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Team: Celtic

Where from: Glasgow

Favourite player: Larsson

Best team moment: Humping the now dead rangers 6 - 2. Henrik with a cheeky wee chip lush.

Interests: Football......

Timezone: (GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

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19 Sep 2017 10:09:04
Who is their twelfth man on Saturday?

1.) 19 Sep 2017 11:42:50
Craig Thomson, I think, Kwaj.

2.) 19 Sep 2017 12:43:14
We have a long controversial history with Thomson but even he shouldn't be enough to save them.

3.) 19 Sep 2017 13:15:15
I used to play football with his brother he is St Mirren daft and a genuine St Mirren fan no like chic Young he's no biased he's simply poor!

4.) 19 Sep 2017 13:56:46
We're the 12th man on Saturday.

5.) 19 Sep 2017 14:54:07
Not Thompson.!
Might get odds against now Stan!

6.) 19 Sep 2017 15:02:24
Naka as you say a St Mirren fan he has an identical twin mate who also stays in Paisley and he gets some amount of pelters lol on the social scene because everyone thinks its him pmsl

Only in Paisley ;-P.

7.) 19 Sep 2017 15:16:06
chic young only became a st Mirren fan after Watty gave him pelters for asking if ragers need better players for Europe - smith showed his class by swearing like a trouper and gave him pelters. think he hid out as the paisley panda for a while to get rehab for offending saint watty. available on youtube.

8.) 19 Sep 2017 15:16:23
Big change in the odds today Andy the win is now 8/ 11. What were PP thinking. Hope you took evens. HH.

9.) 19 Sep 2017 15:45:43
thomson confirmed ref.

10.) 19 Sep 2017 16:00:40
We should prepare to play with 10 men, he is a complete dork. Loves booking the green and white.

11.) 19 Sep 2017 16:16:58
Agh! Typical! I was waiting till payday (Friday! ) mind you, they'll surely revise it now with him in charge.

12.) 19 Sep 2017 18:10:48
Can't stand the guy he's totally inept and a bombscare. Irritates me with his smug smile and shake of the head when he's refusing us something blatant almost like he enjoys shafting us.



28 Aug 2017 22:34:52
Ed any news on Kouassi, felt he was just beginning to show what he has to offer before the injury. He is the real deal and bossed the games he played in albeit briefly, so hopefully soon?

1.) 28 Aug 2017 23:00:23
I believe he had ankle surgery a week or two ago.



30 Jul 2017 23:45:02
Its time for all of Celtics support to come together and really stand together. There is an extra element in the MSM at he moment targeting Celtic and all who travel and support the club. They are to be a painted as essentially terrorists in the press or at least sympathisers. Every instance will be highlighted and exaggerated. Regardless of your politics be aware your club is under attack and we all need to stand together. ps. Time the club also started to stick up for its supporters too.

1.) 31 Jul 2017 00:19:13
I smell paranoia, look, if the Celtic family behave themselves, they won't give the press of any hue, or left wing right wing or whatever, a chance to write headlines about them, there are worthy causes in this world, the Palestinians for one, but if the the Palestinian cause is being hijacked by right wing jihadi.

{Ed007's Note - Who cares what the press write? If the press are bad mouthing Celtic fans then the fans must be doing something right.}

2.) 31 Jul 2017 08:05:45
The press will never change.
When Sevco get knocked out of Europe by a part time team from Luxembourg of all places, they pass it off as an early season blip, when actually it was a total disaster.
If Celtic on the other hand were to lose against Rosenborg on Wednesday, they will no doubt portray it as one of the biggest calamities in our clubs history, which it obviously wouldn't be.
It doesn't matter how well the team play, or how good our support is, they will always find something negative to write about us.
The best way to stick 2 fingers up to them, is for the team to keep winning, that's what annoys them most.

3.) 31 Jul 2017 10:07:21
Mixed reaction from the locals at work today. Some have woken up to that waste of space that incited violence in Hendon. Others, though giving me dogs abuse about our scum fans and how we smashed up loadsa pubs in Sunderland. Were you in Sunderland or at the match I ask. No they say. Which pubs I asked? Name one? Oh dunno they say. Heard it from a mates mates mates mate. Piss off I say. Idiots.

4.) 31 Jul 2017 16:20:19
I agree with you 100% that it's time that the supporters unite.

The truth is though that as long as the indefensible is going on, (Provo banner at Linfield game, ) then it makes it harder to justify throwing pyros at EDL scum. Videos being shared online didn't look good in parts with innocent bystanders. Not their fault a fascist was holding a "book signing".

The club is famed for our great support. As long as we focus on football and supporting Brendan and the team, while being inclusive of everyone's backgrounds, we'll be right as rain.

5.) 31 Jul 2017 16:21:31
Kwaj your saying that as if it's new it's been happening since the day I was born.

6.) 31 Jul 2017 18:16:31
What you over 200 years old? No bad wee craigy white, must have had a couple of telegrams lmao. ;)

7.) 31 Jul 2017 18:31:23
Ed'd right, feck them. This shows me clearly the level of their fear. They know they have feck all. Their team is feck all and they will win feck all.

They can all feck off.



