31 Aug 2019 12:30:42
So who's in goal and what's the team for tomorrow? The rumour is Sinclair will be away before Monday. Bit of a sour ending he was a very good signing for us and will always be welcomed with affection at Celtic Park.

1.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 12:58:13
New signing right back ayer simo boli Forrest Christie brown and mohamed elyoussi McGregor Edward and our keeper big Fraser.

2.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 13:08:50
Ajer/ Bauer-rb

3.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 13:05:14
Juliens a most start scored first goal confidence woll be high?

4.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 13:41:48
Strong team Kev.

5.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 13:49:12
Midfield battle needs to be won JFP.

6.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 13:52:33

Bauer Ajer Julien Boli


McGregor Christie

Elyounoussi Forrest


7.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 14:30:11
If Ajer is injured I would go with

Bauer, Jullien, Jozo, Boli
Calmac, Christie
Forrest, Elyounoussi, Eddy

8.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 14:39:17
Honestly can’t understand why most of you don’t start brown can’t get my head round it.

9.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 14:51:55
Brown will start

Great Wall

24 Big Julien Simovic Boli


McGregor Christie

Forrest Johnston

10.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 15:09:04
Dra only ten players there.

11.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 15:46:39
If Taylor has signed he goes straight in for Boli. Every cloud.

12.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 16:11:31
Isn’t Taylor injured.

13.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 16:18:49
11 players in my team. 24 is the new RB.

14.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 16:35:27
Either Kev t or jonbhoys team both are good can’t pick between them if pushed jonbhoys team 👌👌.

15.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 17:29:12
Bauer Ajer Jozo Boli
Brown Bitton
Jamesy Christie Elyounoussi

Those stupid people wouldn’t know what to do with Bayo he would run riot with them. The creativity and direct football Celtic would play would open up chances for Bayo to score and with the addition of him being good in the air he could score a few headers.

The engine room is important and Brown and Bitton should be no nonsense and give it straight to the front men as soon as possible.

Enrico drops Microphone and heads to hadows for a few bottles of grape juice ahead of another skelping

Cheers 🍾🍷.

16.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 17:51:19
Not a chance we will or we should go to ibrox without Scott Brown in the team.

17.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 18:20:32
Broony is not the player he was and should be dropped his main attribute was his pace and stamina both sadly have left him it seems and is getting caught out I have no doubt he will play tomorrow and I hope he does well but I don't have much hope especially if we stay with the 4231 formation.

18.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 18:26:14

Bauer Ajer Julien McGregor

Brown Bitton

Forrest Christie Elyounoussi


19.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 18:29:55
Edouard has got to start for me and yes Kev brown is a must seems a lot of people on here lack faith in him now.

20.) 31 Aug 2019
31 Aug 2019 19:15:46
Never seen broony as a pacey player mate but does the simple things well and brakes up play and gets tore in many times is that now brown isn’t the player he was or is finished his whole time at Celtic first name on the sheet for me! 🍀.

21.) 01 Sep 2019
31 Aug 2019 23:20:02
Picking a team was so difficult, mainly because our new signings have been brought in too late to start them. Its funny how the one player I didn’t want to start was Boli and now he is probably the only player who is guaranteed to start in his natural position.

I have been swayed by Kevs team for a couple of reasons. Bitton deserves a start and he will bring composure to the midfield and hopefully give service to Christie and the wide men with his good passing ability and with Mcgregor playing wide left he will first of all give them something to think about with his running off the ball and he will be able to backtrack and help Boli out when needed and block the runs of Tavernier.
Ajar. Jozo. Jullian. Boli
Brown. Bitton
Forrest. Christie. Mcgregor
If both Ajar and Jozo are both fit then it will be a bonus because the left back position is the sevco weak link and big Ajar will be able to exploit this with his galloping runs down the wing. I would be confident of winning if Lenny picks Kevs team.