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03 Dec 2021 20:12:24
My man in Greggs has confirmed it wasn't him that sold the orange juice bottle that hit the Hearts player.

He has also confirmed though that the next thing to be thrown at Celtic Park should be the book - we live in hope.




25 Nov 2021 15:01:09
I'm going to miss the first half tonight which is a shame as I am very interested to see how we perform for the whole game tonight. The first game was by a team that had been cobbled together at short notice and hadn't gelled yet.

The team now has had a good period of settling in and playing together so will it mean we can get closer to the Germans tonight? They are a quality outfit, 4th in their league, and it's going to be a great gauge of our current standing.

For me a result would be fantastic but more important is the performance I believe. let's express ourselves tonight and show no fear. Don't let them settle on the ball and work work work.

1.) 25 Nov 2021 16:46:57
I’m quietly confident about tonight which is amazing considering were we where back in July,
I’m expecting more of the same from our previous Leverkusen match,
Plenty of opportunities but we must take the chances that comes our way this time.
It’s good going into the game knowing, Celtic have already guaranteed European football after Christmas, with 2 games to spare.



23 Nov 2021 12:48:23
I just read that the hattrick by Boyle at Hampden was only the 8th in the last 40 years against Rangers - one every 5 years! That puts the lads achievement into some perspective and he only got and 8.4 outa 10 by the pundits - what do you need to do to get a 9 against them even? A hattrick of OG's maybe? Muppets.

The only Celtic man to do it was Moussa D.

Buzz (aka our very own Angus Loughran! ) do you know what our stats are since the Falklands war? Maybe I've blanked it out but I can't remember too many either - insert confused emoji.

Moving over to Motor racing - have any of you ever noticed that many great Formula! drivers are named after Scottish towns?

Stirling Moss

Eddie Irvine

Johnny Dumfries

Lewis Hamilton

Ayr Toon Centre

TAAAAXI for Stubbsie?

1.) 23 Nov 2021 13:25:43
I can remember big Celtic fan Frank McDougall scored 4 for Aberdeen against Celtic in the mid 1980s.
Eric Black scored a hat trick for Aberdeen at Celtic Park in the early 1980s with 2 goals coming just before half time.
Neuchatel Xamax player Hassan also scored 4 against Celtic in the early 90s.
McCoist scored a hat trick ( 2 penalties of course ) against us in the 1984 league cup final AET.
There will be a few recent hat tricks against European Opposition, with Messi probably being one.
I can remember Brian McClair scoring a hat trick against Rangers before he signed for Celtic, is that on the list?

2.) 23 Nov 2021 14:16:01
Hi Buzz - thanks for the info.

I just checked and Brian did indeed score a hattrick against them in 1983 on January 3rd for Motherwell so that just crept in. It's now 9 then.

There is no mention of European hattricks on the list - just domestic games.

1982 - John Hewitt (Aberdeen)
1985 Frank MCDougall (Aberdeen)
1985 John Brown (Dundee)
1996 Alan Johnston (Hearts)
2005 Ivan Sproule (Hibs)
2016 MD (Us)
2018 Jaime MacLaren (Hibs)
2021 Martin Boyle Hibs)

But rather than them I was more interested in us on this topic and it looks like you can only name 3 domestically at the moment. I remember McCoist's very vividly. There must be more - anyone help out?

Back to motor sport but.

What's the hardest part about taking part in drag racing?

Running in heels.!

UUUUUBER for Stubbsie?

3.) 23 Nov 2021 14:53:27
It got mentioned last season that the Sparta Prague player was the first to score a hat trick against us at Celtic Park since that Eric Black hat trick for Aberdeen in 1983.
It narrows it down to hat tricks away from home, Good Luck.

4.) 23 Nov 2021 15:49:43
BB - I honestly can't think of any and if you can't magic it up either then it must be as rare as rocking horse sh1t.

Like I say maybe I'm employing selective subconscious denial and need a wise man to enlighten me?

So motor racing then.

Confucius say, man who run behind cars get exhausted, but man who run in front of cars get tired.

Charabanc on speed dial for Stubbsie?

5.) 23 Nov 2021 16:26:44
I remember being at a freezing, wet, windy Hamden for a midweek semi-final against the old Rangers when Harry Hood ran riot and scored a hat-trick that should have been four, but for a cheating linesman. The game ended 3-1 during a period when the Lisbon Lions was being dismantled and the likes of Macari, Dalglish, Callaghan and Hood were staking their claims during the first 9-in-a-row.

