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Team: Celtic

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Favourite player: Paul Mcstay / Pat Bonner

Best team moment: that time where we put it in the goal against that other team who are bad people cos they dont wear the same colours as us.

Interests: When did this become a dating site? anyways, my interest include but are not limited to... long walks on the beach at sunset, Hot air baloon rides, Candle lit dominos pizza meals infront of the tumble dryer... you know the usual stuff.


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07 Mar 2017 21:21:39
Things that really grind my gears about football and all that surrounds football. What gets on your goat?

- players diving, or going down after taking a slight knick on the shin and holding their face.
- players claiming for throw ins, corners etc even when it is blatantly obvious they just booted the ball out the park.
- goalkeepers who cannot defend their near post.
- goalkeepers who come for crosses and flail, claim a foul and usually get it given.
- Players being allowed to take throw ins 20 yards from where the ball went out.
- people who think they are great and write long as hell posts on forums.
- Corners that don't beat the first man.
- referees. just referees, nuff said
- people saying things like "i could of been a player, i was good" . aye ye wur!
- Players wages
- folk droning on about the provisional armies and lodges and religion in sport etc etc
- FOCUS and the OBFA
- bias commentators, esp English ones when England are playing
- Pundits and players who dismiss opinion because you weren't a pro
- Journalists who dismiss opinions because you aren't a journalist
- Phil Mac Macgiolla Bhain.
- The same club myth
- Football authorities. see referees.
- Folk who are 'in the know' who quite obviously are not.
- Folk doing lists and who use the terms 'on your goat' and 'grinds my gears'
- Folk going on about the good old days where a challenge was a challenge and men were real men.
- Park the bus tactics
- The amount of players and coaches in Scotland who do not want to progress the game at all but maintain the status quo.
- Fully artificial pitches.
- Radio phone ins where the topics of discussion are the same things year in year out.
- Transfer deadline day
- The transfer market in general.
- Sly spurts
- That groan noise at home when a pass goes astray!
- That guy who sits a few seats away that has been going to games for years but doesn't get the offside rule. or any rules for that matter.

there are many more but i shall stop there.


1.) 07 Mar 2017 21:30:04
Evinguu - is there anything that does not piss you off? 😂👍🍀.

2.) 07 Mar 2017 22:11:17
ev take a lie down mate you must be knackered lol.

3.) 07 Mar 2017 22:23:42
- people who write long as hell posts on forums 😉

4.) 08 Mar 2017 04:16:19
- people who say "It's not Soccer, it's Football"

5.) 08 Mar 2017 07:16:12
- internationals
- international qualifiers
- when a manager gets sacked and all off a sudden the team start winning again.

6.) 08 Mar 2017 07:33:20
Op people that start lists then don't finish them.

7.) 08 Mar 2017 07:52:08

8.) 08 Mar 2017 15:25:00
The best of all, people who really should not write lists. Thank goodness Ev was in a good mood when the list was written. 👍.



24 Feb 2017 00:50:33
I wasn't brought up to be a Celtic fan, I was forced to be a Dundee fan by my Grandfather when at the age of 8 i got fed up being called a 'bad luck charm' cos Dundee were rotten. Paul Mcstay was the best player I had seen, I liked Pat Bonner and i liked the tops and from then on it was a case of demanding the green and yellow CR Smith goalie top from my mother and no looking back. Although I did start supporting just as 9 in a row was at title number 1. so maybe I was a bad luck charm at the time.

Because I chose Celtic and it chose me (Then one of the Old Firm. peace be upon it) it became almost inevitable that I had to learn a bit more about British and Irish history and struggles, Regality and religious intolerances especially between the now 3 football sides and form my own views on what right and wrong and who i think was right or wrong and when ( to put it all exceptionally lightly and gloss over a hell of a lot of the background, I'm sure everyone knows to what i refer) .

This decision is not something I have ever felt the need to associate with my choice of football club even though some of what i learned and accepted correct for my life view came through being part of this support. I know circumstances are vastly different and how deep rooted emotions are when you have been directly affected by the historical struggles. Does this mean we should keep this deep seated bond or hatred running through into a sport?

This leads me to a question that has always troubled me. How and why is a football club a focal point for so many peoples religious views and political struggles?

