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24 Feb 2018 03:57:26
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23 Feb 2018 21:18:17
Paddy plays an hour for the development squad tonight.

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24 Feb 2018 01:10:26
didn't realise Mccourt was back.

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23 Feb 2018 14:33:26
Rogic rejected new contract supoosedly.

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23 Feb 2018 14:42:12
He should be punted anyway.
Doesn't matter how good he is if he's spending 75% of out injured.

{Ed007's Note - That's the problem, Kev. Rodgers feels he can't rely on him over a long season. I posted on a thread the other week that Rogic is in his sixth season with us and has only managed 117 games in that time and it's only 74 of them that are league appearances.}

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23 Feb 2018 14:55:42
Tierney has played that in 2 seasons ed007.
Both rogic boyata and Jozo are in same boat. How can you build a stable midfield or defence when they are never fit.

{Ed007's Note - There's no question about his ability and if I'm being honest I reckon we'd struggle to hold onto Rogic if he was fully fit for a couple of seasons but I'll be surprised if ever gets to that level.}

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23 Feb 2018 15:32:20
Everytime I talk about him I end up comparing him to Phil O'Donnell. Like O'Donnell he will never reach the hights his skill level should take him to.

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23 Feb 2018 16:51:03
Any squad news for Sunday yet? Anyone coming back from injury?

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23 Feb 2018 16:54:35
So why did Rogic get on before Musonda last nite i thought that Musonda would've been on first t play the ten roll not the winger role he did come on for?

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23 Feb 2018 17:21:59
Rogic got on because he has magic feet. When he's fit he's our best player, probably right that we would struggle to keep hold of him tbh. I would still hate to see him go.

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23 Feb 2018 17:23:01
he is 50 times the player o'donnell was.

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23 Feb 2018 17:37:47
I've never seen a player like Rogic last night coming on and no making an effort to run and chance and harry for the ball first then use your skills to create.

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23 Feb 2018 17:45:27
ORD we keep hear people like yourself keep saying When he's fit but he never is.
His average is under 20 game a season
His average for league games in about 12.5 games a season.
That is no use to us at all.

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23 Feb 2018 17:47:53
James I don't agree there but even if that's true the parallels are still there.
O'Donnell had the skill to go higher than he did but being constantly injured stopped that.
Rogic also has the skill to go higher but won't because injury will stop it.

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23 Feb 2018 20:24:30
kev, you obviously didn't watch rogic win the scottish cup last year single handedly.

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23 Feb 2018 20:35:31
I don't think Rogic has the skill that many of you do, and wouldn't be phased if he left tomorrow. Could he become a good or great player? Who cares. He isn't dynamic enough to do what is required in his chosen role in the modern game. Punt.

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23 Feb 2018 21:49:39
Jb67 he didn't win it single handedly so please stop exaggerating. He score a cracking goal but the team won the Scottish cup.

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23 Feb 2018 23:36:41
Kev, rogic did win the cup with a piece of individual skill.

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23 Feb 2018 13:58:01
Play the strongest Celtic team for the rest of the season, no pissing about with BR changes, invest in the Summer and buy our own players. i reckon the loan players have an agreement where they have to play X amount of games in the SPL and EL, otherwise there is a penalty clause. With this in mind, Celtic players playing great probably get dropped for loan players playing poor to accommodate the loan agreement. Sometimes i despair the way the team play, but this is on the instruction of the manager and his game plan.

We need consistency in the team, (injuries permitting) let's get away from excuses like tired, travelled too far, the ball moved in the air, keeper cannot adjust. There is SPL football and EL football you can't get them mixed up. we lost 3 goals in the EL, if we scored them we would be heroes, that's the nature of the beast. Right, chins up, flags waving, let's get this league done pronto. hail hail.

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23 Feb 2018 13:11:18
Ed any truth that Rogic has knocked back a new deal? Never even knew he was in talks.

{Ed007's Note - The plan was that he would be moved on this summer so I don't know if or why he's been in talks.}

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23 Feb 2018 13:59:28
Any word on who his replacement would be?

{Ed007's Note - Musonda and McGregor.}

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23 Feb 2018 14:43:45
Said it further up the page. He is no use to us. Spends most the season in the treatment room.

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23 Feb 2018 16:13:29
Ed do think Christie will be in BRs plans for next season or will he be moved on in the summer? Wouldn’t mind seeing him play the Rogic role.

{Ed007's Note - I think he'll be brought back and given his chance.}

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23 Feb 2018 16:47:50
Hope so because that bhoy definitely has something special.

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23 Feb 2018 22:18:18
Odd that Rodgers has cake out and said he wants to keep Rogic here long term.

