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15 Apr 2018 10:13:29
Roberts to start.


1.) 15 Apr 2018 10:35:03
I hope you are right HT.

2.) 15 Apr 2018 11:38:19
Me too!

3.) 15 Apr 2018 11:50:52
would prefer Roberts definitely today over forest. hopefully Rogic gets a start aswell just in behind the moose fancy Rogic for a goal today 16/ 5 with paddy power. let the people sing!

4.) 15 Apr 2018 12:42:35
Surprised Rodgers hasn’t tried Forrest on the left and Roberts on the right given Sinclair’s poor form. Forrest prefers cutting inside anyway. Today’s probably not the day to try it though.

5.) 15 Apr 2018 12:57:42
Said that last week mate. Today will hopefully be the day Sinclair runs riot!



29 Jul 2017 22:53:18
Was in the stadium pretty early this afternoon when only stevie woods and the 3 gks were warming up. A guy shouted SW over (I assumed they knew each other) so he came over for a chat. A couple of other fellow fans came over and they were talking about potential transfers and paddy Roberts. I heard SW say that a big signing is likely and when asked about PR he simply smiled and said you'll have to ask Brendan.
Now read into that what you will but I thought it all looked pretty positive.


1.) 30 Jul 2017 07:20:18
I think Stevie woods seems like a good guy. And wouldn't tell a fan or a mate what was happening with signings. He's probably just being nice. I would read nothing into it at all.

2.) 30 Jul 2017 12:44:43
#webelievesteve. sounds a stick on to me. has to be true.

3.) 31 Jul 2017 11:39:08
We all want it to be true. That doesn't mean it is sadly.

And there is no way Stevie would be letting any cats out if bags. The guys a pro. So, meh.

But by feck do I hope it's true!

4.) 31 Jul 2017 18:11:22
Just passing on what I heard. I didn't say he told these punters any secrets but it did sound positive.

5.) 31 Jul 2017 18:34:00
I hope it's true mate. I could reduce my Valium intake.



24 Aug 2016 11:48:39
Has Skinnybhoy spoken to his contact yet about the marquee signing that's imminent? What an exciting time to be a Tim!


1.) 24 Aug 2016 15:58:55
Just seen on another forum that some board member says we are going to be very busy until the deadline? players in/ out? ain't got a clue.

2.) 24 Aug 2016 17:49:06
Henrik sorry not spoken to her yet! A friend from Liverpool told me that rumour down there is we are after Sakho and Lucas? Don't know how reliable maybe Ed can confirm I thought Sakho was a defender. There will also be a further few leaving Celtic.

{Ed007's Note - I've not heard anything about us being in for a Liverpool player.}

3.) 24 Aug 2016 14:04:43
Spoken to a friend in Liverpool apparently rumours down there are Sakho or Lucas to us? Maybe Es can confirm if this is a rumour on Liverpool forums.

{Ed091's Note - Celtic couldnt afford eithers wage

4.) 24 Aug 2016 19:32:53
ed091 maybe winning trophies, the CL and good wage is what they want rather than money and no medals? I know they have the cash to show for the career.

{Ed091's Note - youre right, theyre both signing so they can win a 1 horse race.

5.) 24 Aug 2016 20:31:52
Cheers ed091 with regards to wages I was told the marquee signing was not coming for the money but for the prestige of playing for club in Europe and to win trophies! Which makes me think this particular player may not have won much in career having played at high level 🤔🤔 what's your thoughts?

{Ed091's Note - a club in europe after 3 seasons out despite being the only team capable of winning their division.... A scottish team in the CL is simply making up the numbers. If sakho or lucas want a massive wage drop, to move to scotland and be embarrassed in the CL group stages, then sure, celtic are signing them both. you heard it here first.

6.) 26 Aug 2016 07:32:37
Wrong ed091 we have not had 3 years out of Europe. This is the first time in three years we have qualified for the group stages of the cl. Can I ask you a question too ed091. What would have to the EPL if sky decided to pull out . and the only reason your league is bigger is because of sky TV money. If we had that kind of investment up here from sky our league would be as just as good as yours.

