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18 Feb 2024 18:58:29
What do we do now?

A skint club who sacked their manager are ahead of us?

Time for action?


1.) 18 Feb 2024 19:35:47
Our fans will be more outraged when our half term accounts are announced shortly.

Celtic will have at least £100M in the Bank.

2.) 18 Feb 2024 20:38:41

Liewell surely will need to leave quickly

With his little gang.

3.) 19 Feb 2024 20:08:09
Anything that looks positive for Celtic will be met by out rage . When ref and VAR help Rangers 2012, the Celtic team is supposed to be good enough to overcome that . Ref and VAR operators know that Celtic fans are so angry with Board Recruitment team, Manager and players they can’t see Rangers 2012 benefiting from officials, they are in a blind rage and can’t see what’s happening.



18 Feb 2024 10:10:28
We need to start preparations or next year.

We need a whole new set up / . Structure for our football operations.

Rodgers has not been great but he is in an impossible position with the squad he has.

We have been poor for most of the season, especially against the so-called smaller teams.

I said in November we needed 4 players to win the league even with the points advantage. I was shot down. I gave up going to the games at that time saw I was so frustrated. That's despite being at the vast majority of home games for over 50 years and a constant season ticket holder Sind 1989.

In my view, our chances of stopping them are about 10%. That's being generous. My views on this team are well stated, so I won't repeat, suffice to say we are poor all over the pitch.

Only one man ? calls man the main shots Celtic., DD.

Almost all the fans I know are fed up. This is the most frustrated and angry I've seen Celtic fans since the early / mid 90's. No wonder, as our football operations are in a desperate state.

DD can only act once the league is out of sight, but if he doesn't do a radical overhaul we will struggle next year as well. Make no mistake he has blundered big time.

So my point is if the custodians are failing our club, then the fans need to step in and in my view will step up.

We have let a skint club who sacked their manager. This season catch us. unbelievable incompetence from the small gang ruining our club.

Not acceptable to me and hopefully the Celtic supporters will force change.


1.) 18 Feb 2024 11:23:34
Agree with the vast majority of your post celt65 but with two games still to play against SEVCO in the league, we're not out of this just yet.

We need far more from the team than they've delivered to date, and should they continue as they are it will be a slow death to the end of this season.

As they say, in a two horse race, second is last.

☘️ ? ☘️.

2.) 18 Feb 2024 10:53:34
As ed says there's plenty of time and games left but I wish I had his optimism. i can't see any evidence that we're winning this league. we struggle against dire opposition can't score goals and physical teams bully us. funny we've beat devco twice maybe because they don't sit in but we're too passive and there's no real physicality about us. dreading tynecastle never mind the crumbledome.

3.) 18 Feb 2024 11:38:01
Celtic had 4 months to prepare for the January transfer window and a chance to repair some of the damage caused in the summer transfer window.
Predictably the Celtic Board did very little.

The bare minimum was a left back especially since Taylor was injured before the window closed.

That decision to do nothing caused Celtic 2 points yesterday.

4.) 18 Feb 2024 12:30:07
Of course it isn’t acceptable to you Celt65 and many other Celtic supporters. The style and effort from team in last 20 mins is certainly not acceptable.
If and when we lose the league, then we need to ask questions.
Either BR is having a very poor season as Manager or else his players are letting him down . These players should be our rocks, Johnston, CCV, Mc G, Hatate, MO’R, Abada and Kyogo . 7 top players. 3 with recurring injuries and minimum help to us . The other four Johnston, Cal Mc G M, MO’R and Kyogo are only shadows of their selves from last season . Abada is very unlikely to feature for us again . Hatate very minimal . The players who are currently carrying us are certainly not fan’s favourites Harte, Scales Taylor ( back from injury yesterday) , these 3 have regularly played better than so called stars .

5.) 18 Feb 2024 14:03:06
Celtic mad

I agree we have had injuries…. But we bought lots of back up. Just don’t or can’t use it. As plenty of people have said £7m. On 2 Cb’s and not playing.


I will be over the moon to be wrong… just don’t see where the performances or energy will come from to beat them. We look so fragile and tired after 60 mins.

If I’m wrong, I will donate double what I have done in the past to Ed’s charity as a penance for losing the faith ?.

6.) 18 Feb 2024 14:07:19
Sevco keep scoring and getting points against teams we have struggled with. The question is why? I hear we have better players and squad yet they perform in Europe. We are very poor and we panic from free flowing to poor since even when Anges reign was finishing. Unforgivable by the board and the players should not get off Scot free. Oh yes Abada doesn’t want to play well I saw another 7 or 8 yesterday who would be better of not playing.

