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05 Apr 2019 10:21:13

At Aindoh's request we're running a poll on pyrotechnics at Football. Remembering that this isn't just about one idiot throwing a firecracker onto the pitch - which is a totally different matter - but ALL pyrotechnics inside stadiums:

Should pyrotechnic displays only be organised by the clubs and no one else? Vote here.

02 Apr 2019 16:37:40
Why don't the board consider buying Bolton, and use their license to gain access to the money in the English leagues.

02 Apr 2019 17:27:24
Ask Lenny first.

03 Apr 2019 23:58:20
I imagine not all of the Celtic fans living within 50 miles of Celtic Park would be happy travelling to Bolton for home matches.

07 Apr 2019 21:10:22
Any suggestions or ideas to get us out of this blatant corrupt, orange cheating sectarian cult league the better.

31 Mar 2019 16:31:49
Welshy did you get a ticket for the semi in the end I'm glad to say I did eventually like you had predicted.

03 Apr 2019 09:26:09
Good man yes I got sorted 👍.

04 Apr 2019 22:52:29
Good stuff mate I'll bring the flares if you throw them 😂😂 too soon?

30 Mar 2019 10:24:37
JohnT77, I don't know you John, but I am pretty sure that there is more expertise on our Board, than you can muster, and if the Board go with Lennon they won't be expecting a drop in season ticket sales, or a risk in the performance of a Scottish Football virgin, who could be successful and leave like rat Rodgers, or not make it in Scotland.

28 Mar 2019 11:24:56
Did you enjoy the thunder when he brought it back.

28 Mar 2019 11:23:29
Your right John nobody would be buying season tickets in the season we're going for 9 i.a.r. and maybe a quadruple treble 🤔.

27 Mar 2019 19:00:12
See this "It needs to be a Celtic man" patter it needs dropped. Guaranteed a huge drop-off in season ticket uptake if Lennon is installed. It would be a massive backwards step.

23 Mar 2019 09:24:26
Been watching a lot of clips on youtube about the bias against us in old firms unbelieable how many decsions have went against us glad i was born into a celtic family and republican area. A dnt no how that old co mob can love the so called glory they have acheived with the clear cheating i would be ashamed to support a club who have cleary cheated there way to sucess. There is a clip of the old co with a cupple of incedents that have supposedly went against them with them screaming there justifaction that everythings is bias against them and were just paranoid. one video i have found for them and MANY against us. They love to remind us wee live in a loyalist country. So how can a loyalist run country be against them😂.

29 Mar 2019 23:33:09
Things don't change, their most effective player on Sunday will certainly be Madden . They know they can rely on him .

21 Mar 2019 17:05:59
Would just like to sy a big well done to big eck for his outstanding performance today for keeping the score down to 3. The man is a tactical genius.

21 Mar 2019 16:52:24
EBT has to walk.


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