13 Jan 2022 22:18:44
Hi guys, I’m not a regular poster but do keep up to date everyday.
I’m going to take my son to his first game on Monday, he is severely autistic and we have our tickets in area 121 in the disabled section. He’s been starting to take an interest in football so I thought I would take him an see how he enjoys it, hopefully he has a great time and we can go more regularly. We were in the sensory room a couple of years ago and it was a good experience but not one that my boy enjoyed very much.
Does anybody know what the disabled section is like in the area? I used to be a season ticket holder but never been in that part of the stadium. Cheers ?.

1.) 14 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022 06:59:13
never been mate but that’s fantastic for the wee bhoy that he’s showing an interest, it could be noisy on monday so i’d take ear muffs for him if he might want to dampen some of the sound down. either way best of luck mates and hope the wee man has a great night. all the best.

2.) 14 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022 09:11:55
How he has a blast mate ?.

3.) 14 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022 09:15:40
@Souny1888 yes it will be noisy ear muffs or something similar is a good idea.
Also why not phone Celtic Park and explain your son is Autistic I am sure the club might be able to help in other ways.
I really hope he enjoys his night out.

4.) 14 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022 10:57:00
Thanks very much guys. He where’s ear defenders most of the time when he’s out so I’ll be making sure he wears them. Looking forward to it, just hope he enjoys it ????.

5.) 14 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022 11:01:59
@Souny, you will be a proud man walking up to Paradise with your son for his first game, hope you and the bhoy have a great experience, HH.

6.) 14 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022 12:47:26
Hope ye both have a great day out souny. The little man will have a great time hopefully.

7.) 14 Jan 2022
14 Jan 2022 16:22:05
Good luck with the game wee man. Hope it is the start of a love affair for him.