7.) 18 Feb 2024 16:11:46
We can lay the blame on the Board for our inability to fail to qualify for the knock out stages of Champions League but in the name of God how can we only win one game out of four against Kilmarnock . Two games at home .
If the blame for that doesn’t lie with the squad and manager, then there is something wrong . To me the last 30 mins yesterday was just going through the motions, Every min that the score remained 1 nil was a victory for our players . . We scored 4 goals and 3 goals in successive games earlier in season . Apart from Cup game v Buckie our form since break has been rotten . Apart C v season warm weather training has lifted us every yr, who is going to own up to making decision this yr . What we did instead didn’t look inspiring . Nothing before a week and a day before first match . Why have our star players. Let us down this yr, either injury or off form, they are not performing.

8.) 18 Feb 2024 16:31:16
Sean 66 m we know the reason for Sevco’s consistency, they like Celtic would be dropping a couple of points every four or 5 games if it wasn’t for Crawford Allan’s men who are always available to steady the ship and if possible rescue the points for them .



06 Feb 2024 22:29:05
So disappointing to hear Celtic fans talk of "why didn't we sign the Miovski".

We need to stand up to the DD/ PL axis ruining our great club. The league is gone. As most people will know from my posts, this was predictable a number of months ago.

We need rid of DD/ PL. at best an incompetent axis. Who knows what the worst analysis is? Never mind DD/ PL . What a mess our football team is . both full backs worse than average No back up. No cover at Cb either.

Midfield is dysfunctional and in able of winning the ball back. Can't take a corner or defend one. Team is too weak all over the park.

Low entry and fitness. most teams out run us. Ross county for example ran over the top of us in the last ten minutes 2 weeks back and deserved an equaliser.

We have no wingers. 5 or 6 hangers on might claim they are wingers but they can't run with the ball or beat a man. Nothing up front. Kyogo is not ahead of Dessers in goals in the league.

My only solace. Is our support will be protesting in the coming weeks and we will get rid of this rotten axis ruining our club. I can't wait. So disappointed that we allowed this to happen.


1.) 06 Feb 2024 22:57:58
does your axis include BR?
Personally, I do not think his heart is in the jobe.

2.) 06 Feb 2024 22:58:14
The league is far from gone.
Celtic still have much better players but I agree we need to be using them better.

I actually thought Sevco had a weak lineup tonight.
They had better players last season and better players again the year before.

Clement has been the difference the gap has been closed because he’s getting the best out of his players and Brendan hasn’t.

Celtic are more than capable of stepping up a few gears similar to our Christmas and New Year form.

3.) 06 Feb 2024 23:16:31
The leagues up for grabs and I still think Brendan will deliver.

4.) 06 Feb 2024 23:22:39
The mystery surrounding BR is that he is in no better a position than what made him leave last time, so why come back? Or is DD about to kill the Lawell franchise?

5.) 07 Feb 2024 00:39:57
I would love to know how we can get rid off. DD.

6.) 07 Feb 2024 02:42:52
The league is gonewe're top ??????.

7.) 07 Feb 2024 05:48:47
Our teams out of form, our signings didn’t work, deal with it, support our team stop whinging and creating division, by all means have an opinion but statements like we need rid of DD ( and get who) , Pl agreed when he left should have stayed away but does having someone with his power in euro football part of our club assist our club (maybe) , and while we’re top league, leagues over, turn your tv off give someone your book if you have one see u next season, if narocki was solid and oh done the business, ccv and hetate not injured would people have same opinion, I don’t think so, it’s thickle and entitled, reminds of fans of a certain other team that’s kept us entertained.

8.) 07 Feb 2024 14:30:10
The surest way to lose the SPL this season is for those who haven’t the interest of Celtic at heart, is for the orchestrated leaders of our anti - Celtic support to persuade our gullible supporters to create havoc in anti - Board demonstrations because club is in danger of losing a 2nd. SPL in 13 .
Our great club and team need ever Working for success .
By all means protest when SPl is over .



02 Feb 2024 19:03:05
The DD/ PL axis running our beloved club is nearing the end. A normal PLC board would have stopped things years ago, but unfortunately we don't have a board.

Only The Celtic fans will put an end to this .

Sadly, it will take us slipping behind in the league to act. But I feel we will rid ourselves of this incompetent and selfish mob ruining our great club.

