarke should get them to walk of the park. They mouth of and low and behold the above happens. Any outsiders watching would be stunned by the help from the bent officials.

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20 Feb 2019 22:05:13
Killie only committed 4 fouls the whole night yet received 1 yellow and 1 red card.
Sevco committed 11 fouls and zero cards by muir.

21 Feb 2019 10:18:47
What is it with The rangers players collapsing with both hands up to their faces, Morelos did it against McKenna, and Kammara did it last night, holding his hands in the same sort of position as Morelos did, do they include it as part of their training schedule, maybe the compliance officer should have a look at last night's sending off.

20 Feb 2019 13:46:10
Heard a rumour the ibrokes bar in benidorms been set on fire oh dear.

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20 Feb 2019 19:10:58
They will just build a new one and it will be the same bar😆.

20 Feb 2019 20:00:30
No fussed malky rubbishhole anyway.

20 Feb 2019 20:41:58
I can’t believe the Record Report on this. The headline states that the bar has been ‘torched’ and they mention it again in the report, insinuating that someone has deliberately set fire to it. They make a point of commenting that the flags that flew outside were burnt which sounds like an attempt to anger ‘the people’ as they would no doubt be Union flags and the like and then they start to comment on the fact that this has happened when thousands of Celtic supporters are arriving for Thursday’s game. That has got to one of the most disgraceful and blatant attempts to discredit Celtic supporters I can ever remember. I’d be surprised if there isn’t grounds for legal action against them over this.

20 Feb 2019 10:25:02
Just wondering if anyone can explain why the currants' thug is available for the cup treplay against Kilmarnock having been banned from the first leg but is then banned on Saturday as the third game of his ban. Doesn't seem to make any sense at all.

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20 Feb 2019 11:08:30
Does anything make sense with this governing body.

20 Feb 2019 13:46:27
Apparently the 3rd game only applies for league competition.

20 Feb 2019 14:35:43
Thanks. Probably something they brought in when they realised their title "hopes" had vanished.

21 Feb 2019 12:50:47
2 reasons

1. his 3rd match was due to threshold passed in league so applies to league games
2. his ban was sanctioned before the replay existed so matches were already set.

19 Feb 2019 23:29:24
Q another statement from sevco. Richard Gordon on radio Scotland saying there was 200 broken seats at last sevco game. Nothing in the papers then was there.

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19 Feb 2019 19:01:19
Watching BBC Scottish news there and Sevco are accusing BBC Sport of trying to influence The SFA Compliance Officer re: Morales.
Calling it 'Trial by Sportcene'.
There is absolutely no end to their affront and bravado.
The guy is a serial offender and along with team mates has already escaped due punishment before this season for violent conduct that was televised, magnified and freeze framed by all the Sport outlets - but still got excused.
Gerrard has already openly abused referees and got off Scot-Free.
This mob never ceases to amaze me; allowed to sneak back into Scottish Football under a dodgy ID and have had rules bent and invented to suit ever since 2012. You would think they would know their place as a new club and keep their head down and not bite the hand that resurrected them.

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19 Feb 2019 19:26:04
Total embarrassment and that's from their co can you imagine the hysteria if Pedro cane out with that guff. wee Robertson doesn't even mention that the thug got away with 2 bans.

19 Feb 2019 19:44:57
They need to deflect attention away from the fact that their season is almost finished. Expect more outrageous statements if Kilmarnock put them out the cup tomorrow night.

19 Feb 2019 22:48:36
Best kept secret until now.
Sevco fans broke 200 seats at Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago.
11% of all seats in the away end.
Celtic fans break 0.5% of seats at Killie and its back page news.

19 Feb 2019 23:49:31
there attempt to stop 10iar by using there dodgy referees have failed this season so guess what? they want the rules changed for next season. god help us next year when we find out what the masonic mob come up with.

20 Feb 2019 11:19:56
New rule for next year, Sevco to get 3 points for a draw 😳.

20 Feb 2019 11:42:43
The rubbish is about to hit the fan when their rolling out fat java. Propaganda for the orcs who lap it up.

19 Feb 2019 12:30:18
Ha ha ha the latest from my ex bear pals.
Apparently, there are growing calls on Sevco sites for a) Brown to be banned, b) Weah to be banned for "inciting, taunting" Kilmarnock players. c) Celtic be DEDUCTED 3 points for coin throwing and seat damage.
Yes, they really ARE that desperate lol.

