22 Mar 2019 21:46:26
What’s the story with this fifa club World Cup apparently in 2021? Don’t fully understand how at will work if it does happen. What’s your thoughts on it? I always thought it would be a good idear to see the best clubs in the world competing in a actual league not a tournament, i no basically Ats what the champions league is for but still think it would be interesting.

1.) 23 Mar 2019
22 Mar 2019 23:04:15
But if it's truly a world league, it means a lot of traveling, I know the world is smaller, but it's because the modes of travel are faster, we are all still human beings with all that entails, was just thinking about that Scotland game, it was in geographic Asia, and political Europe, well it used to be, same with Israel, they should be playing in the African nations cup, but it won't happen because of (fill in your own reasons) , . I think they should just rip up the champions League format, I think it's just a big money laundering exercise, go back to the old European Cup format, the champions of every country competing for the top prize, . Then they can have some other reincarnation of the old eufa cup, fairs cup, cup winners cup or whatever, but leave the main cup to be played for by the champions of the individual countries.

{Ed001's Note - Israel is in Asia geographically mate, they are nothing to do with Africa.}

2.) 23 Mar 2019
23 Mar 2019 14:31:29
Es, since when did Asia stretch to the Med?

{Ed001's Note - eh? It always has done. The Middle East is part of Asia. Hence why the UAE hosted the Asian Nations at the beginning of the year.}

3.) 25 Mar 2019
25 Mar 2019 21:15:49
Everyday is a school day ed! Had to Google it just to check tho, and found Cyprus is also in Asia? Who knew!

{Ed001's Note - I would think most of the population of Cyprus probably does!}