13 Jun 2024 22:30:48
£4m for Oh. oh my goodness, the world has truly gone berserk! Ahaha! Take it! Brilliant!

1.) 14 Jun 2024
14 Jun 2024 03:11:47
He's better than you make it and never got a real chance.

2.) 14 Jun 2024
14 Jun 2024 07:32:36
Feel sorry for the lad, he is a decent player but didn't get a chance to prove how good he can be. Unfortunately that happens when you come to a club like ours, you have to hit the ground running or you don't get game time, you get loaned out or sold.

Now BR is going to get the chance to build his own team, the players he did not ask for are probably all heading for the exit doors, like Lager and Narowski.

We have players we really need to get rid of and can't, which is frustrating when players that looked decent are heading out the door.

3.) 14 Jun 2024
14 Jun 2024 12:44:08
I don't, he got game ti. e as a back to Kyogo coming off the bench.

The wee man was carrying a shoulder injury and come January, with the league too close for comfort, we brought in Idah, who was playing in the reserves at Norwich, and he blew OH out the water.

That's what happened in a nutshell.

☘️ ? ☘️.

4.) 14 Jun 2024
14 Jun 2024 14:11:37
I wouldn’t be too sure about the £4m bid on OH by Ghent as window doesn’t open for two and a half weeks .

If by chance figures quotes for M Johnstone and OH, £6 and £4m respectively are actually correct and are borne out by other players of similar talent sold at same sort of price, maybe we will have to pay £10 m and more for a player we expect to do a good job for us.