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04 Jul 2021 10:03:52
Hey good morning my friends Enrico is back.

Enrico was not feeling so good last few months but much better now.

Very exciting now with new manager coming to paradise. He seems to have a wealth of football knowledge so hopefully bring some new ideas and gets the bhoys playing again.

The players underperformed last season it is time for them to show Sevco what they are really all about you know?

Enrico hopes Griff can hit a bit of form again this season and bang in 20 goals.
Hail Hail my friends.

Enrico Annoni3

1.) 04 Jul 2021 11:25:41
Enrico welcome back pal, hope you are feeling healthier now maybe give the wine a miss until you are 100% better lol
I agree with you about Griffiths, I sense a change in his attitude also, he has the talent it is just his application that needs to change, but Celtic really need his crosses, corners and free kicks we just need a big target man for Griff to find.

2.) 04 Jul 2021 19:10:14
Good to see you back Enrico, I'm drinking a small glass of grape 🍇 juice to your health.

3.) 04 Jul 2021 20:16:32
Many thank my friends looking forward to the season ahead.

Tim my friend Enrico only have the 1 bottle of grape juice this evening

Hail Hail 🍷.

4.) 05 Jul 2021 20:16:25
Mr Annoni welcome back, glad you are back on the mend friend. I won't lie, i was very apprehensive about the new manager at first, but the more i hear him speak about the game and how he wants his teams to set up and also how he expects his team perform both on the training field and on match days i am starting to get a little excited to see how we set up once we are back playing. I just hope he sticks to his word with regards to fitness and if players don't buy into it they get shown the door, not his exact words but that's what I took from what he said. Plus i feel he needs to be backed with players HE wants to sign, as i can imagine the players that were signed were already on our radar, he may have had a final say but i still want him to bring in HIS players.

Enrico i believe LG has a lot to prove to the faithful and owes a debt to the board and manager for the new deal so I'm fully expecting a very hungry Leigh Griffiths this season to show his worth and appreciation, if it works in our favour and we get a LG that's 100% fit (which I'm really hoping for) he could be the difference with the goals he WILL score.

Again Enrico it's good to see you back posting again stay well and healthy and enjoy your bottle of wine friend🍷🍷HH.




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12 Feb 2024 19:42:21
Hey my friends Enrico wonders would you keep playing Bernebei when Taylor come back?

Like Enrico say the other day there must be a player there you know?

He had good game yesteday but maybe need more games to show what he can do guys.

Hail Hail.

Enrico Annoni3

1.) 12 Feb 2024 20:18:31
While Bernabei done ok, he didn't do enough for me to keep his place.

2.) 12 Feb 2024 22:59:02
He has done enough to get more minutes going forward. He has had a decent couple of games, let’s see if he progresses.



08 Feb 2024 10:10:17
Good morning guys.

Enrico will take 2-1 every game from now until end of season.

Who thinks we win the league?

Enrico thinks we will win but the reason I ask is Enrico has some friends who are from the dark side and think this is there year and big Phil is going to win it for them.

But I tell them ah I don't think so you know. Like BR said the other week there they have been coming since he was with us the first time.

Enrico Annoni3

1.) 08 Feb 2024 11:01:38
Celtic have better players but Sevco have a better manager.
Clement is getting the best out of his players but I still can’t see what Brendan is trying to do.
Whatever Brendan is trying to get his players to do, it’s clearly ineffective.

A positive could be that Sevco will have played more games that Celtic this season.
Next Month they will have played 9 competitive games more and that’s not counting the extra meaningless friendly games Sevco have played.

Hopefully extra games will catch up with them and Europe becomes a distraction.

The negatives apart from our players don’t know what they’re doing, is our disgraceful pitch.
Home games could become a battle and that will suit the away teams.
Another negative could be the supporters.
The Sevco fans are 100% behind the club and they believe in their manager.
The Celtic fans are on the verge of imploding which I understand but it could hand them the initiative.

It’s obvious Brendan isn’t the manager to take us forward,
Won Or Lose this season,
Celtic need a new manager for next season.

