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25 Jul 2019 17:00:32
I'm hearing another right back central defensive midfielder an attacking midfielder and a big hustler bustler type of striker will be added to the squad before the window closes.

This time the board will bury the sevies for god as we go and deliver 9 and 10 in a row.

Also only a matter of time before Ntcham is away.

1.) 25 Jul 2019 18:55:48
Ntcham is a really good player when on his game but if we can replace him with someone just as good then I'd go for it.




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27 Jan 2020 15:16:29
My friends Enrico has had the most enjoyable day today at work. The sevco fans faces were so funny and being able to laugh at them and their result yesterday has made for a great Monday 😂

Celtic need to put the pedal to the floor now and don't give them another inch.

Many glasses of grape juice were enjoyed last night 🍷🍷🍷🍷

Hail Hail💚🍀.



31 Dec 2019 13:12:32
My friends this guy billy Dodds he is a muppet. He is saying Broony made a meal of el coos challenge on him to force the referee into booking him.

El coo is the dirtiest player Enrico has ever seen and he more than deserved his booming and then proceeded to cheat and get himself sent off.

Celtic must win the next 2 games against sevco and deliver 9 in a row.

1.) 31 Dec 2019 14:11:12
Typical ex hun turned pundit, rae, mcann, dodds and the idiot boyd too name a few. Never their fault, always trying to defend elcoo, the guy is undefendable.

2.) 31 Dec 2019 14:33:48
Who gives a f**k what these EBT using clowns think! They’ve had their wee moment that they waited 9 long years to experience! We know exactly what they are all about and this is their first real opportunity in almost a decade to get all their frustrations out! Makes it all the seeeter when we win number 9 and have them scrambling for the usual exuses! Pay no attention to any outsiders lads, it’s what happens inside our club that I’m interested in! All the above that’s been mentioned are in the same camp as walker Nicholas Provan and the wee fat rat commons who sat like a church mouse as bigot Boyd spewed his crap on Sunday! F*ck them all!

3.) 31 Dec 2019 14:33:41
Whether Broony did or didn't is neither here nor there. What alarms me is that based on the last 2 games against the Sevvies we have definitely been 2nd best even though we got lucky in the cup final. They play with an intensity that we don't. HH.



29 Dec 2019 18:44:23
Ed my friend what are your thoughts on today and what do you think needs to be improved on going in to the second half of the season?

{Ed007's Note - The team selection, formation and tactics were all wrong today and once again too many players didn't turn up and the manager apparently didn't know how to change things. Bolingoli and Johnston on the left is never going to work and neither is playing 2 CMs against their 3 which ends up isolating Edouard up front, we should have played 4-5-1/3-5-1-1 or even 4-3-3 , at the very least kept things the way they were in the past few games with Christie on the right. I can't get my head round what Lennon was thinking of dropping Ntcham to play Johnston.
In saying all that the game could have panned out totally different if Christie had scored the penalty to put us on the front foot.
Going forward I'm not too concerned and with a couple of additions in January and the players coming back refreshed I don't see why we won't win another treble.
I know it's not a popular opinion but like the Cluj game today's result lies firmly at the feet of the manager with his selection etc. It seems he's not learnt a thing tactically when it comes to playing them.}

1.) 29 Dec 2019 20:59:47
Absolutely spot on ED. The signs were there in the Cup final where the system that day meant that we were outnumbered in midfield and Lennon should surely have learnt from that. I don't know if it's stubbornness or lack of tactical awareness but he surely has to learn from previous games against them.
You could tell 15 minutes in that the team selection was wrong yet he waited till the second half before changing things.
The only good thing about today was that it didn't decide anything, but if Lennon doesn't start getting his team selections and tactics right in big games then we are going to come a cropper.

{Ed007's Note - What about this team:


With Christie & Forrest tracking back when we don't have possession and cutting in to help Edouard and using the FB's as wingers when we're going forward, so you've basically got a 5 man midfield when you don't have the ball but have 4/5 players in the final third when you do?}

2.) 29 Dec 2019 21:23:21
Ed: What you said!

3.) 29 Dec 2019 21:18:18
does anyone think its more a case of the rangers have our number and don't allow us to play as they without doubt are a better team than us at this time.

{Ed007's Note - No, overall we have a far better quality of player - apart from Gordon & Hayes our bench today would walk into the TRIFC starting XI - but we're getting overran in midfield in these derby games and the manager's bizarre team selections and tactics are the problem.}

4.) 29 Dec 2019 21:24:57
ed that was a great analysis of the situation. simple but great. why can't neil see it?

{Ed007's Note - Cheers mate.}

5.) 29 Dec 2019 21:25:02
Let's be honest. You won't hear professional tactics and NL in the same sentence imo. Inept.