6.) 23 Nov 2021 21:48:17
Maybe Frank McDougall was the last player to score more than 2 domestic goals against Celtic since 1985.
I can remember it was the first time I’d seen a player get a 10/ 10 in the Sunday Mail ratings.
Ivan Sproule and Alan Johnston scored hat tricks against Rangers and both of them where at Ibrox since 1985.
Dembele and now Boyle have scored hat tricks against Sevco Scotland.

7.) 24 Nov 2021 12:59:00
Thanks BB

I don't think any team has score a hat trick against us this century domestically as far as I can see - some record.

A 10/ 10 is quite rare so he probably deserved it for a great performance on the night.



21 Nov 2021 10:14:06
A great result yesterday - all that matters is being in the final - a better performance would have been nice but the result is king.

There is a lot of talk about bad refs but I think the one yesterday was not biased - just struggled to get a grip. Fans also need to realise that, just like the players, refs have stinkers too and are not infallible by any means.

Trying to improve reffing in Scotland is like trying to bribe a snake with a stamp collection - impossible - as long as the Lanarkshire mob are still in charge. They are on a gravy train and don't want to upset their neat and tidy world. Better to control it within themselves than have an expansive policy of ref recruitment and training that might improve standards.

How to improve it? That's tricky as it's a closed shop at the moment and I'm not sure who they are accountable to - themselves? Are the police investigating themselves here? As a fan, we can scream and shout, lambast the ref and implore the board to pipe up - it's not working so far. If I could control the crowd I'd go the other way with sarcastic applause of a raucous nature and blow kisses from the stands - perhaps a "riddie" might have more effect than abuse?! Maybe we should all carry red and yellow cards in our pocket and show the ref 50/ 60,000 red cards in unison every time he blunders - for both teams on the park and not just ours. Really we need the gutless wonders at the top of all the teams to act.

Having said that, I remember big Vladimir Romanov of Ukio Bankas and Hearts fame taking the powers on over reffing larceny. Rangers were awarded a penalty by Hugh Dallas (no - really - that actually happened - I sweat it) and he insisted that the SFA investigate "The integrity of the decision" - I've never forgotten that as it was the first time I'd heard of a manager call it out so blatantly. He tried again later on and was hit with a £10,000 fine for daring to question the immortals that run the game. What chance have we got eh?

1.) 21 Nov 2021 12:54:55
It was linesman Andy Davies who saw a phantom penalty, celtic and the mob were neck and neck for the title, he's since admitted he was at it.

2.) 21 Nov 2021 13:36:12
Thanks Mally - is there a source where he admitted that? I'd be interested to read that - and a little enraged if I'm honest.

3.) 21 Nov 2021 14:15:25
I don’t think Davies had to come out and admit he got it wrong because everyone knew he cheated with that injury time decision.
It will go down in Scottish Football history as one of the worst decisions ever made and only 2 months later, the SFA rewarded Andy Davies with a Scottish Cup Final appearance in his last game before he retired.
Before retirement, Andy Davies will believe that decision helped contribute to the Ebt Rangers side, claiming the title on the last game of the season.

4.) 21 Nov 2021 16:57:50
Let's just say a know for sure and leave it there bhoys.



20 Oct 2021 19:46:02
I just read that the SPFL will share a pay-out of £28.4M from a turnover of £36.8M with the first tranche being £3.6M from las seasons central income.

A few things.
1) Does anyone know if all 42 clubs get an equal amount?
2) Is the rest given out monthly from now on?
3) Where exactly has all their money come from?
4) How much do the SPFL keep back for themselves?
5) Could the clubs cut out the middle man and somehow and strangle the SPFL at source?

Asking for a friend.

1.) 20 Oct 2021 21:17:06
I can’t see the money being divided equally between the 4 Leagues by the SPFL.
The way the SPFL share the prize money between the Leagues is shameful.
The Premiership receive a massive 83.25% of the overall prize money.
The Championship receives 11.05%
League One 3.45% and League Two a shocking 2.25%.
I think Airdrie tried to become a full time club last season and I would guess Falkirk are still a full time club but what chance do they have, with that amount of prize money for the bottom 2 leagues and possibly the bottom 3 leagues.

