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14 Sep 2016 00:45:13
Right troops, calm down. Getting hammered by Barcelona in our managers first year is no big deal.

7-0 though was well avoidable. How many people on here supported the board for not investing in the transfer window?

aye sure it won't make us great in Europe but tonight shown we are desperate for someone in the midfield who can tackle.

Biton is a man down when defending and De Vries is worse than Gordon.

Our board invested in attackers and guess what? we are scoring more goals. Basically we need more investment in other areas.

Also rodgers got his tactics wrong, 2 CMs against Barca? wow.


1.) 14 Sep 2016 08:46:39
Welcome back down to earth Brendan.

2.) 14 Sep 2016 09:22:39
Tesla, realistically how much would we need to spend, and don't forget we've a £5m defender sitting crocked.
Gone are the days we can maybe scrape out a draw, keep the score low against teams like Barca, realistically were a uefa cup team, not a champions league.

3.) 14 Sep 2016 09:24:24
What we need in the middle of the park is terrier type midfielder who will harass and annoy the opposition. Kind of like a Peter Grant who never stopped harassing the opposition. Also a creative midfielder who plays with his head up a pirlo type player. The end we need a big dominant center half . like a bobo balde. Then we should be sorted.

4.) 14 Sep 2016 10:37:06
Memaself - This is the same thing people say all the time and tbh it doesn't make sense.

You don't have to spend billions to get a good team, it helps aye but it's no guarantee. Look at the amount of sides who squander £200m+ and do nothing in Europe either.

Then you had the likes of Strachans side with Telfer, Caldwell, McManus, Naylor or even guys like Evander Sno and made last 16.

What I don't get is Celtic fans saying "gone are the days we can get a result without spending the same as these teams" despite the fact we have done it time and time again in the past. Short memories.

marco1888 pretty much gave the solution, we need players of different styles so we can have different tactical options for Europe. Football is like boxing in that it's about fitting attributes with styles, styles determine matches.

5.) 14 Sep 2016 10:41:46
Another Hartley or lennon in there would've helped a bit. Needed someone who can break it up n slow it down to a sprint for them. They were ****in amazing last nite.

6.) 14 Sep 2016 10:55:37
Tesla, all well and good but your examples are classic case of cognitive dissonance.

7.) 14 Sep 2016 13:06:04
I don't really think anything I've saids that contradictive.

The examples I gave were 100% true. We got to last 16 twice with Strachan and once with Lennon without spending much money at all.

Even under O'Neill we spend about £40m and gave 30-40k a week wages. This still at the time was nothing compared to what other teams in Europe spent and we made parkhead a fortress.

Football fans nowadays put too much emphasis on money, fair enough if you are spending £100m on Ronaldo but for the rest in big leagues their values are simply inflated due to the market in their league.

£35m for Andy Carroll know what I mean? it's just stretching budgets but a budget can't stretch quality.

8.) 14 Sep 2016 13:09:39
Tesla how many teams regularly make it by the group stages that don't spend a fortune?
Name one that does it every year and not just one offs?

9.) 14 Sep 2016 13:14:06
That's not what I said.

10.) 14 Sep 2016 16:15:32
Kev - clubs like Benfica, Galatasaray, CSKA Moscow, Copenhagen, Ajax or whoever the champions from this country is makes it regularly

No team makes it every single season, not even Man Utd and co so I dunno what that question is trying to achieve.

but aye, Olympiakos are right up there, making it almost every year since 2009 except one in which Panathinaikos got in. In 5 seasons out of six they got to last 16 twice and finished 3rd every other time.

No excuse for us not to be consistently at a level on par with Olympiakos, it's clear the board downgraded because the zombies died and this season they have invested minimally as the zombies are still poor. I think we will see in vestment over the next few seasons.

From what I can see the board have their eye on 10 in a row rather than Europe and fair enough but some of our fans stating we can't even get some results and might as well not be in it, while we might not win it, there is no excuse to not be at a decent level.

