25 Mar 2021 19:54:54
Unsubstantiated rumour that Lewis Ferguson could be coming to Celtic. HH.

1.) 25 Mar 2021
25 Mar 2021 20:20:27
Let's hope it is bollocks as he is over rated and nothing more than a dirty player.

2.) 25 Mar 2021
25 Mar 2021 20:51:38
Have to disagree lennonatwork. Would love to see him come to celtic. Make sense with brown on his way up to the dons. Plays in a similar role.

3.) 25 Mar 2021
25 Mar 2021 21:13:11
I am happy with Soro in that position. The sheep would not sell him cheap and anything over 500K is a rip off as he is bang average.

4.) 25 Mar 2021
25 Mar 2021 21:29:46
LAW I've got to disagree, I think Ferguson would be a cracking piece of recruitment. Next best young player in Scotland to Turnbull. he's not had as good a year as last but Aberdeen as a whole have been poorer. We don't even have a manager so the rumour will just be made up beyond our general interest.

5.) 25 Mar 2021
25 Mar 2021 21:47:50
Soro has to get his chance, he has been more than patient and when he has had a stint, he looks like a good prospect. However, with the squad set to be decimated we have to consider any decent player?

6.) 26 Mar 2021
25 Mar 2021 23:09:51
@SOS-BHOY - Imagine we did sign him, how much do you think it would cost? Who sits out between Soro, McGregor and Turnbull?

7.) 26 Mar 2021
26 Mar 2021 07:01:13
I've always thought Ferguson can play and based on his age and ability would prosper under a better coach.
It's a yes 👍 from me.

8.) 26 Mar 2021
26 Mar 2021 07:24:07
Can’t see their new manager agreeing to sell their best player as he tries to build his own side.

9.) 26 Mar 2021
26 Mar 2021 07:43:05
He might sell with Brown coming in for free then use the cash to help rebuild. I’d imagine he’s cost £2-3m and would be a good piece of business IMO.

10.) 26 Mar 2021
26 Mar 2021 07:46:43
Unless he sells him to raise funds knowing that Brown can play that position for their 'bigger games'

11.) 26 Mar 2021
26 Mar 2021 09:04:56
I think Lewis would be a good squad player, but instead of paying 2/ 3 million for him, would it not make more financial sense signing the boy Campbell from Motherwell who I'm sure is available on a bosman at the end of the season.

12.) 26 Mar 2021
26 Mar 2021 09:32:32
Remember they were wanting 5 million for McKenna, so I doubt we would get him cheap and he would just be a squad player as there are better midfielders already at Celtic.

13.) 26 Mar 2021
26 Mar 2021 11:32:50
cowabunga00, Allan Campbell could be a good shout at only 22yrs of age and having played over 150 games for Motherwell.

14.) 26 Mar 2021
26 Mar 2021 16:41:31
Campbell over Ferguson all day long.

And Roy Keane can bolt! Don’t want the man anywhere near our club. No better than Lennon.