20 Aug 2016 11:15:15
Celtic XI v St Johnstone: Gordon; Janko, Toure, O'Connell, Tierney; Brown, Bitton, Forrest, Rogic, Sinclair; Griffiths.

Subs: Fasan, Izaguirre, Dembele, Christie, Sviatchenko, McGregor, Henderson.

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1.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 11:57:49
St. Johnstone will be a hard game today - 12 games unbeaten including us. Still very surprised not to see more changes to team giving return European leg coming up. Just hope that we come through it unscathed and don't pick up any injuries. Personally I'd have wrapped LG up in cotton wool rather than risk him today.

2.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 12:12:50
Very strong team

I thought 4 to 5 changes. Respect to St J

Win the game in first 70 minutes and then roll the changes

Want JF to have a blinder. Want to see the boy continue his progress and recovery.

3.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 13:15:44
Done and done 😊.

4.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 13:11:17
What a transformation of a team. It's all due to the manager his methods his tactics his coaches and his signings and his man management. I now think I've seen enough to see that the ED who spoke to badly of him was just bitter towards Rogers. Can't remember your number but you were extremely critical of him and said nothing but bad things. He's doing a great job in my opinion.

{Ed001's Note - why don't you give it time and see. It is early doors yet, far too soon to judge how well a manager will do. I hope he has learnt lessons from his shambolic time at Liverpool, but the fact that you can't defend against dross from Israel, suggests he has not learnt a thing.}

5.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 14:13:24
Dross ED? Think your being more than harsh there mate! They were far from dross!

{Ed001's Note - they were dross. No matter how you want to put it, they were truly awful.}

6.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 14:39:15
He nearly won u the league ed when u were NOWHERE near it before. So he brought you credibility when u had none. As for defending against dross, they are in CL play offs a place u would love to be (and u get 4 chances) so a bit harsh.

{Ed001's Note - yawn. Typical reply of someone who has not got a clue. He did nothing without the best striker in the world, and nothing that Rafa had done. Certainly never brought credibility, quite the opposite, he made us a joke in Europe with his complete ineptitude and idiotic team selections, such as the moronic idea of putting out a reserve side against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu. I wish you would not try and tell me something about a subject you clearly haven't a clue about! Klopp is the man who returned credibility to a club after Rodgers left it in tatters. As for the last bit, that is so laughable and shows more ignorance. Get out Rodgers' backside and try and make an intelligent comment. They play in a league which is full of players that failed all over Europe. It is dross and they are dross. They get in Europe because their opponents are not good enough, not because they are great. On the other hand, Liverpool, without Rodgers, got into the Europa League final last season. I guess that escaped your notice while you were being blinded by the fake pearly whites of your manager while you were gazing lovingly at him.}

7.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 15:39:38

8.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 14:58:32
Not a fan of Rafa, kills every club he goes to.

He is hopeless, hope Newcastle get relegated again.

9.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 14:58:56
How did Liverpool get by the opening rounds Ed. Was Rodgers not the manager then. So if he didn't win those games then klopp would not have been in europe. just saying.

{Ed001's Note - you do realise that he didn't win a game and Klopp had to rescue qualification in the group stages right? And also that he was the reason the club had failed to qualify for the Champions League 2 out of his 3 full seasons? I guess people miss that bit about his reign.}

10.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 15:22:30
Ed001 your intitled to your opinion as is everyone else however, to say that Rodgers time at Liverpool was shambolic is ridiculous. Liverpool are on par with teams like Southampton these days nothing more. They can't even compete with arsenal these day never mind the rest. I truly believe Klopp will change that but that is not because Rodgers was so bad but rather because he is so good. Rodgers took Liverpool to there highest league finish in years, if Klopp finishes second this year he will be treated like the messiah. Just think you have been way to harsh on Rodgers and I hope he continues to prove you wrong.