11.) 14 Sep 2016 17:21:29
We can all blame the board for not spending more money last summer . What we don't know is it the board's fault or is it the negative image projected by the MSSM and by the football authorities here . When do we read praise of our game in our media or by the Officiers running our game .
Can we expect 23/ 24 year olds with a good reputation as a footballer willing to play in the back water league in Scotland and probably earn less money, instead of playing in a fantastic climate in Southern Europe or the money drenched EPL .
Getting a talented player to come to Scotland is not that easy.

12.) 14 Sep 2016 21:12:15
As i pointed out though old boy their are plenty of teams in leagues not much more attractive. Like olympiakos in the greek league who consistently make it. So really there isn't an excuse.

Right now we are on par with likes of malmo and legia but we should be higher tha that without a doubt.



01 Sep 2016 15:56:07
Some are happy with transfer window and claiming others should be also.

The reason I'm not is simple. First of all I've heard all the justifications about requiring £300m to compete in Europe, hardly worth trying then.

Strachan and Lennon got to last 16 without spending £300m so that's nonsense.

Anyway point is not about how much we spend, it's about trying to cover weak positions. In CM we are weak and our attempts to solve that we poor.

Then I hear we should be happy because we got some good players in. Aye we did but why stop there? imagine putting good players next to those other good players? then you have a better team and the fans deserve it.


1.) 01 Sep 2016 17:34:36
Agreed 100% Tesla. Bollocks to anyone who tells me I should be happy. Daft comments like another midfielder wouldn't get us out of champions league group so why bother? A quality one would have filled an area where as you correctly state we are massively weak. Obvious Brendan knows that given he's looked at boy from Juventus and James Morrison. That would have allowed us to at least go into champions league with our tails up hoping and would have been a massive step to scunnering the forces of darkness and evil before we even meet them. But oh well. it's better than it was under Ronnie and Rome wasn't built in day and all that so be happy! Absolute bollocks!

2.) 01 Sep 2016 17:42:50
I think the fans really underestimate how much nobody wants to play in Scotland, let's be real with ourselves sincair, toure, de vries are all has beens in England that's why there in Scotland and of course the fact that Rodgers is there. Dembele is a good signing who probably would have cost 10mil easy if he wasn't near the end of his contract and Gamboa couldn't get a game for west brom, these are all excellent signing for our level, we have already stepped up our game. let's see how our signings gel before trying to add more, Every signing bar maybe de cries is a level above any player we signed under Ronny. So I don't see what the issue is? Why spend beyond our means to crash out of Europe and win a league we will already win? We have plenty of depth left in the squad and everyone of our first team squad would walk in any other spfl team.

3.) 01 Sep 2016 20:16:18
If all the players we signed were done on deadline you all would be over the moon singing praises. Fact of the matter is team has drastically improved overall with these players and we haven't left transfers till last minute, which has secured CL football.

Utter bollocks of a post.

4.) 01 Sep 2016 21:10:19
I'm looking forward to January and hoping that Celtic sign 2 players on pre contracts that will improve 1st team and hopefully trim some out
The cl group is very difficult and provides the biggest stage we have to sell our club to potential signings
Would be great to work on a deal to make Roberts permanent before the epl inflate his value and a team like burnley offer city 20 mil.



31 Aug 2016 20:50:29
Sick hearing people say we will never get out of that group what difference does spending £££ mean.

Well first it's not about how much you spend but who you scout and buy.

The point is not the amount but the positions we need filled which we are clearly weak in like the centre of the park.

Also Strachan got to last 16 with Telfer, Caldwell, McManus, Naylor in defence and didn't spend £300m.

Good teams don't have to be superstars. Also strengthening our side will help us domestically as well not just in Europe.


1.) 31 Aug 2016 23:33:56
We are soft our CM/ CDM area doesn't have a ball winner and when you throw in the passing ability of Mcgregor, Brown, Armstrong, Bitton when under pressure we are going to be under the cosh for 90 mins and with teams like Barca, City and Gladbach think some of us fear an embarrassment in potentially every game. Still we are much better off than the start of the season and if all results go to in our favour we could actually qualify with 6 points.



