04 Dec 2016 12:55:34
While he has been unfortunate to get injured and lose his place it seems lg is picking up little strains and illnesses to stop him making the bench lately. If possibly he has the hump and could maybe see opportunities elsewhere I'd be surprised if we got anywhere near 2 million for him.

Does anyone think this possible link with Rhodes could be a replacement for Leigh if he was thinking of parting or more to the point, br was thinking of parting him? As much as he done well for us and has obviously improved and settled down for us, I can't help but think when we come up against higher class defenders or teams he maybe looks like he struggles . What do people generally think?

The way br wants to improve the side, I can't see him standing still with players. If he thinks there is no more improvement any player could be replaced possibly.

1.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 13:02:37
No thank you I'd much rather have wee griff, don't particularly like Rhodes tho I suppose he has the potential to be a success but better the devil you kno.

2.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 15:30:52
Rhodes does not have pace which is essential at the highest level. Would stick with Griffiths.

3.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 15:40:06
I don't think many Celtic supporters are wanting to get rid of L G who had flu-like symptoms all week and so Brendan didn't want to risk him .
For what reason should any Celt encourage Leigh to think of moving.

4.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 16:31:00
Who are the celts that are encouraging Leigh griffiths to leave old boy? None of the above posts have told him to leave plus I'd be very surprised if any of the players read these pages to gain an opinion on whether to stay at a club or not. It's a genuine question as he's gone from top scorer last year to second or third fiddle this season if you include Sinclair as an option. If people from the club read your posts we would probably still have Ronnie as our manager 👀.

5.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 17:11:32
I'd be extremely disappointed if LG is allowed to leave. For (1) no LG last year no league title and (2) while Dembelle has been outstanding there is a question mark over how long he'll be here. Then where will we be. Surely it's a long and hard enough season to accommodate both? 🍀 PS: plus LG is the possibly the best Christmas elf we've ever had.

6.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 18:31:43
I wouldn't disagree jfp about trying to keep him happy although it will be hard with the current way we play as a side as we only really go one up top. If say br rests dembele and Leigh comes in and scores a few goals he would understandably be unhappy to be dropped for dembele. But I really can't see him dropping dembele for a run of games at the minute . In saying that at least we aren't discussing trying to fit in garner, waghorn or that Ned miller 👍.

7.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 19:27:34
This kind of tripe irks me. LG was one of the few success stories last year, He's really turned his game / life around. I just feel these types of rumours breed bad feeling.

I hope he stays and fights for his place. Why do we need to put a value on him, why does there have to be a 'fall out' story?

Players who want to leave as soon as their not first pick show bad attitude in my opinion.
Competition is good.

8.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 20:21:42
Think Brendan, will change the system, and when LG is fit, will play Dembelle up with Griffiths playing just off him.

9.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 20:23:35
What happened to Ciftci, did he go out on loan, or did he get sold.

10.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 23:16:32
Think griff has more to his game does not have to be centre forward. could do a job on either wing.

11.) 04 Dec 2016
04 Dec 2016 23:34:48
This talk of LG is incredible. He deserves to be in and around first eleven. He was dynamite pre injury and on form. I may be in a minority here but dembele press day after day and the 10 20 30 40 million is laughable. I like by MD but I remain of the view that he has chalked up many many many many unmerited minutes when his performances ( all round ) have been indifferent. Lag deserves ( when fit ) more minutes. Whether that is a top two or MD going off after 60 and not 84 minutes may be an idea?

Love where CFC are taking things at present

Delighted for Armstrong. Hopefully biton responds. Forest keeps going. Roberts coming back strong too. Sinclair and tierney reintroduced would be great!

Some already talking about targets and positions. i'd say three areas requiring upgrades. Goalkeeper ( maybe the lad at Dundee who I like very much and 24 ) and then another starting midfielder to ultimately replace brown out who can play alongside. A petrov type who can tackle as tackling ( softness ) still seems to be a potential weakness. I know McCarthy was mentioned but I wonder if he could play in a fast moving mobile team?

It's a good sign when you struggle to pick a position for upgrade. Surely?

4 goals in a half of football in any top league is impressive especially with a two goal handicap. So hats off.

12.) 05 Dec 2016
05 Dec 2016 11:51:27
The Inverness keeper always does well against us just a thought.