{Ed001's Note - if you really believe that then you know nothing about football. Rodgers spent over 200m in his 3 years, while Saints spent less than half that. If they are on a par with them, it is because of his failings.}

11.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 15:24:00
Yea how did that final go ed, just like the others Klopp has took you to. So how is it all down to Suarez, doesn't the manager get the credit for getting the best out of him. doesn't the manager get the credit for setting the team up to nearly win a league. If u would rather focus on the negatives that's down to you. let's see how Klopp does before proclaiming him the messiah.
As for intelligent comments ed, YOU are the 1 insulting so that's not the most intelligent thing.
I will let u do that as I would rather offer an opinion.

{Ed001's Note - yawn. I am not the one claiming someone is a messiah, with a cringeworthy banner...... You really should learn to think before you type.}

12.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 15:40:48
Looking good for Liverpool so far today, I'm sure that's not klopps fault though. If it wasn't for your iconic captain Brendan Rogers would be in the hall of fame. Saying it was all due to luis Suarez is absolutely ridiculous. So pep is only a great manager because he had messi in his team? You don't like him because he got his teeth done and hit up some malanatan and because your blaming him for the Gerard slip. So close to winning it as well. Under Rogers.

{Ed001's Note - how many of those players did the orange skinned one bring in? Oh that's right, almost all of them. Sadly you are all judging it after a couple of games, that is why you are excited about the Bodger, and deciding others are failures. At least Klopp has a track record of winning trophies, unlike the toothy one.}

13.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 16:05:19
Klopp got Liverpool to the final with Rodgers' team not his. We'll see how he does this year. Burnley for epl lol.

{Ed001's Note - yes, which is more than Bodgers could have done. You do realise how stupid your comment is right?}

14.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 16:07:24
Ed001, Dalgleish had the best striker in the world the previous season and finished 8th.

{Ed001's Note - erm no that was Bodgers that had him the previous season.}

15.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 16:37:08
Aye good bit of credibility there today from klopp at burnley! ED where u at celtic park to see this dross team? Aye and he got Liverpool to the final of Europes 2nd competition, what was the score again? More credibility there eh! I will guarantee u rite now that Brendan will finish higher in the EPL Than klopp ever will! And I expect when he fails in trying to get in the CL never mind win the league, because we know that will never happen! He will no doubt get what BR is getttin now! So I'll take BR in the CL with us than the sickening money your lot spend to constantly fail miserably every year! HAIL HAIL 🍀🍀🍀 be shocked if this gets put up mind, because the truth hurts!

{Ed001's Note - you really are the least insightful poster on any site we have. You are the kind of moron that thinks only people at the game can see it. You do realise there is TVs right? Credibility? You obviously have no idea what that word means. I don't even know why I am replying to you, you have shown over the years with the dross you post that you do not have the capability of understanding.}

16.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 18:11:58
Here 001 he ain't ORANGE skinned mate can't be having you say that on here of all places 0-) Sort him out 007 lol Sun kissed bronze will do

And before you start about his teeth whitening my pal Old Bhoy will have you lol (y)

{Ed007's Note - I was actually surprised Ed003 said he supported a team in orange on the live chat, he's usually quite adamant that it's tangerine when we tease him about it.}

17.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 18:49:51
Great result by Burnley! :)

18.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 18:25:43
True 007 but when I sussed it was Blackpool and informed they were full of donkeys! he had HEE HAW for a comeback mate (Y) -D.

{Ed007's Note - (groan)

19.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 19:02:18
Burnley result Would never have happened with Rogers at the helm.

20.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 19:18:08
I'm not here to sing the praises of Rodgers yet, as of now we have not qualified for cl, but did have the most embarrassing result in our history. When the silver is in the cabinet and we are where we should be in the champions league then credit will be given. He has them playing well and long may it continue.

21.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 20:12:52
The same Liverpool fans banging on about Rodgers shambolic time there will be in 20 years time raving about that time they nearly won the league under BR, which will be as close as they will get in the next 20 years! And that's coming from someone who would class Liverpool as his favourite English team!