15 Aug 2016 16:32:55
It's no wonder some of the (it's a sport not politics crew) don't want politics in football. A struggle to grasp a basic understanding of it.

I mean if it wasn't for politics Celtic as a football club would not exist.

You can't pick and choose what the club is, the club was political by origin.

Also I take it none of you ever sang a national anthem at a football match?

Final point, we are all worried about playing Beer Sheva and offending them with a Palestine flag? because "politics doesn't belong? "

Well how come none of you mention that Beer Sheva Clubs badge has a communist hammer and sickle? is this not political?


1.) 15 Aug 2016 17:35:20
Tesla don't know if your looking for someone to bite. But as simple as its going to be we don't need a fine, suspension from Europe or gates closed. That's the way majority of celtic fans out there think. If your wanting or any others want to make a political statement then do it elsewhere it's against the rules simple. Your watching sport not a debate in the house of commons keep it for elsewhere. Stay at home and argue to the tv if it means that much but don't ruin it on others.

And as for always being political. We were started as a club to ensure the poor in the east end of Glasgow where fed (irish immigrants predominantly) however all where welcome with anything else being sent to aid sufferers of poverty in Ireland. We are a charitable foundation not their to cause a political upheaval. For if yknow your history! !

2.) 15 Aug 2016 18:03:38
Tesla, Their badge is nothing to do with a political communist statement. They are Israelis not Russians the badge has nothing to do with any political statement. They are from Israel, they wouldn't have a communist association ever. Also how is singing a national anthem political. When we sing flower of Scotland it's a nationalist statement not a political one unless of course someone wants to make it one but a national anthem is not intended as such. The problem is anything can be turned into a political statement. To be honest there is only a small amount of support for this protest and there is always a Palestinian flag flying somewhere but the problem is that it's going to get blown out of all proportion and be made to look like Celtic park is trying to cause trouble. We are giving the Scottish media more ammunition and everyone knows how that is going to br used against us. Let's just get our head down and win. It's going to be tough enough as it is.

3.) 15 Aug 2016 18:06:21
Don't think anyone is worried about offending Beer sherba, don't know where you got that from, think the worry is what punishment uefa will dish out, agree with you politics has always been in sport, Hitler was good at trying to use it that way.

4.) 15 Aug 2016 18:38:04
OK tesla. talking about politics and all what would you say about the guy who supports celtic saying those disgusting things about Bitton? Our own player gets hate because of where he is from, thats"politics" fan. Are we wrong for having a go at his dumb thinking? Is that OK what he did? Don't use club for your own use of ideas that's all, we came from Chara table causes welcomed to all!
Not a go at you or anyone else but for all this politics talk of a flag look at that fan going after our own player, uefa has giving a warning and will hit us hard, that's not good for the club.

5.) 15 Aug 2016 19:11:38
just a quick congrats to aindoh for managing to write a post without mentioning ronny deila keep it up your doing well.

6.) 15 Aug 2016 19:15:57
To my way of thinking those of us who live Celtic day and night would waste our concentration on Pro-Palestinian flags or any other ensigns. We have 90 mins + half time interval to cheer and encourage our team to victory, let us not waste any of it.

7.) 15 Aug 2016 20:01:10
That's exactly what I'm saying people are scared of a fine or punishment but otherwise don't see the flag as an issue any other week.

So basically it's a fear of authority, a fear of how we and the flag is interpreted. Most fly the flag in sympathy with a struggle of common people in palestine. It's not flown to be offensive.

So that answers your Biton theory, it's not an anti Israel thing, it's a sympathy for an oppressed people.

The guy saying national anthems are not political, I dunno how you can say nationalism isn't political. It's the daftest thing I've heard. "fought and died for" singing about battles? what has that got to do with football? but you pick and choose what you are happy with.