6.) 29 Dec 2019 21:51:01
ED. I would have rather seen your formation playing today than the one we did play.
For the past year Sevco have caused us problems with the way they set their team up against us, we can't just do the same things and hope it will work out next time.

{Ed007's Note - It's glaringly obviously that we're losing these games being outnumbered in midfield against the high press.}

7.) 29 Dec 2019 22:26:53
Hang on a second here. Lennon is being critisized cos most of the team didn't turn up? Foxibhoy did you miss the europa league campaign? Forrest was a disgrace and boli isn't up to it. Christie missed a penalty and johnstone might as well not have bothered putting his boots on. 2 of our first picks were out injured and we've played an incredible amount of games this season, including every weekend and midweek this month.
I'm as annoyed as anyone today but the players have to take responsibility.

{Ed007's Note - Haven't TRIFC been playing 2 games a week as well? Who chose a 2 man midfield CM and the Bolongoli/Johnston partnership and who told Forrest (and Frimpong) to keep going inside instead of trying to hit the byline? Who took 68 minutes to change things and if the players didn't turn up isn't that down to his man-management?
When push comes to shove the ultimate blame lies with the manager, West Ham didn't sack any players today and replace them with Moyes.}

8.) 29 Dec 2019 22:56:12
No Ed they had a midweek off. Lennon played the team most of us were happy with before kick off but cos all bar 2 or 3 were terrible it's all NLs fault? I took issue with what Foxiboy said cos it's absolute nonsense. NL has done better than BR could have in Europe.
I don't give a toss about west ham and you know players can't be sacked for not doing their job, i. e. passing to their own player.

{Ed007's Note - They had one midweek off, are you being serious? How do you know that "most of us were happy" before kick-off, nobody asked me - Johnston starting?
If you don't think the team selection and tactics were wrong then there's no point talking to you, Stevie Wonder and Stephen Hawking could have seen what was wrong in the Cup Final and fixed it for today.
Did Santa bring you the 2020 Neil Lennon calendar?}

9.) 30 Dec 2019 08:24:21
HT. It might be absolute nonsense to you but it's my opinion and I'm entitled to state it. You have your own opinion and I'm fine with that. Let's wait and see who is proved correct. I have consistently said NL was and is not the man for the job for the reasons we are discussing. I hope to be proved wrong but fear the worse.

10.) 29 Dec 2019 23:09:13
Again I agree ed I was so frustrated with frimpong especially in first half got the ball acres space to run out wide ( and we know he can do it) yet always cut in to trouble or passed back! Said to my son it was weird and must have been told to cut inside?

11.) 30 Dec 2019 10:38:30
My last post didn't get past Ed but hopefully this one will.
I said when NL got the job that I was disappointed however I don't think I'm alone in saying I've been pleasantly surprised especially with Europe. BR wouldn't have won that group. Now if that makes me a NL fan boy as Ed puts it then that's his opinion.
I'm as angry as anyone over yesterdays performance but to come out after losing 1 game and say professional tactics and NL won't be heard in the same sentence is total bollocks. Where were you after the lazio games?

{Ed007's Note - You're glossing over the fact that Lennon got the team selection and tactics all wrong to blame the players for not showing up. If you've got a two man midfield and the opposition have three in there it's easy for them to control the midfield as they can have 2 going for the ball and 1 marking the other player or vice versa. If you throw in a defensively inept LB and pair him with a weakling of a kid you're inviting problems, people say Hayes shouldn't have started at LB but he'd have been a better option than Bolingoli and as for the "what does Hayes offer except 100% commitment etc" some come out with - what does Brown offer that's different from Hayes?
Who decided not to have players on the post at corners or will we blame Kennedy the defensive coach for that one? Who told Forrest to constantly go inside instead of hitting the byline or will that be Duff the wingers coach's fault?
Once again we were over ran in midfield by TRIFC and that's where the problem lay, the exact same as happened in the cup final, everyone else sees it apart from Lennon but hey, that'll not be his fault either will it?
And once again it appears that when we win it's Lennon that deserves the credit but when we lose we've to blame the players for not turning up.}

12.) 30 Dec 2019 11:05:14
So where was your team selection before the game Ed? I didn't see you complaining when you posted the team. It's easy to criticise after the fact. Only after the game you want forrest on the left and Christie on the right!
Of course NL has to take a portion of the blame but to say that about professional tactics is nonsense. The players didn't turn up. Do you dispute that? Brown was our best player yesterday so don't understand your point there. I didn't even mention Hayes (who was rubbish in the cup final)

{Ed007's Note - I didn't comment at all when I posted the team and "at the very least kept things the way they were in the past few games with Christie on the right" is hardly me wanting him there is it, why did Lennon change it after so many games that we won? Playing on the right in a 4-3-3 is totally different to doing it in a 4-2-3-1.
I never mentioned the Lazio games, the EL or Brendan Rodgers so I don't know what points you were bringing up there and what exactly are these "professional tactics" you keep mentioning?}



29 Dec 2019 17:02:04
This is the first time I have though we are in trouble. Sevco have an advantage here. I realise Celtic are top of the league by 2 points but Enrico is now worrying about sevco winning that game in hand which takes them to the summit of the league.

