19 Aug 2016 21:07:21
The most important game is on Tuesday night not tomorrow, therefore who should play.
some questions need answering before Tuesday
1 Is De Vires fully fit and ready to take over from Gordon
2 Is Eric a better defender than O'Connell right now or does he need more game time
3 Is Johansen or Biton playing better than Macgregor and should replace him on Tuesday
4 Is Patrick fully fit and ready to play

Toure, Tierney, Brown, Sinclair and Griffiths will certainly start on Tuesday therefore should we risk an injury, Lustig will be rested
So rest the above and give the squad a chance to show they are good enough for Europe.

1.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 21:26:25
Good teams play week in week out, don't recall henrick, Sutton, hartson etc being rested before euro ties. saying that would rest lustig fragile.

2.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 21:49:22
U made the same point earlier jonace and not many agreed then and not many will agree now! Winning breeds confidence and Wednesday will have them buzzing! Let's go out 2morrow as strong as we can and run over the top of them! We start thinking that some games are less important than others that's when slackness starts to creep in! Give St Johnstone a good spanking and let's go into Tuesday with the bit between our teeth! No way will Brendan rest most of the team 2morrow!

3.) 19 Aug 2016
19 Aug 2016 23:26:42
Play the strongest team tomorrow and Tuesday if a injury foes happen then we have a sqaud the deal with it

4.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 00:45:47
I remember a certain time when we had a wonderful team and our manager didn't rest any top players before European games . Do you know what happened we won nothing, not a single cup or league . The year was 2003 and boy had we not a great team, Larsson, Hartson, Sutton, Lambert, Petrov Lennon Lubo Big Johann and big Balde the list goes on , but we won nothing .
We haven't as good a team this year and some people are talking about not resting
Can they be right?

{Ed007's Note - If our players aren't fit enough to play 3 games in a week at the start of the season there's something far wrong, Chris. Every player we have should be champing at the bit to be playing in the next match, playing and playing well shouod be the only way to keep your place in this team.
Players like Lustig, Sciatchenko, Brown or Griffiths won't accept being rested, if they are fit they'll want to be playing in every match, even young KT only seems to miss matches if he's previously taken a knock. Izaguirre could easily come in and play well enough to keep future Celtic club captain KT out the team.}

5.) 20 Aug 2016
20 Aug 2016 20:40:30
The experts ( apart from yourself ) reckon that playing too many games in the season have players missing 6 weeks - 2 months in the season through injury . Or have players losing form . Successful managers try to avoid that by playing with a pool of players, 16-18 players throughout the season, rather than trying to introduce a non tried and inexperienced player in the middle of December Am I right Taf?
We have the makings of a squad those that played / wed &today plus those you mentioned, so whether they are champing on bit or not B R can only start 11.