Yes we came as a charity for the poor, but ask why were these irish immigrants poor? because of the famine and held crops from Trevelyan. They were refused work in Scotland due to their background also. This is directly politics. The charity was to fight against political discrimination to help poverty. So don't try to wipe politics from that situation.

I bet you all sing fields of athenry as well but again got nothing to do with soccer.

it all comes down to fear of authority, the flag in itself has no offensive intention. This club has never been about fear of authority. If you people ran the club the SFA would have had our tricolor down years ago.

never bow to authority without real reason. A flag in itself is not political. simple.

8.) 15 Aug 2016 20:31:02
Telsa you are just changing the argument. A flag of a country is not political but a national anthem is? Explain?

9.) 15 Aug 2016 20:49:54
A flag in istelf is not political.

An anthem about battles of past political struggles is literally a political song.

Fields of Athenrye goes on about stealing from Trevelyan due to his political stance.

poverty and politics are tied hand in hand whether you like it or not, as a club who supports impoverished peoples of all races, I see no offence in having a Palestine flag.

It's not used as an anti israel flag, but to support people going through a tough time.

I think that represents our club more than bowing down out of fear over a UEFA fine that's all.

Aye maybe if people say politics has zero place in sport but you can't just pick and choose when it suits like international footy, rememberance day etc. It's either in totally or out totally.

10.) 15 Aug 2016 21:27:03
Tesla369 tut tut tut. Drinking on a school night.

11.) 15 Aug 2016 21:33:40
They were stealing from Trevelyan, to feed the children not because of his political stance.

12.) 15 Aug 2016 22:04:44
Dn30 there's nothin wrong with drinking on a school night especially if it produces posts like that. Well said tesla.

13.) 15 Aug 2016 23:55:30
aindoh - Trevelyan was involved with politics and could have done a lot to help the irish during the famine. He chose not to.

The theft of crops comes about as a result of political decisions. It's political even if you don't like it to be.

and cheers Stephbhoy, disappointing that so many supporters in denial that politics is closely related to our clubs, shameful attempts to push out and rewrite the history of the club and replace them with happy clappers.

I'm sure during the old/ new firm they all see it as just a football rivalry, i'm sure they deny any historical political differences and claim they hate Rangers just because their footballing choices.

14.) 16 Aug 2016 01:05:20
I don't think Trevelan could have done any less . If there had been any justice he would have been charged with causing the death of millions of Irish citizens .
Irish exports of food and grain actually increased during the years of the mass starvation in Ireland .
Trevelan hid the worse excesses of the result of the potato crop failures from his Government, preferring to wine and dine with the English land owners in Ireland and turn a blind eye to their exporting food etc.



15 Aug 2016 00:56:07
Seems we have a cowardly support nowadays.

Last season Spanish tried to get Barcelona to not fly catalonia flag in final.

There were attempts in past to remove tricolour from parkhead.

Now people say Palestine has no connection to our club but our club was made for everyone. Our club was built on the sympathy for poor and oppressed.

Now I have no allegiance to any side personally in this conflict but I sympathise for the civilians caught in the middle of it.

Also our club has a history of fighting for its right to fly our own flag. Being told what flags you cannot fly is fascist directly. Should we bow to that just to avoid a fine? What if we fly an Israeli flag for biton? Is that political?

Pretty much any flag is political. Picking and choosing which ones should be flown is fascism. Simple. Half the people on here don't seem to have a clue and in some modern day denial that politics are not in football. They are.


1.) 15 Aug 2016 03:59:04
Cowardly? If you're talking about not doing something for fear of a club fine then aye, you're right. Let's see how many billy big b*llocks fly one over in the away leg though lol. I'm for the cause by the way. I'm all for the entitlement of free speech too, then again I'm all for the entitlement of throwing a stone in the air, you've got to know when it could come down and knock you on the head though. Would a demonstration like this not be better off held at Westminster, or the Israeli Embassy, or in Israel? Then what's next, Hamas flags? Aw, F it, there's to many layers to this, let the people sing.