We are now in a position where we must win every game and hope the sevco slip up. This is a bad situation and going by the last 2 performances today and the cup final the sevies look right up for this.

My question to you my friends is will Celtic be up for it?

Where is the team who had big Eddy lump the ball into sevco half and pummelled them all over the park?

We have better players that I'd no doubt but the desire to win is showing through more at the wrong end of the city for me.

Enrico sips on his grape juice pondering the second half of the season.

1.) 29 Dec 2019 17:16:55
I don’t think it was balls that were lacking today Enrico nor was it about them being more up for it. I think the team and the club both need to simply accept that beyond a shadow of a doubt we have a title challenge on our hands and that we have a right to win nothing. Then do what’s necessary as we have the resources.

2.) 29 Dec 2019 21:06:14
Calling them sevco is childish, especially when they've just beaten us quite comfortably at our own home. We had a psychological edge over them to the point where they were beaten before we left the tunnel, no more. We need to improve the quality of the team and I want to see an attacking midfielder and and decent back up for Eddy. No point sitting on the money we have only to miss out on the chance to qualify for the CL. We need to win the league and get to the CL with our wage bill.



29 Dec 2019 14:48:14
My friends Enrico is very frustrated today. I feel as if the cup final and this game today makes sevco look a stronger team.

Celtic never got going today we must add a new striker french Eddy needs help in scoring the goals. At the same time I do not know why french Eddy didn't hit the penalty why is Christie taking it?

I would have started with Hayes down the left today as well. Boli try's but just feel Hayes would have been a better option.

Celtic must regroup and hit the ground running after the break.

1.) 29 Dec 2019 14:53:13
Enrico, the 4 penalties we have been awarded this season ( I know, a shocking stay ) have been taken by Christie and he has scored them, I would have liked Eddy to take it.

2.) 29 Dec 2019 14:58:53
Hindsight is a fine thing. I would have rather taken it, but penalty takers are decided behind the scenes and usually for good reason.

3.) 29 Dec 2019 15:03:57
Ok I understand guys.

4.) 29 Dec 2019 15:06:59
Christie missed up at county.

5.) 29 Dec 2019 15:09:16
Christie has been the penalty taker for about 2 seasons.
Only time you hear why wasnt he taking it is when someone misses.

6.) 29 Dec 2019 15:30:19
French Eddy doesn’t miss penalties he has chipped in with a few from the spot.

7.) 29 Dec 2019 17:52:35
No professional footballer should miss a penalty unless it's a great save, and that's what it was.




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18 Aug 2019 22:17:56
If we manage to sign Meling it will be a great bit of business. The fact big Ajer is at the back should help him settle quickly into the squad and country.

Really hope we manage to sign him.



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23 Jul 2019 20:19:48
Ken are you hard up my friend? You seem to be buttering the Bat up for some reason.



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21 Jul 2019 23:08:20
I am glad some of you are enjoying a drink tonight but that lad Kent would have no chance of making our starting 11 last season this season or any other season.

Sinky Johnstone Jamesy all better players even Hayes better player with Shved to come in and young Karamoko as well that thug Kent would only be near the bench to clean the others boots I’m afraid.



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20 Jul 2019 18:18:03
Mic Dundee my friend Andrea is quality player he has been unlucky with injuries after signing with Milan but he would be great addition to our midfield.




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29 Dec 2019 20:55:20



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29 Dec 2019 17:34:03
Nonsense we had 3 strikers Dembele Griff and young Eddy who was a bright prospect to bring in. He was never dembeles replacement never in a million years.

Dembele has never been replaced people who think he has been are the ones deluded.



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29 Dec 2019 17:16:58
Don’t know why you can’t understand that people want Eddy to hit the penalties.



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29 Dec 2019 17:09:18
Not a chance in hell will we win the league by double points had we won today we maybe would have won it by double points but not I’m afraid it’s advantage to sevco.



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29 Dec 2019 15:32:10
How is Eddy Dembeles replacement? Never heard so much garbage in my life. Dembele has never been replaced Fact.