10 Sep 2016 01:35:55
Griffiths out of tomorrow and Tuesday!
Good luck Moussa!

1.) 10 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016 02:47:02
I don't know but as I've being drinking myself I hope you have being drinking yourself and your being pessimistic and poor griff won't make it. Dembele won't need luck against that lot, he has class (something they lack) and hopefully please god he now has a bit of confidence and he's settled because he has skill in abundance.

2.) 10 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016 02:51:26
Says who?

3.) 10 Sep 2016
10 Sep 2016 05:45:42
Says who mate? . I've not red anything about it. unless! . your mystic meg!

Mon tha HOOPS the day!

Kani wait to shut these zombies up!

Aa some1 mentioned b4. its CHAMPS Vs TRAMPS!



4.) 11 Sep 2016
11 Sep 2016 11:30:16
So quick to shoot down others and the bhoy was right.

5.) 11 Sep 2016
11 Sep 2016 19:47:43
Thanks Dundee, I obviously hoped what I was told was wrong but it worked out ok. My info came from a health professional not directly linked celtic who found out by accident!