I know people of similar backgrounds and mindsets, religions or political affiliations will migrate together and this forms a strong part of the bonds that both created our club and is its lifeblood today and it is the same for those that supported both Rangerses.

Do some of us attach too much totemistic dependency on a football Club? For me sport is an escape, always has been. Its always been a small glimmer of hope in a world going more mind numbingly tonto every minute. The SFA/ FIFA/ UEFA have been doing a fine job at disillusionment there though.

Do i need sport to help me validate my opinions about other things in life? Do i need to use it to carry on the battles being had out with? or to simply get it up the other lot (in a non sporting sense) ? Should i need to use it as another way to get back at Protestants or Catholics for mocking me, threatening me, beating me, killing my family and keep the age old feuds running into another aspect of life? Should we not see sport as a way to escape the awful awful things we as a race can do to each other for simply having opposing viewpoints? . Yes some of these wounds will never be healed and loved ones and innocent bystanders not brought back but why carry it on to a football game?

So how does this relate to sport? and why do some feel it is the best place to show their political and religious colours as well as their sporting ones? i know, i know, i'm bringing it up on a sports forum, but it seems as good a place as any to get a views to something that has always bugged me.

Am i just being some sort of new age hippy 'Cant we all just get along'? or trying to oversimplify hundreds of years of pent up hatred and mistrust? that's for you to decide. Will we ever be able to get to a purely sporting rivalry and relationship where one guy just happens to support a team in a different colour and that's the end of it apart from banter about how rubbish said team is etc? Although things are generally better than they ever have been in terms of the troubles that have plagued our club and the Rangerses maybe its time for a lot of folk to take the grievances and hatred out of the stands. but maybe because we have it in the stands its actually helping off them in many areas? .

aye ok maybe i should just get my coat.


1.) 24 Feb 2017 12:22:40
Evinguu you are going back to your long winded posts again, I can see Wee Pat getting in touch lol.

2.) 24 Feb 2017 14:01:56
Well i did put up an offer a wee while ago for folk to pay me to shut up, so I assumed absolutely everone just really really loves a lengthy rambling post which often contradicts and repeats itself.

You won't be surprised but plenty more where that came from.

Im no feart o Wee Pat. he is a pussycat really 😀😀.

3.) 24 Feb 2017 14:49:20
jeezo take a wee lie doon mate you must be knackered lol.

4.) 24 Feb 2017 19:23:34
Evinguu in the old days of carrier pigeons to send messages, I think u would need a Pterodactyl lol.



21 Feb 2017 22:25:30
Well i like the thinking beheind our proposed developments, think there's more to come too, remember seeing larger scale ideas for the triangle in the past with more shops and restaurants etc planned.

Just hope they don't go with really cheesy names for things and insist on Celtic/ football themed rnames for everything or even renames for existing chains (they will though)

Hoopy The Huddlehounds bar and grill
Brendans Bistro
Delias Discotheque
Bobo's hard play area (need something for the kids)
Mind the 'Gap'
Scotty 'McDonalds'
Henrik the 'Burger King'
Lawells crazy paving golf (heated of course)

So anyone here got any good ideas for names of the proposed hotel, suites or other things we may add in the future? Im sure you will and they will be funnier and better than mine.


1.) 21 Feb 2017 23:53:47
There should defo be a Hun-e-moonbeams suite. that being the toilets.

2.) 22 Feb 2017 04:26:13
Bar - Jock's Steins
Museum - The Loovens
Fraser Quasar
Hartson's all-you-can-eat Buffet
10 (in a row) pin bowling
Naylor's Nails (for the women)
Perhaps a male grooming salon just called Naka's
Struggling here, hows about instead of The Four Seasons we keep adjusting the hotel accordingly to how many we've gone on the trot as champs.

3.) 22 Feb 2017 12:18:11
Saw a funny one online today as a suggestion for the hotel name - The RAdisson. Alternatively, as I don't think that would be a goer somehow, my favourite name suggestion so far is Hotel Paradiso. Any favourites or suggestions?

4.) 22 Feb 2017 15:07:15
Frankie Bhoy and Lenny's.