Our manager has given up and the players will note this, so unlikely this will end well.



1.) 02 Feb 2024 20:09:32
I would rather we had a more passionate hands on “Owner” to be made available on the final transfer day.

Celtic have hundreds of thousands of totally passionate fans around the World, watching every hour of the transfer window on the final day,
And yet Dermot Desmond is on the Golf Course thousands of miles away.

Celtic and our amazing fans deserve better.
It feels like he’s made the decision to spend Zero money and then F*cked off to play Golf.

2.) 02 Feb 2024 20:39:05
His favourite club is his putter!

3.) 02 Feb 2024 21:35:19
I wonder how our supporters can get rid of our Board . I know there is no doubt many vocal supporters can’t wait until they get rid of Board .
Not been smart but I can see many supporters of the view that with the success we have had undoubtedly have had especially domestically, some fans may not join in and fans against Board would not have unanimous support, esp if there is a SPL to be won.

4.) 02 Feb 2024 22:16:01

Can’t relate to your obscure view and unwillingness to appreciate the situation.

Good night.



27 Jan 2024 18:47:56
I have said it before. The fans will need to act before the DD / PL axis are forced into moving our club forward.

The bad and sad news is we don't have enough to win the league this year as it stands.

They've sacked the manger due to poor performance of the team . and they are on our tails. Unbelievable.

I wasn't at the game . Because I can't deal with the undue stress watching this poor team perform. I have up after the Motherwell game.

No point in repeating my concerns. this team are not up to winning the league.


1.) 27 Jan 2024 22:37:59
That’s one positive, you not repeating your concerns. I. am sure everyone knows every concern that people have . Similarly all us super optimists have sickened the realistic people enough .
It’s time we looked forward and supported our team, good players average players and those we don’t like . Anyone who plays for Celtic has to be supported and encouraged.

2.) 28 Jan 2024 07:42:15
We do support the team, it is the board we have an issue with. If they think we are going to put up with their ineptitude, then they are sadly mistaken.

If they think the boos at the end were bad (they wee not directed at the team, they wee directed at the board) or the sack the board chants before Xmas wee bad, just wait and see what it's like if they fail to deliver the league with lack of signings. P. s. loans are not acceptable.

3.) 28 Jan 2024 23:16:34
Weejoe . How would the team know the boos were not aimed at them . Players knew they had a stinker . If our supporters want to be part of winning this season’s SPL, they have to remove all doubt that they are supporting and encouraging the team from start to finish, cut out the loud groans after a pass goes astray . Cut out shouts of abuse at individual players and by all means let the Board know they are not happy, but do so when the team is not in the stadium. Supporters who want to get at Board can find out when Board meetings are held and then they can picket these meetings.




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08 Feb 2024 17:19:30

Spot on.

I first noted how tired we were when AM ran over the top of us in second half in Madrid… and thought ok they are a top side.

But Ross County, Aberdeen and Hibs last night. Something not right on the fitness front. Could be players are not quite at it. It’s hard to go 90 mins and when you are not fully motivated, you can feel the tiredness more readily. Also, just like any job, sickness levels always rise when morale is low.

Who knows what the real issue (s) is but something not right…. and we are struggling to compete and keep players fit.




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02 Feb 2024 16:10:30
If he is indeed out, nothing official as yet, this would be his 4th injury spell in 2 seasons. Add in his missing due to internationals and the fact he can’t last more than 65 mins when fit, isn’t great…. pity as he is a top performer when fit on the park.




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01 Sep 2023 12:43:16
That’s not going to serve anyone well. Turnbull who looked like a player when he arrived has failed to deliver too many times.

We are seriously lacking physicality and dig in the midfield……. we will suffer if we don’t rectify this. You can’t have or keep the ball all time, you need someone to win it back. We don’t have one player in midfield who can do that.

If we stick with a lightweight midfield, I do fear for us domestically, never mind Europe…. Be happy to be proved wrong ?.





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18 Feb 2024 20:43:58
4 LC

Well said.




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18 Feb 2024 20:38:41

Liewell surely will need to leave quickly

With his little gang.




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18 Feb 2024 20:31:58
End game is approaching.




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18 Feb 2024 20:01:11
Spot on…. The fans have been taken for a ride.




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18 Feb 2024 19:44:43
Spot on chunks 67

Very well put.

I can’t understand why some Celtic fans feel we are not spot on!

We are such a poor team… get rid of the Liewell hug and his wee gang.




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