{Ed091's Note - are you as deluded as BR? There are many reasons, which don't include money, as to why the spl doesnt come close to the epl. Location: who'd live in Motherwell over London?
Who would want to play in front of (majority) of minuscule grounds when you can play in front of old Trafford, anfield etc.
The weather, the food, the lack of home grown talent in Scotland and the fact it's a 1 team league, makes it an unappealing league.
It's really nothing to do with money.



31 Mar 2016 14:51:27
Heard from a good source that Steven Fletcher is on his way. Apparently he's bought a house in Glasgow and wants to finish his career at Celtic. Was told it's a done deal but I hope not. 7 years too late in my opinion.


1.) 31 Mar 2016 17:20:44
Don't want him anywhere near celtic.
Not good enough

2.) 31 Mar 2016 19:29:53
Funny that considering he is in talks with Marseille over a permanent move.

3.) 01 Apr 2016 10:33:00
Just passing on what I've been told mate.

4.) 01 Apr 2016 12:17:37
Can't see how Marseille would be in a rush to hand him a permanent deal, he hasn't scored a league goal for them yet which doesn't really surprise me.

5.) 01 Apr 2016 22:49:27
He HAS had a home in Glasgow for years!



15 Dec 2015 18:44:59
Ed is there any truth in the rumour we're close to a deal for Serbian winger Zivkovic? Heard he's been dubbed the Serbian Messi so must be good!


{Ed007's Note - There's nothing in it, Ajax turned down a 7 million Euros bid for Richairo Zivkovic in the summer and although he's at Willem II on loan his Ajax contract runs until 2019.}

1.) 15 Dec 2015 22:55:36
Ed does zivkovic not play for partizan Belgrade? And if it is him this rumour will no doubt have been started by a football manager fanatic lol.

{Ed007's Note - Sorry mate, I've never even heard of him lol.}

2.) 16 Dec 2015 12:29:06
Teams have had bids in the region of 8 million euros knocked back for him already. Supposedly.




HenriksTongue's banter posts with other poster's replies to HenriksTongue's banter posts


15 Apr 2018 10:17:26
What's everyone's thoughts on Phil Mac and JJ? Seen on here a couple of times from ed and GJ (I think) not very complimentary about them. I do read a lot of their blogs and articles as they seem to be very clued up about the goings on over at ibrox.
Have I missed something about why they may not be popular?


{Ed007's Note - Phil's OK but he took the huff with me when he fell for the Guinness April Fools prank I pulled a few years back. He lost his head up his own arse years ago but he is good at what he does. James Forrest's articles are usually a good read and Pat Anderson's Paddyontherailway blog is well written and funny, I'd recommend Pat's books as well.
JJ is another kettle of fish altogether - total fantasist who just publishes what Jack Irvine tells him to, most of the comments are written by JJ too and all the death threats, living in hiding etc are just made up nonsense to try and garner sympathy to get easily led mugs to give him money, even though he'll recieve money from GoogleAds, he could cut his costs by using the free version of Wordpress too instead of paying for it. The ppv articles are just rehashed cut n pastes from other people's websites that are free to view.
Would you still come on here if I kept asking you for money (I do this for free*) and I only published posts from people who 'donated' and - more importantly - only posts that agreed with me or blew sunshine up my butt? How can he justify charging people for a one page blog?
It's because of lying begging tramps like JJ that I have persistently told Ed001 to put a Paypal button on all of the sites as there's some months him and Ed033 struggle to cover the costs of the sites never mind money for themselves to live on. Just have the button there and if people want to help out they will, if they don't then that's fine too but we should have them imo. It's a shame that they struggle so much considering how much time and work they've put into it all over the years and yet folk like JJ just demand money and there's people gullible enough to fall for his fairystories and cough up.
And breath.......

1.) 15 Apr 2018 11:16:12
Agree about paypal button ED. think how much you could make from Timalloy. charges for his posts could include.

crap horsie tips
crap football tips. but I would ban the jokes at any cost.

