27 Nov 2020 00:52:25
Some of the posts on here are mental.

Between the banner to wanting a manager of the calibre of Rodgers back - plenty weren't all that happy all the time when he was here - especially the last 12 months when he got itchy feet.

Like him or loathe him, Lennon has a better record domestically with 76% of a win ratio vs Rodgers and his 70%.

Has everyone forgotten the European experience under Rodgers getting done by PSG and Barcelona?

Guy left us in the middle of a historic treble treble season before a cup game and tried to take all the staff.

In the past 43 League games Neil has lost 3 and drawn 5.

This season there's been Bolingoli putting us on the back foot with 2 postponed games for corona to get his jam roll. Eddy got the virus (I do think there's something else there) , Biton, Elhamed and Christie all got it. Julien is only just back and James Forrest (the same guy that gets pelters all the time on here) has been a huge loss to the club.

The goals leaked are a shocker, but overall we're going for a delayed quadruple treble - thanks to lennon keeping up the cup run rodgers abandoned - and are 4 points behind where we were last year - which turned out to be a record year when we got motoring after the break.

It's not perfect but I think Lennon has earned the right to try and get it on track with a settled squad now we've got most of them back from Corona and injury.

2nd half tonight - despite Bains stupidity was more like the team we know.

Everyone has the right to complain about the manager - we all pay our ST money, but try to remember growing up when we won nothing.

Talking about Howe as a potential saviour - do we really think half way through the season is the time to bring in someone untried with the pressure of delivering the expectations of a +70% win ratio to keep everyone happy? There's no substitute for experience.

I think not having fans in the ground is hurting the team - especially when it means hanging about outside with banners keeping the MSM or whatever in jobs.

1.) 27 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020 06:46:32
Bit of a difference getting pumped in Europe fae a PSG or Barcelona compared to Sparta Prague don’t yae think?

2.) 27 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020 06:52:43
Spot on Garry

It's a big difference getting pumped by Europe's Elite and getting pumped twice in 3 weeks by a team like Sparta.

3.) 27 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020 07:12:43
At least we were qualifying for the Champions league to be able to get pumped by Barcelona and PSG. Now we are just being humiliated by the likes of Cluj, Copenhagen, and Sparta Prague in the Europa league.
You can twist statisics all you like but Lennon's record in the big games is terrible and he hasn't a clue how to deal with Rangers.
I don't know if changing the manager at this stage will save our season but I think if we don't we may as well hand the title to Rangers now as I don't believe Lennon has the tactical ability or the man management skills to turn this around.
I am not against Lennon the man, I know what he has had to put up with and he stepped in when Rodgers walked out on us but that doesn't make him a great manager and I think the perfomances this season has shown that.

4.) 27 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020 07:43:05
Well said Lubo. COYBIG.

5.) 27 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020 07:59:35
At the end of the day, the previous manager is now more remembered for his desertion and bail-out rather than The Invincibles, several Hun-skelpings, great football and the foundations of a treble-treble.
NL is in danger of being hounded-out of the club he has served and loved with any past glories and memorable times, blurred and faded by two-wins-in-nine, humiliating, shock defeats by the likes AEK, Cluj, Ferencvaros and Sparta (twice) ; a team that is disorganized, deflated leaking goals, drained of confidence and credibility; while failing to meet the challenge of TRIFC, losing twice at home in succession.
Peter Lawell, NL and these players are on the verge of notoriety.

6.) 27 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020 09:17:51
Yup it's right up there with Hapoel Be'er Sheva, AEK Athens and Lincoln Red Imps.

There's not been a settled defence or shape to the team since the start of the season due to all the other stuff that's going on.

Under normal circumstances I'd be starting to question if it can be turned around, but these aren't normal times.

I'm actually glad Europe is gone - I think that with the internationals is a huge distraction.

For me we I think it'll tell us if there's a way back for Neil with the cup games and once he's got a more settled side how they play over the next couple of weeks before asking for a couple of cans and brendan back.

The only thing I'd agree with from most of the other stuff on here is that it's time Brown was used more sparingly - he's still got a lot to offer in big games but should be spared for them and brought on from the bench in the other games if needed. This is definitely time to to help bed in the new broony.

7.) 27 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020 10:13:56
I can’t criticise a fellow fan too much for trying to stick up for our manager.
But he has been given time to make it right and failed.
Most fans wanted a change after the CL exit and rant.
My breaking point was 3 weeks ago when we were first embarrassed by Sparta Prague.
I knew that night Lennon wasn’t going to win us the league.
Celtic have showed Lenny respect in these last 3 weeks and gave him more time to try and turn things around.
It’s not working and it will only get worse to a point of no return.
Celtic need to change the manager now to give us any chance of getting back into the title race.

8.) 27 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020 10:37:42
Time for change, and yes it likely won't get us the 10 (which no-one outside Celtic Sevco give a flying feck about) . What it will do is give us time to build for nxt season and beyond as we know a big turnover of players is imminent. I'd rather start that now than in summer.

9.) 27 Nov 2020
27 Nov 2020 12:12:51
LuboLarsson what utter bollocks! Rodgers did not return 2 wins out of 9 games in his tenure, also Lennon has managed less games this tenure so its obvious he will have a higher win rate.

Lennons league points total is 3 points away from being as bad as Tony Mowbray.