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23 Feb 2018 11:26:41
Not a good display last night, it was the same players/ team as last week, we don't seem to be savvy playing away from home in EL, again it was down to formation, tactics, fight and passion, once we learn not to concede or even get a draw away, we are good enough to beat the majority teams in EL at home, not impressed with Zenith team home or away.

BR's football philosophy and the realty is totally different, i know he's a fan wants to win, been a good run in EL and we need to spend some money and buy our own players, build a solid team, this team is constantly changing with injuries and loans, hopefully get the treble this season, but i can see a lot of changes coming for next season. keep the faith, its only football. hail hail.

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22 Feb 2018 22:09:52
I like Rodgers however some truth needs told. People say we "don't have the money to compete"

Rodgers had the EPL money with Liverpool - he got knocked out Champs League groups, then knocked out last 32 in Europa.

Think he won like 1 European game against a bang average side. WITH EPL MONEY!

He is a modern coach who thinks every 3rd pass should go back to the goalkeeper is "progress"

Modern coaches who think long balls or physical styles are ignorant

However it's their arrogance that refuses to see we conceded like 12-15 goals from crosses and long balls because we ignorantly ignore the physical side to football.

We can't defend or score from set pieces or crosses. That is a huge factor at this level of football.

Time to stop trying to make us Barcelona and get a better balance between defence and attack.

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23 Feb 2018 11:12:04
In the 2 games again zenit did he not stiffen the team up and was a bit more cautious, especially at home we went more root one to the mousse, and we got the ball down the sides and put good balls in we just didn't score enough we totally out muscled the Russians in the first game. We go into our shell away from home in fact a lot of them are scared to play at that level away from home.

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23 Feb 2018 11:52:49
In Europe this year we conceded 25 goals. 19 of those goals came from crosses or long balls.

cultured defending that can pass but can't head or clear a ball.

76% of our goals!

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23 Feb 2018 19:05:38
You must be kidding

I wouldn't say our defenders are cultured or capable of making passes.

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23 Feb 2018 21:50:08
I didn't say they were Markom, I'm saying that's how they are being instructed to play.

That's what a modern coach likes. All backwards passes.

Be as well going 442 as I don't feel we have a striker suited to being lone striker. Dembele doesn't have hold up play and even Griffiths is more dangerous than him in the air.

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22 Feb 2018 21:28:50
no one can doubt big lustigs love of celtic and the service he has gave us but his times up at celtic. how musonda didn't start is a mystery. i genuinely thought that zenit team were there for the taking even at 2 -0 but alas we watched the same old movie. i still think its grossly unfair to criticise our achievements over the last season and a half but its clear some boys need moved on kouassi being one.

id take 30 bob for jozo and the 40 million for the mouse seems a lifetime away. win the next two league games and the leagues in the bag young Bain needs a game DDV was embarrassing tonight. the subject of investment will raise its head again but in a nutshell we won't and can't spend to compete with the likes of Zenit who in my opinion are no great shakes. We shall not be moved.

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23 Feb 2018 09:35:21
I agree with everything except the kouassi part last week was his best game for us last night he wasn't up to it.

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23 Feb 2018 12:41:40
Sad to have to admit it about Lustig. Ideally he could stay around and finish his career here, playing on a more occasional basis, why some young prodigy learns the ropes.

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23 Feb 2018 12:48:17
It isn't all about how much we spend. Astana drew 3-3 away to Sporting and imo Sporting are better than Zenit and we are better than Astana. We should be capable of better than that performance. There needs to be more quality added to the team and not these cheap budget signings. The team needs quality experience added too. I think over the campaign we have seen who our core players are. Ajer, Tierney, Brown, Ntcham, Forrest. Time to build a team around these guys. Still got the likes of Sinky, Griffiths, Compper, Clamac, Musonda Be interesting to see if BR is backed by the board now as I'm sure he'll want to overhaul the squad in the summer and get shot of the ones he doesn't think is up to standard. But knowing the board it'll be the usual biscuit tin approach until our European fate is decided. They'll be question marks over Gordon, De Vries, Jozo, Boyata, Lustig, Gamboa, Armstrong, Rigid, Dembele, Edouard, Roberts at the end of the season.

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23 Feb 2018 12:52:27
Lustig needs rested and Ralston developed giving us the best of both a rejuvenated lustig and game experience for his natural replacement with both fighting for/ backing up the right back position. is musonda mature/ good enough to run the midfield. kouassi and ntcham cost a combined 7 mill aprox . both are ok. But 1 quality player instead of two ok with potential would've been better? . bain who went to loan at hibs and never played. harsh until we see him in goals for us l know . but we've known we needed a new keeper since before br arrived and still not been addressed.