17 Jul 2017 23:45:31
What are your thoughts about UEFA taking LG to task for putting a scarf on the goalposts? If the case is provocation then this act was after the missile attack. The reality is no provocation was required as the ones who were involved had a whole week of events fuelling their hate. Whilst what LG did was sillyand out of frustration there is no argument to justify the projectiles and pitch invasion. Its like jumping over your neighbours fence to nick some flowers only to be shot. What LG did was silly but his actions only provided the ones to claim they were provoked when they are simply driven by insane bigotry and hatred anyway. There is no excuse and there is no justification imo! .

1.) 18 Jul 2017 00:07:24
Kwaj he was provoked and bottles thrown at him. Not acceptable. We know that Griff is not the sharpest tool in the box. There was no need to tie a Celtic scarf to the post. He has done it at Ibrox as well and to be fair what is the point? Its the end of the game. He has plenty time to calm down so its not an instant reaction to the bottle incident. In my opinion BR will pull him aside and tell him to grow up. You won't see him do that again. If Dembele stays I could see Griff being moved on by BR at end of trsnsfer window but depends on Dembele move. Griff should know better.

2.) 18 Jul 2017 00:13:47
He should not have done it, no matter how provoked he was. He should know better and rise above it. The Linfield fans are thick neandarthals and i think it is pitiful he was booked for what he was, but he should be better than that rabble and should not have taken the bait.

3.) 18 Jul 2017 05:22:30
Unless im mistaken griff ties a scarf around every away goal after every game regardless of who it is. Not to do it at certain grounds would be letting others dictate how he behaves.

4.) 18 Jul 2017 07:58:49
LG knew exactly what he was doing. Whatever your opinion on his actions you can't complain when he gets pulled for it. UEFA were bound to punish him and his actions could see him banned for the next round so we're his actions justifiable? I'm all for getting it right up the Belfast Bigots but not at the expense of Celtic progressing in Europe, they are just not worth it. What I will say though is that mob should be absolutely hammered by UEFA. A ban from European competition is the least they should get along with a huge fine. Disgusting behaviour by their scummy fans.

5.) 18 Jul 2017 11:29:40
I can smell the hand of Hugh Dallas in this.

6.) 18 Jul 2017 23:26:48
@bigrab - behave yourself! How will they get banned for a first offence? Your lot on the other hand. 😰.



15 Jul 2017 13:51:16
I am just glad the bottle did not hit LG, however the referee probably would have given him a red card if it had.




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21 Jul 2017 14:07:47
I think that maybe BR had decided to let SA go last season in his mind and has recruited accordingly. The bonus of SA having a fantastic season has only increased his sell on value. If you really want a player you make sure you keep them and don't let things drag on. SA stated he wanted to stay and BR stated he wants to keep him. If this was the case deal would have been done by now imo. Maybe SA feels that he might not start as much this season down to new recruits as our midfield is our strongest area? I would like SA to stay as he is a terrific footballer and will only get better, if he goes I wish him well.



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12 Jun 2017 08:16:22
He was playing for France, so yes.



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10 Jun 2017 12:30:14
Ha ha good one. Stong links, eh where or what are these magical sources. Your dog is best pals with KT, s neighbours dog and he heard it straight from KT's.



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31 May 2017 21:01:17
Lets see: PL: Brendan just so you know, even though your team which after sales was built out of profit from sales and sell on clauses etc. Even though you won a treble at the first time of asking, which is only our fourth in our history. As well as the clean sweep you managed to come through the whole season UNDEFEATED. Finally the same squad with a couple of additions has significantly increased in value and ability because of your inputs. The interest worldwide from the footballing world at your achievements, the improved attendances and overall position of the club as a whole.

This sounds like a sevco dream that might be possible if you say it enough.

What we have is a better manager than the one Liverpool hired to nearly win the EPL! Exciting times ahead.



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21 May 2017 00:04:40
Ha ha, c'mon what's with these posts attempting to relay a negative message in a friendly fashion. All I would say to McStay1888 is " I can definitely smell shite".

On another note. Its fantastic that DK has come out and declared the warchest of 13 million for next season. Spent prudently I feel that this will give sevco a chance to compete with Aberdeen for 2nd. However the reality is that with Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen and possibly even Dundee Utd it is more realistic for them to be challenging for 4th or even 3rd position.




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20 Sep 2017 15:13:33
Alves just doesn't want to play against us. feign.



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19 Sep 2017 16:00:40
We should prepare to play with 10 men, he is a complete dork. Loves booking the green and white.



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08 Sep 2017 13:17:35
Thing with plastic pitches are this even though they appear soft and grass like. The conditions on the body are similar to running or playing on concrete with exception to the falling side. Causes the same or similar effects on body and will encourage any underlying symptons, just done my left quad on plastic pitch Monday and have given it some rice.



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05 Sep 2017 01:20:44
Step forth EO. let's se what you got. Pity if LG is out but perfect for EO to come in and settle over the league games. IF LG still out for CL at least EO will have a few games unde his belt and hopefully a few goals. 3 thumbs down. bellends.



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03 Sep 2017 10:36:07
We all know this is the only way to keep the sevco hordes happy. The irony is they all complain about how biased that rag and specific journos sorry not journos sevco cheerleaders are in their views. This is the stuff they want to believe and actually do, so let them have their warped views and dellusional rants. We on the other hand will just simply win things and compete at a higher level, bottom feeders always try to drag you down to dine with them. We don't want to swallow any of the shoite they are happy to munch on. Let them enjoy it ha ha.