2.) 08 Feb 2024 11:25:11
Can't argue with that. The conveyor belt of injuries has been a big problem, but it's clear too many 'fit' players are well below what's expected and the football they are producing is very mediocre. The manager seems to be going through the motions and hoping rather than looking for solutions to our problems, as this has gone on far too long. Plus, the defense looks very vulnerable no matter who plays.
I also think MOR has been distracted by the speculation and sees a much brighter future away from Celtic.
Most of this season Cal-Mac, Kyogo, AJ and several others have been a shadow of previous form and Abada also looks totally ineffective. Apart from that we're fine.

3.) 08 Feb 2024 11:31:07
Don't think we have it in us this year. We've only played well in a handful of games. It could even get embarrassing if some of these close matches start to swing away.

4.) 08 Feb 2024 14:24:50
Most Celtic players are not perf At their best . It’s unusual for that to happen at any club. I think Celtic have had a couple of periods when the team managed to play reasonably well and string a few decent and deserving results together .
Our bad form has co-incided With times when many fans have been angry and disillusioned. First time when GB were not allowed to go to Celtic matches, 2nd time when many fans can’t understand either the quality or quantity of new players bought in January window. The performance of team and mood of supporters in general may be coincidence but I don’t see the fans mood lift much until the team strings together. a few convincing Wins . Normal service will return after that and supporters will encourage Celtic to victory .
Even after our late late penalty goal last night I am not not convinced that Sevco are not benefiting a lot more from the decisions given each match which has resulted in Clements team closer ro us than they should be.

5.) 08 Feb 2024 15:08:56
We can't have a new manager unless Brendan will resign, if he is sacked, that means he will be owed the three or whatever years are left on his contract.



07 Feb 2024 20:39:56
Enrico very pleased for Idah with well taken penalty kick.

Guys we need to be faster on the ball and we need to want to win these balls too as Hibs are winning more balls than us in middle of the park.

Hail Hail guys ?.

Enrico Annoni3

1.) 07 Feb 2024 21:08:08
Yes well done young man confidence to stand up and be counted.



07 Feb 2024 15:19:55
Enrico hoping for big win tonight my friends.

BR and team need to come out and show why they are champions. Yes somethings not so good at the momento but come out and show the rest we are the kings.

CalMac drive the team on get the ball moving opening up the spaces Enrico hope Idah get on scoresheet also.

Enrico just heading for couple of bottle of grape juice. ?

Hail Hail.

Enrico Annoni3



04 Feb 2024 11:07:52
Ed my friend Enrico reading a lot of the guys posts and wonder what Ed's thoughts are.

It just should not be nose and nose with Clemente team you know.

Hail Hail guys ?.

Enrico Annoni3

{Ed007's Note - Overall I blame DD for allowing the board to stagnate when it's painfully obvious we need some fresh blood in there who know how to run a modern football club properly. On that note I blame the board for not having the commons sense or foresight to appoint a DOF to come in and build a strategy for the Club, someone to show direction to the footballing department.
For the poor results and performances I lay the blame for that firmly at the feet of the players, once they cross that line it's up to them to do their job to the best of their ability, give 100% and come of that pitch knowing they couldn't have done any better or gave any more, too many of them out there look as if they don't care or think that we just need to turn up and we'll win.}

1.) 04 Feb 2024 17:00:23
Spot on ed. I've a really bad feeling about how this season is going to pan out lise on Wed and its a major blow we have to start taking our chances palma has got to be on the bench he offer zilch. kuhn to be fair looks a player and its time abada started to play he's an empty jersey as is bernardo.

{Ed007's Note - AJ & CalMac have been poor all season and don't get me started on Kyogo and the "he isn't getting the service" patter - good strikers create their own chances and make their own luck - because he misses so many sitters it blows that argument out the window.}

2.) 04 Feb 2024 17:47:06
Ed007 do you have any idea when Iwata will be fit to play? I amy be the only one on the site who likes the player. Play him in place of McG which will push him further forward maybe?

