22 Jan 2015 15:25:28
Just reading gudettis pulled out of talks to keep his options open, I hope to god that he is only used bit part if at all or sent back surely he should know by now if he wants to stay, celtic took a gamble on him and have looked after him and given him game time but I would want people that want to play for us to start i'm no stokes or griffiths fan and I know there not the big striker where craving but i'd sooner a 100% commited stokes or griffiths over a 50% half hearted gudetti, also I wouldn't even include him in the sevco game that's what the players are looking forward to games like that should be about who wants to wear the hoops and be proud, not a player who just wants a experience.

{Ed007's Note - Why should Guidetti have to decide this month? He can sign a pre-contract any time between now and June and with the buy out clause in his loan deal he can sign permanently for us any time between now and his contract expiring.
A lot of people are over-thinking things and making a mountain out of a molehill. He's not even allowed to talk to other EPL teams yet so officially he doesn't know what, if anything, is on offer down there.
Should Commons be dropped because it's looking like he won't be here next season or as it looks like VvD will be away in the summer, should he be dropped too? There's more a chance of Guidetti staying with us than there is of VvD, would you drop him for Ambrose for the LC semi-final?}

1.) 22 Jan 2015
22 Jan 2015 16:11:11
I understand he can sign at anytime it's the fact he's pulled out of talks, makes me think he doesn't want to be here, with commons I think he's done enough to start the semi from what i'm reading he wants a longer contract than on offer but still wants to be here, vvd also I think has done enough to play in a semi, fine he might be off in the summer but we will also get a good transfer fee for him.

{Ed007's Note - I don't see any difference, do you think VvD wants to be here? He's openly spoke about leaving, he wanted to leave in the summer, he wanted to leave in this window and he will leave in the summer but he should play and Guidetti shouldn't?
There's been no talks with Commons or his agent in weeks, he's not getting the deal he wants and it looks like he will leave, maybe even this month if Bolton can find a way to pay the £16k a week he's asked them for, plus he's hardly kicked a ball all season.
Guidetti has put ALL talks about his future on hold and should be ruled out of a semi-final because of it.... OK then.}

2.) 22 Jan 2015
Ed I take your point about VvD and Commons who make a big difference to our Team and the way they play. Guidetti last few outings he has bought nothing to the Team and failed not only to score but to be involved in the making of chances. Griffiths on the other hand last night ran his heart out and deserves a run in the team as he seems/is comitted to our team. Hail Hail

{Ed007's Note - One swallow does not a summer make.}

3.) 22 Jan 2015
22 Jan 2015 16:38:35
If they were to offer commons 2 years would he stay?? I think so, so he wants to be here, vvd has played very well for us yes he's looking at options but he's given us the service, gudetti is here 5 mins talked the talk that made us believe he wanted to be here, now he's pulled out to keep his options open so no I don't think a player that's not here that long that pulls out of talks should play. don't get me wrong ed I like and rate him and would love for him to sign but pulling out of talks just takes the gloss of it

4.) 22 Jan 2015
Ed rumoured has it that Guidettis agent had informed all teams in the EPL that he is available for free this summer, and also he asked Celtic for 35k p.w. that's why he is keeping his options open.

{Ed007's Note - Why would his agent need to do that, did clubs not know?}

5.) 22 Jan 2015
Unlike Commons and Van Dijk, Guidetti was never our player and similarly to Denayer, probably never will be.
I am becoming really frustrated with the clubs ambition and transfer strategy and ability to attract players
We have guys like Berget, Wakaso and Tonev on loan who do not seem to have a future with us either and on the rare occasion we do sign a 'star' he wants out the door as soon the team photo is dry.
I never get excited about these transfer windows as we have become very predictable and over-cautious and that can't be right for a club of our size and reputation - or are things really getting so bad?

6.) 22 Jan 2015
This is a touchy subject it seems. I've no problem with him waiting until April to weigh his options: what sensible and well-advised 22 year old would do otherwise.

Perhaps, tho, if he had been clear about that when he *entered* negotiations we could all have been spared the awkward flirtations and now the uneasy silence.

7.) 22 Jan 2015
At the end of the day, he is a loan signing, and we all new that when he arrived, so why not play him because he hasn't signed. His wages still need paying, don't cut your nose off to spite your face.

8.) 23 Jan 2015
Jbhoy as I have stated previously his last few performances have not been up to standard and have been in mu honest opinion very poor. Griffiths deserves his opportunity and I for one would be happy to see him settle down and be our first choice striker. I have no issues with Guidetti though, he has the potential to be a great player for us. Hail Hail

9.) 23 Jan 2015
He's talking about hatricks against The Shame. That will rile them and we should hail players like that. Whether he deserves the chance to is another story as Griffiths played one of his best games for us against Montherwell so it would be unfair to drop him

10.) 23 Jan 2015
Tamtic, I totally agree with you, he went off the boil, dropped and replacement doing well, so has to wait for an opportunity again.
That's the way I see it, and don't read to much into him not signing (btw I would sign him if possible) but griffiths is taking his chance.