2.) 20 Oct 2021 21:29:06


Let’s do the opposite to what the Brexiteer league does and share the wealth equitably. The SPFL would be the winner in the long run. To those to whom much is given much is expected’. (Luke 12:48)

3.) 20 Oct 2021 22:03:06
Exactly JFP.
Celtic and other clubs should do what Sir Robert Kelly did in 1964 and protect the smaller Scottish clubs.
The majority of our Scottish Clubs have over 100 years of Unbroken History and everything should be done to help them.
Sevco Scotland have already stated they will make all the other Scottish clubs pay because they blame them for the death of Rangers FC.
That process is already in play by hindering the new Cinch Sponsorship deal.
They still can’t get away from the fact that their Old Club were caught Cheating and they only had themselves to blame.

4.) 20 Oct 2021 22:42:27
Buzz - those stats are shocking.

Not taking care of the lower leagues is something that diminishes the potential to develop stars of the future. It may be that the top league generates most of the revenue (a slice of cup gates etc) and so expects a larger share.

If smaller teams go to the wall then IMHO that just impoverishes our games status.

5.) 21 Oct 2021 07:38:37
I agree the distribution percentages are not balanced.
However, the clubs at the top do have higher running costs which has to be taken into consideration.

6.) 21 Oct 2021 08:06:18
That's true but the top league also have charge higher gate prices and charge more for season books and also merchandise, plus the winner of the sfpl gets about 2 million that's not a massive amount for celtic so it could be easily shared amongst the smaller leagues.




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27 Nov 2021 20:43:02
My man in Greggs can confirm it's true about Hatate- now set in stone (much like their cheese scones) .

What a capture this lad would be for us - it would really show our intent. Maybe keep folk off the Board's back - for a week.

{Ed007's Note - A week, you're pushing that one!}



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27 Nov 2021 12:10:22
Ed has a man in Japan?

I've only got one in Greggs - back in your box Stubbsie!

The boy looks class, from what I've seen of him but perhaps the biggest plus is that Kyogo will have a countryman beside him and that can only help him too.

Anyone got any realistic idea what the budget might be this January?



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29 Oct 2021 20:36:07
If it does get the go ahead I hope we use foreign guys to look at any VAR decisions otherwise fans will just accuse homegrown dudes as homers.



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15 Sep 2021 17:46:54
Nice to see the 5G pitch get a great reception Timalloy.



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24 Aug 2021 17:40:50
Don't put a stop to this - I still have a 1/ 3 of my popcorn bucket left and my 3D glasses have never had such a run out in a long time!

The boy Starfelt has, in my opinion, got some confidence/ settling in issues but he has not been horrendous. We could go through our whole team and find find fault with all of our players if we want to. Starfelt is no diddy and his performances will improve as he gets games under him and learns the system Ange wants better.
Starfelt can be seen in the same initial phases of his Celtic tenure as VVD or Larsson et al so let's all get behind him and give him the chance an international deserves.

The future's bright, it's swathed in green and white.

{Ed007's Note - 👍👍




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03 Dec 2021 22:25:57

I'm afraid there will be no manscaping on my part - if I did I'm so old it would resemble an elephants elbow after a drought!

No 8 taken lads - I've got this in the bag.

Best of luck bhoys. Great competition - great charity - great lads.

{Ed007's Note - Lol. I know there will be problems - there always is when I try to do things - but we'll get it sorted and the money will get where it's meant to.}



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03 Dec 2021 22:05:01
Thanks Ed.

Done it properly now - I hope.

Just keep us informed as to the state of your balls from time to time. I found it really hard to pick a favourite one!

{Ed007's Note - I think the Manscaped code still works......



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03 Dec 2021 21:56:17
Sorry Ed - never done this before - I think i've totally ballsed (no pun intended) that up - looks like i've actually asked you for a fiver!

You can either ignore it or pay up - im easy either way!

{Ed007's Note - Hahaha no worries mate, I'll sort it out - and any other problems folk have - in the morning as I'm only on my wee $hitty tablet just now.}



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03 Dec 2021 19:46:42
Mally - he is actually a very astute and creative individual to be fair.

Who else has has been personally spending years developing and finally getting a patent for a chin nappy?

Credit where credit is due mate.



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03 Dec 2021 19:40:40
Have a rippa mate.

Congratulations both.