2.) 15 Aug 2016 05:54:48
You know something guys Iam fed up listening to all this political talk. A don't know about anyone else.
Think we can all agree everyone has an opinion on this subject and depending on where your from your view may differ slightly. Common sense will tell us so. (Hopefully ED)
Flags, fascism, racism, oppressed, poor, bigots, etc etc all strong words that sounds like my childhood growing up in the south side of glesga in the 70's and 80's. (Lived it, fought it, delt with it, moved on from it! ) I love my club to the core it's been my heart and soul for the last 40 odd yrs.
Basically my point is simple, we all have opinions, we all have a background that we can all relate and affiliate too in one way or another that we can all agree on 100% undisputed.
But no one person or movement is bigger than our club that I can assure u off! Iam just fed of this politics p*** even the word just spells lies to me. Think we've had our fair share recently so can the football please break out! We shouldn't be arguing over this at all. If the club is asking us not to do it for this 1 game then don't do it. Don't know about anyone else but if a was band from paradise for the sake of a flag, al be mightly pis*** off!
Over this weekend I've watched fellow hoops friends argue and fallout over this, guys walkout at work, and now read a lot of bickering on here, come on guys.
Meanwhile over at castle greyskull their loving it and just itchin for us mess up on wed so them and the rest can laugh some more while we get punished (fine or closed doors) and bicker some more like sweetie wife's about whether it was right or wrong or moral or not.
Stuffs depressing talking about, would rather be 9-15 clear by oct and Pmsl at them. But now Iam off to work too hear it all again. can see someone getting malkied the day ED ;-) HH.

3.) 15 Aug 2016 06:13:42
I go to football games to get away from the sh*t the rest of the world has to offer. But by my own rights I wouldn't tell anybody not to express something they beluive in. Just a bit of an annoying situation for me personally and something you've just got to get along with.

4.) 15 Aug 2016 06:16:17

5.) 15 Aug 2016 06:30:51
Looking forward to the flags of all the countries oppressed by China, Burma, Sudan, Yemen, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Equatorial Guinea, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Bangladesh, Libya, Nigeria, Belarus, Eritrea, India, Russia, Colombia, Ethiopia, Jordan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Chad, Laos, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Honduras, Kazakhstan and Thailand being displayed on Wednesday. Ridiculous post? Have a think about the choice you make and the repercussions that could follow.

6.) 15 Aug 2016 07:42:36
The only flags that should be flown over CP is the tricolour and saltire and probably the uefa one too.

The tricolour because it's our roots and heritage
The saltire as it's our home and league we play in
UEFA flag as we play in there competitions .

All other flags that get flown for political reasons should be a strict no no.

7.) 15 Aug 2016 08:12:48
When we're all leaving the house on wed night the ladt thing we should all be grabbing is our celtic scarfs not our pallestine flags or our smoke bombs it's a game of football, enjoy it and stop hurting our club with eufa fines sick of it.

8.) 15 Aug 2016 08:55:16
I'm not massive on politics or religion in football as they tend to get misinterpreted and used for hatred. Having said that politics and religion have been a part of sport going back some time now and if used correctly and at the right time can have a positive impact.

We know we will get our baws kicked for flying Palestinian flags in isreal but common sense tells you that will always be the case and the logical thing to do is to sidestep it. Having said that we are a "club like no other" and will help those who suffer from oppression and wrongdoing and don't agree that we cannot be allowed to show support.

It's the 21st century and freedom of speech should not be censored but keep it out of the stadium. Plenty other ways to show it either online or OUTSIDE the ground as uefa have made there stance clear, there an organisation like every other unfortunately.

9.) 15 Aug 2016 09:15:53
I heard a story that in the 1930's (1936 I think) there was a certain German political party's flag that flew over ibrox? The game was apparrently a national game that took place pre WW2.

Anyone else heard this story?

As for flag waving, football is a sport and a day out. Certain songs and chants are banned, I can't see why everyone is getting upset over some guidance about flags.

