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04 Dec 2016 16:18:15
Great performance yesterday and we are great to watch, what a difference this season with very little personell change.
My biggest gripe with RD was he never had enough goalscorers in the team.
BR is changing that bit by bit, we now have Moussa and Scott providing goals week in week out with Rogic and Armstrong in supporting roles and Griff backing that up.
Of the 3 main front players 2 out of 3 are scoring regularly this makes me think BR will sign a right sided player as Forrest/ Roberts don't score enough.
Going forward to improve this is where we need a quality player as well as someone alongside Broonie.
Armstrong is doing well and is improving and is very good in the SPL but struggles in Europe for me so that is another position where I think BR will look to bring in.
No surgery required just a tinkering and both those positions if quality brought in would cement the league for a long time and really help with CL qualification year in year out as well as progressing in it.
If I was being greedy maybe a number 10 as Rogic as good as he is maybe suffers in Europe because of the high intensity of the games. But I would be happy with just the 2 and I feel BR knows this already and has plans for it.

rayman 99

1.) 04 Dec 2016 17:30:58
Thers always Scott Allan to come back when his loan deal is up, if only not having enough scoreres in the team wad the only thing wrong with Ronnies mismanagement.

2.) 04 Dec 2016 18:58:58
Aindoh you really are a bitter wee man your like one of those sad bitter divorcee's always harping on about their ex get over it and move on your constant snide digs at Ronny really are boring.

3.) 04 Dec 2016 19:57:01
Hilarious stuff regarding Scott Allan. The guy ain't Celtic class n Rd as well as brendan both saw that, so is brendan wrong 2?or just Rd as that suits your anti Rd agenda? rayman that was your biggest gripe with Rd, could have fooled me, as for not enough goalscorers we had lg, rogic who Rd actually got fit, playing well n scoring, paddy Roberts who scored about 9 or 10 having only been with us a short time last season n the other side Forrest, who when he went off form was replaced by GM's for a bit n Armstrong mostly.
So the only difference is that sinclair has added more goals than Forrest did, rogic has upped his goals ratio (did well last season too) n lg had scored more than moussa had as well.
2 my mind we still have the same amount of scorers on the park, we just have allowed brendan, unlike Rd, to bring in his own players as well as bring in that extra quality, I. e sinclair wide n also dembele instead of ciftci n krichards n the Messiah Alan.
I have to say people like u 2 were probably celebrating the 3 trophies Rd won, all the while slagging the guy off. Give it a rest, he won 3 trophies, won us 4 n 5 in a row so his place in history will always be intact, specially when we do 10 in a row it will be well done to all involved.
Yes brendan has done a fantastic job n I'm very happy with him n how we r sung, where we r n where we r going, but he also has had a lot more help than Rd did so enough with the nonsense, n if your bum chum gordon hadn't been in no man's land against caley thistle Rd would have had a treble in his 1st season.

4.) 04 Dec 2016 19:58:16
big. D, if you want to praise his tenure, you can, but I won't let you rewrite history, just because he is gone.

5.) 04 Dec 2016 20:35:22
I'm not praising his tenure i'm just sick of you being obsessed with complaining about him in every single post you write like a bitter little bitch history will show he won 2 league titles which helped to win 10,11,12 in a row and some of us will remember he had to do it with one arm tied behind his back unlike Brendan Rodgers who has got the full backing of DD and doesn't have john park picking his players for him.

6.) 04 Dec 2016 21:16:15
Spot on big d.
Rayman going forward with what Ed was saying on McCarthy that could then be broonys partner central, although I would like to see Armstrong n Henderson get game time however would be happy with McCarthy. A permanent deal for roberts as when he plays regular he scores n assists regularly, 13 games 6 goals under Rd n a few assists.
Another forward may be a possibility, as the top teams usually have 2 or 3 however a new goalkeeper for me is a must. I felt more certain with Fraser Forster in goal, or an Artur boric than I do with Gordon, n to be fair de Vries didn't look much better but it is a position I'd like us to strengthen.

7.) 04 Dec 2016 21:21:23
Exactly, so what kind of manager does that make him?, letting someone else pick his teams, letting someone else declde his tactics, excuses, excuses, I said at the time you could have given the job to any other manager in the spl, and he would have got better results.

