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11 Nov 2018 04:05:06
Seen the discussion off McLean joining us again, just thought I’d share his stats as regardless if he’s a fan it’s a nah from me. A mean I have respect for the guy. He has his views and sticks to them along with being a very passionate man for his country which we lack for Scotland. if Scotland as a national team had players like him and a decent organization we would have qualified for a tournament by now. But al get to my point

He’s played 13 matches in total this season
12 in the championship = 1 Goal • 2 Assists
1 EFL cup and nothing.

That to me is simply nowhere near good enough in a league that’s extremely overrated. I’d much rather have Mikey Johnstone be giving a proper chance along with Morgan. we can’t gave talented prospects like them made wait for a below average player just because he’s a fan. For me personally he’d just me another waste of money that Johnny Hayes was for us. Might get some stick saying it but imo he’d just be a huge waste and in the way for our homegrown talent to get there chance.


1.) 11 Nov 2018 09:21:46
I agree. Just because he's Irish and supports Celtic and would anger the rangers fans is no reason to sign someone.
Give what we've got a run out first.

2.) 11 Nov 2018 10:08:17
But our league is mince so he might do ok.

3.) 11 Nov 2018 11:16:28
Just because a player doesn’t play, doesn’t mean he’s a waste of money. Every big team has a full team of squad players that are of a level that they can offer a reasonable standard of cover to the first choice players if and when required. That’s what gives you strength in depth.



09 Nov 2018 11:44:48
So just got round to really letting last night’s game sink in. We where phenomenal. Every single player gave absolutely everything for that win tonight, some despite doing everything they could did show that there just not up to this level for full 90 minutes at least like Lustig but I can’t slate him because I was really impressed first half. But yeah yesterday’s game was the game off our season and I’d go as far to say my favourite game under Brendan since he’s been here it was that good. KT Christie Edouard had the game off there careers imo. Forrest McGregor where also phenomenal. But yeah I want us to do the exact same to Rosenborg and show no fear and go all out. it’ll be a tough challenge to qualify thanks to the 2 away loesses but at least we can do is finish in style. But either way the Bhoys done us proud last night
And that’s all we can ask for! 🍀.




07 Nov 2018 19:10:14
After seeing Matt Richie is another player making himself unavailable for the long term future or in other words until that dinosaur McLeish is sacked thought I’d mention what I think on the state off our national team.

First off all I know some off you guys don’t care at all which is completely fair giving the SFA hired a fraud and cheat as a manger who also abandoned his country for more money 10 years ago. but The corrupt SFA aside I still care about my national team and my country and it’s a dream that I see them eventually qualify for a tournament in my lifetime. I’m nearly 19 and I’ve still yet to see us in a campaign with years off misery. none however compare to right now though. I feel there’s not a thing to be positive about it’s just pure doom and gloom with a useless madman as manger who isn’t fit to be a manger off any football club let alone Scotland. would go as fair to say this is our worst period in my lifetime. His tactics and formation are worse than awful. Last thing I’d say with the 2 matches coming up we “need to win” something I thought I would never say. I hope we LOSE against Albania and that lot that call themself Israel. sorry but I just can’t stand him being manger any longer. losing would he a blessing in disguise with him surely getting the sack and hopefully put an end off this year off pure doom and gloom. Our cplayers deserve a manger who treats them with respect and most importantly knows how to get the best out off them. When I saw Forrest benched that alone for me was a sackable offence. Again if he losses throws 2 hopefully he will be sacked and that sfa do something right for a change and hire a manger off quality

Ideal candidate for me is Neil Lennon or Derek McIness. both know Scottish football like the back off there and and most importantly are quality managers. I’d perfer Lennon though. Would be exactly what we need to take our Bhoys and the other players to there best . sorry for the long post aha but wanted to give a better explanation.


1.) 08 Nov 2018 08:08:37
I remember being 10 years old, in full kit and fully expecting the mighty Scotland to win 5-0 v costa rica at Italia '90. I cried for hours. then days, months and years. Thankfully international football is dead and I can move on with my life!



