22 Mar 2021 23:15:43
Reports saying Brown to leave Celtic for Aberdeen.

1.) 23 Mar 2021
23 Mar 2021 09:24:43
If true what a leader and servant he has been to celtic. Will leave a big hole to fill and just shows how much of a rebuild is required asap.

2.) 23 Mar 2021
23 Mar 2021 10:28:19
Brown will stay with Celtic until the end of the season.
It would be great to see him lift One more trophy before he leaves.

3.) 23 Mar 2021
23 Mar 2021 13:37:54
huge task to replace him. Not as a player as i think soro has started to show he could be the man for that in the future, however as a character and a leader he is irreplacable.

Massive summer ahead.

4.) 23 Mar 2021
23 Mar 2021 14:42:24
I’d he does go, his last game for hibs was against us at Easter road, and his last game for us will be against hibs at Easter road.

5.) 23 Mar 2021
23 Mar 2021 14:49:35
Agreed DK, you don't replace a player/ captain/ leader and serial winner like Brown after what he's helped the Club achieve over the past 14 years - my son was 2yrs old when Scott signed.

It's time to buckle up as there's interesting times ahead!

6.) 23 Mar 2021
23 Mar 2021 16:14:35
I hope Scott Brown can return the favour because he scored against Celtic that day.

7.) 23 Mar 2021
23 Mar 2021 16:17:23
Is it just me or did it go down hill when Duff left? might not be the worst appointment but can't see it.

no one will be manager untill DOF in place surely.