11 Aug 2018 23:26:52
Seen plenty worse centre halfs than boyata! We’ve got 5 on the books at the moment and he’s by far the best. Wednesday and today showed how much we need him. Bullied by opposition strikers and a complete lack of communication and leadership at the back.

1.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 23:47:11
We’ve been screaming out for a right good centre half since VVD left. Boyata is possibly the best of a bad bunch with the exception but ajer, ajer will improve with experience and someone solid playing beside him. Jozo clearly isn’t fancied, hendry for me right now won’t cut it in Europe wether it’s champions league or Europa and comper is non existent, is that guy even still in the country? So when u look at it that way then it’s quite easy to say boyata possibly is the best out those 5 however by the sounds of it he’s wanting out so get rid and move on. Surely to god we’ve a list of centre half’s that could’ve been targeted and we’d have pocketed £9 million or more on a guy that even your most die hardened on Celtic fans couldn’t have thought that fee for him was even possible.

2.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 07:17:43
Simonovic is a better ch than that rat boyata. He just needs more game time and mind on the pitch.

3.) 12 Aug 2018
12 aug 2018 23:15:46
lm67, because we have a defence just now that is struggling does not mean that boyata is a good defender. get rid now! btw i'm not saying everything is rosy. far from it.