{Ed007's Note - Just charge people 1p per thumbs down and all the Eds could retire just from the income from, Tim's posts.}

2.) 15 Apr 2018 11:34:26
Hahahaha sevco UJ’s posts alone over a year with his celtic obsession would allow all the ed’s early retirement.

3.) 15 Apr 2018 11:22:55
Cheers for that ed. Was reading JJ this morning and he's slagging Phil in one of his pieces. I always assumed you get paid for this and wondered how someone gets a job like this! I'll have a look at the other sites you mentioned.

{Ed007's Note - Ed001 and Ed033 rely on the sites for their income while all the other Eds have jobs away from the sites except Ed004 who's at uni studying to be an accountant. I used to post on the sites to pass the time when my dad was ill 7/8 years ago and one day Ed001 asked me to help out with the Celtic page and my involvement just stemmed from there. It was either just luck or my sparkling personality shone through and Ed001 realised he had a superstar on his hands :)

4.) 15 Apr 2018 11:51:16
Any chance of a button that sends Tim a big fck off electric shock when a joke is posted? money to be made ED ( Sorry Tim)

{Ed007's Note - So that's settled then, somehow Tim's going to make us all rich! It won't be with his tips right enough.}

5.) 15 Apr 2018 13:03:06
I am on James Forrests Facebook and read his stuff but never read anyone else's unless it's on newsnow.
James seems a good writer though I don't always agree with him.

6.) 15 Apr 2018 13:33:12
Paddy on the railway is a good shout ed. Jj puts people off reading his stuff with the begging and as for the ar$e licking comments 🙈🙈🙈?

Phil has became too political at times for my liking 😔

The clumpany is a humerous read too lol.

{Ed007's Note - I think The Clumpany is a bit hit and miss and he tries too hard to be funny at times but he can be a good read.}

7.) 15 Apr 2018 17:49:36
Sparkling personality and superstar Ed. I only joined the sites about 6 years ago not 7 or 8 :-D

But anyone that followed my tips the day would have had a "skinfull" so they would.

I agree about the paypal button mate and said so a while ago just imagine the money 001 would make if he put copies up of his DVD collection too

This time next year Rodney . (Y)

{Ed007's Note - That was some day at the office you had mate, I've said it before but if you fell out a window you'd go up the way! :-D



26 Jan 2018 12:13:04
Ed has Alfred Finbogasson been spotted at Celtic Park yet? Been a while.


{Ed007's Note - I doubt we could afford him now.}

1.) 26 Jan 2018 12:33:42
Alright EDs I noticed that the window in Scotland shuts Thursday at midnight and the EPL shuts Wednesday at 11 can we still bring in players from other league s that windows are closed?

{Ed007's Note - Yes.}

2.) 26 Jan 2018 13:00:16
Cool I thought it was shutting Wednesday midnight now we got an extra day that's good then.

3.) 26 Jan 2018 13:19:42
Another 24 hours to stew. Maybe class players not picked up by richer clubs will be inclined to sign for us rather than remain at their clubs.

The only positive I see. Hopefully we will be done and dusted before Jim TalksShite is boring the arse off everybody with his fake hysteria.

I live in hope.

{Ed007's Note - Do people still watch that deadline day garbage on TV?}

4.) 26 Jan 2018 13:45:33
I use this page for my deadline day. Have for years even before I signed up to spout my pish on it.

{Ed007's Note - It must be about 6 or 7 years ago now, Jim White said "After the break we've got some news about Wesley Sneijder's move to Man Utd". I had been hoping all summer Utd would sign him and thought that was it happening, I sat there for another 2 hours before they announced that "Sneijder's odds of joining Utd had been slashed!" - that was it for me, I turned it off and have never watched any SSN since. It's nothing more than a vehicle for them to manipulate the betting market and part gullible punters from their money. It was obvious that their initial statement had affected the odds and that's only one example of them doing it, there'll be plenty more.}

5.) 26 Jan 2018 13:52:28
Just seen reports that Dundee have knocked back an offer for Hendry from us saying it was way low.