22.) 21 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 16:00:40
Haha looks like Klopp has rectified those mistakes Liverpool was making at the back under BR.

23.) 21 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 16:54:17
Yes Klopp certainly has restored Liverpool to their rightful place BEHIND Burnley lol.

24.) 21 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 22:08:00
Seems to me ed 001 has been shown up for what he is, a bitter Liverpool supporter. USED to be team of credibility but just bit part players now in the self proclaimed best league in the world. Not even in top 4 in my estimation going by CL form and you can't even get in that with your 100 of millions.

{Ed001's Note - seriously, you lot are so busy embarrassing yourself fawning over Bodgers that you are missing the fact he was the one who left Liverpool in such a mess. With that stupid cringeworthy banner to a manager who has a career of winning nothing, yet you all fall over yourself verbally masturbating over his greatness because he once came second in a one horse race in the league you are all so bitterly trying to pretend is crap. You lot are just making yourselves look ridiculous. Bodgers failed massively and you are all talking about the crap Liverpool are in and yet none of you are bright enought to notice that it was Bodgers that put Liverpool in the crap by spending over 250m on dross. Still dross is the level you are at, worshipping donkeys that can't make it at League One level down south, so I guess he will clean up in Scotland. Mind your last manager managed that much and none of you would even give him a chance, so you get what you deserve if he screws up your club too.}

25.) 21 Aug 2016
21 Aug 2016 07:17:26
There is one difference here Ed001 Rodgers is a celtic fan. He was not a Liverpool fan as far as I am led to believe. So he will obviously care mare about the team he supports. On another matter I had Liverpool on my coupon and they were the only ones to beat me . So thanks for that klopp or should I say flopp.

{Ed001's Note - erm you are wrong. Rodgers is a Liverpool fan and made that quite clear long before he got the chance to take over. It was what swung the decision in his favour to appoint him to the role. Caring about the club can be as much of a hindrance as a help anyway, so I wouldn't see that as relevant. It can stop you seeing the big picture as you are too involved.}

26.) 21 Aug 2016
21 Aug 2016 09:28:05
I didn't know he was a Liverpool fan Ed my bad. What my point was though is you always try harder for the team you love/ support. Well after Deila anything is better Ed he has us playing football the Celtic way. Football that has not beentered seen at CP since the late great Tommy Burns ( God bless him) . So that's why we are excited Ed.

{Ed001's Note - I understand that but treating him like the messiah is not the way to go. Relax and judge him after a couple of seasons. Banners like the one with the cards should be reserved for your club legends, it should be something that is earned by doing something special. Right now he has not even won as much as Deila, so has not earnt the adoration he is getting.}

27.) 21 Aug 2016
21 Aug 2016 12:32:37
It's as simple as this. He took you nearer the title than you have come in decades. Where did you finish last year? So, he may not have endeared himself to you but the history books don't lie. You crumbled at the last breath instead if your usual trait if being out if it by October.

We have witnessed a great change, a change in belief backed up by better football. We still have the defence to fix properly, we all know that. We need a keeper, he is already here.

We would have collapsed as hard as I did with my first (and last) teenage encounter with a litre and half of El'D and six cans of Tennents on Wednesday. We didn't

We see pace and class with Sinky, Toure has settled nerves, our CBS are coming back, a right back to replace Janko is required too.

We may not be great yet, but all if us believe we have a chance. That has been missing for an age. It usnt anymore. The board now realises that hoping to be great because we are Celtic, is as futile as my application to replace Harry out of yon boy band. We need to spend and pay checks like the CL fund it. They need to back him and as an ardent critic of their previous form I have no problem giving them praise when they do get their finger out.

Brendan is not perfect, or near perfect, but right now, he us perfect for us and our team. End of.

