12 Oct 2020 19:05:26
It's been confirmed Elhameds test has came back positive so he'll have to isolate in Israel. Some run of bad luck for us in the lead up to this person game.

1.) 12 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020 20:33:34
And the many other games beyond that

Hope he recovers and that there are no adverse lasting impacts.

2.) 12 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020 21:22:49
Yeah Speedy recovery too both of them. Question if a player gets hurt during international duty the club I am sure gets compensation from the relevant football association? Does that include C.V. also?

3.) 13 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020 22:50:02
The Milan game is the bigger concern Lubo. Would have liked a full strength team to get off to a good start in that group.

4.) 13 Oct 2020
12 Oct 2020 23:12:06
Dont know, I think the compensation links in to insurances

Not sure about C.V. premiums would be mega.

5.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 02:46:18
I would like to think so as its the national team that put them at risk.

6.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 05:17:52
Bravetart how is the ac game the bigger concern the rangers game has a lot more at stake than a Europa game specially this year Europe is a total irrelevance to me .

7.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 07:35:50
D&P I totally agree. We're going to be lucky to finish 3rd in the group and to me winning the 10 is the most important thing this season. You can see how much it means to the other mob by how they are throwing every penny they can gather at trying to stop us winning 10 it even if it throws them into debt they might not be able to recover from. The Rangers 3rd coming up lol.

8.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 08:01:29
Can’t agree that a game in the EL is bigger than Saturdays game! I would 100 % take a fully fit squad for Saturday over any EL game!

9.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 11:43:58
If players are getting CV playing in internations, should they be playing in Europa league games?

10.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 12:52:09
Players aren't getting C.V. playing in internationals. Given the incubation period is up to two weeks, the players likely contracted the virus 7-14 days prior to testing positive. Given our last game was 04/ 10, its a fair assessment that any of our players who have tested positive between then and the 18th of October caught it in Glasgow.

Any player that catches it on international duty is likely to test positive AFTER they have returned to their clubs.

It would be interesting to know if any St J or Sarajevo players have tested positive. Or indeed any of the Scotland team who were in contact with Elhamed.

11.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 12:58:58
It's only the first derby of the season. It's all just merely bragging rights for me this early in the season. Once Europe sorts itself out we always come back and blow everyone else away. It's not that I don't want us to go out and pump them Saturday as it would be a good psychological blow to them if we are top with a game in hand, but if we don't then it's way too early to be panty wetting.

12.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 13:03:44
And Europa is of some concern as financially it's income we could do with as we are losing millions not having fans in the stadium.

13.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 15:33:22
The game at the weekend is more important than any Euro game what if the season gets suspended like last season and the rangers are top at that point the powers that be would not hesitate in awarding them the title.

{Ed007's Note - Even though "the powers that be" (the SPFL board) lost the vote to give them the power to do that?}

14.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 18:38:05
The team we will put out should still be good enough to compete against Sevco as we always boast about having the best squad but probably not so much with Milan that's the point I was trying to make. Whether people think it's important or not as a fan I hate the maulings we get in Europe. Would be a nice scalp to take even if they aren't as good as they once was.

15.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 18:38:54
Agree though Big D they'll all be screaming for an early finish this season if they're slightly ahead in the league lol.

16.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 20:03:04
Mark 76, internationals is higher risk than European club games


Well if the Celtic bubble flew to milan ( 1 flight ) and played AC who have their own bubble, the risk between that and domestic is 1 flight, and of course the return flight creates issues too

In an international, around 60 players have to fly from all over the world to the pre match camp and then fly to the venue for the match . that's dozens of flights and higher risk

On that basis, internationals are higher risk as the uncontrollables are plentiful.

17.) 13 Oct 2020
13 Oct 2020 21:53:32
You've also got to ask yourself if the airlines are sanitizing their planes well enough to prevent the possibility of the virus lurking anywhere within the plane. You're on a flight between an hour and 10 (? ) so there's a very real danger it could be there, especially as the airline industry is being financially savaged and cost cuts right left and central.

18.) 14 Oct 2020
14 Oct 2020 15:11:13
You don’t want to hammer them bravetart lol every time we play them I want them embarrassed and bossed off the park .

19.) 15 Oct 2020
15 Oct 2020 13:11:05
Where did I say I don't want to hammer them? I've already explained the point I tried to make and you're misreading what I've said clearly.