{Ed007's Note - I'd simply call it The Kerins from Brother Walfrid's real name. Sounds quite classy imo and still Celtic related. If we're going to get the best out of it we don't want it called something too tacky or commercialised.
Even the origin of the name would be a good way of getting every person that stays there reading something about Brother Walfrid and why/how the Club were founded.}

5.) 22 Feb 2017 15:42:44
So you don't fancy Club TropiDiCanio's Ed. The other lot could always have Hotel Cantafordia.

{Ed007's Note - They're planning to put bunk beds in a hut and promote it as The World's Most Successful Youth Hostel. Are you old enough to remember Auf Wiedersehen, Pet?}

6.) 22 Feb 2017 16:04:48
A bit before my time Ed I'd have been watching Dungeons and Dragons or Centurions. Totally agree with what you are saying hope the name has a touch of class to it, something historical.

{Ed007's Note - Dungeons and Dragons is THE best cartoon ever made from back in those days, closely followed by Dogtanian. Only The Simpsons and Family Guy are better.}

7.) 22 Feb 2017 16:25:21
Dogtanian was a classic. character in that reminds me of Snoop Dog. Still scratching the head at that Moomins what were they all about.

{Ed007's Note -

8.) 22 Feb 2017 16:35:05
They freak me out i'm going to have to watch an episode of Pigeon Street now.

{Ed007's Note - I can't remember that, I'll need to look it up.}

9.) 22 Feb 2017 21:53:25
STAN your playing a blinder 'Frankie Bhoys and Lennys' and 'Hotel Cantafordio' are crackers. What about 'The Moanashelick Hotel' 👍😂🍀.

10.) 23 Feb 2017 11:24:12
Club TropiDiCanio





08 Feb 2017 19:17:40
Seen a few bits and bobs about video refs, and its something i've always felt would work if done correctly.

Video refs always work best in more stop start games, American Football being the one i find that makes it work best (Tennis does it well too) .

Football would have to be a little different in the way it works and i think a few other rule changes and the way games are reffed too would help even more alongside video if it was done. Not everyone will like these though as implementing it in any fashion could change the game we all love a hell of a lot, but these are changes i would give serious consideration alongside video.

1. Stop start clock. Every time play goes dead or ref blows whistle to stop play etc the clock is stopped until play begins again (goal kick is taken, free kick taken etc etc) This for me would stop a hell of a lot of the worst time wasting, people falling down with"cramp" to waste time etc. You could still waste time but you will be forced to be good enough to do it with the ball in live play, no more of this 7 minute injury time bringing on a sub at the end to waste time etc etc

2. I would put 2 referees on the pitch, without going on too much (yes i know i could do that on nay topic) basically it consists of 1 ref ahead of play looking back and one behind the play looking forward (still keep linesman for offsides) this would work the same way it does in a game called Floorball (check it out, Henrik played it as a pro too, great game to play) . Both refs have the ability to blow whistle and stop play. Also it gives the refs the ability to talk and come to decisions. I used to ref Floorball and it was amazing how it made the job easier, watch some youtube vids and watch the refs to see how it works if you don't get my thinking ( i could expand on and on and on and on about this one if i could be bothered)

and now the video bit.

3. We would have a challenge system like they have in the NFL, However there would be more limitations on what you can use it for. Can only be used where there was a possibility of foul play involved, Like NFL a challenge can only be made up to the point of play beginning again. e. g Ref blows for penalty, manager shouts 'thats pure BS so that is Collum' and throws challenge (probs a buzzer to ref rather than a flag actually being thrown) . Video review and decision made. Same goes for a tackle made ball goes for corner, manager thinks its a penalty challenges and its reviewed. If they lose the challenge you lose 1 of the 3 you have, if you win you keep it. Add to this the ref (or refs) being able to call for it when they like to check for anything even whilst play goes on (e. g ref can ask whilst play happens, did that guy elbow the other guy, if so video ref says yes, at next stop in play its reviewed) . There are hundreds of these scenarios so i won't go on.

This all said there are plenty of negatives in my list and in any way video review is to be implemented. do we want to introduce the possibility of games being so stop start etc (imo we already have this, see how long it takes for corners or free kicks to be set up sometimes) but we would end up with a game with less errors in how rules are applied and a defence against honest mistakes. But for me having a game where the rules are being applied in a more correct manner is a better outcome than just plodding along as is.


