23 Jan 2022 11:05:56
Had a wee look at the goal again last night. I'm stunned that anyone could think starfelt done anything wrong. We were slow back into shape. Bitton ran off their number 8 and allowed him in behind. Then for some reason Scales was inside Srarfelt rather then being in the LB position with McCarthy out wide. We were a bit all over the place with our shape Both starfelt and Welsh were positioned well. Starfelt made a move to cover the vacant lb the ball was crossed and welsh lost the header to sammon.

We can't just blame players for everything because we don't like them. He's had a few hairy moment but actually performed well in most games for me. Get behind the team.

1.) 23 Jan 2022
23 Jan 2022 17:57:16
It doesn't really matter we won the game and certain fans will find a negative to bash a certain player. All that matters is we got through and we go on to play Raith. If anything it was probably a collective as we was so dominant in that game as you say we was slow getting back into our shape and some got caught out too far up the park. We should be seeing the game out better and keep possession. Think the team will be more switched on against better opposition and it was our 2nd game back and a few players that have hardly played got some much needed minutes.