15 Aug 2021 12:51:23
Ed my friend what is happening with Bolingoli is he staying with the club or will he be moving on?

Enrico likes Taylor but there is not much cover is he becomes injured you know?

Is there any way we can get Christie to sign a new deal and what's your on him staying?

Nearly game time. 💚.

{Ed007's Note - Bolingoli's agent was hawking him around Europe so I expect him to leave before the window closes.
Christie will need to drop his financial demands if he has had a massive change of heart and wants to stay at Celtic. I put Christie in the same bracket as Edouard, last season's performances were unforgivable and unless they want to sign new long term deals - none of this one year extension rubbish - they can go and neither should be near the team until the matter is concluded one way or another.
A couple of good performances from Christie - while the window is still open btw - doesn't make up for the fact he's been engineering a way out for about 2 years now or the fact he acted like a spoilt brat last season and put in some of the most dismal and lacklustre performances I've ever seen from a Celtic player.
We can forgive players not being good enough but not putting in 100% is unforgivable.}

1.) 15 Aug 2021
15 Aug 2021 13:33:29
Magic Ed. the truth is out, if people can’t see the betrayers for what they are then, oh dear.

{Ed007's Note - Cheers, Mal 👍

2.) 15 Aug 2021
15 Aug 2021 13:54:36
Of course Enrico agree’s with your points Ed my friend.

{Ed007's Note - Thanks mate - enjoy your grape juice today 👍

3.) 15 Aug 2021
15 Aug 2021 14:14:42
Agree Ed you look at Taylor and Ralston for example. Not the most technically gifted players but will give it 100% every game. It seems some players always have a good run of form when they're wanting out or they're after an extension on their contracts. Christie and Rogic being prime examples of that.

{Ed007's Note - To be fair Rogic could have moved on this window but decided to stay and I have to admit he looks like a different player as well.}

4.) 15 Aug 2021
15 Aug 2021 18:04:40
Ed007 you've hit the nail on the head with your reply to Enrico.

Last season Edouard wasn't trying and spat dummy out when Frank McAvennie called him out. I get the impression now that Edouard probably has been trying to engineer a transfer from day he signed on permanent deal. Apparently was very close to joining Monaco a few seasons ago.

{Ed007's Note - 👍