12 Sep 2021 12:51:45
All summer most guys on here were in agreement that Celtic should be signing good young Scottish players in the transfer window.
Time and time again we were mentioning Ferguson, Doig and Nesbitt.
All 3 players will be currently on much less than £5K a week and negotiating Salaries wouldn't be an issue.
The transfer fees probably were an issue for Celtic because it might have took £15 million to secure all 3 players.
It was a mistake using the year option for Griffiths because that salary would've paid the first year of Nesbitt's contract.
Ferguson is younger than McCarthy and currently has more potential. The wages McCarthy is on would easily have covered Ferguson's salary.
All 3 players would've started yesterday because they're match fit and ready to play.
I just think those 3 players are the missing link to Celtic moving up a level but time and time again Scottish players are wrongly classed as not good enough but in reality they are less of a risk than some of the foreigners Celtic bring in.

1.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 13:03:51
Good post BuzzBomb.

I was one who was calling for Ferguson since last season and I think Nisbet could do a job for us also. Doig I haven't seen enough off but he's been mentioned alot.

With the business that has now been done and another 3 months or so before the window Ange might cast an eye in the direction of one or more of these players.

I reluctantly agreed that Ange had little choice at the time but to offer LG a years extension, I doubt now that he'll ever wear the Hoops again.

2.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 14:00:37
Only 1 I would take out the three is Ferguson, although I think he is destined for that filth.

3.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 14:06:57
If we sold Boli and Taylor we could buy Doig with those funds and have Montgomery as back up. Most of us would rather have Ferguson over Rogic starting who I heard had a shocker yesterday. Hopefully Ange will see these players potential when we play them over the season and make a move in Jan or the summer window.

4.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 14:15:29
Neither of the Hibs players mentioned, were outstanding in today's derby and although you can't judge on one game, you would expect that these are the games were they would prove themselves capable?
The signing of McCarthy puzzled me as apart from being several years too late, we got a player - 3 months into a season - is still unfit? Previously I had suggested that Celtic are wary of dealing with a good few SPL clubs because of their Boards attitude and reluctance to sell and there have been several times where we have been quoted much more than the eventual price that certain players were sold for?
Therefor I can understand why maybe we prefer to look elsewhere.
Anyway, having seen Sevco, Hibs and Hearts in recent weeks, I would say we are a much more skilful and talented team, however, we do need more battlers in midfield in scrappy dogfights, while hopefully Carlton Vickers and Scales with beef-up our 'achiles-heel' at set pieces? HH.

5.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 15:05:26
Like you pedro l have been calling for ferguson to get signed. Really like the guy who is a quality player who would improve our midfield further.

6.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 15:28:25
Ferguson could develop into a cracking player but would he play every week? One to keep an eye on. So is Doig. Nesbit would just be warming our bench.

7.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 17:36:19
I’m quite happy to give Montgomery a chance, every time I’ve seen him he’s played well. Doig has looked good but if we give Montgomery a chance he could become a good player for us.

8.) 12 Sep 2021
12 Sep 2021 18:52:28
Agree quinn think anytime l have seen Montgomery playing the lad looks a player. Again yesterday when he came on he was very impressive. The more he keeps playing the better he will get.

9.) 13 Sep 2021
13 Sep 2021 19:13:06
Ferguson would never come to us. He's a dyed in the wool Sevconian. You only buy Scottish if they are good enough, like Turnbul, those mentioned aren't in that class, so i am not bothered we didn't buy any of them. Including Nesbitt.