6.) 26 Jan 2018 14:02:33
I never watch it as White does my head in. If anything is happening you hear it on twitter or from brothers.

7.) 26 Jan 2018 16:23:23
Got rid of SLY 18 months ago - and don't miss their condescending English bias and anti-Celtic agenda one little bit - and have to agree with the comments above about that tosser Whyte.

8.) 26 Jan 2018 23:32:24
He's a plonker talks mince and that grungy smile.

9.) 26 Jan 2018 23:34:01
I’ll never forget the day it flashed up we’d bid 5.75 million for James McFadden and Bobo balde was to head the other way! Pure and utter Shoite it was! it’s a con to get half wits going and betting money on this garbage! The old classic line ‘sky Sources are telling us’ is the best! Made up stuff so it is!



11 Sep 2017
New image uploaded to the
Celtic Player Sightings page entitled, Rangers lead the way with luxury Fanzone


1.) 12 Sep 2017 13:57:17
Is that fake? 😱.



21 Apr 2017 20:03:13
In Krakow this weekend bhoys. Any suggestions for where to watch the match on Sunday?




16 Mar 2017 15:59:24
Do you know much about the new Head of Recruitment guy we've just brought in Ed?


{Ed007's Note - Not really mate, if you look at posts from yesterday you'll see us talking about him.}




HenriksTongue's rumour replies


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15 Apr 2018 11:38:19
Me too!




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30 Aug 2017 06:32:20
I've said it before but I'm really not a fan of buying players from other Scottish clubs unless they are of real quality. I think it's important for the clubs to be as strong as possible if for no other reason than to take points off our rivals.




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31 Jul 2017 18:11:22
Just passing on what I heard. I didn't say he told these punters any secrets but it did sound positive.




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03 Jul 2017 16:23:07
Ed do you think he will be part of the deal with dembele goes to Chelsea? Or do you think we'll have either dembele or this other guy but not both?


{Ed007's Note - As far as I know the deals are separate and it was just while Celtic had Chelsea's ear they brought Musonda up. As I said yesterday though Chelsea would rather it was a loan deal as they still think the player has a future there - the player, like Dembele was, is more concerned about game time and doesn't want to be a bit-part player for anyone.}



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31 Jan 2017 08:39:03
I'd like to see a GK, a RB and a striker brought in. I think it's only a matter of time before Dembele goes and we need to spend a decent amount to replace him. Griffiths has done a great job over the past couple of years but we need another. That said, January is a difficult time to get targets in and I'd hate to see us waste more money on players who aren't any better than what we've got.
I'd like to think BR has guys in mind and will be backed by the board but time will tell. With sevco being so far behind us they might not be in any rush to spend big





HenriksTongue's banter replies


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15 Apr 2018 11:22:55
Cheers for that ed. Was reading JJ this morning and he's slagging Phil in one of his pieces. I always assumed you get paid for this and wondered how someone gets a job like this! I'll have a look at the other sites you mentioned.


{Ed007's Note - Ed001 and Ed033 rely on the sites for their income while all the other Eds have jobs away from the sites except Ed004 who's at uni studying to be an accountant. I used to post on the sites to pass the time when my dad was ill 7/8 years ago and one day Ed001 asked me to help out with the Celtic page and my involvement just stemmed from there. It was either just luck or my sparkling personality shone through and Ed001 realised he had a superstar on his hands :)



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01 Apr 2018 17:34:51
He didn't want a long contract a year ago jamesbhoy. It's a tough one, I like him but think we need to get as much as we can in the summer. I'm more concerned about losing Rogic.




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21 Feb 2018 22:06:49
Totally agree. We've got a bad habit of conceding early in these types of games. I still think we needed a couple more goals last week but if we can stop them scoring til half time we'll give ourselves a great chance. An early goal for us would be perfect.




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05 Jan 2018 11:29:46
Bit harsh on Ronny Aindoh. OK the job was probably too big for him but he did a lot of good in my opinion. Not least bring on youngsters like KT and CalMac as well as help the likes of LG hit his potential.




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28 Dec 2017 12:53:10
Couldn't agree more.