8.) 04 Dec 2016 22:01:42
Bigshaw do not be mistaken, managers DEMAND what they want. RD did not have the conviction or strength of character to demand his signings etc.
BR does that's the level he is at as Rd is not.
The difference is PL would put signings to RD and he would say ok I will take him.
BR now goes to PL and says I want him and it happens.
By the way u said RD had LG as goalscorers and Rogic who he got fit, really? Rogic is still not fit and this is the fittest he ever been. Roberts also got 910.
So u will accept 1 goalscorer and the next in line is on 10 goals, that's the level u want?
Sorry not for me mate, RD was SPL level BR is champions league level.
Not so long ago while RD was in charge we had numerous posters on here telling us we were Europa cup level and we will need to accept that.
How times have changed eh with only the change of a manager who KNOWS what he is doing and DEMANDING more.
Its up to u mate but we can have BR who doing great or RD who would put Armstrong out wide left where Stevie Wonder knew it didn't work.

9.) 04 Dec 2016 22:34:01
RD time at celtic is over let's just celebrate BR New beginning and a good one at that I wasn't a RD fan but I'm not going to kick the man because our new manager has done outstanding things in 6 months RD gave celtic 2 league titles and I'm still grateful for that at the time did we need a change YES did we make the correct one YES so c'mon lads let's move on hh hwgtiar.

10.) 04 Dec 2016 22:46:45
who said other's were picking his teams and tactics? making thing's up to try and justify your obsessive hatred for him Aindoh? he wasn't backed by the club he was the cheap option so Lawwel and park could run thing's and obviously Rodgers has more presence to call the shots because he is a big fish in a small pond why are you not on bitching about Lawwel all the time it was his appointment? as I said before your petty bitching is really boring.

11.) 04 Dec 2016 23:18:13
Am not obsessed with complaining about him big. D, I only respond to fawning little symcophants like yourself, who would probably have supported every crazy decision he made, using some excuse like he had one hand tied behind his back.

12.) 05 Dec 2016 00:02:20
C'mon ghirls give it a rest.

13.) 05 Dec 2016 00:58:22
yeah whatever you say aindoh if you're not obsessed then you would be able to post without mentioning Ronny i shall watch closely to see how you fair but my feeling is you will be slagging him off till you find another obsession to moan about why not start trolling Argos online or amazon and complain about your old toaster from 10 years ago that burnt your toast.

14.) 05 Dec 2016 08:02:48
if the stories about RD are true ( players picked, cheap option etc) , then imo he should be given respect. end of the day he left with two titles and a cup, got us into latter stages of a euro cup. with one hand behind his back.

15.) 05 Dec 2016 12:29:04
Ok, bigD, won't mention him again, after today, but if you read bhoywonderders post, do you think he should command respect if things were like that, or do you you think he should command the opposite of respect, no, don't bother answering, we will never agree, that's me finished with it, i will let yhe worshippers worship in peace.

16.) 05 Dec 2016 16:11:49
Glad to hear you have given up bitching about Ronny in every post Aindoh you were sounding like a broken record.

17.) 05 Dec 2016 18:32:58
Stop picking on Aindoh . He has to rely on the radio for watching Celtic, so give him some slack.

18.) 05 Dec 2016 19:06:59
super scoreboard fan huh it's starting to make sense now.

19.) 05 Dec 2016 20:21:01
No Oldbhoy, I listen to the tv, but I might start watching the radio.

