26 Jul 2019 19:08:39
The prodigal son, Charlie Mulgrew found an 8 in a row flag from 1973 in his loft today.
He turned out to be a great first signing for Lenny. A fantastic left foot and he had one of the best individual performances I've seen from a Celtic player, when we beat killie 6-0 at rugby park, to win our first title, on our way to 10.

1.) 26 Jul 2019
26 Jul 2019 22:22:04
Nice wee tribute there leon. 🍀🍀 got to love the guy, great servant but u widnae pay him to babysit 😂.

2.) 26 Jul 2019
26 Jul 2019 23:09:42
Thought he was a good player for us always liked him. Espicalliy when he played cb for us.

3.) 27 Jul 2019
27 Jul 2019 01:04:10
Found his calling as a CB. Though he had a howler against Motherwell which basically cost us the league if I remember right.

4.) 27 Jul 2019
27 Jul 2019 11:15:47
Was good for one season when he played CB. His best feature was hitting a dead ball but he stopped taking corners and free kicks for some reason and for me became a waste of a shirt. Came across like the thought he was better than he was and I was not sad to see him go.

5.) 28 Jul 2019
27 Jul 2019 23:27:57
Maybe give him a 6 month contract aswell then 😂.