31 Aug 2016 09:38:27
Had a look thru the team would be happy if we could get rid of 7 players and bring in 2 . I know it won't happen as we all ways struggle to get rid of fringe players . I'm liking the thought of this Brazilian playmaker coming to Glasgow but heard he's turned down a few decent clubs in Europe so he's making wanting to head back home

what 7 players would every one see happy to go

Bitton ( if we siqn a mf)

Maybe gms ( maybe give him another chance coming of the bench )

1.) 31 Aug 2016
31 Aug 2016 10:03:44
Would keep Armstrong
Can't get rid of ciftci because there isn't enough cover.

2.) 31 Aug 2016
31 Aug 2016 10:22:56
Would keep Bitton and Armstrong but add Commons and Henderson to that list.

3.) 31 Aug 2016
31 Aug 2016 10:24:15
Bailly is injured so won't be going anywhere.

4.) 31 Aug 2016
31 Aug 2016 10:26:19
I would like to see Armstrong and GMS stay and possibly improve under BR, but the rest you mentioned would not be missed, in my opinion.
I was hoping for at least one more signing today, as we are still not the finished article and we certainly have the funds, considering the income we have had with CL and sales recently.