10.) 15 Aug 2016 09:27:27
Our club has the history of fighting for the right to fly OUR OWN FLAG.
Barcelona fought for the right to fly their OWN FLAG.
If you want to campaign for Palestinian people then go to the marches and public events organised for it.

11.) 15 Aug 2016 12:03:48
Really pi$$es me off people bringing politics into football. When i go i'm there to focus fully on watching Celtic. If i wanted to hear about politics, i would stay at home and watch the news.

Would not be surprised if some of our support fly Palestine flags in Israel. Very stupid if they do. Israel is an extremely volatile enviroment and why endanger other supporters safety?




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14 Jun 2017 17:37:59
No need to panic. The Hayes move reminds me of every other domestic siging. Similar to Barry Robson signing who was excellent for us even at European level as was Hartley.

So i can see why with our recent success financially and on the pitch that fans want a big name but give Hayes a chance.

As for Christie. He is young and won't get in front of Rogic or Armstrong atm. Good thing is he is quality and when one of them get sold he will step in with ease.




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31 Aug 2016 14:11:42
He publicly criticised Rodgers when he left and Rodgers dropped him for being overweight one time.

Extremely unlikely.




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31 Aug 2016 13:11:02
Shame for Armstrong tbh, He is a central player and somehow played on the left wing. Just like when Griffiths got put on right wing, if it's not your position how can you be judged.

Ambrose however lol.




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31 Aug 2016 13:08:34
My concern is that we were maybe going to use his transfer fee to fund an incoming transfer for today. I hope this doesn't block any moves.





Tesla369's banter replies


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14 Sep 2017 14:52:10
Islegreen psg also beat Barcelona 4-0. They bottled it but have a good enough team

The gap is too big for a club like us though

And im happy with Rodgers but doesn't mean u can't point out faults. He isn't perfect.

He had the EPL money with Liverpool and couldn't get past Basel.

With us in Europe we concede a lot of goals. All im saying is his tactics are too open and honest.

The like of Ferguson and Mourinho were good at having squads comfortable switching from attack to defensive styles. We don't have that at the moment.




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14 Sep 2017 11:07:43
Brendan Rodgers can do no wrong. Obviously financially there is a gap but for me in Europe he is a bit naive.

Last year we survived beer sheva. In groups we done ok but conceded a lot of goals

This year so far we lose 5 to psg. However Astana also put 4 past us.

Rodgers with Liverpools money failed to qualify from a group with Real Madrid, Ludogrets and Basel.

They won 1 game against Ludogrets with 90min penalty dropped into Europa and then got immediately put out by Besiktas.

For me he is like Arsene Wenger, good football but no plan B. Tries to go toe to toe with PSG. Doesn't know how to defend. Possession football when your players don't have the quality means we will always concede lots of goals.




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14 Sep 2017 11:02:06
He is right though and not just a Celtic issue. Even the like of Ajax, Feyenoord, Benfica etc are the same

Yes we never were favourites but between tv money and oil barons it is literally impossible to compete.

Having 4 teams qualify from big leagues doesn't help either. Uefa helps create the gap.

Make no mistake uefa one day will make their elite league and we won't be in it. Clubs like Celtic and Ajax should refuse to enter.

Forget their money and take back pride in football for what it should be.




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10 Sep 2017 23:50:13
Viking tim exactly correct. Too many offended people nowadays. Even as a celtic fan im not offended at the songs rangers sing.

Too many do gooders trying to look like model citizens.

But history is what it is and its entwined with the clubs like it or not.

Sang sing long before any of us were in our mums belly.




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05 Sep 2017 14:21:10
You can't just stop clubs spending to give us a chance. Should we stop spending more than SPL sides?

The issue is businessmen and tv money providing a level of cash from nowhere to leagues and making small clubs rich also.

Clubs should be entitled to spend what they earn by winning tournaments and filling stadiums.

A cap should be put on tv money and businessmen handing warchests.