22 Feb 2015 18:41:10
Happy and interesting RD talk today about needing " a vocal, commanding, leader of a CH"

Think the general consensus on here is that is the next big important signing for us but can see major clearout at the end of the season without causing too much damage to the first eleven obviously outwith VVD & Denayer

A reckon just my guestimate that Wakaso / Tonev & Balde are collectively on 50k a week

Then Pukki / McGeough / Fridjohnson a can't see us next season having both Scepovic & Guidetti so factor the in the first 3 plus 1 of they 2 you must be round about the 40k a week again

Somebody please take Boerigter and you are up around about 100k a week if not in excess!

Obviously for the players we own we should try and get as much in, in transfer fees but RD has indicated he wants 21/22 squad with youth coming through also so we are still roughly there pending the CH Situ

It is about time that academy started producing more!, five players in the last FIFTEEN! years that has given us circa 50 games or more is a shocking return IMO

Just wondered everyone else take on it was?

1.) 22 Feb 2015
If we end up having to bring in 2 CBs I'd like us to bring in one with a lot of experience and one with potential and let the younger guy learn off the older guy and develop. I know it's easy for me to suggest that and I have no names in mind but that would be my ideal scenario. An established international CB and a good, potentially great, younger model. I know we won't throw cash around either but there is good value in the smaller European leagues and some of the African guys are just machines, total athletes.

2.) 22 Feb 2015
22 Feb 2015 21:16:21
Totally agree mate. We need a commanding Cool someone who hasn't got his eye on a mid to bottom table team in the End someone who wants to play for Celtic one of the biggest clubs in the world. Any player who wouldn't give a small portion of their crotch to play in a stadium and in front of a crowd like that obviously doesn't love football only money. We also need a proven striker but we all know are scouts couldn't pick a CF at a world class striker convention. But fingers crossed. And I'm kinda liking Bitton just now. When he first came in thought Raphael shite had came back but game time has really brought his game on. And the academy isn't producing enough first team players my bellybutton has created more fluff in the last ten minutes than the academy has created player's in the last five years. But I think RD is going the right way and as his confidence builds so will his ability to make the tough desicions.

3.) 23 Feb 2015
Jamiebhoy, I have no idea what wages any of the players you mentioned are on . The two loan players will be off our books at the season end if we don't want them .
The problem with the rest who have certainly disappointed since their arrival. It's debatable whether they were never any use, or they haven't worked since they signed for us, or just didn't fit in but one thing is clear it won't be easy to off- load them to any club who are prepared to pay their wages . Could be we could be paying part of their wages until their contracts with us runs out .

4.) 23 Feb 2015
Myles, I am not sure what part of the body you think footballers should give up to pay for Celtic . That may be true on nights like Thursday night when the atmosphere was brilliant .
Just move on 3 days to Sunday, I don't think Celtic Park atmosphere weather conditions or anything else would have excited to many to give up much .

5.) 23 Feb 2015
Chris, a think am in the ball park with they amounts, Load of dead wood there for sure!

A agree with you that they may be difficult to shift

But would give us a base to get some decent players in been saying for a while now would love a couple of decent Bosman's


6.) 23 Feb 2015
Bosman' are not necessary cheap.
It's more important that they do the job that Deila wants . I think we will have to ignore the EPL . I think Deila will concentrate on Scotland and the Scandanavia Countries .

7.) 23 Feb 2015
Chris a fully realise mate we ain't competing with the EPL but there is a "happy balance / better calibre " individual out there IMO

Ciani @ Lazio, Forren @ Molde, Nordvelt @ Munchengladbach, & we missed out on Mosiander @ Ajax who would have played right into your formula

Now is the time to capitalise and tap into IMO

8.) 24 Feb 2015
Jamiebhoy, I am sure the managers and scouts have listed many players who they hope to be able to sign and who they hope will do a good job for us . Some of the players you have listed may well be on our lists but just because a player doesn't sign for us doesn't necessarily mean we missed out . Our club may have had good reason not to sign a particular player .