05 Nov 2018 18:03:10
Hey Bhoys, haven’t posted on here in a few months so thought with out home game Europa League match against Leipzig would be a good time to post. First off all over the last 3 games was like watching our team off the invincibles it was the good, 13 goals scored. 0 conceded. Just can’t praise our team enough, Ryan Christie has stepped up big time and is now really grabbing his chance, really hope he continues to perform over the next few months as yes it’s still early days but over the last 3 games he’s played he’s shown the Celtic level off quality he was missing. I’d love if he could he our Armstrong replacement. Moving on Benkovic is absolutely phenomenal, he’s the rock in defence we have been missing, gives our defence a new level off confidence. Also can’t praise jamsie enough this season, our best player by miles imo. Every domestic match I’ve watched this he’s impressed just hope he can continue it in to Thursday’s game along with Christie, Eddy, Benkovic, Rogic and so on. it’s a must win imo we need to make Celtic park our fortress again and strike the fear into Leipzig. I know there’s some fans that would take a draw but we need to up the standerd so for me I hope Brendan sets us up on the attack from the get go, if I was one off the Bhoys I would be going all for it with how we have played. Hopefully now it continues for the rest off the reason and get back to our old routes off winning matches in style continuing with Leipzig. 🍀.


1.) 05 Nov 2018 19:28:49
I’m really hoping we play without fear on Thursday and really have a go at them. Don’t care if we let in 3 as long as we score 4.



08 Sep 2018 05:17:19
Very early post from me haha, the Scotland match is still playing on my mind, can’t remember a time where I felt this bad for our team, we have qaulity players and if used correctly we can give any top team a run for there money. before the 1st goal by the shocking Throw in from Gordon to Mcginn we where the better side, our players like Griff McGregor KT and ex Armstrong where all playing fantastic, sadly that dinosaur ebt eck’s crazy Tactics got found out and players like hazard had all day to run on the right since we had no RB. He never even played Forrest which was another joke

My point is, I feel this guy could damage our players if he continues to be manager, there confidence will be rock bottom thanks to that clown not to mention if it wasn’t for KT 2nd half it would have been 8/ 9 . our national team will be ruined by the time he is finished and he will be the cause for players playing bad at club level with his tactics. There faces at the end off the match said if all, they are clearly not happy under him.

I feel now for the sake off our national team and there international careers our players and other good players should refuse to play until that McLeish is sacked and gone,

Finally sorry for the Scotland rant lads but feel here’s a good place to rant as we are all on a similar boat off total disgust at our corrupt FA and disgrace off a national team manager. #EBTMcLeishOut.


1.) 08 Sep 2018 07:28:03
Elchris04 why are you blaming Gordon for the first goal, Mcginn was to blame his first touch was poor, which allowed the Belgian to take the ball from him. In his post match interview the manager said the same, no blame attached to Gordon .

2.) 08 Sep 2018 09:19:38
Goes to show how clueless that manager is, Gordon Threw the ball out way to fast before McGinn was even aware off it hence why he had to run to it and had a poor frist touch because in that time his reaction speed couldn’t have been any better than what anybody else could do, Mcginn was a good bit away from Gordon so by the time he had the ball he was pressed with a top player and as you know what happens next we concede 1-0, yes Mcginn could have had a better touch but even if he had it is still tough when a player is pressing you and you CB’s are in difficult angles. Point is imo Gordon is more to blame than McGinn, threw the ball way to early without communicating to let mcginn know.

3.) 08 Sep 2018 10:30:29
I don't rule Gordon out of criticism as he has a better view of what's behind McGinn and is becoming renound for stupid throws (puts Celtic under pressure with them) , but to say McGinn knew nothing about it is nonsense. McGinn clearly asks for the ball into feet with his hand gesture.

4.) 08 Sep 2018 11:07:31
Just watch the highlights of the Scotland game, I thought mcginn was at fault he asked for the ball then completely opened himself up to be tackled, bad touch but could of got his body between the ball and player but seemed to step to the side.

