26 Jan 2021 14:49:21
A top female Scottish journalist has been told the German club Frimpong is having a medical with is Bayer Leverkusen.
And it’s for a fee of £11.5 million.
Celtic will receive 70% of £11.5 million.

1.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 15:02:26
Would take that without a second thought.

2.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 15:03:26
Lennon just confirmed he’s in Germany finalising it.

3.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 15:10:24
I think that's good business. Although he looked electric at times I felt like he was a weak link in our team and didn't contribute enough. Wish him well but not a great loss.

4.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 15:10:41
If those figures are correct Celtic will receive £8 million.

5.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 15:24:24
Frimpong is a very good player but far from the finished article. I can't though understand anyone is happy to see him leave. Sign of the times if you ask and probably won't be the last to leave in this window. Can't see any spending so the team is only going to get weaker. An absolute disaster of a season and imo a lot of this is down to the stubborn individual managing the team.

6.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 15:53:27
This is going to come back and bite us. Guarantee the ones wishing him gone will be the same ones complaining that we didn't get enough for him in a year or two time.

7.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 15:59:41
Maybe we'll get rid of a few more in the next week.

8.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 16:02:18
On one hand it's good business for the shareholders. I agree Vosa he's far from the finished article but the lads clearly got ability and a team 3rd in the Bundesliga going for him is quite telling. I just hope we show a bit of intent with his replacement.

9.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 16:08:03
8 million cash for the board to divvy up between them. Millions will be made when Corpus Ajer Ntcham Calmac Eddy Rogic all go. Will that money be used for a rebuild? Or will the Board pocket plenty? Will the financial blow from C.V. be used for the cash being used up?

10.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 16:13:49
Jim Tim. I can't see any replacement being bought. This seasons been a disaster and there is I suspect more bad news to come. Frimpong won't be the only player to leave during this window. I also have tge frightening feeling NL is here to stay.

11.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 16:17:56
Losing a lot of drive and energy from the team. Also any spark or excitement. But that being said, the money is good for a 300k fee we paid.

12.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 16:31:48
Don't see why we'd replace Frimpong at the minute. I hope we can get a few more sold before their values drop and I think Eddy will go to England before this window closes.

Will all the transfer fees coming in be spent on new players - not a chance (it never has) .

NL won't survive this season.

13.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 16:32:00
I've got a feeling he's here to stay too. Baffling.

14.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 16:46:43
That's a decent fee for him. Mixed feelings as the new manager might have been able to get more out of him.

15.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 17:30:30
Who’s playing right back now?
ElHamed wants out as well.

16.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 19:36:30
Frimpong a had a dig at the coaching staff on the way out. Can’t say I blame him.

17.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 19:47:49
What did he say? Won’t be shocked when others leave and add fuel to the fire.

18.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 20:22:43
Ralston at right back, or ajer and persist with Duffy bitton in the centre.

19.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 20:24:26
I read something that he wasn't happy with Lennon publicly blaming players. A few other players not happy about it either. Maybe made up but if true they have a point.

20.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 20:29:15
how what would you perceive that to mean degsy?

21.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 20:54:10
Said his demands weren’t met. Could mean financial, but since he’s only been here 18 months, I’d say the standard of coaching is below what expected and what he thinks he needs.
Imo he’s gone backwards in the last six months. That has to be coaching surely?
He has loads of potential imo, and a decent coach can help him with his final ball. His height will hinder him defensively, but he should be decent on the deck.
I personally think it’s a dig at Lennon and the coaches and I expect more players to leave and do the same.

22.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 20:56:59
I can see Hamilton getting something tomorrow night. I hope I’m wrong, but this is a mess.
We’ve literally swapped places with sevco like in some kind of Freaky Friday body swap movie.

23.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 21:19:32
you could be right but he did sign for this manager, i think the attitude of the modern day player stinks more so with youngsters.

24.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 21:31:51
Did he sign for the manager or did he sign for the club or first team football?

25.) 26 Jan 2021
26 Jan 2021 22:27:34
what do you think he signed for tony?