{Ed001's Note - he didn't, Rafa got us as close. Irrelevant anyway, for Liverpool anywhere other than 1st is nowhere. As for where we finished last season, in large part he was responsible for that, as he was for his other two seasons when he took us to finishes outside of the top 4. Second was the blip on his career, not the norm to be judged on.}

28.) 21 Aug 2016
21 Aug 2016 14:46:58
I suppose my point about Rodgers making Liverpool the laughing stock of European football, that wasn't posted last night won't be today either .
It's funny Liverpool have to be a protected species in a Celtic forum .
I must say I cannot remember the best striker in the world that L'pool had, he must have been protected too.
By the way surely the EPL is full of players whose agents are able to get contracts far superior than their ability deserves .
Eds won't print anything against the non League winners of almost 30 yrs . B R did his best but losing leagues can be habit forming.

{Ed001's Note - some were just deleted for repeating points or just simply because I didn't have time to go through them all. Not protecting anything, if you read through you will find lots of digs at Liverpool I have posted up. BR was a big part of the problem, the biggest part in fact, which is why I keep saying to you lot I hope he has learnt a lesson.

By the way, how ignorant in football terms do you have to be to not know who Luis Suarez is? the guy who is such a good striker that even Messi has deferred to him and given up the central role to him! That is about as big an endorsement as you can get in football terms and only Lewandowski could even be argued is close to him as a striker right now. That 13/14 season at Liverpool he was head and shoulders above everyone on a pitch. Shame he is such a knob really.}

29.) 21 Aug 2016
21 Aug 2016 17:16:28
Football is a game of opinions and I think that it takes a degree of ignorance to state that Squarez is the best in the world . I thought the Ed's had little time for Messi after the substances that had been pumped into him .
I have little doubt that he may have been head and shoulders above the over paid madonna's that play for the £ rather than the game in the EPL . The fact that probably the other class act in the Liverpool team S G probably cost the manager you reckon is no good shows the narrow line between success and defeat . One thing is sur if it takes Liverpool another 26 or more years to win the EPL, it won't worry me.

{Ed001's Note - name a better striker than Suarez. Go on, name one. As for the crap about playing for £, every player does that, not one of your players plays for free either. Oh and Rodgers choice to put a player with no interest or ability with regards to defending in a defensive midfield role, Gerrard, was far more costly than one slip after the championship initiative had already been given up in previous games. The slip only completed the failing, it was not the reason.

By the way, I hope you mean class act in how he plays, because he is far from a class act off the pitch. He has a cheek to be upset with Commons, especially after the hoohah he caused here due to being unable to keep it in his pants.}

30.) 22 Aug 2016
22 Aug 2016 00:03:48
I am sorry, I was been sarcastic when saying S G was a class act . I said that because English people and fans of English teams regard their best players as " the best in the World " God help them .
The drug poisoned Messi has improved Squarez game magnificently and now those two and Neymar along with the horrible Ronaldo, who gives millions to charity, The Polish boy whose name I can't spell are amongst the best currently
Squares was really only cutting his teeth at L'pool and BR did his best to coach him along but the negative physical game in the EPL is anti the skills of the best players .
Sometimes I wonder about the childish answers you give to comments . Most normal people would accept that money is the biggest attraction that the EPL has . But u seem to think that posters here think that Celtic is an amateur club, in case you don't understand all premiership teams in Scotland are professional, the players get paid .

{Ed001's Note - neither Neymar nor Messi play as a striker there, they are both wide attackers, as is Ronaldo. Lewandowski is class, but a step down from Suarez. As for Messi improving Suarez, not true, he was playing this well in 13/14, which is why Liverpool got so close. For such a complete moron, he is a genius with the ball. If you really believe that Rodgers coached improvement into Suarez, then you need help. If that is what you think happened, then it just shows your complete ignorance of how things went at Liverpool. If you really think that crap about the Premier League, then you are even more ignorant. Stupid comments deserve childish replies, and you are unable to even understand those! They go over your head.}