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19 Feb 2019 13:24:43
Honestly we could give them all that and reduce our advantage to 5 pts and play without Weah and Brown (even if banned until the end of the season) and still win the league comfortably. Good job the replay is at ibrox or they would be wanting a 6pt deduction as the peepul would have nowhere to sit lol.

19 Feb 2019 18:23:01
Celtic have averaged 2.3 points a game this season.
If that trend continues, sevco will need a 100 percent record to win the league by one point.

20 Feb 2019 11:36:33
After the Kilmarnock statement and their thinly veiled threat to reduce our allocation, they tried that before and played in front of empty stands, when Celtic or sevco do not play there one stand is CLOSED except for banners and the other 3 stands are half empty.

Celtic bring circa 5,000 fans at minimum £25 a ticket, £125k a game £250k a season, plus all the food prices go up also. I say boycott these clubs and see how they survive without our GREEN POUNDS.

20 Feb 2019 19:19:13
I read somewhere Timalloy that Celtic are worth almost 170million to the Scottish economy, more than the entire golf season and also more than was raked in for the Glasgow Commonwealth games in 2014.

They can't do without us, a club like no other 💚🍀 Hail Hail.

18 Feb 2019 17:19:38
Had my weekly look over at Middle Earth. Orc pain is evident. The 1 they call seeker doesn't watch Celtic games but watches them but just the highlights 😂.

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18 Feb 2019 17:46:59
Aye Pud, claims he never visits this page either, the absolute and undisputed King of the BULLS hitters. His constant appeals to anyone who will listen that they're the same club, is funny to the point of cringeworthy. A desperate man following a desperate club. I gave up bantering over there months ago, it was like happy slapping a man with no feeling in his face 🤣😂.

19 Feb 2019 09:22:10
The thick deluded 3 Amigos; Him, Supercooper and UJ are comedy gold. 😂😂

19 Feb 2019 09:23:02
Seeker is one of the best over on the deluded channel! He’s doing his best to out do Union Jack in the most gullible fan in Scotland stakes! Some of his statements and predictions are hilarious! I’ll never forget his classic ‘this mhob will fold like a cheap suit in the rain if we put pressure on them’ hahahahaha still makes me burst out laughing! Hope he doesn’t see this by the way! Aww aye a forgot he doesn’t come on these pages! Hahaha!

17 Feb 2019 22:20:57
When this season is over and we reflect on the season I think today will be that game where most will look at and say" that's where the damage was done". to get the 3 points today, given yesterday's results and to win it when we did, not only put us 8 clear, keeps the domestic winning mentality going but also gives sevco and their fans a massive kick in the teeth.

They must've been sitting their watching that today thinking " we've got away with one this weekend", then broony steps up, bang, goal, near last kick of the ball. That must be a massive mental blow to that mob. All we need now is killie rocking up at ibrox now midweek and put them out the Scottish. what a few days that would be.

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18 Feb 2019 09:39:06
It will be a defining game as you say and does a lot of psychological damage from both sides. The consistency we have shown since the break plus the added quality in attack has given us great confidence and when you add the solid defending, plus composure of Bain, we have a great platform and opportunity to batter on for the silverware.

17 Feb 2019 12:25:17
So no Sunday pint with ex bears today because of our game, but I refused to let them off this time, on Thursday they were full of it but yesterday as usual, after another poor result they disappear. But I tracked them down this morning and here are there excuses. ( prepare for a belly laugh)
Apparently Sevco are "suffering from their great? euro run" having played so many extra games, some players are "tired" Also the team is suffering from "injuries and suspensions to key players" Davis and Defoe have been "disappointing" so far, so much so, that my ex bear pals and other "educated" sevconians want HALLIDAY ( yes fekin HALLIDAY) as he is a "true blue and understands the club" Same about Barisic "£2m wasted" oh dear.
So when I stopped laughing, which took a while, I replied with Celtic have played MORE european games and MORE domestic games AND suffered a BIG BIG injury list, yet WE are STILL top of League, one trophy in the cabinet and still with a chance of another Scottish cup win.
I took pity on them after that and allowed them to go back into hiding.

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17 Feb 2019 12:41:22
Tim you should have told them correct me anyone if am wrong but has young Callum not played the most games in the world or maybe it's Europe up till now this seadon.

17 Feb 2019 08:11:50
Who's slipoy blaming for the latest clusterf@@k spoke to a few gullibles in boozer last night who said st johnstone should have won.

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