26 Aug 2021 22:15:41
Don't get the Scottish media, up until tonight we haven't played a decent team yep that part maybe correct but that team were decent and glad we got them 2 games into the season, now here comes my moan, why can't the celebrate the fact we beat a very good side over 2 legs (it is decided over 2 legs ) but no we are lucky, bad defense etc etc etc! Yet that other mib get plaudits for narrowly beating a not so great team. I know I'm ranting but sick of it what the management have achieved in a short time is outstanding and we need to celebrate we are in the cusp of something special and Igor one look forward to this season and making the majority eat there words. 3- 1 Celtic in Sunday. Hail Hail. b.

1.) 26 Aug 2021
26 Aug 2021 22:27:08
I wouldn't worry about it but just makes it all that wee bit sweeter 👌💚.

2.) 26 Aug 2021
26 Aug 2021 22:47:54
Hey my friend you must rise above the naysayers.

The team who are lucky are the rangers this other team should have beaten them.

Enrico thinks tonight good result and like you say my friend the tie is played home and away we come out on top.

3.) 26 Aug 2021
26 Aug 2021 23:09:01
Well said. AZ are a quailty team. We did very well to get a result over 2 legs to qualify. Progress from NL disastrous times.

4.) 27 Aug 2021
26 Aug 2021 23:57:41
The BBC had the title "Rangers cruise into the group stages" when full time whistle went. Cruise to a 1-0 tie over Aleshkert who had 10 men 😂 We beat them 6-0 with 79 minutes down to 10 men in one of the games! Every pundit has slaughtered their perfomance yet they get plaudits and we get nothing but negativity. Time to get the bragging rights back on Sunday.