{Ed007's Note - Jeez O, Evinguu, between me and you we could have a donate button on here by Easter :-D

1.) 08 Feb 2017 19:36:23
aye you both like a long post ed lol.

2.) 08 Feb 2017 20:13:00
Good idea. 50/ 50 split you and me.

Right folks roll up roll up.

I am hereby limited to 100,000 characters or less per post, each payment of £10 to The Celtic Rumours readers apathy fund, reduces this limit by a character.

Direct debits can be set up by sending your bank details to Ed007 on here or dm'd to @evinguu on twitter. For security they will not be posted, or used for any other means (ahem) . See reverse for full T's and C's.

Oppertunity of a lifetime to shut me up!

3.) 08 Feb 2017 20:14:53
I think the trouble with having video replays in football is that there isn't the natural breaks in play that there are in other sports.
You could have a situation where team A claims a penalty, the referee refuses it, team B break away and could be just about to score when play could get halted because the manager of team A wants to review the penalty incident. If it was shown that the decision was right all along then team B could be denied a legitimate goal.
In tennis there is 30 seconds between points, in Rugby there is a gap between a try being scored and the conversion, that's when the challenges are made.
In Football there would be a lot of times when the game would need to be stopped for a challenge, I wonder if that would not create as much confusion and controversy as there is now.

4.) 08 Feb 2017 20:19:53
Some good points there.

I'm sure I read somewhere, a study/ journal that in a football (soccer) game, the ball can be 'out of play' for an average of 30-40 mins. So your stop-start clock idea would be good imo. Who doesn't want to see more football?

As for the video refs, I'm sure there could be a logistical way to quickly go back and review 'major' decisions certainly.

5.) 08 Feb 2017 21:35:33
Classic case. I am just watching the Leicester v Derby game. Goalie comes out against Moussa outside are. Hits ball with hand but ref misses it - TV CAMERA DID NOT MISS IT. Moussa gets frustrated and shouts his appeal at ref. MOUSSA GETS BOOKED.
Now, tv would show ref made a mistake and get the chance to do the right and fair thing. NAW, REF IS RIGHT AND FECK IT. Now potentially, Moussa could have been on enough points that the booking gets him banned. This would affect the team and, as I said before could cost a manager, players, club workers their jobs not to mention the financial implications. THE POINT BEING, WE ARE IN THE 21st CENTURY USING VICTORIAN METHODOLOGY AND CONTROL.

6.) 08 Feb 2017 21:43:09
sorry in advance, long un again


Although Rugby isn't challenge based that gap is because when the ref is unsure he/ she will ask 'is there any reason i should not award a try' video ref says ' yep, number 8 was offside' or 'award the try'. before the conversion is taken. I would love this in football. ref blows for pen says to video ref 'is there any reason i cannot award a penalty' vid ref ' yip, he is a diving cheating bassa and you were conned, no penalty should be awarded'. or '"the defender is wearing green and white of course its a penalty my brother, "

I do agree with you though with regards to that scenario.

I would suggest in my original world a challenge couldn't be made until the play goes dead. E. g manager thinks foul in the box, no pen awarded, manager notifies ref of challenge, play continues till ball goes dead e. g other team scores, goes to review. Challenge was correct and should have been a penalty, reset gameclock and score back to time of challenge and award penalty, or if not a pen allow play and score to continue. Video ref / ref decision after review is final.

even though they could still get it wrong as someone said one persons interpritation of a foul is different from another. We would be getting more right than wrong and at least have a chance of unfair decisions being rectified in game rather than what we have now where it just lasts all week (or years in some cases) going on about one decision that may or may not have changed the game.

Also JimTim. I would also introduce play clocks, e. g clock stops but a free kick must be taken within 30 seconds (barring treatment to a player, timer starts when player is off fiel/ back up) 10 seconds for a goal kick and 30 again for corners, 15 for throwins. Exceed tmelimit, decision reversed.

Also give refs more power, give away a foul and give lip, 10 yard penaly (like rugby) would create greater power for refs to control players and force them to not play like fannies.

7.) 08 Feb 2017 22:12:43
Some good thinking I'll give you that Evinguu.