20.) 05 Dec 2016 21:02:44
Rayman, Ed has explained in detail a lot of the goings on behind the scenes with pl n JP running things to suit themselves, the manager signed, Rd, n stipulations came with the job, he either refuses the job or takes it because he still feels he can do something despite having his hands tied from the start, coaching staff picked already, gordon already signed, n despite all that bar blatant cheating n your buddy gordon costing us the game against inverness n Rd would have Barcelona treble in his 1st season, n despite calamity Gordon's howler we almost still won the game. Not bad for a guy supposedly not very good.
If u want o look at things sensibly u will realise that rogic was going nowhere under Lennon, was out on loan also n I can mind many on here reckoning that was the end for him, n nobody really batted an eyelid about him not featuring, bar a few on here.
Under Rd they managed to deal with injuries which hampered him n get him fitter than he had been, he also scored a number of good goals n some big 1s, up at Kilmarnock to pretty much seal the title, not that it was ever in doubt.
He has maintained his injury free self n his fitness has continued to improve n with more starts he is scoring n influencing more games, so credit to Rd.
Also as for rogic not fit, jeez he just lasted 90 plus minutes n looked pretty fit all game as well as scoring late in the game, so your wrong again, but then u also believe gordon wasn't way off his line in no man's land for the 1st.
Kt also was trusted by Rd n given game time n prospered.
Roberts was outstanding under Rd in only a short period n over a whole season would have scored n assisted a load more the way he was playing, Griff also scored a barrel load, the only 1 light on goals n assists was Forrest. Armstrong still was pretty consistent from the lift, attacking players should be able to start from anywhere, as inevitably a 3 behind the 1 have room to float about, they ain't stuck to the 1 area of the park, as for central mid johansen brown n biton were the more effective 1st season n Armstrong came in with GM's n made a big impact. However both of them said at the time that the level of training was way higher than at united n it took them a bit to get used to, as no doubt did playing for a club our size, n don't forget brendan played him at right back n he was the new cafu, I'm sure if Rd did that he would be lauded the same eh, I think not, he played him left of a 3 n he is wrong for doing that.
Rd gave us three trophies, which I celebrated, god knows whether u did or u were too busy trying to figure out what to criticise Rd for next.
Brendan has been aloud so much more freedom because Dermot stepped in, with pl no longer in charge as such.
This was also evident under Lennon, the park n lawell show, n it had ran it's course.
With a bit of backing n a decent calibre of player, Rd got results, n if supported at the right times, a proper striker in to compete with Griffith's, he was given ciftci, brendan got dembele, he was left without a defence near the European qualifiers n we didn't bring in simo till after, despite virgil being for the off n denayer away. In his first season we got some quality in loans, guidetti n denayer n we looked a good side n won 2 trophies when it should have been 3. Season 2 we don't get quality in, n too many are still in the squad who should have moved on, but lawell was in charge of that, even being stupid enough to give commons another contract despite Rd clearly not wanting him, he had the say on transfers clearly did lawell, given rd's first meeting with Scott Allan on the day he signed proved. These were things he had to put up with, most managers, including brendan have issues they need to deal with, for instance brendan wasn't in control of transfers when at liverpool
n at Swansea it was part of his deal to play youth so others do also have to accept certain stipulations. So it isn't a stick to try n beat Rd with as in being weak, load of rubbish.
As for champions league standard, despite great efforts this season n some bad luck here n there, MacGregor chance in Germany, toure mistakes at parkhead n dembele missed pen over on Spain things could have been so much better. However we finished bottom of the group.
Under Rd we lost out on champions league football due to some poor goals conceded, which has also happened under br,1 St set of qualifiers came too early for him, virgil was at fault for 2 in the next 1s n was then sold, his replscemt should already have been in, simo, as I feel virgil was too busy eyeing a move n that cost us champions league.
So small details do matter as they say but when it was Rd a number of folk couldn't wait for us to drop a point, or blame him for this that n the other, does he makes Craig gordon blunder numerous times n Griff missed a pen so it must be rd's mistake for picking him, as for gordon we had nobody else good enough to play. Even the Roberts miss, which he moved on from n was on fire after it, if that goes in things are completely different.
Unlike u I was happy with Rd, with limited resources n backing I thought he did a great job, I I think with more resources n backing that br is doing a great job too n I am happy at where we are, u could say it's expected that brendan a should do a treble based on some of u punters views on what is deemed at Celtic.
Me I will always celebrate winning trophies, not trying to have s go at somebody all because of my bias against them for whatever reason, leave it there Rd won trophies, brendan I'd now going to, bring on ten in a row n as many trophies as possible in our glorious future.
Hail hail.




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22 Jan 2017 23:20:57
UJ so you ae calling him a game changer based on 1 game, how long has he been in the team? 2/ 3 years.
If that's your standard you can keep him, tho I know the standard you have been watching u prob think he looks a superstar compared to the rest lol.

rayman 99



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04 Dec 2016 15:59:59
To even think about blaming Gordon for 1st goal is ludiscrous. It was a quality goal end of.
I with you martin some people look for a mistake when we lose a goal and its "Gordon should a done this or that" etc.
Just for the record anybody with an ounce of football knowledge knows NO goalie stands on his line when the other team is attacking esp when the defense is exposed, they are taught to come out to narrow angles and make it difficult for the striker to score.
If the keeper stood on his line the striker could walk the ball up and put it where he pleases.
Yet again if u watching the EPL u would a saw 20m goalies fumble easy shots over the weekend and lose goals, or nowhere at a cross, or parry straight out only for striker to finish.
All these keepers will be classed better than Gordon yet they make more mistakes than him.
Did u see the Liverpool goalie ed lol.

rayman 99



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25 Nov 2016 19:39:21
Jack by no means are Inter a great side at the moment but still a euro heavyweight and proud HISTORY (remember that word) .
You CHOOSE to call them bang average, so if that's the marker u choose, how would you describe your own team?

rayman 99



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25 Nov 2016 19:34:52
Oldbhoy and you are supporting the MSSM by discussing it just like them.
Personally if he goes I think the refs will be to blame lol.

rayman 99