03 Jun 2024 09:48:29
Latest rumour we are after israeli GK peretz from munich.
I think the fact he is israeli shuts this down straight away. I don't think the club are silly enough to target israelis at this moment in time and for that matter i don't think an israeli would come anywhere near us either.

1.) 03 Jun 2024
03 Jun 2024 12:55:40
Derry Tim, Israeli goalkeeper may be as much against the mass murder of innocent Palestinians as you or me . Should over-all goal keeping ability and the ease that he is likely to fit into dressing room, not be more important criteria, rather than his Nationality.

{Ed007's Note - There's pictures of Peretz waving an Israeli flag so I think that lets you know his political stance. The reason this move won't happen is the same reason why Abada left, the pressure from Israel.

2.) 03 Jun 2024
03 Jun 2024 18:01:02
I'll get battered for this but if I was an ordinary Jew, I think I'd give Celtic a miss.

{Ed007's Note - It isn't about religion mate, Zionism isn't a religion it is political ideal akin to Hitler's Nazi party.}

3.) 03 Jun 2024
03 Jun 2024 21:32:49
I agree the killing in Palestine is horrible. It's a football site so I'll limit what I'm about to say to 2 sentences. The root of this horrible conflict is found late in the book of Numbers and 1 Kings of the bible. Basically the infant country Israel mucked up big style what God told them to do and as a result, almost constant conflict in the area has ensued. I appreciate this will not be included in many people's worldview and I respect that but the Old Testament is full of the conflict as a result of the Jews disobedience.

4.) 04 Jun 2024
04 Jun 2024 23:32:56
The Zionists daily treatment of individuals from other faiths, including Christians, is disgusting.

What goes around, comes around.

☘️ ? ☘️.

5.) 05 Jun 2024
05 Jun 2024 00:27:08
I don’t want him at any price.

6.) 09 Jun 2024
09 Jun 2024 19:54:24
Why no mention of angus Gunn.