20 Mar 2019 18:09:02
Hey, longtime reader of the site but very rarely post but was talking to a mate today who says that it's going to be Martinez in as the new gaffer at the end of the season! Usually I call bull on most rumours but he got it right with Rodgers before he came in!

1.) 20 Mar 2019
20 Mar 2019 18:47:10
I’ve also heard that talks have taken place duggie. Don’t know how true it is though.

2.) 20 Mar 2019
20 Mar 2019 20:00:40
Ok So If its Martinez, how do we all feel about that?


3.) 20 Mar 2019
20 Mar 2019 21:04:05
I would say yes to that IF that who it is.

4.) 20 Mar 2019
20 Mar 2019 22:29:36
Unless he's really missing the day to day routine of club management, I can't see why he would leave Belgium before a tournament they have a great shot at winning.

5.) 26 Mar 2019
26 Mar 2019 08:45:47
Martinez's wife is Scottish, I'm sure Shaun Maloney could advise him on the club, although it doesn't seem right though that someone would choose to leave the #1 ranked international side to come to us.

There's not a lot to gain in coming to Celtic if you're not familiar with Scottish football. Whoever is appointed is in a bit of a no-win situation. Outside of Glasgow very few would take notice in their part in securing the last 2 of 10IAR. Plus any new man will be chased from the Glasgow if he doesn't secure 10 from this strong position.

As winning the title is the only priority for the next two seasons (Europe can wait until 2021) , we need someone who is going to thrive on the pressure.

Think how tense it's getting at Parkhead if we're not 2-0 up at HT. Folk are panicking and when the ball is passed to the goalkeeper, even heard Mikey Johnston getting abuse at the Aberdeen game. This can easily turn toxic when the pressure is on for real next year or the season after.

I would like Martinez as I think we'd be entertained, Rafa would get the job done but it might not be pretty and Marco Rose has an exciting reputation but he doesn't know Scottish football.

Needs to be a Celtic man for me who knows what 10 in a row means and lives it with us. Lennon is the only candidate I can think of who is not a risk. A comprehensive win on Sunday and a Scottish Cup this season will convince me.