5.) 08 Sep 2018 13:45:02
Mcginn was sleeping for the first goal, if that's what we're missing praise the Lord he went to villa.

6.) 08 Sep 2018 20:52:52
I don't recall Gordon putting defenders under pressure by short throws to defenders. One of the biggest problems Celtic have is the defenders don't get themselves into position quick enough to give Gordon an opportunity to pass the ball to them . Mc Ginn was partially turned when the pass was given to him and he should have found it easy to take the ball with him, but he had a desperate poor touch which took him out of the game.

7.) 09 Sep 2018 11:35:14
Trying to blame Gordon for this is poor. McGinn should be aware of what's around him always anticipating anyway he could have passed it back. He took that touch so he could turn quickly and Dembele anticipated correctly what he wanted to do.




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08 Sep 2018 15:22:14
Stephbhoy2, nah never said that my point is with OUR players aka Celtic, we are a match for anyone, they carry the team and make them play better, but to do that they have to have the right formation and tactics to do so as Brendan does for us weekly in the league. hence why we need a new manager who knows modern football, without our players the Scotland team is a mess bar a few played like Robertson etc. I never bothered with the National team in years or even growing up but when we had our group off players come through that done the invincible season like KT Griffiths Forrest Armstrong Brown McGrgeor even Gordon, it gave me hope our country could take us to a World Cup. sadly that never happend with another joke off a manager, but not as bad as Mcleish who is completely bonkers.




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08 Sep 2018 09:26:49
I’m very serious when it comes to the National team and I would agree ONLY until McLeish gets sacked, we need players to go on strike until he is sacked because he is running our country and national team into the ground, we need him gone before it’s too late and before we suffer even more embarrassing defeats in the nations league when we all know with the right manager, our team are a match for anyone with the right formation and players starting. Once we get a manager who knows how to actually manage a team and play modern football and gets the belief going, I’m sure everyone in Scotland will get behind the team again despite the corrupt organization. there is nothing we can do about that, our players love playing for there country. but right now they don’t under that truly awful manger who doesn’t know how to set up a team.




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08 Sep 2018 09:19:38
Goes to show how clueless that manager is, Gordon Threw the ball out way to fast before McGinn was even aware off it hence why he had to run to it and had a poor frist touch because in that time his reaction speed couldn’t have been any better than what anybody else could do, Mcginn was a good bit away from Gordon so by the time he had the ball he was pressed with a top player and as you know what happens next we concede 1-0, yes Mcginn could have had a better touch but even if he had it is still tough when a player is pressing you and you CB’s are in difficult angles. Point is imo Gordon is more to blame than McGinn, threw the ball way to early without communicating to let mcginn know.




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08 Aug 2018 10:59:23
I really couldn’t care less what Denayer said, he was 19 and was probably got carried away in the movement, I’m 18 myself and I’m never done making mistakes when saying things when asked lol, it’s just the part off growing up, and since then I’m sure he has a lot off positive things to say about Celtic but that doesn’t get mentioned. Again you can’t discredit his talent. He was a great CB when he was with us and him and VVD make a brilliant partnership together. If we sign him al be more than happy and hopefully on a Permeant Of maybe £3-5 million.


{Ed007's Note - He was 21/22 when he said Scottish football was too easy and that he enjoyed playing for Galatasaray more than he did for Celtic.
Do you think he's changed his mind about Celtic and Scotland, considering his agent has been trying to get him a move back to Turkey (preferably Gala) all summer, because I don't.}



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24 Jul 2018 22:35:06
Genuinely don’t know how you think someone who’s nearly 30 and had a underwhelming season is worth more than Forrest maybe if he was 24-26 then he would have similar value to Forrest but as it stands today absolutely no chance. If clubs are going to buy one off players and they had s choice with either Sinclair or Forrest can confidently say Forrest would be getting picked all day long, when he plays consistently he is a much better player than Sinclair Imo.