Far too much change for the old order though, unfortunately. Shame for you too - I'm sure there'll be somebody somewhere in a window-less room getting paid to at least come up with these ideas, so that FIFA actually have something to boot out.

I've seen some outrageous refereeing at FIFA level (search vids for Japan v Uzbekistan for example) . With an added array of scandals and investigations, the conspiracist inside would ask why eliminating, or at least reducing human error, hasn't happened by now. Unless of course there are people sat at the round table who have something to benefit from honest mistakes.

Back to at least trying to talk sense though, I think the main thing for me is that any changes wouldn't disrupt the flow TOO much. If it got anything near to the level of stop-startey-ness American Football is, i'm outtie.

8.) 08 Feb 2017 22:39:16
I thought War and Peace was long.

9.) 08 Feb 2017 23:06:53
croybhoy. you do realise i just read that as a challenge to go on and on even more? 😀😀😀.

10.) 08 Feb 2017 23:13:34
JimTim, that's the problem, its not just a case of yes or no to video as the media are portraying, someone does need to go through all the variables, sadly because of these vested interests we are going to get a not even half thought out plan. This will be in place for a season then left in the bin marked 'never try this again, continue with ongoing mediocraty'. Video reffing would put a lot of media and pundits out of work if it were always right or almost anyways, they wouldn't have anything to say. or moan about. Nor would a lot of us sometimes too.

Maybe me not having a lot to say is a good thing for some though. 😀😀😀.

11.) 08 Feb 2017 23:17:42
Looking at the disagrees (with no supporting comments) does that mean you are ok with the way its done now? I find it hard to believe that those contesting change are happy to accept some of the honest mistakes involving our team and for the sport in general. My wife, who is NOT in any shape or form a football follower has commented on some decisions and why they were allowed to go unquestioned. She follows tennis and often quotes the technology used. The main point here is that referees are not too proud to review decisions and accept if they called it wrong.



01 Jan 2017 17:20:16
Happy new year to ED and all the other contributors on here ( including our resident/ swaying loyalty sevconians that post here) , your families, dogs, cats and any other beings held hostage in your abodes under the pretence of being pets/ loved ones

Gotta say i was impressed with sevco yesterday, best i've seen em play, i think we allowed em to play as well as they did however as our defence was pretty poor but fair play for em stepping up a bit against the big club, they played like it was a final and almost got a result through our sloppyness. That said it could easily have been and perhaps should have been 5-2 to us.

Think we missed Rogic yesterday he would have ripped em to shreds, there was loads of space between midfield and defence that mcgregor didn't step into and armstrong only did in 2nd half.

Dembele had a cracker after his goal what a player we have on our hands there, He showed he has a bit of everything in his locker yesterday (apart from missing a sitter) . Almost scored goal of the season too.

Overall benn a good start to the season. Embarassment to the red imps (although i suspect there were a few bets on by DD and PL too build up our funds on that one) my only real blot on the report card.

I loved a comment from Brendan the other day about the accies game where he was talking about players getting into passing lanes, i've noticed it a few times and it really is great to see our players being aware of these sorts of things, long may it continue.


1.) 01 Jan 2017 23:52:12
All the best to you too.

I can't confess to having seen that much of them, but I thought it would have been a great game for the neutral, so fair play 'gers in that respect. Anything they can do we can do better though, and we only really turned up after half an hour, which was still more than enough. And I felt that was them at their best mind.

Sinclair and Dembele could have got a hat trick each, another day. I think Broony (again) deserves a bit more credit than he's been given, possibly MOTM for me, but I'm biased.

No real grumbles from me (worth causing a stir about anyway) . It's more about the attitude of the club as a whole, that's all I'll add to that.

2.) 02 Jan 2017 01:14:47
Must admit was surprised at how well The Rangers played, or appeared to play, the gulf in the difference between the teams became more obvious the longer the game went on, like a cat playing with a mouse, teasing, taunting, before delivering the blow that emphasises the differences between the two adversaries.

3.) 02 Jan 2017 10:05:27
I think we were a bit wary of them in the first 30, letting them play and allowing Barry McKay to get a few runs which built his confidence up. For what I've seen of Sevco this season and going with the comments from their support, their first 30 was their best football of the season.

