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16 May 2017 16:49:15
Thoughts on this; If Celtic go unbeaten in the league, the SPL and SFA should present Celtic for an unbelievable achievement with a special one off version of the league trophy to commemorate a feat that will probably never repeated 🍀.

12 May 2017 18:31:27
Celtic end of season report:
SPFL Champions, League Cup Winners
Scottish Cup Finalists tbd, Potential Treble
Future Champions League Qualification
Unbeaten in domestic league and cup competitions. Top manager on a 4 year contract. Team of players who will increase in value. Offsite development plans, hotel, new pitch. One eye on next season but still enjoying this one.

League position to be confirmed
Secured Europa League qualification.

11 May 2017 23:25:41
Just been watching the Lyon Ajax match so far a decent game, and we get to half time and the ads now this was really entertaining the reason being one particular ad caught my attention. Recent happenings in our game have highlighted that racism is still rife in certain parts of Glasgow namely the bile that emits from the stands at ibrox and true to nature not one word of condemnation from our arrogant sfa back to the ad they have just shown UEFA no to racism ad perhaps someone should contact them and ask to forward a copy to the corrupt sfa who are still to condemn such utter and disgraceful scenes at ibrox I live in hope hail hail.

12 May 2017 07:11:39
Pat to be honest I don't think racism is rife at ibrokes any more than it was rife at Celtic park when a couple of idiots were throwing bananas at mark Walters, sectarianism, yes . Religious intolerance , yes . Corruption , yes . Sometimes a couple of idiot fans do something and all you can do is deal with them . I think Italy and France have much bigger problems than any one in Scotland when it comes to racism.

12 May 2017 09:14:40
Fabadabadoo I think that's a fair reply and yes it's a small minority who tarnish our game with these racist taunts. But my post was a dig at our governing body who have so far failed to make a statement regarding the events at ibrox I the sfa have the power to send a message to clubs that this form of behaviour is unacceptable. But we as supporters are yet to get any kind of response from the sfa.

15 May 2017 14:49:56
What about the rest of you bigots who sing racist and sectarian songs at every Rangers match . You and your friends seem to want to demonstrate your anti Catholic feelings rather than support Rangers2012.

{Ed007's Note - The entire support singing anti-Irish songs don't seem to register as racist on your typical RFC and now TRIFC supporter, Chris. As was pointed out to me years ago, 'How can they be racist songs when most Irish folk are white?'}

18 May 2017 18:02:01
It's apparently ok though ed and old Bhoy, as they are only 90 minute bigots so we should just accept it n get on with our place in society. Haha aye right when they r all together in their klan they just turn into scum, some already r, n this dumb feeling of superiority they have, ain't a clue why they felt that apart from they think protestant is more important than catholic n that we need to be kept in our place. As Ed pointed out before youd be lucky to find a sevconian who practices 'their so called religion's, police should start lifting or removing a few of them for singing the pish they do, issue a message before games of why it happened, what's allowed n what's not n weed out as i keep hearing 'the minority', which is funny as if your whole stadium is singing it does that not make it 'the majority' haha
Only problem is the polis r probably too busy singing along, n stalking the green brigade online in their spare time.
I think the main problem is that we have the dregs of society n they generally support sevco n when they come together, racism, hatred, whatever, it all comes out.
I once had a conversation with a mate of mine, true story, me, my partner, my sister (his partner) n him. He's a sevconian, doesn't like them being called sevco so i make sure i do just to see the hurt in his eyes (mixed with anger haha) n he's giving it about politics, BNP, ukip garbage n I'm complete opposite n hitting him back with stuff, he's no taking it well then talk turns to sevco n how men women n children were assaulted n their 'passionate fans' were only protecting the innocent. After telling him that's not what the footage shows n pointing out facts he's getting worked up big time n looking like he wanted to fight me haha the 2 girls were like change of subject please, you can't even have a basic conversation using facts without them getting upset but then that's what happens when their reality doesn't meet their expectations.
Hail hail.

11 May 2017 23:03:25
John guidetti missing a last second sitter to put vigo into the final , couldn't have happened to a nicer chap .

10 May 2017 22:56:26
Just seen a picture of a banner the athletico fans had at their game tonight. Am glad they're out again. They don't deserve to lift that trophy. Slagging big Billy mcneil.

11 May 2017 14:34:36
Wat did it say stephbhoy?

05 May 2017 20:09:17
I agree gerry.

04 May 2017 14:44:25
It's the nuts!

03 May 2017 14:23:27
only in italy would sulley muntari be banned for one game for walking off after suffering racist abuse, the italian fa said not enough fans were abusing him to construe it as racist abuse, what a disgrace of an fa, one fan shouting it is still racist abuse, its an absolute disgrace of a ban for sulley muntari, every player should have walked off in support of him.

03 May 2017 16:06:23
It may not be politically correct, but I think that racist chanting from the crowd should be left to the police and stewards to sort out.
Unfortunately some football fans will try anything to get under the skin of the opposition, if they see that they have succeeded, isn't it likely that they would do it even more, they would feel vindicated in their actions.
The sevco fan who made racist gestures towards Scott Sinclair on Saturday was arrested, charged and named, he will have to live with the shame for the rest of his life, that to me is the best way to deal with it.
If Celtic's players had walked off the pitch on Saturday, I think that sevco's fans would have been chuffed, they would have seen that their offensive songs had got to us, the fact that our players carried on and humiliated them on the park is the best way to stick 2 fingers up to them in my view.

01 May 2017 20:48:13
So what was the white ball that got flung on to the pitch just after "The Tackle"? Looked about the size of a bowling jack, if so it's just as well it never made contact.

02 May 2017 18:18:37
Mate, dunno if it has been mentioned on here yet but i seen griffiths (sure it was him? ) Pickn up ah fat round battery! can't remember the size name! (Shame on me lol) if that connected with ah players head or worse a supporter or even CHILD supporter, i dare even think what could've happened!

Scotlands SHAME




15 May 2017 15:01:32
SFA always hid behind the banner that they felt Rangers as a club took all precautions. This didn't happen after recent Ibrox game, first game of such magnitude that Rangers hosted since new vol . Stewarding installed .
Not near enough stewards, the Rangers idiot that tried to attack Brown was escorted back to his seat . Stewart's returned to other side . Lighters &a ball like a golf ball thrown un to pitch .
Ibrox and Celtic Park like other clubs have a strict dress code in directors box . Surely either a Rangers Director or a steward should have advised Arylene Foster from making a buck idiot of herself again.

01 May 2017 18:17:41
Daily Ranger really suffering today! Just seen an article condemning Scott Brown for not wearing a seatbelt in his video tweet! Wow, they are hurting 😂😂😂😂.


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