{Ed007's Note - There's pics of Iwata training on Friday so he shouldn't be far off a return and I agree with you about playing him. Like CCV and Hatate his injury record is a concern but we need to see more of him to see if he has any real future at Celtic, if he can stay fit he does add another dimension to our midfield.}

3.) 04 Feb 2024 18:08:31
Thanks ed007.

{Ed007's Note - ?

4.) 04 Feb 2024 20:04:03
Ed, I know we don't have a permanent DOF but I remember we brought Strachan in some sort of consultant role. Were strategy and future direction part of his remit?

{Ed007's Note - No, Strachan was brought into the Club by Dom McKay on a 3 month advisory role back in August 2021 - forget the rubbish on social media about him still being involved at Celtic in any way - to advise on how we could develop our football academy, women’s team and the newly established (at the time) B-Team.}

5.) 04 Feb 2024 20:25:00
Is that all it was? Probably for the best considering given an ounce of autonomy he'd have brought Mark McGhee with him ?.

{Ed007's Note - That was it, and just like Dom McKay's tenure it done hee haw, the academy is nothing more than a drain on the the finances which produces not much, the B-Team is a joke who struggles against part-timers and the woman's team is no more than a PC box-ticking exercise that just drains money out the Club with no particular reason for it's existence other than be "hip".}

6.) 04 Feb 2024 22:51:39
Do you think there are many good D O F that would be interested in coming to Glasgow and stay 8-10 yrs with us which would give them some time to do something. When we get a Manager who is looking good and doing a good job he tends to leave after 2 - 3 yrs .
Is there a risk the same will happen with a D o F .?




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07 Feb 2024 20:07:36
Buzz my friend Enrico agrees.

Enrico Annoni3



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29 Aug 2021 14:16:59
Enrico thinks time for the Frenchman to go. Take these money.

Enrico Annoni3



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04 Jul 2021 20:16:32
Many thank my friends looking forward to the season ahead.

Tim my friend Enrico only have the 1 bottle of grape juice this evening

Hail Hail 🍷.

Enrico Annoni3




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19 Feb 2024 18:45:54
Enrico would like to see BR staying and some funds for players guys.

Enrico also think we win league and the Scottish.

A lot of good players to come back into side and this we’ll be important for beating sevco twice guys you know.

Enrico Annoni3



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19 Feb 2024 10:19:05
5leafclover my friend Enrico agrees with you.

Too many of our guys have or giving up. This is not so good you know.

The media are getting into some peoples heads. Enrico sure we will beat sevco again.

Some results have been poor guys but this can be turned around we have a lot of time and games to play.

Enrico Annoni3



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18 Feb 2024 07:16:35
Dr Phil Enrico agrees with you.

When we had Sinky Dembele KT, Lustig Broony. Some of the football was beautiful to watch from BR first time you know.

There is some passages of play where Enrico can see what the team will play like when the confidence is there.

BR is a winner anywhere he is go he has won with the club. Enrico stands with BR.

Sevco will drop points and Enrico also confident we beat them again and again.

Enrico Annoni3



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17 Feb 2024 22:16:35
BR is not the guy who should be sacked my friends.

Enrico still believe in BR this is nonsense Celtic cannot win every game. Have we put ourselves in difficult slot yes.

We must now step up to the challenge and show the rest we are stil the best.

Lot of nonsense about sevco being better bla bla bla we have not played well and must do so from now on you know.

Keep the faith my friends.

Enrico Annoni3



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17 Feb 2024 22:13:45
Hey my friends Enrico agree with Ed here.

Some fans are giving sevco too much credence you know?

They do not have bit between teeth and better results. We have played poorly that is only reason it is as close you know.

BR is still the right man to be in charge.

We have beat these guys twice already and will beat them again.

Very frustrating result today guys.

The sevco had 2 chances to go too and bottled it.

We need calm focused heads and McGregor capitano must lead by example and must not let any nerves set in to him or anyone else.

Enrico Annoni3



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