After that though it was a game of shootie in and there should have never been any doubt about the score. This mob cannot compete with us, we are a million miles ahead of them and counting, the gap is becoming a chasm. If things had continued then Brendan would simply have changed formation to suit as we did at Motherwell.

If we strengthen in January, we should have the league dusted early to let Brendan tinker with the team to get the perfect squad. CL qualification is now our biggest goal of the season. Without it, we will level out to where we are now. Dominating Scottish football is incredible but the CL is where the experience and glamour ties are.




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31 Jan 2017 23:58:52
i heard there's a last minute deal to let dallas go for one of his dads jokes and a funny handshake! will be confirmed soon.




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Ohh I can see this going down well with some of the anonymous ones ( rich from me considering I am mostly anonymous on this site these days) so I shall start the calls of derision now. what about freedom of speech Ed? you should change your name to DasFuhrer007 :)


{Ed007's Note - I've been called worse than that!}



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Haha was it not some sort of dating site. Undeaddating.com or something? That piece of scrubland has had some plans attached to it in recent years!

Anyways I cannot possibly see how anything that link explains would make them unwelcome amongst an element of our support :) {Ed007's Note - I can't remember what it was but the fact they considered it was enough... Or was that another prank they fell for?}




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Mr Ed the mole I wonder who the Guinness smart erse was indeed? I do have to admit though they would make a good sponsor for us!

Im all for a little bit of extra revenue for the club so its an I don't mind from me. so long as they don't take stupid ideas from the likes of the Nashville Predators and call it the gaylord entertainment arena like theirs used to be called then I would be happy enough. {Ed007's Note - Remember they wanted to paint Ibrox pink??? I always thought a CFC top with a Guinness harp on it would look amazing. The April Fool's joke prank was brought up the other week and my friend sent me this link, I would bet that some sections of our support would have a problem with it happening:






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24 Feb 2017 14:01:56
Well i did put up an offer a wee while ago for folk to pay me to shut up, so I assumed absolutely everone just really really loves a lengthy rambling post which often contradicts and repeats itself.

You won't be surprised but plenty more where that came from.

Im no feart o Wee Pat. he is a pussycat really 😀😀.




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24 Feb 2017 13:57:40
I do like that but i think 'The Warburton' sounds more like some all you can eat Toby Carvry slop house where the locals look at you funny as you walk in.

If we were to pay homage we could name the pub inside (if there is one) 'The Loaf and Gap'




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23 Feb 2017 13:57:11
I love that pic, not seen it for a while.

Thinking of the geology (and i dunno what it is like there to know if this is feasable, unless that cross section is actually accurate) but is there not scope for including underground parking under it and future developments in the area as that's needed! and would probably be one of the biggest money spinners they could add, although would be awfully dear to get dug out. however i know a good spot for dumping the unneeded soil out by Govan.




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22 Feb 2017 00:10:53
Its not just about the big events though. And i doubt its going to be huge.

That place is becoming the hub for scottish cycling, folk travel from all over to use it. It creates another venue for corporate events at CP, the hotel and the emirates. Also could help attract other big events to the venues like gigs etc more frequently. During the summer when rooms are usually at a premium in the center of town, it could fill a gap, the list goes on, esp with other develpment in the triangle having been mentioned in the past which if this gets the go ahead might begin to happen like shopping, restaurants and improved travel links.

There is a gamble involved i agree. There would be a few hotel chains interested in getting involved there too though especially because of the proximity to the 2 venues. I don't think Celtic would be pushing ahead with this without other guarantees for other development in the area.

That all said, you could be right and we piss money away on a big shiny metal block instead of another moussa, but i for one thing it is a good idea and has many ways of increasing revenues for the club beyond just being a simple Hotel.




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21 Feb 2017 22:51:24
Re if its been approved or not, I think there's an element of release the plan, hope enough folk go 'oohh that's great' to put extra pressure on planning dept to accept?

jamesbhoy i see your point however with the emirates accross the road and the possibility of more regeneration to come in the area i think it makes some sense. Without going on, there's loads of things they could add in the future, an away game / classic game cinema in with the museum etc, lots of ways to increase revenues after the initial outlay of course.