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23 Feb 2018 18:01:58
I'd like is to buy Bain as our number 2 and get shot of both Gordon and De Vries and get another keeper too and try loan out Hazard. I hope there has been a lot of cash out by for a spending spree as the squad clearly needs investing in. If all of the mentioned above was sold on that would generate around 30 odd million. Add VVD cash and CL cash and there plenty there to overhaul the squad. There's a few that don't want to be here, a few not good enough to be here and a few that are injured far too often. With that cash surely we can afford a new GK, CB, RB, CM and ST. If the board aren't willing to back BR then why should he stay?

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22 Feb 2018 16:45:32
Celtic XI v Zenit: De Vries; Lustig, Simonvic, Ajer; Forrest, Brown, Kouassi, Ntcham Tierney; McGregor; Dembele. (3-5-1-1)

Subs: Bain, Miller, Hendry, Rogic, Sinclair, Edouard, Musonda

Remember to join us for our LIVE CHAT. Click the link or cut and paste the URL:



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22 Feb 2018 16:55:38
Ha ha Ed, You missed Ntcham that is twice you have done that your trying too hard now to follow my lead :-P.

{Ed007's Note - I know lol I was typing and trying to play FIFA at the same time!}

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22 Feb 2018 17:31:24
Xbox or ps, Mr Ed?

{Ed007's Note - PS4 bud.}

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22 Feb 2018 17:36:49
Booo lol.

{Ed007's Note - :-D

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22 Feb 2018 17:54:15
Very attacking bench eh.

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21 Feb 2018 13:21:18
Alrighty, what's the postees thinking about the spl split, good idea bad idea, like it, hate it, scrap it, keep it?

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21 Feb 2018 15:49:04
Never liked it
Get rid.

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21 Feb 2018 16:13:16
The alternatives are a larger league, which I'm against; or playing each team four times, which I'm also against. It's a bit daft that a team can finish on more points than another, but still be below them. However, sometimes the devil you know and all that and I suppose it's different, and adds a bit of an edge.

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21 Feb 2018 19:32:44
I'd like to see more teams in the league rather than keep the split. playing teams 4 times a season gets tedious to be honest.

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21 Feb 2018 21:45:08
Larger league for me, share the wealth and bigger gates with more teams.

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22 Feb 2018 05:23:46
I would like to see a league of 14.

Play other other home/ away = 26 games

Top 7/ Bottom 7 and play each other home/ away = 12 games.

Gives you 38 games.

That would be to simple for the SPFL though.

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22 Feb 2018 17:34:02
Two top league of 18 with regional leagues below the rest.

More competition. Unlikely though as greedy wee teams like killie, Hamilton, Ross County, etc. Wouldn't want to give up their extra game (s) against us and sevco.

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22 Feb 2018 17:40:47
Although I like the idea of a bigger league, the problem with your suggestion KH is that one team would be left not playing on the last day in both the bottom and top sections as there is an odd number in each section of the league. To ensure fairness there is no way one team would be allowed to finish their campaign before others.

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20 Feb 2018 20:13:02
Regardless if you want them as permanent signings or not does anyone reckon there would be the finances to sign Paddy and edouard at the end of the season?
Would this be dependant on the mousse leaving the hoose?
Would anyone be happy with this arrangement?

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20 Feb 2018 20:46:25
Love to get Paddy. Would like to think we'd get him for under 10 big one's. As for the big fella, widdnae bother.

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20 Feb 2018 21:50:57
Id be over the moon if we could get 20 mil for dembele. But on current form we'd be lucky to get 10mil.
If we DO manage to get 20+mil for him I'd be delighted if we could sign Robert's and edouard for 15 of that and the board can keep the rest.

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21 Feb 2018 00:13:46
If paddy kicks on for the last bit of the season we will be priced out. If the board/ BR can get 20m for the moose it will be at the cost of edouard not getting games. That 7.5m can't be justified. To keep our strikers happy and valuable going with 2 up top is the only option. Might give teams something to think about as well and give us the option of going direct in games where side or backwards passes are the only things happening.

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21 Feb 2018 00:39:18
Not 100% but if youth is counted Paddy is considered a homegrown player. There are plenty of epl sides that would be glad to have him. It all comes down to where he wants to be, what he wants to earn and what mancity want cash wise. I just can't see it. Even if the moose goes for 20m do you think we will sign 2 players for 15m? Again I can't see it. There is a massive rebuild of our team on the horizon.

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21 Feb 2018 09:52:25
I'm with Jennyfleck, didn't bother with Edouard. Certainly not at £7m Paddy? Mmm, not for me. Forrest come on a ton. Let's be wise here. Hotel in the pipeline etc. nah.

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22 Feb 2018 09:02:30
Give me players before a hotel any day, from what ed has said in the past it won't be a choice anyway, the hotel budget and player funds are separate. Unless I've picked it up wrong.

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