01 May 2016 17:29:25
Watching Southampton v city on stadium channel Roy Keane is the studio guest. Commenting on kolarov at 2nd goal says he would take him off and make him get his own way home for the amount of effort he put in. Of all the names being touted for the job he is def my choice and that attitude is purely the reason why. No matter the skill set of our players one thing he won't stand for is lack of effort.

1.) 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 17:45:26
Surely we need someone with just more than a hard attitude??

2.) 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 18:00:18
winning attitude is the way I see him. Personally think that the time working under oneil will have helped him no end. I just don't see any of the names being touted better than him tbh. The guy is an out and out winner and will certainly be no yes man.

3.) 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 18:04:55
Kev it's the bare minimum.

4.) 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 18:05:14
On a side note the boy wanyama looks a player should sign him :)

5.) 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 18:12:32
Thing with kean is he will get some calls right but he doesn't have the temperament. The lack of it will result in him going through a player who has had a bad game and causing a bad atmosphere. He is more than capable of being an attack dog assistant but given the reigns. A no for me.

6.) 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 18:15:48
Are we going for bare minimum?
Yes Keane has a winning attitude
Yes he has worked under good manager but that doesn't make up for the fact he is a poor manager for me.
Players hated playing under him.
They have parties when he leaves.

7.) 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 18:22:27
Kept it brief kev I meant a hard attitude should be the bare minimum as a manager. I have a post waiting to be approved that echos what your are saying mate.

8.) 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 18:49:00
Roy Keane is probably the most competitive player football's ever seen, his drive and desire is second to none! There HAS to be a good manager in there. 2 years under Martin O'Neill will have improved him immensely.

9.) 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 19:16:00
Sorry glen it hadn't came up before I answered.
LM67 why HAS there got to be a good manager in there?
Being a great player with a winning attitude that has worked with good managers doesn't mean he will be good.
Everyone in England can see that and that's why no one with touch him.
He is not and never will be a good manager.

10.) 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 19:28:27
For me the issue with Keane and Lambert is the style of football they play. With Ipswich/ Sunderland and Norwich/ Villa it was a typical British style. I want to see Celtic passing the ball, properly passing/ controlling the game. That's why I was so looking forward to watching us under Ronny, it didn't happen though. The team were breaking down after 5 passes, never mind 35. For me the secret to a good manager is who he has around him, Fergie always had good coaches, he was also happy to bring in guys he had hardly met, he knew they didn't have to be best pals. At Ipswich Keane brought in Garry Ablett who had practically no experience. Lambert always goes for coaches who play the same style as him, he's got Alan Irvine at the moment. You should go for guys who have different ideas, otherwise it's pretty pointless - you'd be as well having your best mate.

11.) 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 20:07:07
Just thinking about lambert, didn't Keane work with him at villa? Maybe they would do again.

12.) 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 22:04:33
That's thee big gamble employing Keane . He will from time to time be very tough hard, or even harsh on players he sees as having stepped out of line . It's how the squad reacts to that treatment is where u find the answer whether Keane will be successful or not . If the players huff and we lose the SPL we have a problem, on the other hand if he keeps himself in check most of the time and with the right assistant we could have a very good manager.